Chapter three

Two weeks and two days had passed since Naruto had sex with Kushina, Kurenai, and Naruko. And just as he predicted, they started showing signs of pregnancy. They had it confirmed in secret with Tsunade at the hospital so that the general public did not know. But each did it for a certain reason.

Kushina and Naruko did not trust anyone from outside their family to tell the news. They did of course did trust Tsunade since she was the one whom would deliver their child. While Kushina was just as good at medics as tsunade since she did learn from her, she did not think she would be able to use those skills right after giving birth. They also trusted Sarutobi and Jiraiya though they didn't tell them about the pregnancy. They thought that the less people to know would mean the safer the information is. Imagine what the villagers would do to the baby if they found out who it belong to.

Kurenai didn't tell her friends because they didn't see Kyuubi and Naruto side by side thus if she told them, they would not only burn the baby as to purify the world of demons but also claim she is brainwashed and that they should kill the demon to get her to return to her old self. This thought made her realize how ignorant she was. She couldn't help but feel how bad she screwed up. She really needed to apologize to him and get on his good side again. She was going to beg him for forgiveness.

While she was contemplating on how to do just that, naruto was seen heading to the kitchen to confront his family. His father had not known yet due to his duties that kept him away from home. But tonight he was going to find out. Naruto gave him a suggestion to use shadow clones to do the paper work which after kissing his son's face while saying 'thank you my hero' over and over.

He made his way to the living room where he spotted them waiting in the living room. Kushina and naruko was sitting in 1 couch while minato sat on the opposite side of them. As soon as he sat down, minato not waiting any longer to find out what the problem was initiated the conversation.

"So now that naruto is here, can anyone you please tell me what is going on? It seems important judging on the fact that you not only summoned us all here but you seem to be a little nervous. So please just jump straight to the point all ready. I'll be ready for anything you throw at me." He didn't want her beating around the bushes. He liked to hear the whole truth and not a watered down or sugared version of it. Kushina not wanting to disappoint him just came right forward with it.

"Naruko and I are pregnant. The father of our children is your son Naruto. There is also one other person who might have a child by Naruto but that depends on whether or not she keeps it or not." This was something minato was not prepared for. His mind looks at the negatives and positives first.

On the negative side, he would be a jiji really soon and he didn't think he had started growing gray hair yet. As soon as the child was old enough, they would ask for ramen, call him jiji which was a title he gave Hiruzen and probably be hyper active if they get their mothers personality. Images of little kids yelling 'dattebayo' while making him miserable ran through his head. The images made him shudder. He also thought about losing his wife to his son. Does this mean he was alone again?

He began looking at the positives to the situation. His wife did not cheat on him with a stranger but his son. His daughter had someone that could watch over her. Then there was the fact that the clan was getting bigger. He was also sure that the children would be strong with the combination of Kyuubi in their system and Naruto's intelligence. What he didn't know was that Naruto contributed a large part as well since he was a buji as well. His children were sure to be strong which was pretty much guaranteed.

After thinking through the negatives and the positives, he thought of more positives than negatives thus leading to him congratulating them.

"Congratulations Kushina and Naruko. It seems our clan is expanding by the minute. I pretty sure we will be great in no time. Also now that you are both pregnant, you guys do know that there will be limits on you missions and training so that the baby won't be put at risk. Until you both have your child, I and Naruto will have to sure you guys are safe. Now that is settled, what names will be given. You guys should come up with a boy and a girl name in case it turns to be one or the other. Also if-"he was cut off by a knock on the door.

He went to see who it was and came to the sight of a teary eyed Kurenai.

"May I please come in, this is very important. I need to speak with your son." Minato not wanting to see her get any sadder if possible let her in. Plus something told him she was the other girl that was mentioned. He remembered her when he was younger. She asked to get to be with his son as soon as he was old enough for her. It seems as if she was getting that soon. But why was she crying? Maybe she didn't want the baby anymore. He would have to wait until she got to the living room. He escorted her to the family.

She walked over to naruto and asked him while minato sat back down in his seat.

"Naruto, can I see you for a minute alone?" She did not know that the family already knew of the situation especially his mom and sister.

"I already know what you came here for. You came to tell me that you're pregnant. It is yours to do whatever you want. If you want to kill it, it's on you." He expected her to jump for joy forgetting that she made him cum inside her but what she said was something he did not expect.

