The Doctor sat in the TARDIS console room, reading the paper. He was sitting in his comfy chair, his feet up on the ottoman. He had hung his blue jacket and colorful tie up on the hat rack, and was sitting there in his trousers and white shirt. At that moment, he didn't have a care in the world.


The TARDIS door opened up, revealing an eight-year old boy in a school uniform, with a very long scarf. His hair was ginger, like his mother's, but styled like his father's.

"Hello Dad," he said

"Hi, Harry," The Doctor got up, "How was school?"

"Fine," Harry put his schoolbag on the sofa, then sat down on it

"Is that all?" The Doctor got up, "Something interesting must have happened."

"Well…I punched Bob Kozlowski in the lunch line."

"See? Was that so…WAIT, what?"


Harry went to watch cartoons. Moments later, another boy walked in. He was about fifteen, and wearing a hoodie in contrast to his brother's school uniform, and he had short bleached-blonde hair.

"Alright Dad?" he asked

"Alright, Paul?" The Doctor replied

"Is it cool if I go round Greg's house later?"

"Only if you clean your room."


The Doctor resumed reading his paper.


"It was nice while it lasted," The Doctor muttered to himself, "Yes, Donna?"

Donna walked into the room; she hadn't changed much in the years she and The Doctor had been together. Thanks to a regeneration exchange, Donna's aging was as slow as The Doctor's. She had on an apron; she had been in the middle of cooking dinner.

"Doctor, I just found a note in Harry's jacket!" Donna exclaimed, "Parents evening is tonight!"

"Calm down, earth-girl," The Doctor got up, "It's not the end of the world."

"But it's so last minute! And we can't get anyone to watch Harry!"

"Well, we could let Paul watch him."

"You really he's responsible enough?"

"He's a Time Lord, is he not?"




Donna stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, straightening out her dress.

"OK, now remember, don't tell people you've met Benjamin Franklin, don't use your screwdriver to make the clock go faster, and leave your toys at home."

"I don't have carry those anymore," The Doctor retorted

Donna reached into the Time Lord's pocket, and took out his water pistol.

"Well, there's that," The Doctor muttered

Donna groaned, and pulled open The Doctor's jacket.

"A whoopee cushion, Cub Scout Knife…" she fumbled around inside, "A ground-to-air missile launcher?"

"I have a permit for that!" The Doctor protested

"Theta, I'm nervous enough as it is!" Donna said, "Can we just be normal, for one night?"


The Doctor and Donna walked into the console room, where Paul and Harry were waiting for them.

"Hello, kids," The Doctor said, "Now, we'll be gone for a couple of hours, so Paul, make sure Harry eats all his dinner, and don't let him watch South Park."

"Got it," Paul nodded

The Doctor and Donna walked to the doors, but then The Doctor quickly turned around, and pointed to Paul.

"What do you do if Harry bangs his head?"

"Take him to Aunt Martha."

"Right. What if there's a fire?"

"Extinguisher's in the kitchen."

"OK…what do you do if the Axons return?"

"Lock the door and call The Brigadier?"

"Just checking…"


The Doctor and Donna strolled down the streets of London discussing what they would do.

"What's the name of Harry's teacher?" The Doctor asked

"Ms. Charesekkar," Donna replied



Back at the TARDIS…


Paul and Harry sat in front of the TV, watching cartoons.

"Hey Harry, can you go run yourself a bath?" Paul asked

"Can't I wait until mom and dad get home?" Harry asked

"You could, but if mom and dad come home and find that you've already taken a bath, then they'll trust us. So the next time they leave us alone, we can do something really cool."

Harry's eyes lit up.

"Could we take the TARDIS somewhere?" he asked



"Cross my hearts-and count these-and hope to die."

"OK!" Harry ran to take a bath


The Doctor and Donna walked into the fourth grade class at Nathan Turner Primary School, with all the other parents. They were all standing around, chattering and gossiping amongst each other, arguing whose kid was smarter or more athletic. The Doctor didn't really like going to schools; too many painful memories of Prydon Academy on Gallifrey. He simply sat down at a desk and took out his electric baseball game.

"Oh no you don't," Donna said, snatching the game, "Come on, talk to some people."

"I don't know anyone," The Doctor reminded

"Well get to know some people!"

Donna dragged him over to a group of dads.

"This is Jacob, Eric, Anthony, and Roger," Donna said, "Guys, this is my husband…John. Talk football or something."


Harry was in the TARDIS bathroom, filling the tub. He turned both taps and then realized he had forgotten to get a towel. He walked downstairs to the linen closet, trying to find one.

