This is a super short story I entered for a local contest to win premiere tickets to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One, I landed the tickets and well I hope you enjoy it. (BTW, The contest was If you were a student at Hogwarts what house would you be in and why)

The Sorting Hat

Finally, it's my turn, the sorting hat is placed on my head and it feels funny. Immediately my scalp starts to tingle and now the hat starts to humm and move and it says:

"Decisions, Decisions".

Oh no I think I'm going to be sick, pull it together, pull it together I tell myself.

"Yes, a bit older aren't we" it says.

Should I answer? I shrug; I'm so nervous but I say "Better late then never?" It's more of a question I guess.

My palms are sweaty; I wonder how does this work anyways.

"How does it work? How does it work?" The hat's voice raises about two octaves and my blood is seriously pumping, I wonder if I've made it mad.

The fear is rising and I want to rip this hat off and run for the hills. I try desperately to control my thoughts, it's only the fear I tell myself, it's only the fear I say it like a mantra. I steady my mind.

"Yes, yes as I was saying decisions, decisions" the hat says.

"Humm" it says,

"Indeed ... great mind control, yes, yes I do say so."

I feel it coming and my heart is pounding I've waited so long for this moment.

The tension is building it feels like forever definitely more than the few seconds that it actually has been.

"Well, humm difficult very difficult... you could easily go to Gryffindor yes".

I wonder is it asking me? I stay quiet

"Courage, you do have courage, talent yes talent oh but your wit you are quite clever, quite clever not much of a scholar though but, a beautiful mind indeed, yes indeed very creative and loyal I say that would land you a spot at ... at (raises its voice) !

Raven claw I'm as giddy as a twelve year old. Ravenclaw it is. Ravenclaw's table stands at attention and they all clap.