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Mostly fluff, kind of happy ending, what happens in the future, that sort of things.

"Hi Jack buddy! Happy birthday."

"Daddy!" A little now 3 years old boy ran as fast as his could on his small legs toward his daddy, hugging his legs.

Hotch looked up at Haley, after taking the boy in his arms.

"Haley." He said. The divorce had caused some troubles because of the whole thing with Emily, but things were starting to look better now. Haley was very jealous on Emily. What does she have, that I don't? She kept thinking to herself. But after she had seen how happy he had become, and how perfect they looked together as a couple, she had started to accept it. But every time she saw them laugh, hold hands or kiss, something that every couple did, it still hurt a bit in her heart. But she knew that he was happy, and that this was all for the best. He was never hers.

"Aaron." Haley smiled at Hotch.

"Is there any bag or anything I should remember?" he asked, still not completely sure of how everything worked.

"It's in the hallway; you're welcome to come inside."

Aaron simply smiled in return; got in, and picked up the back. Before leaving again, he shook Haley's hand. It seemed like they had to start over for a while. It was still a bit weird.

"Let's go buddy. I have a surprise for you at home." Jack yelled in excitement and ran in his own funny little way, toward the car. Hotch said goodbye, and quickly followed.

Once in the car, Hotch started to speak.

"I have someone very special I want you to meet Jack. She means a lot to Daddy. She's going to be a part of the family now." Hotch ruffled his kid's hair.

"Okay." He said.

"And you know what, she also has a boy. He's a very sweet boy named Jaden. He's 7 years old." Hotch told very excited about Jack finally meeting them after almost a half year. But it was about time, now that they were moving in together in Emily's apartment.

But when Hotch walked into her apartment and Jack saw the two unknown faces, he quickly hid behind his father.

"Hi Jack. I'm Emily." She got down on her knees looking him in the eyes.

"Jack, I want you to meet Emily Prentiss. She's daddy's new girlfriend. Can you say hello to her for me?" Hotch looked down at the boy, as the little hand took his index finger as hostage. He moved a bit forwards, felling Emily's face with the other hand. He started to giggle when she made a funny face.

"Hi." He very simply said. He still had some problems speaking. Emily got up a reach a hand out for Jaden to come. He, too, was a little shy, but got up and walked toward the others.

"Hi Jack, I'm Jaden. I'm your half-brother." Jaden smiled, and reached out a hand.

"Hafboth?" Jack asked. He took Jaden's hand to feel it. The whole room was quiet, waiting for the boy's reaction. But after a minute, Jack burst out in laugher and giggles.

"Hafboth! My hafboth!" Jack giggled, pulling Jaden in to the living room. Hotch let out a breath in release.

Emily couldn't help but to smile at the sight. He had been so nervous about this.

"Hello handsome." She said, pulling him close to her, holding tight around his jacket, kissing him passionately.

Emily stepped out of the building to the apartment. It was freezing cold, and she couldn't understand what Aaron wanted out here. It was about 5 pm and she needed to start cooking dinner soon. The ambassador was over for a visit. But that was when her eyes met with the coach that was parked in front of her.

She looked up, and there he was, sitting in the coach, waiting for her to join him. As she got up and sat down, the horses started to move.

"Aaron, what is this?" She asked happily, smiling and giggling softly. Her eyes sparkled like brown diamonds.

"You look so beautiful, do you know that? You have no idea of what you're doing to me." He smiled. Emily kissed him softly, but quickly returned to their surroundings, enjoining the ride.

They drove around in the city for an hour, before being dropped off at an unknown building for Emily. Slowly, Hotch guided her up. He gave her a key, and kissed her hand like a real gentleman, before leaving her without a word. Emily tried to call after him, but he refused to turn around. Giggling, she decided to play along. It didn't take her very long to find the hotel room. It was extremely luxurious and extremely big. It was very romantic and the bed was huge! It could fit 4 people. Surprised, she looked around, spotting something on the bed. It was an absolutely gorgeous long red dress, with a little note on it.

"Put on the dress and meet me in the restaurant at 7 pm." It said. Beside the dress, her make-up back and lots of hair stuff.

Hotch stood down in the restaurant waiting for his beautiful soon-to-become-bride.

