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Chapter One

"They must be some of the new S.A. members!"

"Only to be expected… considering their family!"

"The S.A. is special! Don't crowd around so disrespectfully!"

A boy grinned at his companion, brown hair dangling in equally brown eyes. "Geez, now we know what Kei-nii-san had to go through."

The other boy chuckled. "Too bad you'll be the one groveling in second Sui."

"Like I'd let a Saiga beat me!" Sui teased lightly. Since their brothers had begun to talk years ago, they'd become best friends. It had started when they both wanted to torment the girls who'd dared get close to their beloved brothers, and then became fast friends.

They approached the board with the scores of the entrance exams on them. Neither knew their place in the S.A., only that they were in it. Thus, they had their uniforms, still the plain, clean white ones of their brother's day, and all the attention that came with it.

"Ha! I'm first!" Sui cheered, nudging his friend teasingly.

"One point! I'll get you next time!" Chitose replied, making his plans in his head. He had his brother's knack for mischief and plots, which was more than enough to worry Sui, who decided to start studying as soon as possible.

"Oh, I see I have a lot of work to do." Both boys turned to see a girl with smiling green eyes and hair as pink as Sakura Ushikubo's. "If I want to stay in the S.A. with boys like you."

Huh? The same thought, two different boys.

The girl pointed at the sign. "I'm Ayame Hamazaki, ranked seventh."

"Sui Takishima, first." Sui sent a triumphant glance towards Chitose, who sent a fake glare back.

"Chitose Saiga, second for now," Chitose returned.

"I see the year will be interesting then," Ayame said as she smiled at the pair. "I hear we're going to a greenhouse?"

"Yeah, it's like a break room," Chitose replied, letting her go ahead. "It's gonna be weird without Yahiro-nii-san and the others there."

"Tell me about it," Sui groaned. "And now we have to share it with other people."

"What are the odds they're all going to show up to check up on us?"

"Very good. We'll ignore them all and pretend we don't know them. Except for Kei-nii-san."

"And Yahiro-nii-san!"

"W-wait please!" Their conversation was broken off when another girl called out to them. She was also wearing an S.A. uniform, short mahogany hair pulled into a loose bun. Her dark brown eyes were worried as she caught up to them. "Are you heading to the greenhouse?"

The boys nodded as one and introduced themselves and their ranks.

"I'm Mirei Harada, ranked fifth," She replied. She was so short she had to look up just to meet their eyes. "Can I walk with you two please? I'm horrible with directions, and I'm completely lost."

Chitose found this very entertaining. "It's a giant greenhouse; you can see it from the gate. How do you even get lost?"

"I get lost turning a corner," Mirei muttered, blushing a bright red. "S-sorry if I'm bothering you, I can…"

"It's fine!" Chitose had on a smirk, looking exactly as Yahiro would have at that age, as he led Mirei forward with him and Sui.

Sui didn't know why Chitose getting close to Mirei irritated him, but it did. So he changed the subject. "So, Mirei, what do your parents do?"

"Th-they're… well, they're master chefs. They've cooked almost everywhere in Japan." Mirei sounded very proud of her parents as they entered the greenhouse. "Aah, how cute!" As they walked through the door, a monkey had pounced on Mirei.

"Ryuu left monkeys too? Thought he only left the koalas and the elephants," Chitose muttered.

"That's all Tadashi's mom found," Sui muttered back.

"Chitose-san! Sui-san! Thanks so much for helping me!" Mirei bowed deeply.

"Yo! I'm here!" Another boy walked in behind them. His uniform seemed abnormally white, with his dark hair and gray eyes, and tanned skin.

"Hisoka!" Ayame and another girl waved form the table.

"Excuse me," the boy muttered to Sui and Chitose as he passed. "Ayame, Makoto, how've you been?"

"Since we saw you two days ago? Just fine," The girl Makoto teased. Her hair was very short, like a pixie cut, and pure black. Brown eyes shone confidently, laughing at her friend.

"That's six," Sui said to Chitose as Mirei put the monkey in a tree.

"Who's the seventh then?"

"If I knew, would I be looking for whoever it was?" They sat at the table, coincidentally taking Kei and Hikari's old seats. Mirei sat alone where Akira used to sit, while Ayame, Makoto, and Hisoka sat in Ryuu and the twin's regular seats.

Chitose noticed something and sniffed the air. "Do you smell something?"

"Food!" Sui cheered, looking for the source. Otherwise known as the kitchen door. Akira's old domain.

"Not for you boors," the newest boy said, pushing out the cart. "The beautiful ladies get to pick theirs out first."

The entire group examined the last member. Brown hair stuck out in spikes, and green eyes were both amused and calculating.

Mirei broke the uncomfortable silence. "Yoshi-kun… is that you?" She asked shyly to the boy who had started setting plates up.

"Hmm? Oh, Mirei, I almost didn't recognize you. You've gotten so pretty!" Mirei blushed and shook her head violently in denial.

"Yoshi's your name? It seems to suit you," Ayame said, sounding flirtatious.

"Why, thank you. Why don't you get snacks?" Yoshi suggested. "You three lovely ladies first of course." He winked at Makoto, who merely raised her eyebrows.

"What a flirt," She said with a condescending tone.

"I call it as I see it. Come, eat, and then we can all sit and introduce ourselves!" Yoshi took the seat next to Mirei, and handed her a piece of strawberry cheesecake, which she dug into happily.

No one really hesitated to take the food, though they all ate in near silence, a little wary of taking the first step to become a group.

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OC Descriptions and S.A. Ranking

#1 Sui Takishima: N/A

#2 Chitose Saiga: N/A

#3 Yoshi Kunisaki: Hair- Brown (Short and spiky)

Eyes- Green

Height- 6'4"

Age- 15(turns 16 within 3 months)

Son of a video game designer (dad) and a model (mom). Playboy. Likes to flirt with the girls and sometimes the boys to get a reaction. Can actually cook very well, a strange talent for him. Has known Mirei since they were four.

#4 Hisoka Sugisaki: Hair- Black (semi long, can hang in eyes)

Eyes- Gray

Height- 6'1"

Age- 15 (turns 16 in six months)

Son of an owner of therapeutical resorts (dad) and a photographer (mom). Bit of a jerk, but is kind to the S.A, Yoshi being the exception (explained later). He's known Makoto and Ayame for eight years.

#5 Mirei Harada: Hair- Mahogany brown (barely long enough for a bun)

Eyes- Dark brown

Height- 5'3"

Age- 15 (just turned 15 2 months ago)

Daughter of two master chefs who own nationwide restaurant franchises, but only cook themselves in Japan. Went to a separate middle school due to her parent's work, so she knows barely anyone in the area. Yoshi, the exception, she has known for about eleven years.

#6 Makoto Izumi: Hair- black (pixie cut, very short)

Eyes- brown

Height- 6'3"

Age: 15 (turns 16 in 4 months)

Daughter of an international computer company president (dad) and a master of a karate dojo (mom). Tomboy. Hates to be ordered around. Gets her brains from her dad, and almost supernatural strength from her mom. Has known Hisoka and Ayame for eight years.

#7 Ayame Hamazaki: Hair- Pink (very long, rarely put up in ponytails)

Eyes- Green

Height- 5'8"

Age: 15(just turned 15 a week ago)

Daughter of a botanist (mom) and an international airline president (dad). Scared of animals. Very girly. A flirt that doesn't even realize she's flirting. A talented artist and a good student despite being a ditz. Has known Hisoka and Makoto for eight years.

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