"I want to keep it and raise it with you. I've been thinking about how I've been treating you lately and I know this won't be enough but I'm sorry." She got down on her knees for what she was about to say next. "Please forgive me for my treatment. I wish to make amends to what I've do to you. I feel horrible and I need you to punish me for what I've done to you." She pulled out a scroll and out of it came a whip. She broke down and cried. "Please….punish….me Naruto….." she said in between sobs. She calmed down enough to get out a few lines. "I need your forgiveness so we could be together. Ever since I found out you were going to be born, I wanted to be with you. Please let that be. I'm so sorry Naruto." She rushed to him then pressed her face in his chest the completely broke down.

Naruto was trying to figure out what to do but he couldn't. This woman in front of him, the person who hated him, treated him like shit; jounin to her own team was crying in his chest and begging for forgiveness. He did not sense one lie in her words during her confession. What she said to him was completely honest. He tried to find reasons to hate her but couldn't. Now Naruto was not an evil person but that doesn't mean he would just forgive any person. He may have done so with his family but that was a different case. First they didn't hate him but thought that the needed to focus on Naruko first. Then there is the fact that they didn't help beat him to the floor.

She on the other hand hated him and helped beat him down. But here she was a heart broken pregnant woman. He sighed at what he was going to do next.

"Alright Kurenai, I forgive you but as for the relationship thing, I will give you over the duration of nine moths to redeem yourself." He couldn't hate her seeing as she held his child. What if their child looks just like her, then would he hate the child for something out of their control? If so, then he wouldn't be better than the villagers. Plus she did seem sincere in her apology and to add to that, he didn't want to see the child go without one of their parents due to their indifference. Maybe with time he would learn to love her.

Nodding in understanding, she got up. She now had a second chance and there was no way she would let anyone ruin her chance now. Without any warning she crashed her lips into his and slipped her tongue in his mouth a moved it around for a few seconds before breaking the kiss and leaving behind a gaping naruto. It seems she truly wanted to be forgiven seeing as she had a jumpstart on things.

The others were shocked at what just happened. Kurenai the ice queen who was famous for being cold to guys asking her out on dates broke down in front of not just naruto but his family and the hokage to boot. After her confession, they felt she deserved some type of chance which they were happy that naruto was giving her. It would seem naruto doesn't hold grudges for too long or her actions against him weren't too bad that he would hold it against her forever which the answer was the later. Naruto still did not like the villagers which his family had a small idea about that but they did not understand how much hate he held for the village.

Now that the issue was settled, they went back to the other issue which was naming them. Naruko then go an idea.

"What if I give the baby natsumi if it is a girl and Arashi if it boy." The names sounded great. They agreed on the names. Now it was Kushina's turn to pick names.

"If it is a girl I want her to be named Natsuko and if it is a boy then I want him to be named Noriko." They agreed on those names too. For the rest of the day, they talked about how they might be and the personality they might inherit.

One year had passed and it was a month since the babies were born which made Naruto a 13 year old father. Naruto had finally opened up his heart to Kurenai after her 9 month of trial in which involved her making amends to him. Kushina had a girl which she named her Natsuko and Naruko had a son which she named Arashi. It seems that due to Naruko having the Kyuubi's chakra in her system allowed her body to produce children at an early stage. Kurenai had a boy in which she took the name Kushina had came up with which was Noriko. A lot of things happened over the months of their pregnancy.

Month One of pregnancy

Kurenai trained her team in the morning then when she was finished, she went over to Naruto's house and would start conversations with him and his family. He didn't say too much when she asked him her questions. She shook that off and took it as a step in the right direction since at least he was willing to talk to her at all. She had expected him to stay cold towards her but he showed he was not immature as boys would have at his age. She blamed herself for him having to be forced to grow up fast because of the hate the villagers and many others produce.

She still hung out with Asuma and Kakashi to keep up her appearance. She did not want them finding out about what has transpired between her and the one they truly hate. All they did was talk about how the demon should roll over and die much to her irritation. She of course didn't show her emotions. She still had a long way to go with him and did not want to ruin her only chance.

Month two of pregnancy

Kurenai decided to target Kushina and Naruko seeing as they were close to naruto. By doing so, she hoped it would help her get closer to naruto which slowly began working seeing as he opened up a little even thought it wasn't something significant. She smiled knowing she would get him to open up soon.

Month three of pregnancy

Kurenai noticed she was getting bigger. She was sure that she would have to use genjutsu soon or something. If word got out that she was pregnant, they would no doubt question her. Thinking of ways to hide it, she came up with a solution that would only work for now. She wore bigger clothes to hide her stomach only in public. She knew this wouldn't last long. She showed her growing stomach around Naruto and his family with pride but hid it from the public for the baby's protection.

