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by: CleverKira

Based off the manga book Pita-Ten. Or anime/manga mixed. So sometimes it's very confusing! ;D

This is my first pita ten fanfic, so it might not be the best or worng grammar or something wrong. And this is a different version. Like A law word and etc.

A continued version! :)

Pita ten Opening first! XD

Chapter 1.

3 years later, Kotarou was now a high school student. He and his friends(Takashi,Koboshi,Hiroshi) were studying together in a same school. First day of school! While Kotarou was walking on the sidewalk going to school, He was thinking about Misha.

'It's been 3 years, Misha-san. I wonder how are you up there. I'm still lonely. I miss you so much even Shia-san. I wish you two come back I wish you'll come back the most, Misha-san.' he said in his mind.

Above the sky, Misha was sitting on a puffy cloud staring at Kotarou walking on the sidewalk.

"Aw. I missy-wiss you, Kotarou-kun. I wish I can come back su~!"she said sadly and ended it with a deep sigh.

Sasha was searching for Misha, because they have to eat breakfast(lol even a tenshi 'angel' needs to eat).


She was going around the sky. Then, She saw an angel with a long, pink hair sitting on a cloud. She knows it was Misha.

"Hey MISHA!" Sasha shouted as she landed on a cloud where Misha sitting."What are you doing here? It's very late to eat breakfast, you moron!"

"Gomenasai(sorry), Sacchun." she said on a sad voice, and stood up.

"Now, let's go back to heaven to eat breakfast! Anyway, What's with your sad voice or why are you sad?"

"Because I miss Kotarou-kun su~!"

An angry vein popped in Sasha's forehead.

"What? You never forget that boy! Its been 3 years, you still remember him and thinking about him!" Sasha shouted.

"Still! I wish I can go back and stay with Kotarou-kun, but I'm still an angel su~!"

Several angry vein popped in Sasha's head.

"You Idiot! Don't tell me that you forgot this. Humans and angel can't live together! If you want to stay with him you can ask God to be a human. And you'll never be an angel. Geez I'm hungry! I'm going back to heaven to eat breakfast now. You can eat breakfast later if your not hungry."

"Uhm, Sacchun wait! Is there a law humans and angel can't live together?"

"Uhhh... none but there's no law that humans and angels can live together! Well then... BYE!"

She said, as she spread her wings out and flew away from Misha.

Misha sat down and thinking about what Sasha said to her. There's an angel. A new angel congressman(even this XD) was just going around the city where Kotarou lives. She was staring at Kotarou walking toward school, saying in her mind.

'Take care Kotarou-chan!"

"Oh no!"

While she was looking at Kotarou entering the school, She heard a voice.

"Huh? I wonder who's that?" As she was finding where is the voice come from. She saw it. It was Misha. She was hiding in the big cloud and she continued listening Misha.

"If I'll go back to Kotarou-kun I'm not an angel anymore su~! Huh?"Misha said and remembered what Sasha say.

'THERE'S NO LAW THAT HUMANS ANG ANGELS CAN'T LIVE TOGETHER...but there's no law that HUMANS ANG ANGELS CAN LIVE TOGETHER...' the voice echoed in her mind.

"Hmm... If there's a law that humans and angels can live together, I can stay with Kotarou-kun! But If someone can make that a law. I'm not an angel congresswoman neither senator. I hope someone can make that law. I love him su~!"She said gently.

'Oh! How did she know Kotarou-chan? Hmm... she loves him. Let's see. I'll follow Kotarou-chan and see if he knows this angel Hey! This is Misha, Sasha's sister.' she said in her mind as she flew down and followed Kotarou.

This angel knows Sasha, because she was Sasha's friend. She met her, when she arrived in heaven. Sasha was the first who welcomes her in heaven. She was a human, but died by an accident.

"Anyone sit down. Class starts now! And get your math book and..."teacher said as he writes something on the chalkboard.

While Kotarou is getting his math book, an angel landed on the tree, watching Kotarou.

It's Lunch break. Koboshi, Takashi and Kotarou was still in the classroom. Koboshi walked toward Takashi. Takashi was standing fixing his bag.

"Uhm, Ten-chan can we eat together?"

Ten-chan blushed,"Ok!" as his heart beating fast.

'I and Uematsu eating lunch alone? So great!'he said in

his mind with a daydream of Koboshi spoonfed him.

"With Kotarou-chan!"

"Uhm... OK..." Ten-chan's heart broked with a daydream of Koboshi spoonfed Kotarou.

"Kotarou-chan!" Koboshi shouted, as she ran toward Kotarou sitting and reading his book."Kotarou-chan, can you eat lunch with me and ten-chan?"

"Sorry, But I can't. I'm gonna eat alone this day only. He answered.

"Ok..." She said nervously. She wanted to know it and ask Kotarou why. But she's very nervous.

" Ten-chan, Let's go eat Lunch!"

"Ok!" Ten-chan said happily.

'Yes! Yes! Alone with Uematsu..."with a daydream of Koboshi and him dating on a restaurant.(LOL)

They're walking on the hallway. Ten-chan still daydreaming. Koboshi's stomach rumbled.

