He is the fire.

Emily is his oxygen.

Leah is his hydrogen.

He needs her, breathes her. He ceases to exist without her, but he never chose this. He never wanted to be so dependent on one element. He never wanted to be so subjective to it's desire, and forced to kneel down in order for his survival.

He wants her. She is what he needs to become grander. He can go insane with her, and together they are dangerous, but he loved it. He wanted to latch on and start a problem, he wanted her right by his side, too. He chose her, he chose to have her and him blow the world up over and over again. He never wanted to be in charge— but rather, equal. Both of them alone are never potent enough, yet together they may cause a pathway of destruction.

Yet he is restricted into burning slowly.

He wishes to spread his limbs out wide and inhale the filthy ash ridden air, but instead, he stays there, quietly brewing, living not for himself, but for someone else.

Sam is what Emily needs to explode, yet unfortunately, Emily was never enough for him to do so as well.

And Leah is left, all alone. Standing there and forced to sit forever in a family where she doesn't belong.

OMG. Did you get my chemistry pun? Leah is Hydrogen – A gas that sits on the periodic table and belongs in the family "1A" which is filled of non gases or metals (the pack). So she doesn't belong in the pack or the metal group! AHHHH. I sound like a chemistry nerd! (But sooooo am not) Hahah, anyway...please REVIEW!

*I really want to re-write this. SUGGESTIONS NECESSARY