Month four of pregnancy

Her progress with naruto was slowly reaching her goal. He would now talk to her when she initiates a conversation. They talked casually instead of his small relies. She knew now that he was slowly forgiving her from the bottom of his heart. The first time he said he forgave her, she picked up on the fact that those were empty words due to the pregnant situation. But that would change soon.

She began using powerful genjutsu on herself while avoiding Asuma and Kakashi here and there throughout the day. She knew that staying around them too long would be a bad thing. They would soon discover her genjutsu in which would lead to the discovery of the baby then who the father was.

Month five of pregnancy

She repeated what she did in the fourth month except that she slowly began pulling away from Asuma and Kakashi. She wanted it to seem that she has been training her team hard. Kakashi trained sasuke while Ami and Sakura cheered on 'their Sasuke-kun'.

Month six- eight of pregnancy

Naruto had finally forgiven her completely. He accepted her apology even though her time wasn't up but she proved herself to him. He along with Kushina and Naruko all sat around talking to each other while Naruto and a few clones took care of them.

Kurenai had been hanging around them a lot lately more so with naruto and his family than Asuma and Kakashi. She had stopped hanging with Asuma and Kakashi in which the two in question found weird. They didn't know why Kurenai stopped hanging with them but they wanted to find out.

They had once confronted her in which she stated that it was not that important which only made them more interested in what she really was doing. It was only through curiosity that showed that she visited the Namikaze compound. They of course thought she was giving Naruko tutor so they backed off thinking they got their answers.

Month nine of pregnancy

This month was hectic for her seeing as she was soon due to have their child. She had created a system for her team to train under before having the Yondaime create an excuse as to why she wasn't teaching her students face to face. The excuse revolves around Naruko's learning which he was sure anyone would believe. Naruto was also nervous about this month seeing as he would be a father of three. What he didn't think about was the pain that was going to be inflicted on his hands when they were giving birth until it was too late.

When the three gave birth, the unfortunate pre-teen had to suffer through pain as his hands were squashed by the women in pain. After several sessions of getting his hands crushed, Naruto was now the proud owner of three children to a 29 year old kushina, a 13 year old naruko, and 24 Kurenai. All three babies started showing their personalities which caused the parents to look on in surprise.

Natsuko had silky red hair with blonde streaks. She looked just like Kushina when she was a child. Kushina couldn't help but blush at her tomato of a daughter. She pumped her little fist in the air while giggling. Minato paled at the sight. He could only imagine her first words being dattebayo. He shuddered at how she would be when she grew up.

Arashi looked like a mini version of naruto and minato except he had straight red hair with blonde streaks. He looked very curious at the people around him. He seemed like he wanted to walk by the way he was trying to move his legs. The onlookers could only imagine him when he started walking. Arashi would be a curious little one.

Noriko had had black spiky hair with blonde streaks. He had blue eyes with black rings like Kurenai. He looked just as Naruto would have if he had black hair. He was quite the whole time. They tried to make him laugh by making stupid faces but he just started at them. At one point his eyebrow seemed to twitch from annoyance. This made them think of him as a male version of Kurenai which brought out a couple of chuckles.

After they were born, Kushina, Kurenai, and Naruko went to recover thus leaving team 8 and Naruto to do d-rank missions seeing as their team were either out of commission or left without a leader for now. Naruto decided to stay home with his family until they were ready to go back on missions.

The disappearance of Kurenai did not go unnoticed by Asuma and Kakashi. It was mainly Asuma that noticed something was off about Kurenai until they saw her over Naruko's house. They just thought she went over to help Naruko or turn her against Naruto. But after a while, he knew it had to do with more than teaching Naruko seeing as there wasn't much in the academy that Naruko had to catch up on plus he was sure Kushina was teaching her.

He went to Kakashi about the situation in which he did not know what to think of about the situation. He just went to the mission tower where his team would finally get a c-ranked mission much after Sasuke's bickering.

So here they were facing the hokage waiting for his decision. He was looking over a few missions until he came upon an escort mission. He reviewed the request and thought about giving them the mission but something seemed wrong about this mission. He placed those thoughts in the back of his mind.

"Alright, I have an escort mission for you guys. Also, I will be sending an extra person with you just in case. I will summon him now." He summoned an anbu before whispering something in his ear. The anbu vanished in which he went to complete his task. Team 7 was about to ask what was going on until they heard footsteps coming from behind the door. The door slowly opened up and naruto came in.

"Did you want me hokage-sama?" He was curious as to why he was called here.

"Yes I did naruto; I want you to accompany team 7 on their mission if that is okay with you."