Emily stepped down the staircase. Her dress fit just perfectly around her slim body, showing all the curves. She was absolutely stunning. Hotch couldn't remember if he had ever seen her like his before.

Red lips. Brown eyes. Soft, silky, pale skin. Hair up, some curled trains falling down. His eyes moved from her perfect make-up, to her necklace. He had given it to her after their first year together. His eyes moved a bit further down. The dress gave him just the perfect view.

"Hello my dearest." Aaron greeted her, holding his hand out for her to hold, like the gentleman he truly was.

He dragged her out on the dance floor. They moved slowly in each other's arms. It was their song being played. Emily rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes and just let him take the lead.

"I love you." She whispered.

They were now sitting at the table. Aaron had ordered 2 glasses of Champaign for them. A band of violins were playing for them. The waiter soon came out with two glasses.

Emily giggled lightly and sipped her glass, without looking at it. She kept the eye contact with the man sitting in front of her. He silently took his hand in hers. She blushed lightly and looked down, a bit embarrassed and overwhelmed by the whole thing. And that's when she saw it.

The ring.

It was on the button of the glass. A little diamond shinned up in her eye. Shocked she looked up at him. He smiled and laughed softly.

Without saying a word, Aaron simply got up from his seat and kneeled in front of her.

"Emily Prentiss, will you marry me?"

Emily sat still, completely in shock. Hotch's heartbeat started to quicken. After a minute, he slowly raised from his keens, feeling slight embarrassed. That was when Emily attacked him, hugging him. He was taken by so big of a surprise that he dropped on the floor, still wrapped in her arms, as she felt her neck close in the warmth of her soft arms.

"YES! Of course! Yes!" She nearly yelled in his ears.

"Of course I'll marry you!" She laughed. Hotch let out the breath he had been holding. "Wow. I almost thought for a moment, that-" He didn't get to say anything more. "That I was going to say no? Not a chance! Of course I'll marry you! Oh my, Hotch! I love you! I love you so much! I love you, Aaron Hotchner. I love you…" As they slowly got up, the whole room started clapping. Emily leant up and gently kissed him.

Her dress was white and long. It covered her shoes. Her hair was up in the most beautiful haircut ever, decorated with pearls and roses. The bridal veil hung down, covering her face. She had never been more beautiful then now. This was her moment to shine. And no one was going to ruin this.

As she walked down the aisle followed by her father, she looked at all the familiar faces. JJ was sitting in a light blue dress. Reid was next to her. Morgan was sitting in a white tuxedo with a dark red tie next to an over-geared Garcia. Rossi, sitting on the other side, lightly squeezed her shoulder to calm her down, while whipping a tear away. Her mother was sitting on the other side, smiling proudly at her. Jaden was sitting next to her, holding Jack's hand. Jaden had just turned 11. Haley was sitting next to Jack. Everyone seemed to be there. Even Strauss had pulled out dress had fit her attitude and had come. She looked up at the man in front of her. She smiled. He was so beautiful. It almost scared her how cool he seemed. Cause she wasn't very relaxed. Her heart pumping away, she imagined all the things that could go wrong. But as she was standing at the end, facing her beloved-soon-to-be-husband, all the worries in the world disappeared.

"With great joy, we come together to join this man, Aaron Hotchner, and this woman, Emily Prentiss, in matrimony." Emily smiled at Aaron, as the minister spoke.

"This marriage is an event in the lifetime of a love. Neither I, nor all society, can join these two lovers today. Only they can do what they have chosen. They are joining themselves, each to the other. As they find union with one another, they proclaim that union today and pledge its future. We, by our participation in this celebration, do but recognize and honor their intention to dwell together as husband and wife."

"I promise you Emily, that I will be your loving and loyal husband from now on. I will share with you all of life's joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, until death parts us." Emily shivered as Aaron spoke. Now it was her turn:

"I promise you Aaron, that I will be your loving and loyal wife from now on. I will share with you all of life's joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, until death parts us."

After her mother had spoken her words, Jaden got up with a red pillow in his hands. Two golden rings were lying on top of them.

"Each of you has rings for each other. Would you exchange them?" the minister asked.

