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Intro Chapter

By Snapplelinz (yours truly)...

Zack was strolling along the Sky Deck aboard the S.S. Tipton, in search of the ever-coveted 3pm ice-cream served at the buffet table when he came across an interesting sight. Lounging in a comfy recliner in the centre of the deck was London Tipton, the rich hotel heiress and one of his oldest friends. This in itself was not surprising in the least, since London spent much of her time on the Sky Deck, painting her nails and texting her rich friends on her cellphone. But this time, she was doing neither activity, but writing feverishly on a piece of paper with a richly decorated gold pen.

"Hey, London. Whatcha doin'?" Zack asked curiously, coming to stand next to London's deck chair.

"Writing." London replied simply.

"Writing what?" Zack pressed in a sing-song voice.

"A Christmas story," London answered resolutely.

"You, London Tipton, hotel heiress, most fashionable and trendiest teen on the planet, is writing a Christmas story?" Zack queried in awe.

"Co-rrect. I'm writing about everything that happened last Christmas." London explained seriously.

"Sweet, let's see what ya got." Zack suggested enthusiastically, peering over London's shoulder to see what she had written so far.

After scanning the contents for several seconds, Zack furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"London, this is all about you."


"But, London. Stuff didn't just happen to you last Christmas." Zack stated patiently.

"True. But the stuff that happened to other people last Christmas was way more boring than anything that happened to me. And let's face it, no one wants to read a Christmas story that isn't about me." London responded matter-of-factly.

"Ok. Then I should probably tell you that there's no 'g' in 'Christmas'." Zack pointed out dryly.

"Of course there is. It's a silent 'g'." London replied helpfully, to which Zack rolled his eyes.

Just then, Cody and Woody came strolling along the Sky Deck, deep in conversation. They spotted Zack and London and made a beeline for them.

"Hey, guys. What goes on?" Zack inquired casually of his twin brother and friend.

"Woody and I just convinced Mr. Moseby to let us decorate the Sky Deck with Christmas lights and stuff this year. We came up here to measure the overall circumference of the space." Cody answered succinctly.

"Fun." Zack quipped sarcastically.

"What are you guys doing?" Woody questioned curiously.

"London's writing about what happened last Christmas." Zack explained slowly.

"Cool. Did you remember to put in the bit when I was sitting in the dining room and one of my toe nails flew up in the air and into the Christmas trifle after I clipped it?" Woody asked eagerly.

"Ew! Why would I write about something as disgusting as that?" London demanded in horror.

"Because it happened last Christmas." Woody answered in a whiny voice.

"Trust me when I say this, Woody. Nobody's gonna wanna hear about that." Zack replied in a chiding tone.

"I wanna hear all about it. I had three helpings of the Christmas trifle last year!" Cody fumed unexpectedly, causing Woody, London and Zack to start laughing uncontrollably.

Bailey, Addison, Maya and Marcus happened to be sauntering past when they overheard the laughter of their friends. Curious, they sidled over towards them.

"Hey, guys. Whatcha laughing about?" Bailey inquired casually.

"Oh, just laughing about how Cody spent his Christmas last year…puking into a barf bag!" London exclaimed while cackling unashamedly.

"And what did you do last year, London? Throw out last year's jewellery overboard?" Cody shot back knowingly.

"As a matter of fact, I did. Santa didn't bring me any jewellery to match with my purple Arturo Vertalli boots." London pouted.

"London, you do realise that Santa doesn't really exist, right?" Bailey asked slowly.

"Don't bother, Bailey. London also thinks that 'Christmas' is spelt with a silent 'g' in it." Zack retorted dryly.

"Darn, I've been spelling it wrong this entire time." Addison quipped in disappointment, much to everyone's surprise.

"Ignoring that, I wasn't on board the S.S. Tipton a year ago. So what did I miss? I bet you guys had some crazy times together." Marcus joined in eagerly.

"Oh yeah, the wildest. Yeah, not really. Moseby kept blocking with every fun thing we tried to do last year." Zack answered woefully.

