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Lanie dropped into her chair as her mouth fell open. She read at the results again she had received from the lab at Stanford Medical Center and shook her head. No one was going to believe this, but there it was in nice black lettering on white paper spelling out the results of the tests she had sent to them some four months ago. She grinned at the thought of her friends faces when she explained the results. This was going to be good, she thought as she grabbed her jacket and charged out the door.

Richard Castle heard the rumbling of voices that grew into shrieks and the running of feet beating down the staircase. He knew beyond a doubt that his daughters were at the root of the noise. Kate was sleeping as she had worked into the wee hours of the morning on a case and did not need to be disturbed for anything. Before he got to his office door it slammed open depositing Jordon at his feet with a fuming Alexis just a few feet away.

Going by the expression on his eldest face, he thought it wise to protect his youngest from certain death, again. Castle pulled Jordon up and behind him. "What's going on?" He asked mildly while blocking Alexis grab at her sister.

Castle felt little fingers tighten on his shirt. Alexis' eyes glowed with fury. "You can't protect her forever!" Alexis took a deep breath and pushed her hair back. "She got my phone and called Ashley."

Castle didn't really see the problem so far. Jordon had done far worse in the last four months. It was a wonder that she hadn't be seriously hurt or hurt someone else with her antics.

"I didn't 'neither. Your phone rang and I answered it." Jordon yelled.

Castle knew that there was more to this story than an answered phone. "And then what? Where were you?"

Alexis' body vibrated with suppressed rage. "I was hunting for my phone that I found in her room. She told him I was..." She swallowed hard and hissed at her little sister. "Practicing sex."

Castle was dumbfounded. He looked at both of his daughters and said nothing. "Dad, I was studying the human reproductive cycle for Anatomy and Physiology!" Alexis yelled as she grabbed at Jordon again.

Castle heard the doorbell and almost sighed in relief. He started for the door, paused, and grabbed up Jordon giving wide berth to Alexis. He didn't think his oldest would kill his youngest if he was holding her. As he reached the door, he saw Kate at the bottom of the stairs; he placed Jordon in her arms for safe keeping. "You might need your weapon." He told his wife and cocked his head towards the red headed fury stalking Jordon.

Castle pulled the door just as the door bell rang again. Lanie charged into the room, barreling past him and went straight to Kate. She stopped and looked at the two girls before looking at Kate. "Is this a bad time?" Lanie took a deep breath. "Even if it is, we have to talk. Now. It is important."

Kate put Jordon down and looked at Alexis. "You can't kill her. Wait until we are finished here and we will talk it out." Kate turned her eyes towards Jordon. "Apologize to Alexis. I don't know what you did yet, but I am willing to bet that it would be justifiable homicide."

Jordon's bottom lip turned out in a pout as she turned soulful blue eyes at her mother. "Apologize. Now." Kate repeated giving a gentle pull on Jordon's braid.

Jordon turned her eyes at her sister; a crystalline tear fell down her small check. "I'm sorry for telling Ashley that you were doing sex. And for touching your phone. I won't do it again. I promise. Cross my heart." Jordon crossed her heart and looked imploring at her big sister.

Lanie and Kate's heads swiveled and their eyes widened as the stared at Alexis. "Anatomy and Physiology." Alexis said loudly, clearly affronted. "Ok, Jordon. They won't let me kill you yet, but some day…" She trailed off before she smiled at her sister and began climbing the stairs with Jordon trailing behind her asking "someday what?"

While the women settled onto the sofa, Castle brewed some jasmine tea for Lanie. He placed the tea and two cups of coffee on to a tray with some napkins and cookies. Placing the tray on the coffee table, he settled in beside Kate. "What's the emergency, Lanie?" Kate asked while handing her a cup of tea. Castle grabbed two cups of coffee, handed one to his wife and sipped his in silence.

Lanie handed Kate the test results from Sanford. "The first time we ran the DNA from your …. Russell Alexander we did it from the swab you collected from him. We all know the results of that test." Lanie sipped her tea, inhaling the sweet fragrance of the jasmine. "I had it run again from his blood then had the lab compare the swab to the blood test. Then we compared the blood test DNA to Jordon's DNA. They match. He is, biologically speaking, her father."

Kate and Castle's reaction did not disappoint Lanie. She quickly sat down her cup and grabbed theirs before they dropped them. Castle's mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. He turned to look at Kate, both of them wearing looks of staggered bewilderment. "The condition is called a Chimera. A chimera's DNA is the same as anyone else's - they just have two different kinds of DNA. Some cells have one kind, the rest have a different kind. It is caused by a fusion of two different zygotes during early pregnancy. Fraternal twins become one thus different DNA."

Castle picked up his cup and took a healthy swallow before grinning widely. "So Russell ate his brother in the womb. Wow, crazy I knew he was, but this…" Castle shook his head, laughing softly until his wife batted the back of his head. Coffee sloshed over the lip of the cup, down his face and on to his shirt. "Hey! That …." He shut up and grabbed a napkin from the coffee table. The looks on the women's face told him to continue along this vein could be painful.

"So, bottom line, he is Jordon's biological father and there was no one else." Kate summed up Lanie explanation.

"Yep, just some weird circumstances and DNA. But then you go for the weird…" Lanie said as she watched her best friend's husband mopping his shirt.

"Weird is my life." Kate told Lanie just as they heard Alexis yell at Jordon.

"You read my diary, you little imp! That's it! Dad! I am going to kill her this time!" Alexis screamed from upstairs.

"Gotta catch me first!" Jordon yelled as her feet began moving. "Momma! Daddy! Help me!"