No one said a word as Hotch placed the ring on Emily's finger. Smiling, she took the other ring in her hand, a placed it on his finger.

"As a ceaseless reminder of this hour, and of the promise you have made to each other, these rings also speak of the oneness you now experience as husband and wife." The minister said while they exchanged rings. After that, he continued:

"Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now you will feel no loneliness, for each of you will be a companion to the other. Now you are two bodies, but there is only one life before you. Go now to your dwelling place, to enter the days of your life together. And may your days be good, and long upon the earth." Emily lightly laughed for a second as he continued:

"Because they have so affirmed, in love and knowledge of the other, so also do I declare that Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." He smiled and nodded lightly toward Aaron. Slowly, he moved his hands up and removed the veil, before putting his lips onto hers for the first time, as man and wife. The whole hall started clapping.

As they ran through the big doors, into their new life, they were attacked by flying rice.

Emily had never felt so happy in her whole life, holding Aaron's hand, laughing, smiling, all their friends and family surrounding them, throwing rice at them. Aaron took her hand around Emily's waist, and pulled her close to him. As he took her face in his hands, he eased his lips onto her, for a long a passionate kiss. All the people around them started to yell and clap, excitingly.

Emily was standing in the kitchen, cooking dinner. She looked down at her stomach. It was still flat. She smiled, as two strong arms wrapped around her stomach, holding her close in a thigh hug from behind.

"Aaron, a have a surprise for you later honey." She said, turning around in her arms.

"And what's that? I don't think I can wait until dinner is ready." He smiled, kissing her softly.

"You'll have to wait till after the kids have gone to bed." She kissed once him once more. She still couldn't get enough of him, even after 2 years of marriage.

"Why? Can't you tell me now?" he laughed. She simply shocked her head, cutting him off.

"Well, let me tell you this, if you don't show me, I might just have to bite you." He giggled as he started to kiss her neck. She leaned her head to the side to allow him better access, as he started to nibble her skin with his teeth.

"Hey, don't bite me!" She laughed, not removing her head. "Alright, alright, I'll show you. It'll just be one moment." And with those words, she practically ran out of the room, leaving him alone.

When she got back, she was holding a little box.

"You want to get married again?" he joked, smiling at her excited face.

"No silly, just open the box!" She laughed. She was starting to get impatient with him.

"Alright, alright, I'll open it." Hotch laughed, kissing her softly, before taking the lit of the blue box. Inside was a little white plastic thingy. A birth control test. There were 2 small red strips on it. Aaron glared confused up at Emily. He was completely out of words.

"Emily? Are you-?" His eyes were suddenly filled with hope, but still completely out of words.

"Yes. Yes Aaron. Yes honey, I'm pregnant." She smiled as big as she could, hoping that he would like the news, and not hate her, or wanting to destroy the child or give it away. She meant, they haven't really discussed the issue before. They already had two children. She wasn't really sure if he was ready, but she wanted another child, before she grew too old. She wanted to make things up, try once more. She always felt like she failed on Jaden, letting him grow up without telling him about her father. And she was almost sure that Hotch regretted not being there more for Jack through his childhood, or having been around when Jaden grew up.

Hotch looked at her once, not knowing how to respond. He was so happy. He just wanted to scream and shout. He was going to be a daddy!

"Oh my God! Emily!" Hotch took her at the waist, and swung her around once. "Yes! Oh my God! I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY AGAIN! Yes! Emily! Oh my God, I can't believe it! This is amazing!" he shouted out, so the whole world could hear how proud and happy he was.

Emily sighed in relief, and laid her head on his chest. She smiled and laughed slightly at his reaction. She hadn't seen that one coming…

"Hi, Jackie Buddy." Emily smiled as she nuzzled his hair lightly, as he entered the room.

"Hi Emmy!" he answered, looking at her big stomach. "How's lil' sis doin'?" he asked, trying to play cool. Some friends at school taught him how to speak, differently, would be a good work, but he wasn't very good at it. Hotch and Emily didn't really like it very much, but he kept saying that it sounded good, and that he wouldn't stop.

