Chapter two a new revelation

Naruto got out of bed and stretched. He looked over to see his sister sleeping peacefully in his bed. It was odd for him to have his sister treat him badly one minute then change completely but it was a good change which he loved. He thought maybe she felt bad and wanted to be together. He smiled at that thought. Even though he still had an entire village that hates him, at least his family would be there for him which was all that mattered to him the most.

He went down stairs and noticed no one else was up. So using skills he required through reading, he whipped up some breakfast which was pancakes, eggs, sausages, and rolls. The beautiful smell awoke the family. They greeted each other nicely before having breakfast.

After breakfast was complete, they all went outside for their training in the family ground. Minato turned to face them.

"Alright, first I need to know where you are in your skills first starting with you naruko." She struck a thinking pose before listing them.

"Well I know the academy jutsu except clone which I use shadow clones instead. I also know rasengan along with being able to use the fox cloak up to three tails. I'm at low chunin level at Tai, ken, and ninjutsu. I know a few chakra control exercises but my overall skills are low chunin and with three tails of chakra, I'm about jounin level." she said with pride. Naruto then stepped forward.

"Well I know would name them and tell you my skills but I would like for you to judge my skills. I would like to fight you dad." They were surprised by his request but minato complied. They both stood face to face. Minato entered his taijutsu style the humming bird while naruto entered his. The onlookers along with minato looked confuse since they never saw the style before. The two looked at each other before charging at each other.

Naruto threw a punch at minato which he dodged. Naruto's hit the floor instead leaving behind a large dent. This shocked the others greatly. Minato wasn't able to get time to wonder what style it was as he was forced on the defensive side. Each time naruto's fist made contact with something, that object would end up damaged. The speed naruto was showing was easily jounin and so was his taijutsu which could possible increase more with experience. The next thing naruto did was summon shadow clones which once again shocked them. How did he learn that jutsu? Naruto and his clones opened their mouth and gathered chakra until it was a ball. They released the balls at minato which he dodged by adding more speed. The balls created several explosions when they hit something.

Minato was surprised at the damage being made by his twelve year son. He had to be low jounin at least. This of course brought back sad memories that he didn't help him become this. Naruto saw the guilt and stopped the match.

"Dad, I thought we were starting over. Stop thinking about the past and think about the future." Minato looked up and smiled.

"Well, you are obviously jounin in taijutsu. But where did you learn shadow clones?" He wasn't the only one that was curious but naruko and kushina too.

"Oh I saw naruko do the handseals for it and it wasn't hard to memorize." The others sweat dropped at this. Minato then asked the next question that was bugging him.

"How many jutsu do you know and what's their rank. That jutsu you used looked about b-rank." Naruto thought about it but decided to share the knowledge with his family and probably only them.

"Well that is because it is. I call it chakra ball. It fired pure chakra at your opponent. I don't really have any jutsu since most of my time was spent of fuinjutsu." Now this shocked both minato and kushina. Learning seals is not a simple thing at all. Minato took years and years to get to his level. So they thought he was at a low level. "I have a few seals on me; do you want to see them?" Minato nodded wanting to see his son's seal.

Naruto then pulled out a piece of paper and placed it on his forehead before channeling some chakra in it. He then disappeared from sight. Both minato and kushina thought it was genjutsu thus leading them to trying to dispel it. Naruto then appeared again.

"This was not genjutsu. It is an invisible seal that turns anything or anyone it is place on invisible." He gave minato the seal to look at. Kushina wanting to see it looked at it before summing up both of their thoughts. "Oh Shit.' It was not a simple seal as they originally thought. This jutsu allowed the user to blend into the environment by bending lights away from the user. To bend light away from something is not an easy thing to do. You needed to the seal to bend each color away from the user and if one color isn't bent away, then you will be exposed. While the two looked over it, naruto saw naruko with a little sadness in her eyes but also happiness.

He then began thinking of ways to help her in which he began thinking about what aspect she needed help with in class. She did past the practical parts easily so all she needed help with was the knowledge parts then the other parts. He pulled out a scroll with everything he learned from the academy all created into an easy learning system. He didn't know why he made it but was glad he did now since this would help her greatly. He walked up to her, unsealed the books, and then handed to her.

Naruko took the books from her brother then opened it. She stood there and read a little. The more she read, the more she realized that this was the same stuff from the academy but it was easier to understand. She sat back down and began reading it. When she had questions, naruto answered them or explained about it.

Minato and kushina had got finished looking over the seal and had to reevaluate naruto's skills. He was at least minato's level from what they concluded. But what they didn't know was that this wasn't the only thing he created.