"Uhm ten-chan can we run instead of walking, I'm hungry"

Ten-chan nodded. They run. Ten-chan tried to hold Koboshi's hand. He's trying to reach it. But couldn't, His hand was just an inch near Koboshi's hand. He was scared if what will Koboshi act. So he put his hand back. They made it outside. Walking to the clean grass. Koboshi spread the picnic cloth on the grass. And they ate lunch there just like a picnic.

While they're eating...

'I wonder why he wants to eat alone this day. It's the first day of the school!'

'Grr! I must hold her hand. It's so close! I'm a boy! I'm shouldn't be so nervous!'

Kotarou was turning around the classroom. And ran through outside of the school. He made it. And continued to ran toward the cherry blossom tree. He sat there under it. The congresswoman angel saw Kotarou under the cherry blossom tree. She flew and landed on its branch. Watching and listening to him if he knows Misha. Kotarou was getting his lunch inside his bag. It was a japanese food he brought in a mart. He always remember Shia and her made.

"Oh... Shia-san...I miss your bento made. You always gave to me. Yours is so delicious than the mart I always buy."

"Huh? Isn't that a familiar name?"

The angel congresswoman opened her book The demons' profiles. She flipped her book to find Shia's profile.

"Hmm... aha! HERE!"she said as she found it."Her picture hmmm.. Shia... 14 years old... status... OH! An INEXPERIENCED DEMON. And how did he know this girl? Demons are enemies, and? ! Maybe... Oh because she's his enemy. But why She made a bento for him? Oh because she's an inexperiece demon. Wow! a demon is nice to a human. Hmm... I'm not so sure, but I'm going back to heaven later and look more information about her."she said as she closed her book and put it on her bag.

She continued to watch and listen him. Klaus was walking around the school. No one can see him. He sense some angel near him. So he's finding where's the angel. Finally, He found it.

"Wow! An angel! interesting!" he said with an evil laugh.

He used his power to break the branch. The angel sense it and saw him(angels can see demons of course). But the branch broked quickly and she's too late to fly. She is falling down horizontally and the branch,too,but it was upon her. Near her and she knew it! Klaus expected that her back would pierce on tiny,pointy branches on the lower branch, but she knew that she would pierce so she make her body vertically. She is still falling, but she waited until she reach the lower branch. Finally, she reached it. Then she jumped and spread her wings, then fly but she forgot that the falling branch was still upon her. She dodge it. But the end of the branch only hitted her wings' feather. She flew and chasing Klaus. But he disappeared quickly. The branch reached the ground ended with a loud sound. Kotarou heard it.

"HUH? Who's there?" he said as he finding the place where he heard the sound. He found it."Oh! branch?"He said and looked upon the tree. And saw the broken branch that where it attached before."WHO'S THERE? HUH?"he said and saw a feather falling gently. He catched it. The angel congresswoman came back and landed on the lower branch as where she'd jumped of last time.

"I hate that demon. But it's not Shia. An inexperienced demon haven't learned that. Only a proffesional demon can do that! And that demon is a boy!"

She continued watching and listening Kotarou. Kotarou shocked because he knew feather was from Misha.

"Huh? Misha-san? Misha-san? Are you there?" he shouted.

The angel congressman shocked.

"So he knows Misha."

"Misha-san? Misha-san? Misha-san?!" he shouted loudly.

"I miss you. Please come back. I love you and you know that."Kotarou whispered.

The angel congressman heard his whisper and was shocked again.

"What? He loves Misha, too? so, so, so mutual understanding huh?" she blushed and smiled."Wow! Kotarou-chan, Your first love is an angel, not human, And they miss each other. I've got to do something to make my Kotarou-chan and even Misha happy." she said and spread her wings and flew up toward heaven.

"Huh? Maybe It's some bird I guess."he said as he came back and ate his lonely and depressed.

He came back to the classroom and saw Takashi smiling himself and Koboshi arranging her books. He just ignore them, because he's in bad mood, Koboshi looked at his sadly face.

'He's so sad. But Why?'

He sat on his chair and wishes that there's no class this afternoon for today. The teacher came in the class, And tell the students.

"There's no class this afternoon. But today only. Because I have a meeting today. No homework for today ,because it's the first day of the class"

"Hai, Sensei!"Said the students with a great joy.

'Yes! yes! yes! My wish came true.' he said in his mind ended with a giggle. Koboshi noticed that he giggled. She thought Kotarou just wanted to eat lunch alone and had a sad face, because he wanted no class.

'Maybe he is just lazy. Because it's the first day of school' she said in her mind and shouted,"Kotarou-chan! Do you wanted that there's no class? Because you're just lazy. Because It's the first day of school?"

"Uhm yes! I'm just lazy."He lied.

"Ok!"she said and walk through the hallway.

'I'm right! He's just lazy! He he he!" she said in her mind as she ran toward her house joyfully.

Kotarou began to fixed his things. And back to a sadly face.

'Sorry Koboshi-chan, I can't tell you why.'

Ten-chan noticed his sad face. He wants to make Kotarou shocked. Becuase he thought that would make him cheer up. He ran toward Kotarou with a smile face.

"OI KOTAROU!" Takashi shouted as he poked Kotarou.

"Ohhhh!"Kotarou said with shock."Ten-chan."

"Hehe! Sorry Kotarou!"Ten-chan said with a smile.

To be continued

Hehe! That's all! Next up! Chapter 2. Wait for me guys! ;D

By CleverKira