MBP: Sniffle… my Vegas stopped working, so I had to uninstall it, and now I can't get it back on… sniffle…

Rini: Ask for help sometime later. Write girl, write!

MBP: My YouTube's not working on the computer either… the videos refuse to play… it's not fair!

Rini: Stop complaining…

MBP: And I think Megumi's OOC…


MBP: But… no music…

Rini: Deal with it! She doesn't own anything!

"I Want My Computer to Work!"

I hate computers. I really do. They never work for me. Every time I try to use it, it decides it doesn't want the program to work at all. Any program. Even typing shuts down.

So, do you wonder exactly why I don't like them, besides that they shut down all the time around me? Well, the love of my life uses them. All the time. They're needed for his work. I think he averages around twenty hours a day on or around a computer. Which means that I have to figure out how not to be a technoklutz, or his work goes downhill, because I would destroy his computer.

I stare at the new laptop in front of me, glaring at it in distaste. There is a reason that I use a sketchbook, instead of having a computer do it. This laptop is charged, and I pressed the power button only once. Which means it should turn on, right? Wrong!

Obstacle number one had appeared. How to get the stupid thing on… before Yahiro shows up to laugh at me. I clicked on the mouse hopefully. Nothing. Typed out a few letters. Nothing. Pressed the power button again. Still nothing!

I growled at the idiotic computer angrily. It hated me. Already. Well, it could rest assured, the feeling was mutual. I hated it as well. I didn't even have it working yet, and I despised it. It was more despicable than Yahiro could be. And speaking of which…

Yahiro walked through the doorway, not even bothering to knock on the door. "What's up?"

I shook my head at him and continued my futile attempts at turning the laptop on.

"Idiot. What are you doing?" I tried to close it before he could see anything, but that didn't work.

"You can't even get it on? Idiot." Yahiro did… something, I couldn't tell what, but miraculously, the thing turned on. Yeah, I could tell where it's loyalties lay. Not with me, that's for sure!

I stared at it, wondering what I should do. The thing hated me, but I didn't have my sketchbook nearby, so I had to write somehow. I would speak, but I'd just get yelled at, and I didn't want Yahiro angry. Not when he came to my house for once, and I didn't know how long he'd stay.

Just to try it, I went to open a Word document, so I could type out my conversation, but it didn't work. Of course. The simple act of opening a document so I could type proved too much.

"Hey dummy, did you forget the reason I'd show up here?" Yahiro drawled, irritated that I wasn't reacting to him, or his teasing insults. "It's your birthday idiot, what do you want?"

I looked at him with solemn eyes, and then glared at the computer then back at him. I didn't even care if he got mad, I was going to talk. "I want my computer to work!"

Yahiro stared for a moment and then burst out laughing. After a long fit of laughing, he just helped me get the computer to at least type, and then forced me out of the house to see the rest of the group. He had to stop me from smashing the computer a couple times, but it started to work anyways.

Well, I still hate computers. But at least now it works!

MBP: I hate computers.

Rini: Stop complaining, you wrote.

MBP: I want music. And Vegas. And YouTube.

Rini: Hey, you know what your mom says. "Want in one hand…"

MBP: I got it, I got it… It would happen now though! DARN YOU COMPUTER!

Rini: Ignore her. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you review this very… random… OOC Megumi story…