They turned around to see naruto standing near naruko who was reading. They moved closer to hear what they were saying. It seems that naruto was helping her study more. Maybe they should give her this time to be with her brother and also learn a thing or two.

Minato then went to the tower to do his duty as hokage. He was also putting together teams. He went through the strengths and weaknesses of each student and paired them up accordingly. Also there were request for teams which he went through.

Asuma- Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji- ino-shika-choji formation- Approved

Kurenai- Kiba, hinata, and shino- tracking team- Approved

Kakashi- sasuke, naruko, and sakura- combat team- Denied

His plan was to put naruto and naruko under kushina. 'This would get them to bond more.' He would give Kakashi sasuke and sakura but instead of naruko, he would give him ami who passed barely. Now that he had those that graduated, he sent letters to the students and the teachers instead of having them show up to class. He noticed that no one asked for naruto which made him seem sad. Naruto was more skilled than the whole class including the 'avenger' sasuke. It seems that not many people like naruto which made him sad.

For the rest of the day, naruto sat idle by to make sure she understood everything from the academy which wasn't much since the council lowered the standards. Once she finished the basics, he had her create several clones to build on that knowledge. He had multiple clones read the same section as a way to make sure it all sunk in. By the end of the day, she had gained the knowledge that she ignore in the academy and a headache which naruto said he suffered worst before.

The duo went in the house where kushina was looking over something. She put the paper down with a sad look before going off to make some dinner. Naruko went to see the paper out of curiosity. It was a note from dad telling them about the request made and how naruto wasn't requested. She jumped when she heard a voice from behind her.

"I knew no one would request me. But it's ok though plus we are now on the same teams together and that's what counts." He hugged her and rubbed her back to comfort her which worked. The two took off most of their clothes leaving on their undergarments before turning in for the night.

The next day, they got dressed for business. Naruto wore a black shirt with a orange swirl on the back and kanji for dragon on the front, anbu pants, and combat boots. Naruko wore the same thing but had kanji for fox on the front.

The duo stepped into class side by side before sitting in a seat next to each other. This cause several reactions from the classmates.

Kiba growled because the 'demon' as his mom put it was next to his future mate which was what naruko was to him. He would get her to give her many strong pups. His mom said that if he mates with her, their children would be strong. She also gave him a warning about her brother being a demon and that killing him would bring him much fame and fortune. That's what he was going to do. He saw himself killing the 'demon' then having 'his' women please him. He was also pissed for not having naruko on his team. All he got was bug boy and scary bitch. He did not like weak women like her. Even her family said she was weak which said a lot right there. He gazed upon her beautiful red hair and images of him and her went through his mind. He pleasured himself to those images.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Before his parents died, his dad would tell him to seduce her and have many children with her. He was told that this would strengthen the clan. He was also told to put the demon in its place. He not wanting to disappoint his father, he accepted the task and made a promise. He kept that promise even after his family died. He placed 'mating with naruko and killing demon' after killing Itachi.

Sakura and Ino had pure hatred in their eyes. Naruko their friend must be under the influence of the demon. They were told by their moms that naruto was a demon that killed off their family members. Ino's dad truly hated naruto but didn't say anything since he was on the civilian council and he had an image to keep up as a level headed person. That and he did not want to get on minato's bad side seeing as minato did not hate naruto as he thought. They both swore to eliminate konoha's problem.

Shikamaru did not think much on the situation except that the whole issue was troublesome. His parents didn't say much but then again, it didn't seem as if they cared at all. They probably didn't want to get associated with him which would tarnish their clan's reputation. Plus he wasn't their child so why should they care.

Choji was in a similar situation but only focused on their gut. As long as they weren't being dragged down or affected somehow, they won't do anything. They had too much on the line to go down because of one brat.

Shino and his clan had their own problems to deal with for them to even look into the situation. Just about everyone thought their clan was creepy because of their bugs. Thus they kept a secret life inside and outside the village. The only time they opened up was when they were at home in the presence of other family members. Shino loved his family especially his mom. Sometimes it was beyond mother and son type of love. He thought back to the conversation with his mom.


Shino was watching his bugs comfort each other intimately. He began to wonder if he would find someone to comfort him like his bugs were. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he did not notice the presence of his mother.

"Shino are you ok?" She notices her son staring intently at the bugs having their romance.