Emily looked down, smiling. She was at the end of the pregnancy, and she was starting to look forward to give birth. I mean, it hurt like hell, and she knew that after having Jaden, but she was getting tired of having to carry another human inside of her. Especially when the baby was getting old enough to get out of her.

"She's doing fine right now, although she's kicking a lot. You got a real ninja sister, you know that?" Emily tinkled him under the cheek, so he started to giggle.

"Can't think that she can still be in your tummy. How's that possible?" Jack asked a bit confused about how it was even possible at all, to have another human growing inside of her. He found it really freaky and wicked. He didn't even know how it got inside of her; just that it did. He had considered trying to ask, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to know. Especially not if it had anything to do with aliens or something like that. It was just too creepy for him. He slowly and hesitating placed a small hand on her stomach. He almost jumped, when he felt a little kick. He quickly removed his hand, causing Emily to laugh a bit. He was so cute sometimes. She really loved that boy. She knew how hard Haley's dead had been on him, and she really just wanted to be there and support him, but she wasn't sure about what to do, or how to react. Sometimes it even felt a bit awkward being near to Aaron or Jack. But Aaron let her in, and let her support him, and she was grateful for that.

"Don't worry baby, she won't hurt you, she just likes to kick a bit more than normally." Emily smiled, but when she felt something wet slide down her legs, the smile quickly disappeared. She looked down and discovered that her water had just broken.

"Jack sweetie? Can you do me a favor and give me my phone?" Emily tried to smile, but Jack immediately sensed that something was wrong, and started searching for her phone. Soon Jaden was standing in the room, looking completely shocked at her. He was afraid that something was going wrong.

"M- Mommy?" His voice was low and filled with concern.

"Hey Jaden honey." Emily smiled at her boy, trying to calm him down. "Everything's alright, sweetie, my water just broke, that's all."

"How can water break?" he asked, just even more concerned and now also completely confused by her statement. "What does that mean?"

"It means that mommy's going to give birth to your baby sister now." Emily tried to stand up, leaning against the table, as the first contraction came. She closed her eyes for a second, but got herself under control. She was sure as hell not going to break in front of her and Aaron's children. Emily smiled brightly, when Jack came with her phone in his hand. She quickly pressed number 1 and called.

"Emily, I'm kind of in the middle for something right now. Can it wait?" Hotch had seen that it was her calling on the screen.

"Yeah, I really don't really care about that right now, Aaron. I need you home. My water just broke." Emily sounded a bit angry, but it clearly got Hotch dumping everything in his hands for the moment.

I'm going to be a daddy, I'm going to be a daddy, my wife and I are going to have a baby again! Aaron drove as fast as he could, driving home.

"Push! Emily I need you to push now!" the doctor ordered at the hospital. Aaron squeezed her hand tight, just before she closed her eyes, and pushed one more time. This was harder than she remembered.

"Fuck!" she yelled. She let out a breath, trying to get hold on some air, before she was going to push again.

"Push!" the doctor said ones more.

She gave everything she could, pushing as hard as possible, and soon she heard a little crying voice. The baby was out. Finally! Emily thought. But who could blame her?

"Congratulation! It's a little healthy girl. Watch out, she's very wild." The doctor informed them, as he handed Emily her child.

"Just like her mother." Aaron teased. Emily slapped him ones in the stomach, before taking the little thing into her hand. She was indeed very wild, but the moment she laid down on Emily's chest, hearing her heartbeat, she became quiet. Emily looked down. She was so small it was unbelievable! She held her tight wrapped in her arms, not letting anything happen to her.

Emily was still lying in the hospital, when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" she answered, looking down at her little daughter.

The door opened as quickly as possible, and two blonde girls stepped inside. It was JJ and Garcia, practically ran into the room, pushing the other one away. But when JJ saw that Emily was in the middle of breastfeeding, she stopped and stretched her arm, stopping Garcia too. Garcia, still curios as hell, grabbed JJ's shoulder and leaned her head forward so she could she. Emily looked so happy and peaceful, smiling proudly, with her little baby girl in her arms. But when Emily heard sobbing, she quickly turned her attention away from the baby. Garcia and JJ was hugging and sobbing, looking down at her. Emily smiled and giggled softly at the sight. This was so amusing!

"Hey, calm down, it's alright." Emily said.

