Okay, before you read this; I need to explain something so there is no confusion. :) This story takes place after the aliens return to their planet, thus making this story a "Tokyo Mew Mew" story. Although I like Tokyo Mew Mew better than the English version: Mew Mew Power; I decided to use their names. So, if you don't know anything about Mew Mew Power; let me jot down the names right here. ^^

Zoey = Ichigo

Bridget = Lettuce

Corina = Mint

Kiki = Pudding

Renee = Zakuro

Elliot = Ryou

Wesley =Keiichiro

Mark - Masaya

Dren = Kisshu

Sardon = Pai

Mini Mew = Masha

Okay, that should do it for now. Enjoy!

Sophie slowly drew her hand across her sweaty forehead. She stared off at all the wooden ramps and metal rails, doing kickflips and ollies and grinds in her mind. She glanced around at the large audience watching the skater performing before her. He was pretty good, but wasn't very graceful and lacked balance on his grinds. She clutched her board nervously. This was her disadvantage. She didn't have enough faith in herself and got nervous before every tournament. She could do this; she did every other time - and all those times she did fine.

She watched carefully as Nick; the guy performing, slowly swerved back to his place. Sophie was up - and she was ready. She quickly leaped into action, kicking off into a double kickflip and drawing up into a careful manual towards the winding rails. She gracefully ollie-ed up onto the first set of rails and ground down them occasionally kicking up into a kickflip or ollie. As she slid down the rails she began to crouch, ready to kick up onto the towering ramp facing her. She rode up it and ollie-ed onto the top, grinding down the length of it.

She continued doing various tricks and grinds when she spotted someone she didn't recognize atop the bleachers; looking down at her. There was something strange about him, but she couldn't place what at this distance. She quickly looked away and continued her performance. Just a minute to go and she was off.

The crowd was exploding around her; cheering her on as she gracefully ground down back to her place and did an impossible as a finale. She panted and smiled as she looked out at the crowd; seeing her parents in the front row clapping and whistling. She had done well; but then again; so had the other participants. Slowly, her eyes were drawn from the dazzling audience and upward onto the bleachers. There stood that mysterious guy still watching her. She looked around for her parents; they were busy talking to some friends. As she was looking around, she felt a poke on her shoulder and jumped in surprise.

"Hey Sophie, that was quite a jump there. You seemed pretty out of it or something." It was Kailey, one of the three female participants at the tournament, and one of her best friends.

"Umm, yeah - sorry. You just startled me. I saw someone I didn't recognize in the back of the audience." Stupid reply, she thought. It's not like I know everyone here anyway.

"Huh, okay." She raised an eyebrow, but said no more abut it. "You did great today by the way. Wanna go out for ice cream with me and Delilah?" Already, the third girl was walking up to them, holding her car keys.

"Sure, that'd be great." Sophie said, happy to change the subject. "But we'll have to be sure to be back by 3:00, when they announce the winners."

Kailey smiled, "Yep - and I bet you'll be one of them."


Sophie twirled the straw of her milkshake around as Delilah went on about how perfectly balanced Will's grinds were and how he never stumbled on his landings and how he was so focused on what he was doing and on and on. Will was Delilah's new 'secret' crush. She had told Kailey; which meant that now everyone else knew. Despite the fact that she was a reliable friend, she was really bad with secrets.

"Oh, and did you see that impossible that he did? That was the smoothest..." But Sophie stopped paying attention after that. She had looked towards the bushes surrounding the tiled patio of the ice cream shop, and was sure she had seen that guy from the tournament. Her gray-green eyes opened wide in alarm. Was this person stalking her?

"Guys, I'll be right back. Gotta check on something." She trotted over behind the building, towards the well trimmed bushes when suddenly something caught on her foot and she tripped, falling face first into a bush.

"Argh, crap! What was that?" She whirled around to see a fat brown tree root jutting up out of the ground. She heard chuckling nearby. She glanced over at her friends; but they were still engaged in conversation.

"Hey little fox, checking the gravity? Looks it still works." A guy with shaggy dark green hair emerged from behind a bush.

Sophie immediately went into defense mode. "What do you think you're doing? Are you stalking me, or are you just lounging in a bush nearby some perfectly good chairs just because you feel like it?" She softened a bit and said more calmly, "Who are you anyway?"

"The name's Dren." he replied smoothly.