A Moulin Rouge/Les Miserables Crossover


The cheers of the Moulin Rouge could be heard all through Paris. I shuddered, in fear, fright, and excitement. I was a Diamond Dog. A toy for the underworld's creatures. What would be different if I had gone with Cosette? I had not seen her for 6 years. Would she even remember me? "Now, my creatures of the night, I shall show you the newest addition to my Diamond Dogs. Satine, the Sparkling Diamond!" Sidler cheered. I took a deep breath, and walked into the spotlight. I was coming into a whole new life.


I watched my daughters running around. Satine was much older than Cosette, but she always let Cosette pick the games. She knew Cosette was going to be living with the Thénardier's. She wanted Cosette to be happy.

Satine was supposed to go to, but she was so defiant. She was 13 and thought that I was being "unreasonable." But, I thought maybe she was old enough to take care of herself, when Cosette, who was merely 6, could not.

"Mother, Mother look!" Cosette squealed. She held up a light gray pebble that shone when the light hit it.

"It's a diamond!" Cosette giggled. I nodded with a smile, brushing her dark red hair out of her face. Satine walked up smiling up at me. This was one of the few times we could be happy. We were in desperate times, and I was gone many times in the night. I had become a slave of the night, all for my children.

"Isn't that what the men call you mother? The Sparkling Diamond?" Satine asked. I nodded. Men said my pale complexion reminded them of diamonds, though it was all fancy talk. I ran my hair through my flame red hair and smiled at the girls.

"Diamonds are the most precious things on this earth. If a man ever offers you them, all ways take it." I said with a laugh. The girls giggled and nodded.

"I'm going to have many diamonds when I'm older…" Satine said, looking off in the distance. I smiled, "Yes, you are. You will have many beautiful children, and a husband who will love you." I said quietly. Someday…