"No mother, I feel alone. I wonder if I will ever be loved by someone else because of our friends. This village does not except us because of that. I feel so hurt inside that many others will find someone to love while I have no one. I can't help but to be sad." She was reading his body signs and they were signs of someone slowly going into depression. She didn't like to see her son like this. She sent one of her bugs to try and communicate with his to find the problem. When it reported back, she found out that he needed sexual release. Of course knowing how bad their status was, she knew he could not get that anytime soon.

She walked up to her son and slipped her hands into his pants and massaged his penis. He was about to tell her to stop but she added a little pressure silencing him quickly. Using her free hand, she slid his pants down enough to have his member out in the opening and began pumping him.

Shino despite how much he wanted to say no couldn't deny his body the joy it was feeling. He tried to bite back a moan but he couldn't. His mom increased her speed when he moaned. Slowly he felt a buildup in his stick. She noticed his rod twitching and doubled her paste. This made him shoot all over the floor getting a little on her fingers. He turned around just in time to see her lick it off. He now felt released and his negative thoughts go away.

Just as she turned around to leave, shino whispered 'thank you'. She smiled knowing she made him happy.

End of Flashback

After that incident, he had his mom give him the same treatment whenever he felt like he needed it.

Hinata shyly looked over at naruto. He seems to be hated everywhere but just shrug it off as nothing. This caused her to admire him which over time turned into someone she desired. She was always affected by what people said about her and here he was just brushing off harsh death threats and insults like they were nothing. She wished she could be as strong as he was sometimes.

Before anything could happen, Iruka stepped into the class.

"Alright class, I assume you all got into a team. Are there any questions as to why you are placed in a certain team? If so, tell me where you would like to be and why?" This wouldn't matter anyway but he wanted their opinions on the matter. Kiba stepped forward.

"Yes I would like to know why I have bug boy and scared bitch. I would like naruko on my team since with my nose and her power, we could be strong together."

"Well, you were chose because of that nose to be with them because they have scouting abilities as you do. Thus this would make a great scouting team now would you please sit down. Would anyone else like to go?" This time Ino went up.

"Why do I have lazy ass and fat ass on my team when we could have me, sasuke, and naruko on a team? We would be a strong team like the sanins."

"Well ino, one it was requested and two, if you look at your parents and their teams, it should answer your question." She thought about and came up with the answer. They were trying to recreate the ino-shika-choji group. Sakura got up too and asked something similar to ino's question.

"Why can't we replace ami with naruko? We would have could have the next sannin here. Sasuke has his eyes, naruko has the chakra, and I have the control. This would be a great team." Iruka smiled at her brilliance. She did make a good point on that team combination but the hokage specifically made that team.

"That does sound good sakura but the hokage made that team himself. She is going to her brother's team while you get ami." He looked over at both naruto and naruko for a negative reaction but got none. The tension that was between them was also gone. This surprised him greatly since it was there for a long time and now it was gone. He of course held no hate for naruto but also held no love for him.

He was completely neutral towards him and teacher him the same as the class. He was what others referred to as the perfect teacher. He didn't let his hate get in his way of work. He began looking for other questions but saw none so he sat back and waited for the jounin to collect their students.

The all came in as a group except kushina who was a few feet in front of them. The others were talking to Kakashi trying to calm him down. They knew he was angry for not getting what he wanted. He like the villagers and many other ninja's hated naruto. So when he found that not only did he not get sensei's daughter, but the fact she was on the demon's team, he grew angry.

Kurenai also hated him. She knew others did as well so if she was to secretly kill him, she would not only be seen as a hero, but Kakashi would also be happy. The fox had killed her Tou-san which had caused her to go into depression. It was due to having great friends that she recovered. She was going to kill him as soon as he was alone. She was sure that she didn't need to wait for an academy student to get tired to kill him.

Asuma too hated him but did not want to anger the hokage or his grandfather so he acted neutral for now.

As they collected their students, Iruka watched the different face expression from the jounin. Kakashi's face was twisted in rage, kushina wore her smile, and the others hid their emotions.

Kushina took her two students to train far away from the village while the others told them about a test and dismissed them. Kushina with the help of naruto began running naruko into the floor. Naruto didn't do much training today except coming up with idea for jutsu based on his strong element affinities which were water, air, fire, and darkness which he got from transformation. He also gained something that allowed him to create his own dimension and control whatever was inside. While he was doing so, he sensed someone with killing intent directed to him but pretended he didn't notice.

Kurenai stared at the demon in front of her with so much hatred. She couldn't wait until he was alone. As the sun went down, she saw kushina and naruko went to naruto then after 5 minutes of talking, they left which made Kurenai smile since now they were alone.