"Harry! Time for dinner!" Paul called

"Coming!" Harry replied

He closed the linen closet door, and ran to the kitchen, where Paul was putting dinner on the table.

"What are we having?" Harry asked

"Hamburgers and crisps," Paul replied, "It's the best I can do."



"Welcome parents," Ms. Charesekkar said, "It's so nice to finally…"

The Doctor shifted in his seat, scraping the metal on the floor and making a rude noise. The Doctor looked around in embarrassment.

This'll probably be the high point of the evening, Donna thought to herself.

"…meet you all," Ms. Charesekkar completed, "Let me start out by saying that all your children are doing very well…"

"Say, which student is the smartest?" someone asked

The Doctor recognized the woman as Janet Harlingen, a very stuck-up parent whose kids usually excelled and didn't care who knew it. He knew almost everything about her from listening to Donna complain when they were doing the dishes.

"It's not about who's smartest…" Ms. Charesekkar began

"Then who's doing the best grade-wise?" Dirk Harlingen asked

"Well…" Ms. Charesekkar began

Dirk and Janet were waiting to hear their kids names.

"…that would be Harry Noble."

The Harlingen's looked very surprised. Horrified, almost.

"Who?" they asked

"Our son!" Donna grinned, "I had no idea he was doing so well!"

"You should be very proud," Ms. Charesekkar said

"He gets it from his father," Donna explained

"Ah yes, Dr. Noble, isn't it?"

"That's true, Ms. Cha…Ms. Cah…" The Doctor struggled with her name

"It's Ms. Charesekkar," she corrected, "Rani Charesekkar."

"Rani?" The Doctor asked, getting up

"It's a very common Indian name!" Donna reminded

The Doctor sat down, and placed his sonic screwdriver back in his pocket.

"Just checking…"


Paul and Harry had finished their dinners, and had gone back to the living room to watch some more TV.

"Hey Harry, when are you going to take your bath?" Paul asked

"What bath?"

"I thought I told you to run yourself a bath?"

"Oh no!"

Just as Harry realized what he had done, the entire floor above him collapsed, sending the bathtub, the sink, and the toilet crashing through, luckily missing the boys. The burst pipes poured water into the room.

"Mom and dad are going to kill us!" Harry croaked

"Could this get any worse?" Paul groaned


"…and I also think it's important for students to learn…"

The Doctor's cell phone rang.

"Sorry," he said, "Must be the kids. I just need a moment."

The Doctor pulled out a cell phone with brass plating and grinding gears.

"Hello? Oh, hi Brigadier, something wrong? It flooded? All the way to the console room? I'll be right over!"

He hung up the phone, and then faced a room full of confused parents.

"Trouble with the babysitter," The Doctor lied, "Have to go."

The parents murmured phrases of approval.


The Doctor and Donna ran out of the school.

"Why don't we have a car?" Donna complained

"We've got plenty of cars!"


The Doctor held out his screwdriver, and attempted to signal a taxi. Then Donna stuck two fingers in her mouth, and whistled, incredibly loudly. A taxi screeched to a halt next to them.

"This time…" Donna produced a wad of cash, "I've got pockets!"


Harry and Paul were trying to clean up the water with mops.

"We called The Brigadier," Harry said


"And he said he'd call Dad."


"And what about the main cutoff valve?"


Paul then noticed that the water was rising. He tried to remember the instructions that The Doctor gave him.


The taxi tore through the streets, heading to the apartment block that the TARDIS was hidden in.

"Oi! Can you speed this thing up?" Donna yelled

"I'm already going a hundred miles an hour!" the driver protested

The Doctor used his screwdriver to hit the brakes, and the car swerved into their building's parking lot. The two of them got off the car, and ran to their apartment. It was partially inset into the building, to give the impression that it was just another room. The Doctor hastily opened the TARDIS doors, letting gallons of water flow out, soaking his trousers.

"Oh no!" The Doctor groaned

The Brigadier stepped out of the TARDIS, completely soaked; his uniform clung to him.

"Oh good, you're here," The Brigadier said, "I've sent Benton into the pool room to cut off the water, but there's still a good deal of cleaning up to do."

"How did this happen?" Donna asked

"Oh, apparently Harry left the bath running too long," The Brig replied, "Luckily the flooding is confined to the console room and the living room."

"What about the bathroom?"

"It's now in the living room."


Just then, Harry stepped out of the TARDIS. The Brigadier hastily covered the boy's ears, protecting him from Donna's tirade.

"Oh," Donna realized her son was there, "Thanks Alastair."


Hope you liked it; I will post more soon.