Sexy Wife

By The Alternative Source


Disclaimer: I don't own Samurai Champloo….but I do own this sexy little idea.


She moaned softly as he trailed his hands up her sides. Slowly pressing into her he watched her. Her back arched as if she were being split open. She was his. Her warm body was his. Her tight body was his. Just like he always envisioned. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her shoulder as he grasped her hips and let himself feel her.


A small moan erupted from her and he used his leverage to pull back before he was buried deep within her once again.


His name on her tongue drove him mad. He grasped her hips and quickened his pace.


Mugen shot up as he was smacked in the stomach. Fuu was sitting next to him with a small annoyed look on her face.

"What?" he said as he rubbed his eyes. It had been a dream. A great fucking dream.

"Are you even listening?"


"Today we have…wait," she looked him up and down before her eyes widened, "You weren't?"

He smirked at her surprised look, "And what if I was?"

"You can't be serious?"

"I am," he said as he laid back down.

He watched as she smiled and her cheeks lit up, "You're actually thinking about how I got like this?"

She pointed to her nine month belly and raised an eyebrow. She was ready to pop any day now. And she honestly had never looked so hot in her life. He never thought he would enjoy it so much when she had first got pregnant. Thought that she would look a mess and she wouldn't want to be touched anymore because she was a firecracker when it came to that. But she was glowing. Every day and in every way she was glowing. When she smiled at him or when she showed him what she had bought for their kid. She was glowing. And that made him horny as hell and he couldn't help but taking her everywhere. And he couldn't help but always remember how she got like this in the first place.


She smiled at him and smacked his stomach again as his eyes began to drift closed, "Pig."

"I would call you flat-chested," he opened one eye and took a good look at her chest, "but that doesn't seem to apply when I look at those monsters. And you love it."

"Pig. Stop staring at my chest and do something useful."

He opened both eyes and took in his crazy, sexy ass wife, "How so?"

"Can you help me up? These monsters and this son of yours are keeping me from my cucumber and mayonnaise sandwich," she replied with a frown.

Oh yeah. His very HUNGRY crazy sexy ass wife.


Author's Note: This is a little piece for SweetlySpicey. She did a picture based of my fic oneshot about Fuu being pregnant. Check out her deviant art and you'll see the lovely piece she did for me. She asked me for a little smut but since I don't usually do it….I gave it a teeny weeny try. I would like to write some more thought. (Blushes). Hope she likes it!