"But she's so cute!" Garcia finally cried out. "Like a mini cupcake or a puppy…" JJ looked around, wondering.

"JJ, is everything alright?" Emily asked after some time, a bit concerned.

"Where's the daddy?" she asked.

"Aaron? He was just dropping Jack and Jaden off at his mothers. He's coming right back." Emily assured her. "Hey, Garcia, can I talk to JJ for a second?" she asked.

"Well of course you may, I'll just leave you two and the little cutie-pie alone for a moment." She blinked ones, before tiptoeing out of the room. When out of sight, JJ sat down on the chair next to the bed where Emily was lying.

"So, have you come up with a name yet?" she asked.

"Actually, that was one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. Me and Aaron have been talking, and we decided that we are going to name her after you…" Emily let out a breath, finally having said it.

"You're going to name your daughter Jennifer Jareau?" the blonde woman asked a bit confused.

"No, you silly dumb. We're going to name her Jennifer Hotchner Prentiss. Short, Jenny." Emily laughed a bit at her confusion.

"Oh! I see…" JJ smiled, a bit embarrassed.

"And we were also hoping that you would be the godmother…" Emily started to blush a bit, after she asked. She wasn't sure about how JJ was going to react.

"Well, Emily… I got to think about that a bit…" JJ teased her friend, giggling softly. Emily slapped her arm ones, not finding it very amusing.

"Hey!" JJ said, still not serious. "I'm just kidding Em. I would love to be the godmother!" JJ raised herself from the chair, to sit next to Emily on the bed. She tickled Jenny's neck, before Emily gave her to JJ, making sure that she would hold her right, so nothing would happen.

"Hey, little Jenny. My name is also Jennifer, but my friends just call me JJ. You can call me that too. But, of course you have to wait till you can talk." Emily laughed a bit. This was nice. Like a whole new start.

"Hey, Jenny? What do you say to meet Garcia? I'll bet she's dying out there to see you." JJ said, laughing. But before any of them could get up to open the door for their friend, someone opened the door for them, and stepped inside. It was Hotch, followed by a practically jumping Garcia, not wanting to wait for allowance to step back inside.

"I found this one on the way inside." Hotch smiled, looking at the three women in front of him.

Emily looked up and smiled at her beautiful husband. She loved him so much; she couldn't believe he was hers. She couldn't believe that a guy like him, would love her, but he did. With all his heart. And it made her so happy, just to be around him.

He simply smiled back at her, and walked over to the bed, letting Garcia attack.

Some hours later, when Garcia finally realized that the happy family may want some privacy. It had after all been a very long day, and they probably wanted some sleep by now.

Hotch laid down on the bed, next to Emily. He looked down at her, and his little baby girl. She was finally sleeping, so he was afraid to wake her up. So instead, he put his attention on her mother, and his wife, Emily. He looked into her chocolate brown eyes. They were sparkling so beautifully. She was so beautiful; there were no words to describe. He lifted his hand, and placed his thumb lightly on her rose red lips. She almost reminded him of a modern snow white. She shivered gently under the touch, but simply kissed his finger softly, smiling and giggling briefly, when Hotch signaled her to keep quiet, because of the sleeping baby. Emily looked down. Jenny looked so cute and peaceful when she slept. Emily couldn't help but to raise Jenny in her arms, kissing her carefully on the forehead. Hotch also raised his hand, to stroke the little girl's cheek. Emily smiled at the sight, before carefully placing the little girl in the crib, next to the bed.

"Isn't she just lovely?" she asked.

"She is indeed lovely. And loveable. And cute." Aaron smiled, looking back at Emily, who poked him lightly in the side, making sure he wasn't going to keep going for hours.

But before he could say something, she grabbed his tie tightly, and dragging his lips onto hers. He smiled, deepening the kiss, but draw the line there. They were in a hospital after all. But felling their tongues colliding like his, he knew that this was where he belonged. Holding her in his arms.

And though the following years were hard and tough, keeping family and job together, trying to keep a relationship, he never let go of her. Never. And even today, he's still holding her in his arms. And her eyes are still filled with the same happiness, letting him gold her as tight as possible, sticking together. Like two hearts becoming one…

The End!

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