Title: Down Among the Dead

Story: NCIS

Rating: T– Gen

Genre: Supernatural/suspense

Warnings: Disturbing images and subject matter.

Set in mid Season 7

Summary: McGee disappears while working on a cold case. Can the team find him before it is too late?

Disclaimer: Don't own, just playing, yadda yadda.


Tim McGee awoke with a start and groaned as his body protested the abrupt change in consciousness. He blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision, but the darkness surrounding him did not lessen so he began to take stock of the situation using his other senses.

He was laying on a hard, cold, rough textured surface which he suspected was concrete. The air around him was cool and damp, and there was a distinct odor of decay emanating from somewhere nearby. He raised a hand over his head and did not meet any resistance, so he slowly sat up, clenching his teeth as the pain in his head grew worse and he felt bile riles in his throat.

Concussion. Wonderful.

He choked down his nausea and stretched his arms out to the side, trying to determine the dimensions of the area, but he still encountered nothing. Finally he rolled to the side and attempted to pull himself into a standing position, but dizziness overwhelmed him and he sank back down to the ground. Undeterred, he started to crawl and after a few minutes his reaching hand touched a wall. He dragged his body forward until he was leaning against the wall and sat down, exhausted by the short trip.

I'm in worse shape than I thought. Where the hell am I?

He resumed his task of exploring the space and determined that he was in a stone-lined room with several rectangular structures spaced throughout. He wasn't sure of how many, but he encountered at least three of them and they appeared to be made of stone as well.

As he was resting following the first round of exploration, he noticed that the blackness of the room was fading to grey and he saw light appear in a crack far overhead. The faint illumination allowed him to confirm what he had begun to suspect: he was in a burial vault of some sort, possibly a crypt.

Trying to remain calm, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the increased light and he was able to better survey his surroundings. The ceiling of the crypt was at least twelve feet above the floor and the crack was caused by a stone that had apparently shifted at the surface. The stone structures were sarcophagi, eight in all, similar to what one would expect to see in an Old World cathedral. He noted that even if he stood on top of one he would not be able to reach the ceiling.

The door to the crypt was on the far end and after he managed to reach it he found that it was immovable: locked from the outside.

He checked his pockets and discovered that they were completely empty: his cell phone, gun, wallet, ID and even his knife were gone.

Now fighting real panic, McGee struggled to recall how he could have wound up in such a place. Finally, he remembered: the case, now cold but still being pursued by the team; going to interview a potential witness, and then…nothing.

A horrible thought struck him and he struggled to his feet. He reached the closest sarcophagus and, with supreme effort, he managed to push back the stone lid. A wave of sickening smells assaulted him and the sight of what lay within caused him to recoil in disgust. He moved to the next sarcophagus and opened it as well as a growing feeling of fear caused his stomach to twist. He now had a very good idea of where he was: the dumping ground of a serial killer, one whose victims, despite the best efforts of several law enforcement agencies, had never been found.

McGee sank to the floor as he realized his worst fear: it was now quite likely that he would become a victim himself.

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