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Pairings: SpiderxQuana BarneyxLavender JimmyxEleanor AndyxMable GaryxRaven VinniexUzuri OscarxXaria.

Note: Here it is … the final chapter of Total Drama Letterz that will wrap up the remaining things yet to be wrapped up. Some things will carry over to the sequel though. I have had a wonderful time writing this story and have made a fair few great friends in the process. But all good things must comer to an end. This chapter will start the ball moving for the sequel (which will feature 26 NEW characters) as well as giving a few surprises. For now; enjoy the last chapter of Total Drama Letterz!

It's not goodbye, it's merely farewell.

The bright stage lights shone down on the stage of Total Ousted Alphabet. Eddie and Sasha were sitting in their armchairs waiting for the signal to be given to start the show. On the high rise sofa on the bottom row from left to right were Patch, Quana, Barney, Lavender, Irene, Yessica, Uzuri and Vinnie. From left to right on the middle row were Oscar, Xaria, Mable, Andy, Jimmy, Zita, Kasimar and Hector. Sitting on the top row from left to right were Daisy, Wallace, Nakia, Gary, Raven and Tabitha who looked a bit depressed. Also on the stage was Chris who looked rather annoyed.

"When is the stupid episode going to begin?" Whined Chris. "I hate waiting! I hate it hate it hate it!"

"Stop acting like a child; it saddens me." Said Xaria with a shake of her head.

"We'll be starting any moment now." Said Eddie. "And Chris; seeing you in person is almost as unpleasant as seeing you at all."

"Shut up!" Snarled Chris. "I don't wanna be here! I wanna get a massage and watch dirty movies in my private trailer!"

"Pathetic." Muttered Hector.

"You're on in three, two, one." Said a cameraman intern.

Eddie and Sasha smiled for the camera while most of the peanut gallery waved (you can probably guess the three who didn't).

"I'm Eddie Lynmoire." Greeted Eddie.

"And I'm Sasha Tasset." Smiled Sasha.

"No relation!" Added Eddie.

"I thought you stopped that joke ages ago; it isn't that funny." Said Sasha with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah; you two don't look anything alike." Agreed Vinnie.

"Yeah; they're both ugly! Haha!" Laughed Chris though everyone ignored him.

"I used the joke because this is the final episode of Total Ousted Alphabet." Reasoned Eddie. "Yep; sorry to say it everyone, but Total Drama Letterz is on the eve of its end. But it's been a great show, and maybe some more surprises are in store."

"But you've been a great audience for all the episodes; but all good things must sadly come to an end. But if you focus on what you've left behind you'll never see what lies ahead." Said Sasha wisely.

"Very wise words." Agreed Lavender. "I've really enjoyed my time on the show; I've prove cheerleaders aren't always dumb, I've got a boyfriend and I kicked Kasimar in the nuts."

"Shut it or I'll hurt you!" Snapped Kasimar angrily.

"You also lost and didn't win so really you suck! Haha! Good one Chris." Laughed Chris pathetically.

"Do you hear that?" Said Lavender as she cupped her ear. "It's the sound of NO ONE CARING!"

"It was a hard final challenge but in the end against all the odds it was Spider who managed to pull off the win and was crowned the victor and competition winner of Total Drama Letterz."

The crowd cheered though quieted down when Eddie raised a hand.

"Now let's get this show on the road." Said Eddie. "Our first guest of the night is twelve years old, loves animals of all kinds besides gross bugs, managed to show that age doesn't matter and is the runner up of Total Drama Letterz … give it up for Eleanor!"

Eleanor walked out from backstage and the audience exploded into applause that lasted for a good amount of time. As Eleanor sat down in the interviewee chair Sasha shook her hand.

"Hi Eleanor; I am so sorry that you lost, I was rooting for you." Said Sasha sympathetically.

"Ah well; can't win them all right?" Shrugged Eleanor.

"What a good sport; that's really nice." Smiled Sasha.

"What a retard more like." Scoffed Chris. "She just lost a million #bleep# dollars! She should be crying like a little baby!"

"Like you did several times this season?" Asked Gary with a wry smirk.

"Call the plumbers because Chris let lose the waterworks." Joked Raven.

"Shut up! Man; I'll be glad to be able to get peace from you #bleep#'s next season." Whined Chris.

"That's what you think." Said Eddie with an almost warning tone. "So Eleanor; you battled hard in Total Drama Letterz and were only just beaten at the end of the final challenge. How do you feel about coming second out of twenty six?"

"I feel proud of myself for making it so far despite the fact I wasn't the strongest or even the smartest; I may not have won but I've had a wonderful time despite all the hardships." Smiled Eleanor.

"Yaaaar; she be a good sport." Said Barney in approval.

"But she's boring!" Whined Chris.

"What do you consider to be your best moment on the show Eleanor?" Asked Sasha.

"Hmm, that's a tough one. Maybe it was at the very beginning when I met everyone … there are some I'd rather not have met but I like most of the people here." Smiled Eleanor.

"Good moments are boring; what about worst moments?" Asked Chris.

"Shut up Chris!" Snapped Fifi. "You're a bully!"

"Speaking of bullies; you know Eleanor's worst moment don't you Kasimar." Smirked Chris sadistically.

"Yep; when I killed her little rat and made her cry; that was comedy gold. Yahahahaha!" Laughed Kasimar in the way of a sadistic sociopath.

Zita punched Kasimar in the face … hard. Some blood spurted out of his nose and he screamed in pain.

"My nose!" Wailed Kasimar.

