Leave Behind what's left behind



"The other one?"

"got it."




"Doe's it look invisible to you?"

"Okay, okay then. That's a…check," Sebastian, my new bodyguard said.

June 16th, 3:00 am. Albert Steadman our chauffeur pulled up in the driveway. It was windy outside mixed in with a little chill of 32 degrees. Our neighbor Mr. Jackson, his wife and two kids shuffled their way through the front door and headed for the basement out back. They had an enormous tree competing with the height of their house and it was doing them no good when branches were being ripped off and thrown unto their roof. A storm was going to set in sweet, sweet Connecticut. Our entire neighborhood was prepared. For the past two weeks, I hadn't seen Cian. Maids, Body guards, the butler and the fake lover of my dad, Milda, all refused to tell me where he was. It was almost as if they caught on to the relationship we had. But screw that. Daddy went on a business trip last week and he informed me that Cian was to give me something before my departure. So like a slap across the face for everyone, I was going to see him no matter what.

"Have fun my dear!" Milda howled through the third floor window. I looked up at her in disgust and Sebastian hurried his work and sat inside the car. Maybe he thought this was the perfect setting for two wild cats to hit it off. But I'll announce my apologies for the let down. I'll rather piss her off for a goodbye present than waste my breath arguing with her.

"And you my dear, better be careful of that herbal face cream you concocted. I had my doctor sample it out and he told me that it will help your oversized arse to sit properly in a chair next time. Ciao," I relied then collectedly sat inside the car.

"You little toerag! Get out here and say that to my face if you dare!" she yapped.

"Thank you Albert," I said to the chauffeur smoothly winding my window up AND ignoring Milda, "Please go." All that woman was good for was leeching off my dad's money anyway. If she was honest and had a heart, I would have totally respected her. She was a beautiful woman, but her devilish ways made her out to be the ugliest female in the rodent family.

We drove for six hours to New York City and arrived at the airport at 9:35 am. I Looked up at the sky and freshly breathe in the air. Everything felt so out of place. The trees were like slender green ogres and the moving cars like robots. The birds were like flying dinosaurs and the different buildings looked like many different worlds on the same street. I really did lose my life. To be this impressed by everyday objects was embarrassing but… I was free. A boarding school would be my chance to experience the world and many interesting things. Right. But I didn't want to leave Cian behind. The last time I saw him, his face was hard. He usually gets that way when he's assigned a mission, his entire personality changes. Was being a spy that crucial? What were the things they did? I looked up to Sebastian and examined him.

"Hey," I said. He looked at me.

"You're a spy right?" He looked forward and didn't reply.

"I'm taking that as a yes," I continued, "What are the things they make you do?"

"Miss Sarah," his voice flowed out, "Some things are better left unsaid."

"Is It really that bad?" I persisted, "Do they force you to…kill people?"

Sebastian looked back at me with promising eyes, like saying I hit the nail on the head but he was going to protect me.

"We're not forced to what we do," he admitted, "We do it because it's our job."

"So Cian…he," I hesitated.

"Miss Sarah," he hinted. From then, I knew he wasn't going to answer further questions. I knew Cian was very detailed in his lab work and technology. He was smart. But I didn't know exactly what he did as a spy. I thought it would be the trivial things like cracking codes to enforce the government or tracking down criminals. But he worked for daddy who from my knowledge, didn't work with the government. Sebastian worked for daddy and he just admitted that a part of their work was to kill. So exactly what form of duty was daddy assigning to Cian? And Why would daddy even want to execute people?

We went over to the airport check-in and went through all the necessary procedures. After I received my boarding pass, we waited for an additional three hours. This was my first time actually flying to another country. I was scared but having Sebastian made me feel a lot more secured. From afar, I saw a really short woman wearing a Caribbean hat. She randomly pulled out a book from one of the rackets and paid for it. By turning around I noticed she favored the face of a cat. It was really startling. After her, I saw a young boy and his father, I assume, rush in. While the father went to the counter with his luggage's, the young boy ran over to the racket and pulled out a huge book with the face of a wolf on it. Behind that kid, I saw a different man dressed in navy blue layers of clothing from head to toe. He wore shades to cover his eyes and a black cap to tame the chaotic chocolate brown hair on his head. After catching a glimpse of me, the man walked over hastily. I gripped onto Sebastian and my handbag tightly; ready to swing it if he'd try anything fishy. "Sarah!" he called out. I looked closely. "Cian?"

"Yeah," he said almost out of breath.

"What's going on? Where were you?" I asked nervously. He looked at me for a good minute then broke through a sigh and reached into his pocket, pulling out a medium sized box. "It's from your grandmother," he said handing it over to me. It took me a while to get over the fact that he ignored my question and realize what he had said after.

"My grandmother? But, you've never met her before," I said, "How did you get this?"