Naruto looked in her direction and called out. "You can come out now Kurenai, I know you're there. I could sense that killing intent oozing from you. A blur appeared in front of him and there stood Kurenai with a glare fixed on him and nothing else. She pulled out a kunai and charged at him thinking it was enough.

Naruto simple sidestepped the swipe then slapped it away from her hand disabling her. Using shadow tendrils, he had Kurenai's hand and feet restrained. She was the pulled to her hands and knees facing naruto.

"I wonder how you became a jounin with such ghastly skills. I could become jounin then. You are too clouded by hate plus you are ignorant. Tou thought a simple charge would be enough to kill me which is an insult to me. I guess I should punish you now." His punishment was to leave her for a few hours in which the shadow would let her go. Kurenai had other thoughts which led to her next words.

"What are you going to do? Rape me until you have more demon spawns. We will kill you and them. Then with much regret, we will have to kill kushina since you brain washed her you damn demon." She spat the last word with such venom.

Now naruto was use to being threatened but when the threatened his family which for some reason he felt the need to protect, that pushed him over the edge. Ways to torture her or make her miserable flashed before his eyes. This woman would get a stronger punishment than before. But what would make a great fearful punishment for her. That's when her words came back to him. Kunoichi's are afraid of rape so if he did this to her, this would be great punishment. He didn't really want to but then again, she deserves it.

He approached her and pulled down her pants enough to give him access while ignoring the cursing woman. He pulled down his pants before giving his cock a few pumps to get an erection then plunged his it into her vagina ignoring her screams of curses and pleas for help. There was some type of resistant in her which broke when he gave it a hard thrust. Some blood leaked out of her which he did not notice. She kept screaming hoping someone would hear her soon. Her screams only turned him on more for some reason. He was about to pick up speed until a forced cough made slow down a little.

They both turned around to the sight of a woman with red hair and eyes. She wore a white kimono and black slippers. It was kyuubi. Kurenai was about to ask for help until what naruto said froze her dead in her track.

"Kyuubi, what…are you…..doing here?" Naruto replies through thrust. He was enjoying every second with her. Kurenai through gritting her teeth in pain got a good look at her face and became angry at the sight of her eyes. They were the same eyes that killed her dad years ago. That set off some questions in her head.

'That's the kyuubi but didn't it take over a boy's body? I know that is kyuubi but how it is outside the seal and it's a she. Those eyes are different from the boys' but I was sure he was kyuubi. Also if the kyuubi is standing clearly in front of me, then who is the person raping me?' The more she thought about it, the more she felt sick. 'OMG the boy was really the forth's son and not kyuubi.'

For the second time in her life, she felt useless. The first time being not being able to help her father and now is the second time. She had treated the son of the hokage like a demon and even helped attack him. She like the other girls wanted the yondaime to fuck them despite him being over 6 years older than them. He was a popular man so who wouldn't.

When she found out he was having a child, she wanted to wait until he got old enough before seducing him. If she gained his affection when he turned at least twelve, then she could keep him to herself until he was at least 16 years old or at least 15. But the kyuubi attack happened which caused the yondaime to seal it away separately from its power.

'Wait, how could it take control without its power? Damn it, I shouldn't have listened to those stupid villagers at all. I could have had him all to me and I would have been able to keep my promise to Tou-san to give him strong grandkids. I would have had a strong husband too.'

"I didn't know you were a rapist naruto-kun?" She jokingly asked. "Look I could see your busy in all but I just wanted to tell you that I am going to visit my dens and regain my power again. I am going to be grabbing you seal to do so ok?"

"Yes…that will be fine…just don't…forget… about me ok?" He asked through grunts which she nodded.

"Also, our connection will still be up but I don't think I will be able to communicate long distance." By now naruto was close to Cumming. Kyuubi left right after he replied leaving them to their business.

"Don't worry…I will be fine." He felt him about to cum so he pulled out or he tried.

Kurenai was thinking of ways to get him to forgive her. Her answer came when she felt his member twitch. What was one way to get two lovers together, which came in the form of a child? She had seen a child bring a family together on different cases. She was pretty sure that due to having kyuubi, he could produce children now which she didn't know how right she was.

Demons unlike humans had children at a young age which was common for them. So her plan was to let him ejaculate into her thus making her pregnant and bringing them together somewhat. Then she could slowly worm her way into his heart then from there fuck him over and over thus creating a bigger family. Her ideas were about to be ruined when she felt him pulling out so pushing a large amount of chakra, she had her pussy clamp down on his penis then adding a dab of chakra, had his pole drained.

