Once upon a time, a Steel Inquisitor was bored. Normally, when he was bored, he would go hunting for skaa Mistings, as was its job, but now that just seemed...Boring. He felt a strange urge to go and get...Candy, of all things! So it went to find the other Inquisitors where they normally meet. They were all waiting for him. "We have been waiting for you," they said. "We are going to another universe to get...Candy!" They all walked over to a portal, which magically appeared in front of them. They appeared in a neighborhood...on Halloween! They looked like they were wearing costumes, and for some reason knew they would get Candy by saying, "Trick-or-treat!" Later, they all stepped back into the magically appearing portal. They appeared back on Scadrial. Upon arriving, they did not want their Candy, so they threw it at the rebels, who were glad for free Candy.