"It's ok with me, I'll go with them. I'll just pack up my items." He turned around and left. Kakashi for his part was livid but he did not bother showing it as he was in the presence of his sensei. Sakura and Ami were about to voice their opinion until Kakashi silenced them with a glare which basically said, 'shut up'. Sasuke just ignored them and began thinking of his goals. Kakashi sent his team to pack up for their mission before heading off knowing he would lose his cool soon if he stayed around the 'demon' too long.

They later met back up at the tower where they also met the client named Tazuna whom needed protection from bandits while he built a bridge. After getting briefed with the details, the group traveled out in which kakashi had sasuke and sasuke on the side of their client, he traveled in the back and he had naruto travel in the front. He monitored naruto's every move as if he was the enemy which naruto was exactly that in his eyes. Naruto felt eyes glued onto him in which he guessed that it came from the teacher. The walk had been an uneventful one with Sakura and Ami questioning Tazuna of his village every few seconds. This continued for 30 minutes straight before ending much to Kakashi's delight. It was then he spotted the puddle up ahead and prepared to see how sasuke would react to the two chuunin level ninja up ahead. Before he had any time to formulate any plans, Naruto made a downward thrust sending a wind blade at the puddle killing both Chuunins without ease. The two bodies floated upwards shocking Sakura, Ami, and Sasuke as neither of them sensed the two ninjas.

"Why did you kill the enemies Naruto? I gave you no orders to do anything."

"They were clearly targeting one of us from the group Hatake. By eliminating them now would save one of your genins life thus we won't need any funeral when we reach home. Besides you gave us no orders at all." He said nothing else leaving a fuming Jounin to not only continue the mission since he did not know who the ninjas were targeting. What he did know was that their next enemy would be at least jounin level. Tazuna in the meanwhile felt relief that the mission was to continue.

Soon the group was close to Wave country based on the enormous bridge jutting from the island. They all crammed into a small boat and traveled in silence as to not draw any attention. The boat man drove them to shore and drove off leaving them to walk the rest of the way. Naruto sensed four chakra sources that seemed to follow them meaning three of them were here for the old man and the other was Kyuubi. He did not know why she was hear but he did know that based on her signature, she had regained her powers back. He deducted this from Tazuna's behavior from the beginning of the mission. It was as if he were expecting ninjas to kill him. Based on the chakra based mist, the ninja had to be from kiri.

One of the chakra source got near causing Naruto to launch a kunai in the direction of the person. The person switched with something before the kunai hit. Sakura ran in the bushes and retrieved a scared bunny.

"Look what you did you monster. You scared an innocent bunny trying to look cool. Why don't you-" she was dragged down by Kakashi right after yelling get down. A large blade sailed over their heads and embedded itself into a tree. On the blade was none other than Zabuza Moichi the demon of the mist as Naruto recognized from a bingo book he read. He voiced who it was for the others to know.

"Zabuza Moichi the demon of the mist. You became a missing Nin for trying to overthrow the Mizukage for his cruelty towards those with bloodlines. He exterminated the Kaguya clan, the Yuki clan, and others that possess a bloodline for unknown reasons, am I correct?" Zabuza smiled at the genin.

"It seems that you actually have a skilled genin in your group. Let's find out about the others shall we." He let loose a large killing intent successfully flooring the other genin and the old man. Naruto didn't seem fazed at all by the killing intent pouring from him. He decided to test his other word out by taking Zabuza there. His eyes morphed into red eyes with a black diamond shape in his eyes. An unknown force pulled both Zabuza and Naruto into a black vortex leaving a stunned team 7.

Naruto and Zabuza appeared into a different dimension ruled by Naruto. Zabuza looked around and noticed several odd things such as the fact that he was on white never ending sand with several branches sticking from the floor. The moon is on the opposite lunar phase of that in the Human World and the skies were black and white. Thinking it was just an illusion, Zabuza made the cancel seal only for it to fail miserable.

"This is not a genjutsu Zabuza but an alternative world that I control." Zabuza looked over the direction the voice came from. "This is one of my abilities that I gained and wanted to try on some one. But enough of that, tell me about the two others you have with you."

"What others are you talking about?

"I know for a fact that you came here with two others. An associate of mine is nearby and if you think they are strong enough to take on the kyuubi no kitsune then you have nothing to worry about then." Zabuza's heart skipped a beat.

"You mean you're associate is kyuubi. But I thought she was killed by the Yondaime."

