Hey guys. Before you read the description I'm going to warn you that the story starts off slightly slow paced as the main briefly explains her situation and a little insights pertaining to her surrounding characters. More will be revealed as you read on and the pace will be picked up. Please review. I totally appreciate it if any.

Summary #1:

Sarah Atlin is Connecticut's most innocent little princess who's never experienced life outdoors ever since the day her most loyal guardian, Nana, her grandmother passed away. Taken in by her father Dennis Atlin, one of societies richest gentlemen, life has been like hell. While pulling strings to be more of a rich ass than he already is, Dennis is too blind to see his "precious" Sarah fall in love with her first boyfriend, 19 year old Cian Thorson, who stands as Dennis's best man, a top notch spy wanted by the government. After rebelling against her father, Sarah is shipped off to a boarding school in France, where she meets Cassidy and Jhin, two twins who are slaves of their past and a seemingly dangerous boy who wants nothing to do with her existence but has something strangely in common with her.

Summary #2:

After a steamy breakup with her boyfriend, 16 year old Sarah is admitted into a boarding school that she is told is responsible for the mysterious deaths that occur around the area. She befriends super twins Cassidy and Jhin who are very protective of her and later, an unreadable 17 year old boy, Raven Whyte, who was placed in the black halls of the mansion like school. While uncovering secrets about the ring she holds around her neck she falls into unexpected encounters with Raven when no one is around. The two strangely cover for each other not telling the higher ups of the school about catching each other red handed. They socialize by passing sarcastic remarks and exasperatingly plotting things to push each other over the edge. In the long run, Cian comes back and tries to win back the girl he lost. And If fate couldn't have been anymore crueler, the unpredictable teachers designed the seventh level to be grouped into teams. Sarah, Cassidy, Jhin, Raven and Cian. Team 4 ready for takeoff!

First Chapter will be released Friday, November 19th 2010.