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Chapter Two

"I'm Sui Takishima, ranked number one," Sui started on introductions since he was ranked first. "Currently I help my father and brother with the company, and I plan to take over my grandfather's after we graduate." He pointed at Chitose, grinning triumphantly. "I've known him for years."

"Chitose Saiga ranked two!" Chitose continued after his friend. "I help my brother, Yahiro, with our company, overseeing new contracts. I've known Sui for a while now!"

"I'm ranked third, Yoshi Kunisaki. My dad's a game designer. I get my good looks from my mother." A small giggle was heard from the girl near him. "I like to cook for beautiful young ladies such as those here."

A few eyes were rolled before the last boy continued. "Hisoka Sugisaki, fourth." Hisoka stretched casually, cracking his neck. "I've known those two for years." He pointed to Ayame and Makoto briefly.

"Um… my name is Mirei Harada," The quiet girl said nervously after a moment of silence, fiddling with her uniform skirt nervously. "I waitress and do paperwork at my parent's restaurants. I'm ranked fifth. Nice to meet you!"

"Makoto Izumi, sixth! My mom's a master at our dojo, and my father's a computer company president!" Makoto tossed a fist in the air, cheering.

"I'm Ayame Hamazaki, ranked seventh," the last girl said, pushing her hair back in an unconsciously flirtatious manner. "It's great to be here."

After introductions, silence ruled over the greenhouse, broken occasionally by a personal conversation between pairs.

"Boring!" Yoshi yawned loudly. "Someone say something!"

"You just did," Makoto replied, rolling her eyes.

"Something personal!" Yoshi retaliated, grinning when she looked his way.

"Like what Yoshi-kun?" Mirei asked quietly, trying to avoid an argument.

"Favorite color, favorite food, or…" Yoshi thought for a moment before grinning mischievously. "Who'd you kiss in this room?"

Yoshi was punched out of his chair, and Makoto had a distinctly evil aura around her as she glared in his direction.

"Are you insane? Why would we do something like that?" A chorus of agreement came from every other member.

"So the beautiful lady has strength as well…" Yoshi bowed as he returned, ignoring her glare as he took his seat next to Mirei.

"How about a hobby?" Sui suggested, recognizing some very familiar traits in these members that had been in another groups… Everyone agreed, most passing an evil glare in Yoshi's direction.

"Start us off Number One," Chitose teased. Sui rolled his eyes at him and started.

"Okay… favorite color is red. Favorite food is waffles, as long as they're from our cook. Hobbies… I don't really have one besides work." Sui shrugged as he finished.

"Kei-watching!" Chitose coughed, causing Sui to start bantering with him until they got shushed for Chitose to talk.

"Uh… favorite color is pink. Favorite food is anything with crab, and hobbies…" Chitose's smile turned very dark as he contemplated his favorite hobbies.

"Best if you don't know," Sui teased his best friend before nodding at Yoshi to go.

"I'm Yoshi Kunisaki, as you know. I like almost all colors, I love food overall, and hobbies…" Yoshi's grin grew as he winked at Mirei, who blushed on cue. "I like to flirt."

"Didn't notice," Makoto muttered, looking about ready to hit him again. "Next!"

Hisoka leaned back in his chair, looking at the roof. "Favorite color, blue. Favorite food, Italian. No hobbies."

No one answered, and he didn't say anything else. They were all beginning to understand that he didn't talk much.

"Oh, it's me now, isn't it?" Mirei looked at her feet shyly. "Um… my favorite color would be gray or silver… I love sweets… and I don't really have a hobby…"

Chitose smirked at that. "Does getting lost count?" He teased, causing her to blush and hide her face.

"You still do that?" Yoshi laughed. "Mirei-tan, you're adorable!" Mirei stammered, protesting before hiding her face in her hands in an attempt to disappear.

"Okay, my turn!" Makoto took pity on the girl and started talking. "Favorite color is green, I love fish and rice, and my hobbies are training! I enter national contests every year!"

"How do you do in them?" Mirei asked quietly, looking interested.

"I've won four years in a row!" Makoto stated proudly. "Co-Ed competitions too!"

"A-Amazing!" Mirei showed the proper amount of respect and awe, while the other girl enjoyed the attention for a moment.

"Okay, my turn!" Ayame leaned onto the table, putting her hands under her chin. "My favorite color's pink as well," she said, looking at Chitose meaningfully. "I love lobster and clams, but not any other seafood. And I love flower arranging!"

She finished talking, and they settled into a comfortable setting, holding their own conversations with each other.

"Sui, Yahiro-nii-san's arranging a trip to Hawaii; wanna come?" Chitose asked. "It's for Kei's SA year."

"Sure! Let's torment Hikari and Megumi again!"

"Of course!"

"Hey, Hisoka, are you coming to my art show?" Ayame asked, fixing her jacket. "Mako said she'd come!"

"Don't call me that!"

"I'll go. Makoto, what time do you want me to pick you up?"

"Six! Then we can get dinner beforehand!" The three began making plans to meet at the show, leaving the last two members to talk alone.

"Hey, Mirei-tan, your parents are opening a new restaurant, right?"

"Yes!" Mirei nodded, overly excited for her parents success as usual.

"Am I invited to the opening?" Yoshi asked, already knowing the answer.

"We sent the invitation yesterday. Formal dress," Mirei reminded him, remembering the last time she hadn't.

"Are you waitressing? I haven't seen you in one of those outfits in a while…"

"No, I'm cohosting…" Mirei turned red at the tone in his voice. "It's too formal to make me serve, and they want me to dance with the guests…" Her voice got more annoyed as she spoke, showing exactly how she felt about it.

Yoshi felt the need to tease her, and get her to relax. "Want to get lost on the way?"

Everyone continued their conversations, not even bothering to study or go to class. Every once in a while it became a group conversation, but for the most part, everyone used the day to get used to everyone else's presence.

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