"No she was sealed away and yes kyuubi is female. Her powers were sealed away in one person and her soul was sealed away inside me. I released her after some preparations then allowed her to regain her powers through special ways. I want you to leave the old man alone in exchange for power on par with the sanbi no Kyodaigame in terms of chakra but with your own abilities making you a buji. You should also kill Gato and take all of his money and companies. All I want in return is to be able to come to kiri whenever I want and access anything without problems. Also 50 percent of Gato's business along with a mansion built in a secluded area would be nice too. How does that sound to you Zabuza?"

"How do I know you not making this up and the fact that this is indeed a genjutsu but a powerful one at that?" Naruto smiled before his body ripped apart then expanded until he was a black dragon with red eyes. Upon closer inspection, there were nine razor, sharp, bony plates going from his shoulders to the tip of his tail showing he was considered a kyuubi no ryu. His power levels skyrocketed making Zabuza lose his breath in amazement at the power he was displaying.

"This is my buji form that I ended up with. I could use a partial transformation such as bring out my wings alone or a dragon humanoid transformation." Naruto transformed back into his human figure. He made his clothes out of pure youki since his other clothes ripped from off of him. "This is the only thing I could use as proof. What you do is totally up to you." Naruto morphed his eyes and brought the two back to the real world into the positions they were before they left. In the other world they spent an hour but in the real world, only one minute passed. Kakashi saw Naruto appeared as a thought occurred. 'He probably failed at whatever he was trying but whatever it is won't be anything good for konoha once he finishes it. I probably could copy his technique once he finishes it.' He smiled at his idea of taking a powerful technique for him and Sasuke.

His thought were interrupted when Zabuza jumped from his blade, yanked it from the tree, then disappeared from their eyes shocking all but Naruto. Tazuna and the genins got up from the floor and looked around. Kakashi extended his senses to see if he was truly gone and it was exactly what happened. Tazuna sighed in relief that he was not going to die so soon. Naruto looked at Tazuna.

"Mr. Tazuna, could you continue guiding us to your village?" Tazuna moved in the direction of his home and the konoha Nins went back into the position where they started off in when they left konoha. The group soon arrived at a two story house where Tazuna proceeded to knock on the door. His daughter Tsunami, a woman with blue hair, BB-cup breast, slender legs and onyx eyes opened the door.

"Father you're ok. I thought you would be gone when I heard rumors about ninjas coming after you but I'm happy to see you again. Did you encounter any ninjas on the way here?"

"Yes I did but the blonde kid killed the first two and ran away a strong ninja somehow. I'm not sure what he did but it surely worked as I am yet to be dead." Kakashi and the others narrowed their eyes at Naruto wondering what exactly he did to make Zabuza run away. Whatever he did seemed to work but Kakashi had no idea what it was. He did however know that it was not genjutsu since he would have detected it right away and he was sure Naruto's presence was completely gone for a whole minute despite that not being long. This froze him in his tracks. 'What if that was a teleportation jutsu he used on Zabuza? I need to figure out as soon as possible.'

He turned to his team. "I want you guys to meet me outside for some training. Mr. Tazuna, we'll only be a few minutes away so don't worry, I'll make sure you are safe as I teach my genins a few things to prepare them for anything."

"Why bother, you're all going to die by Gato soon." Every head turned to see a young boy heading upstairs with a depressing aura. Tazuna looked sadly at them.

"That was my grandson Inari. He's been like that ever since his father was killed by thugs. I'm sorry for his outburst but I will be sure to talk to him soon." They nodded at his explanation before Kakashi led them away from Tazuna's house before turning around and glared at Naruto.

"I want to know what you did to Zabuza now. He wouldn't have just run away from his obvious mission to kill Tazuna without a reason. Zabuza isn't one to just do something like that so start speaking." Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"It is a clan secret thus I don't have to reveal anything to you Hatake. Juts know that he will no longer come after us and that the old man is safe." Naruto moved to leave only to have a hand stop him. "You better release me if I was you Hatake or else you will be missing an arm pretty soon." Kakashi for some reason felt intimidated by his cold voice thus making him let go. Sasuke glared at the back of his head with hatred he had for his older brother Itachi. Naruto swirled around and glared at him with the hatred he felt for the village. Kakashi's knees buckled under pressure while the two genins fell flat not able to withstand against such killing intent. Visions of dying many ways flashed before Sakura, Ami and Sasuke's eyes.

Upon seeing them tremble for a while, Naruto ceased all killing intent feeling content. As soon as Naruto left, Kakashi turned to his genin team who was slowly getting up.

"I'm going to up your training but I doubt you will reach his level on time so don't challenge him at all. At his level, we'll need several jounins to kill the demon." They could only nod their heads in shame. Kakashi made a silent vow to kill him should he gain enough powers.