Building a Mystery

I first met you in the night. I know it sounds strange but you come alive in the darkness.

You smell the air and taste it like a proper hunter. You hunt the dark things that cast out a light that bring fear.

You own the leather jacket that shrouds you where you carry all the tools of your trade.

Those sorts of things that people don't see or believe exist anymore like vampires and demons. Crosses and items of unknown places and times are all in the trunk of your car it's like an Aladdin's cave. The exorcisms that you use flow like poetry from your mouth.

With all of this you create and build your mystery that keeps me coming back to find out more.

You took me to an abandoned church where you had been sleeping. I noticed the hanging charms and protection you have all around. You told me it was haunted and you won't give up listening out for echoing voices in the halls and empty spaces. Can you stare out of the window into the sun without seeing a shadow and you feeling jumpy?

Do you know how beautiful you are? Your eyes large green orbs framed with dark lashes. Your lips form the perfect pout and your muscled body exact and almost flawless.

You have this charm and edge to you that no one else has that exudes when you hunt and when you are in company. When we are alone you're so gentle and careful when you hold me. All that cockiness leaves and all is left is your fragility that sparkles in the dark like your eyes.

You exude an air of mystery that you build higher and higher. Making all of the things you do distant yet close and only you choose which to show and which to hide. You don't want to let someone in too close and you hold it together without letting it all out at once.

The nightmares make you sweat and shake or scream out loud. I hear you sometimes in the dark pray to a God you don't believe in just in case he listens.

You feed off the fear you have inside you, the dark terror of the unknown it makes you stronger it gives you courage to carry on. Will this time be your last? I've seen you near to tears but you hold them back at some stage they will appear.

When things go wrong your anger erupts and you feel the throb of it deep with your gut. It boils and bubbles then it over flows. When things go right you're the exact opposite your elation is felt all around. It's what I call your know it all grin when things are going well and the hunt is at its highest.

As I watch you prepare for your hunt I find you the most beautiful man I've ever seen but impossibly troubled oh so troubled. You hide your true feelings beneath that impossibly impressive skin although it sometimes seeps through.

With everything you do you are building and working on your mystery. What will you do next? Who will you be? You choose and work it so carefully like a thin piece of wire twisting and moulding it to a shape that just allows the unknown to grow and change and pull me into wanting to know more about you and what you do. You excite and intrigue me.