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So this takes place while Light is experiencing memory lose during the Yotsuba arc.
Guess what the title means!
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`It was just another day in the Task Force when…

"Hey, Ryuzaki!" Aizawa came into the main room with his pants in one hand, and a large, cube cardboard box in another, "I found this-opps! I forgot to put my pants back on!" Aizawa put the package on the floor and started to put his pants back on.

"What is it?" L rotated his chair, with Light handcuffed to him. Light spun around, and fell on the floor, "What is it?" L asked.

Then he saw the package on the floor.

"What was that for?" Light said, rubbing the back of his head.

Then he saw the package on the floor.

Matsuda entered the room, "Umm…Ryuzaki? Misa is throwing another temper tantrum-"

Then he saw the package on the floor.

Lastly, Soichiro entered the room with Mogi, "I am going to go with Mogi…somewhere,"

They passed the package like it didn't exist. They weren't seen for the rest of the day.

L stared at the package, "Where did you find that?"

"Someone left it in front of the building," Aizawa said. He pushed it over with two hands, "Really,"

"Ooo!" Matsuda squealed like a Yoai fangirl and rushed over to the box, "Let me see!" He took a pocket knife out of nowhere (it must have came from Misa's room) and ripped the tape off. He then started whistling off-tune.

Everyone gave a blank stare.

Aizawa punched Matsuda and then opened the flaps. He then lifted the contents out of the package.

It was a huge Teddiursa plush doll, with a Pokemon egg.

"…What is that?" L asked.

"…What is that?" Aizawa asked.

"It looks like a Pokemon doll," Light said.

"It's my favorite Pokemon, Teddiursa! Squee!" (Guess who said that).

Everyone gave a blank stare, again.

"Who is it for?" L asked.

"I don't know," Aizawa examined the sides, "It's unlabeled, except for a big white sticker saying, "To You-Know-Who,"

There was an awkward silence.

"…I guess it's for me then!" Matsuda picked up the stuffed animal, "Oof! It's heavy! Now all I have to do-"

The Pokemon egg started to blink. Red.

"Umm…" Aiwaza said, "Is it suppose to do that?"

Matsuda ran out of the room like a little girl.

Aiwaza got as far away as possible.


Confetti and flashing lights busted out of the egg. And music played.

Everyone just stared.

I love you Li-ight.
Oh yes I do…
I love you Li-ight
Oh it's so true…
When you're not near me
I'm blue…
Oh Li-ight, I love you!
Yay! I love you!

And the the egg fell apart.

Misa skipped into the room.

"Did Light receive my love telegram?" Misa asked.

Light looked shell-shocked.

L then said, "Let's never mention this again,"

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