Naruto felt his load slowly being sucked out into her thus he really tried to pull it out. This caused the process to speed up. After failing to disconnect, his toes curled up, his eyes rolled back, and his body tensed as he released a huge load into her. She did not let go as she drained him of his sperm. All he could do was moan as he was being drained.

Kurenai knew she completed phase one as the warm sperm filled her stomach. With the amount she had going into her, she smile on the inside knowing soon she will have a child. As her vision faded, her release on him faded until it was gone. She soon fainted on the floor as access semen leaked out of her.

Naruto quickly cleaned that up then pulled up their pants before picking her to drop her off at her home. He was glad her window was open still. He slid it open then placed her on his bed.

He was now in a state of panic. He did not expect her to make him cum in her. He thought she would tell him not to cum in her. What would change her mind that she was willing to let a demon cum inside of her? He mentally palmed his face at the obvious answer. He called kyuubi by her title in front of her. Then the fact that even though kyuubi was in her human form, her eyes never changed. They were eyes that anyone could tell right away who she was.

Then there was the fact that she had a 95 percent chance she was pregnant due to his transformation and the fact that demons or buji which he was on now produce children faster. This meant she was going to be pregnant and others. He froze at that. This meant his sister too and in two weeks, she should be showing signs of it. He would ask his mom when he got home. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he forgot to wash the scent of sex from his body.

When he opened the door, kushina turned to see her son sweating. She pushed it off as her son training until when he ran past her quickly saying 'sorry I'm late mom, won't happen again'. She smelt it and knew that he was not sweating from training but from sex. She began to wonder who would not hate him and would have sex with her son. Did the person not know about her son's status? She pushed it out as things she would learn sooner or later.

Naruto came back down feeling nervous. Kushina sensing his presence turned to him and smiled on the inside knowing her son must need 'his' mother. Clearing those thoughts, she was now focused on him.

"Is there anything wrong sochi?" He looked her dead in the eyes before coming clean. He told her about kyuubi being released, some of her teaching, then the things that happen with naruko then Kurenai. He told her his theory that they might be pregnant soon and in two weeks if they show signs, then they are his. He of course left out being a buji and most of his training sessions.

He then waited for the berating but got a hug instead. Seeing his confusion she explained that he was making the clan bigger that it was. She told him that he would make the uzumaki-namikaze clan one of the greatest clans made. Feeling that she made him happy she then made dinner and called everyone down.

During dinner, kushina kept looking at naruto with pride. Not only was he going to be a father soon, but she was sure naruko was happy. She had seen her daughter the morning after their sex with a big cheery smile. She then wondered, 'how big is he?'

While naruto was eating, kushina slipped off one of her slippers. She secretly places her foot on his crotch area then using her toes, massage his underbelly of his dick through his pants. She waited until it stood to his highest peak before smiling. Her son was gifted indeed. She then wrapped her toes around it then started pumping through his clothes.

Meanwhile naruto fought the urge to moan. He looked around to see that no one noticed what was going on. Turning to his smirking mom, he mouthed to her. 'What are you doing?' She then mouthed off to him.

'I'm enjoying my Sochi's gift.'

'Please don't do it right here.'

'I will if you promise to fuck me after dinner.' Knowing he lost the fight he gave in quickly so he wouldn't cum in his pants during dinner.

'I promise just stop it.' She complied and put her feet in the slippers again. After dinner was over, kushina offered to do the dishes and asked for help which naruto offered. They went into the kitchen where she turned to the counter for leverage, slipped her pants down, and bent over.

"Minato is up stairs waiting so I want to make it quick. I want another child but he wants to wait." Naruto pulled down his pants and boxers before plunging in her pussy. He almost came early but managed not to. Quickly picking up speed he jammed in and out of her feeling pleasure throughout his body.

Kushina bit her teeth down as to not moan but she was losing. Quickly throwing up a silent barrier on the room as to not alert anyone on their activities, she allowed herself to moan as load as she wanted to. She did not expect her son to be this good but he was.

"Fuck me harder my Sochi, punish your mother for neglecting you. Punish us for making you feel alone to deal with the hatred of the village alone. PUNISH ME. FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER." She yelled the last part. He complied and sped up while thrusting with a strong force. He then began hitting a spot which sent jolts of pleasure through his penis. His mom screamed before her pussy started letting out juice in short burst. He felt a buildup in his dick before let it rip inside her. She in turn shot out onto his dick wetting him good.

They both cleaned up all evidence on what happened then went up stairs which kushina went to her Horney husband while naruto went to his needy sister.