This is a Borderlands Spin-off. Personally I was annoyed at the presentation of women in the game: there was Siren the seductress, Tanis the loon, the scary Russian Commandant, and Helen Pierce. The game is even placed in a planet called "Pandora", who was beautiful woman but not very bright. None of these women were really as amazing as many of the male counterparts. Anyway, this is my first fan fiction and I promise I won't continue to pollute if it's really that bad, but here is my shot in the dark of a story.


Chapter 1: "The Music of Gunfire"

Heavy fire rained hot shots down upon the scorched earth of Noemaan Land. "In the Air!" an obvious and unnecessary statement was yelled to ensure that everyone understood that something in the air was not the regular nitrogen and hydrogen. Sandy took cover underneath a toppled and melted carcass of a jeep and turned her weapon towards the sky vying for a shot. Smoke had shifted through the battlefield and blinded those on the ground. This gave Sandy time to reload and get more securely in her cover. "It's Gone!" Another statement that was unnecessary since when the smoke lifted it was apparent that nothing was in the sky that would endanger those on the ground. "Why would it leave? It had us cornered." Skulking in the shadows, Sandy brushed the smudge of grease from her face. Being out all day in Noemaan Land was starting to get to her. Sandy grimaced "Maybe they realized that when wild animals are cornered they fight back harder than they have ever fought before." Sandy knew that the previous situation would have been handled eventually and was not going to be her grand finally.

Sandy traveled with three others. The unofficial leader of the group was a veteran from some distant war named Hertz, he specialized in killing and not being killed. Such skills were vital in Noemaan Land. The other male in the group was a short, small boy who while on the outside looked like some child who had tagged along for the ride was actually a psychotic strategist, we call him Billy the Kid. Strategy was not so important in Noemaan Land, but since his strategy consisted of full frontal assault for most objectives it turned out well. The third other member of this musical quartet was a fair young maiden named Gwen whose only intention of coming along was to be a spectacle, which was her motive where ever she went. This damsel in distress with tight shirts and skirts, really who wears skirts when you are running around and fighting all day, could not handle heavy machinery but at times was very useful with pistols. Sandy was the line-backer of the team, she sported heavy armaments such as shotguns, machine guns, and her favorite "Big Bertha" a fiery rocket launcher that was never far from her side. Together this finesse of a team was brought together to help a land lost to time.

"Look on the horizon" Hertz pointed. Coming in from the edge of the sky were what could only be described as big bugs. Things looking something like locusts that had spent too much time living in nuclear waste were homing in on their position. Noticing that time was short Hertz began barking commands, "Gwen get us a ride! Kid get in the gunnery seat, your revolvers won't do much good against them until it's too late." Reeling around Hertz started setting up his sniper position, as he did this a grin came to his face as he knew he would not need to dictate this order, "Sand bring out Big Bertha". Sandy swung around sitting on the solid rock formation behind her, she took out Big Bertha aimed where Bertha would make the biggest boom. The giant locust were moving in fast, Hertz had already started shooting some out of the sky, but not enough to discourage them from their destination. Humans came to this land without the okay of the inhabitants already in Noemaan Land, this angered the forced neighbors. Two honks on the horn came from the distance. This meant that trouble had been found near the ride and it would not be beneficial for either parties for the ride to come to them. Sandy kneeled silently as she waited for Hertz's command to open fire on pesky insects. The locusts were coming in very fast, and there were so many of them and they were so massive that they blocked out the sky and as they came across the barrenness a cold, dark chill ran up Mother Nature's back as these abominations blocked the sky. With the wind in their wings, the abominations grew closer. Close enough now though that Big Bertha could take out a big section and hopefully cause a chain reaction that will light up the sky.

Hertz was looking for something else though. His eyes scanned the pack of raging beasts for something. Suddenly he found what he was looking for. "Sand aim for the really big one three-fourths down the herd." The really big one could be the leader of the clan, and like a snake without its head, the locusts would fail. Quickly Sandy readjusted her aim, but as she did this one of the first locust scouts barreled toward her. SPLASH. Hertz had just in time sniped the scout before it could get to Sandy. Sandy nodded a thank you, even though she knew that Hertz was back looking at the main pack. Sandy regained her stature and focused in on the snake's head. She fired, the rocket shot up into the pack passing by many of the front locusts heading towards the biggest large locust.

Sandy's eyes followed the trail of smoke the rocket left as it zoomed towards its target, but suddenly one of the smaller locusts cut in front of the projectile and was hit by the rocket, this did not stop the rocket even though it definitely stopped the smaller locust. The rocket was still going but at a slightly different angle then it had first set out on. BOOM. The rocket hit something. The after effects were apparent since a portion of the sky light up and the stench of burning insect guts could be smelt on the swift wind. Something was hit, but was it the intended target. Out of the smoke that had formed came something big. It was the snake's head and it was coming straight for Sandy now. Sandy reloaded Big Bertha ready for the fireworks that would ensue in her grand finale. The largest locust had been skimmed by the initial rocket and was coming down fast because its wings could not keep it up anymore with its injury. Closer and closer it came keeping its eyes on Sandy, determined to make her pay for mankind's wrongs wrought on her children. VREEEEE. The sound of the jeep careening over Sandy's head shocked her out of her stare down. Swerving to a stop, while Billy shot the remaining locusts with the guns on the jeep, Gwen called over "I usually do not take on hitchhikers but I might make an exception." she smiled as Hertz and Sandy piled on into the jeep.

Kicking up sand Gwen drove away from the herd of locusts which were at that point surrounding the queen and trying to help her. "So where to kno..OWWW" Hertz slapped Gwen in the back of the head. "What was that for?" Gwen put one hand up to the "wound" and held it defensively. "Do not smart mouth me again, you are here to follow orders not vacation." Gwen took her hand off her head and skulked the whole way back to camp. After a long silence, "I do not think it was a coincidence that the attack from a high stopped and then the locusts came for the hunt." Billy the Kid was always thinking, even in awkward situations like this. "What do ya mean?" Hertz growled. "Well it cannot be a coincidence that they left us to our own accord so we could be killed by the locusts, they could be controlling the locusts for their own bidding and this way it looks more like an accident then blatant murder." This could be true. A new governor had come to power, one that had roots with the seedy side of Noemaan Land. The governor wanted people like Hertz's team out of the picture so that all the wealth could be harvested and all the wildlife killed. "Kill two stones with one bird." Hertz said under his breath as he thought about the indications of Billy's statement. "Umm...doesn't the saying go like 'kill two birds with one stone.'" Sandy corrected. Hertz let out a hardy half of a laugh, "Why would you want to kill two defenseless birds." It was not clear if Hertz had suffered any head injuries from the war, but moments like this made one wonder...The team sat silently for the rest of the ride. Sandy realized that on her were large, putrid chunks of locusts covering her. Just another day in Noemaan Land...