"Well then, the answer's simple. We have to distract Moseby with a new woman in his life or a new set of vintage handkerchiefs. Problem solved." London pointed out emphatically.

"I'm not really in the mood for a big Christmas dinner or party. I'm cool with watching some football this Thanksgiving." Maya stated nonchalantly.

"I'm gonna watch the parade this year. Someone from Kettlepod almost always drops a flaming baton while walking through Times Square. What a bunch of losers, unlike the cool people over in Kettlecorn." Bailey announced smugly.

London stared incredulously at Bailey, her perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised sceptically at this pronouncement.

"Guys, you're disturbing my fabulous Christmas writing here," London whined amidst everyone's chatter.

"You know what would be a great idea? If we got to write stories about what we'd all like to happen this holiday season." Bailey noted pensively.

"Or better yet, get someone else to write Christmas stories about us and we don't lift a finger at all." Marcus joined in.

"Now you're speaking my language, bro. I could see it now: me somewhere in New York City on New Year's Eve, maybe Times Square…with a beautiful babe on my arm. And she'd have magic powers too." Zack mused wistfully.

"In your dreams, Zack. What girl would waste their magic powers on spending New Year's Eve with you?" Cody scoffed openly.

"It could happen!"

"It would be cool to write about having an awesome Christmas party on deck where we all got to dress up and win a big contest. And I could organise the whole thing." Addison ventured eagerly.

"I could picture you wearing a huge candy cane costume," Maya joked lightly.

"Ooh, what about a story where Zack wraps Cody up as a Christmas present to give to London and where Bailey and I fall madly in love!" Woody exclaimed enthusiastically with his fists high in the air.

He stopped immediately when he realised that everyone was staring at in surprise.

"Too much imagination?" he asked abashedly.

"Just a smidge," Bailey replied knowingly.

"Wait, would Cody be wrapped up in $100 bills? 'Cause then I wouldn't mind getting him as a Christmas present." London added thoughtfully.

"Anyway…I think it might be nice to have someone write a really heart-felt Christmas story. Like something for all the soldiers currently in the Middle East who won't be home for Christmas. Or the unlikeliest people coming together to celebrate the holidays." Maya noted brightly.

"Yeah, like Arwin and Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger-Von Helsing der Keppelugerhofer." Zack chortled loudly.

"Schika-whatta?" Marcus questioned dumbly.

"Ooh, and somebody could spike the eggnog, or Zack could destroy a Christmas turkey." Woody joked amidst his laughter.

"Hey, that was one time, Woody! That's why I don't help with the food on Christmas day." Zack pointed out defensively.

"Somehow I think that there's a better chance of Cody and Bailey getting stuck in a broom closet together during the holiday season than Zack destroying a turkey for a second time." Addison remarked slyly.

Both Cody and Bailey turned red in the face at this.

"Addison, the only holiday that would ever happen on is April Fools." Bailey teased dryly.

"Exactly. And I have plans that day anyway, so…" Cody trailed in what he hoped was a dignified air.

"Maybe there'll be some romance in the air this year." Addison suggested hopefully.

"Moseby could use a good romance. And a good hairdo," London noted matter-of-factly.

"And Ms. Tutweiller might be lonely during the holidays; maybe she could find somebody to spend the holidays with. And then there's Connie too." Bailey added seriously.

"Maybe Ms. Tutweiller and Connie could get together!" Addison exclaimed while clapping her hands excitedly.

"Sure. There's a match made in heaven." Zack snorted callously.

"All of this stuff sounds so traditional. It would be cool if somebody wrote about something out of 'Chaos Demons', my favourite comic book series in the whole world wide. Tales about adventure, brave warriors and mermaids!" Woody declared exuberantly, much to everyone's confusion.

"Guys, don't you think these ideas sound a little far-fetched?" Maya asked wonderingly of the group.

The group shuffled awkwardly at this question while looking elsewhere except at each other.

"You're right, Maya. Let's leave this to the professionals." Cody concluded soberly.

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