"Twelve years," he replied. Moments later, he widened his eyes, realizing what he had said. The truth, I'm guessing. He just admitted to me that daddy knew of me and grandma, where we lived and our condition before she passed away. Was this why he timely appeared on the day of her funeral? Was this another lie daddy didn't confess to? Was he even going to?

I veered my eyes from the box to his face and felt a swarm of questions pleading to roll off of my tongue. One at a time, I thought. "Cian!" I alerted him. I paused. "Twelve years?" I continued, "Twelve years was exactly one year before my grandmother died. She knew nothing of my father as he did her. Just how in the world could you have met her?" He looked at me gravely, like I was asking him something that would remotely place him on the death penalty if he answered. "Fine," I said dismissing my question. I opened the box and found a lustrous platinum ring looking up at me. It was firmly sealed inside the box of two spaces.

"This is the box for this ring?" I asked him.

"Yes it is. I know the box is a bit run down but the ring is the important issue here right?"

"I didn't ask for that reason. It's just that there are two ring spaces in the box itself. Where's the other one?"

"According to grandmother Nana, the ring is with someone else."

"Did she say who?"

"Well," he began, using his hand to brush off his sweat, "This is coming from your granny okay? Not me. She said that both rings were divided between two separate families, passed down through their generations. Your family, without a doubt was the original container of both rings. The other family, I think she said their names were Forge…Forge something…"

"You mean Forgwhyte?"

"Yes, that's it! How did you know?"

"Seen it somewhere."

"Anyway she asks that you keep the ring a secret because it's very important and that you definitely, under delicate circumstances, have to find that ring. I asked her for a detailed explanation but she refused to say."

"So that's why you were away for so long? You went for a ring to tell me all of this?"

"I'm just fulfilling a promise I made to her okay. That was partly the reason why I was away," he replied then looked at Sebastian who was standing behind me. They were communicating through silence. I may look stupid to them, but I wasn't that stupid.

For delicate reasons he said, I have to find the other ring…Does he not see under what building I'm standing right now? How am I going to look for a ring if I'm leaving for France? Not just a boarding school but France? I have other things to worry about and he doesn't see it. Okay, I know if I wasn't leaving for France it would have lowered the chances I had to look for the ring. But I couldn't believe this. He disappears for two weeks, reappears and tells me he knew my Nana, then asks me to look for a missing ring I have no clue about, and through it all didn't even pitch on the fact that I'm going away. "I don't want you to go but I'll wait for you", "Don't cheat on me", "I'll miss you"—Nothing! I get it. Spies aren't allowed to have feelings. But Cian had them anyway.


'Whatever," I finally relied to him. I picked up my luggage's and rushed towards my designated tunnel. I ran while trying to think about what had just happened, but everything was rushed and messy. I couldn't piece my mind together. The sleeve of my clothes felt like it was pinned onto something to hold me back. I slipped away but felt the tug once more. I was a mess. Grandma died eleven years ago. One year prior to her death, Cian met her and got the ring handed to him. But the only way Cian could have known her was if daddy was involved. So that means, Nana lied to me about knowing daddy and daddy lied to me about knowing Nana and myself before her funeral. But why would both of them lie? And if Nana was connected to daddy, why did she confide in Cian, who was only eight and working for daddy at the time to hand down an antique ring multiple years later? Was Dennis untrustworthy? And if she lied about knowing Dennis, then did she lie about my mother dying in a car accident? It all seemed to make sense. And what's left was the mystery of this ring. What's so important about keeping its existence unknown and finding the other one? Was there some form of secret everyone was trying to vanquish? Nana wants me to discover something, but what is it exactly?

I looked up ahead and saw a flight attendant waving to me and just as I was about to wave back, the tug I felt from before pulled harder and wheeled my entire body in a semi-circle; meeting my lips with lips unfamiliar. The figure pressed its body against mine and when I opened my eyes, it was Cian. I was shocked. I was pinned unto him, feeling his heartbeat, his everything. We locked eyes for a moment and went through the motions of an insanely hot and mutually long kiss. I felt the longings he had suppressed for how long, taking over my body, as if paralyzing me. My heart was racing, yet slowly dying, but why? This was a kiss by Cian I'd treasure forever because he was the first person I'd ever truly loved. For four years, we kissed only a few times, but like modern sayings were on my side, you count a kiss by its tongue. If that was the case, then throughout my entire sixteen years; my first boyfriend came before my first kiss. One boyfriend, one kiss. That kiss was now and I knew something. I knew that after this, there wouldn't be another. My heart felt it. My heart stopped. After we parted, he gave me that look, and then leaned in.

"Star, it's time to let go" he whispered, "Leave behind what's left behind." He was breaking up with me. The lobe of my ear was permanently burned.