"What Kasimar did was absolutely heinous by anybody's standards." Said Eleanor with a look of sadness and anger. "But I do not fear him anymore; if anything I sorta pity him. He has a lot of goodness to do if he wants to not go to the deepest layers of hell. Kasimar is like a splash of filth on the side of an outhouse in the devil's domain. He's got a lot of growing up to do."

"Well said Eleanor." Smiled Quana. "You really deserved to win … though I wanted Spider to win being that he's my boyfriend … but you did really well."

"Thanks; but I just couldn't make the jump at the end … two and a half thousand feet into a small pool is a bit out of my league." Admitted Eleanor.

"Wimp!" Jeered Chris.

"Laugh while you can Chris; you won't be able too for much longer." Smirked Eddie. "Anyway Eleanor; you were able to face your fear of injections not only in the fear challenge but also just before in the final challenge, would you say you've conquered it?"

"Well; I guess I feel better about injections now but I still don't like them." Frowned Eleanor before smiling. "But I got a cute badger band aid so it's all good."

"Badgers are awesome." Said Mable.

"And scary." Added Carlton.

"Badger, badger, badger, badger, mushrooms!" Yelled Uzuri.

"What was that?" Asked Vinnie in confusion.

"It's the weebl's Badger Badger." Explained Uzuri.

"That was stupid." Sneered Daisy.

"I thought it was kinda funny." Said Tabitha.

"Shut up you wretched witch." Snapped Daisy.

Tabitha went silent and hung her head sadly.

"If you could describe your time on Total Drama Letterz in three words then what would those three words be?" Asked Sasha.

"I'd say … completely life changing." Replied Eleanor. "I happily do it again if I could."

"But you can't so ha!" Sneered Chris.

"I can't help but notice you've become an item with Jimmy; care to comment?" Asked Eddie with a smile while completely ignoring Chris.

"Yeah, we're together." Blushed Eleanor shyly. "We may be young but we both liked each other a lot so there was no reason not to get together, right? Besides; he's cute, he's fun and he's a sweetheart!"

"Oh Eleanor; you're making me blush." Blushed Jimmy in embarrassment.

"Love makes me all giggly inside." Smiled Quana.

"It makes me sick." Grunted Kasimar.

"And such awful hair they have." Added Nakia.

"At least they have hair." Smirked Andy.

Nakia scowled and clenched her fists in anger but managed to remain silent.

"What was your favorite challenge? Knowing how much you like animals I guess it was the animal wrangling challenge." Guessed Sasha.

"Actually I didn't like that one too much." Said Eleanor.

"Me neither." Agreed Raven.

"My favorite challenge was probably the Harry potter challenge; acting out the scenes from the books was a lot of fun." Smiled Eleanor.

"I liked that challenge too; I bet I looked sexy in the spider costume, right Vinnie?" Asked Uzuri to her boyfriend.

"Can I plead the fifth?" Replied Vinnie with a silly grin.

"I didn't like that challenge so much." Said Gary while growling at Tabitha and giving Kasimar a death glare.

Tabitha mumbled something but didn't have the nerve or energy to say anything full volume.

"So; if there was a challenge you could have been in, one that wasn't in the show, what would it have been?" Asked Eddie.

"Maybe painting a big picture; I wouldn't want an animal challenge because Chris would likely make them suffer. Nature is our friend, not our scapegoat." Voiced Eleanor.

"I'll say." Agreed Irene. "Besides; Cacti tell the best jokes ever!"

"How exactly?" Asked Jimmy in confusion.

"Don't worry about it Jimmy; she's usually like this." Giggled Yessica.

"I think we have time for one last question before we move onto your fan mail; do you hate Chris?" Asked Eddie.

"Hey!" Whined Chris.

"I despise him! He's annoying, horrible and a complete meanie!" Frowned Eleanor. "He should be ashamed of himself."

"I have a feeling he will be soon." Said Eddie mysteriously.

"I doubt that; I can do anything I want because I'm Chris MacLean." Bragged Chris foully. "I say jump, you say how high."

"This coming from a man who no longer has any balls." Smirked Sasha as she walked backstage and hauled in a large sack of fan mail.

"Shut uuuuup!" Whined Chris while stomping his feet angrily.

"I have that many fans?" Asked Eleanor while looking at the bag with a big smile.

"People just like you." Smiled Sasha as she took a letter out of the sack and opened it up. "So; care to hear the first letter?"

"Sure!" Grinned Eleanor.

"Dear Eleanor; what are your top three favorite animals? From Vlad." Read Sasha.

"Hmm; that's a tough one since I love most animals to bits." Said Eleanor with her usual cute smile. "I'd say my third favorite is Giraffes, my second favorite is Red Panda's and my favorite is ferrets, though that should be no surprise really."

"I like Tigers." Said Quana.

"I like man eating sharks that rip people to shreds which makes me laugh." Cackled Kasimar.

"I like trains." Said Patch dumbly.

There was a moment of confused silence.

"Anyway; here's your second letter." Said Sasha as she opened a letter piece of fan mail. "Dear Eleanor; what's up with the turtle beanie? It's cute! From Marko."

"It's my favorite hat in my animal hat collection." Smiled Eleanor.

"You have a collection of animal hats?" Asked Zita in interest.

"Yep; I have a giraffe hat, a zebra hat, a prawn hat, a tiger hat, a penguin hat, a bat hat and even a shark hat. I chose the turtle hat because … it just felt like the one to bring with me." Explained Eleanor.

"At least they cover up your ugly hair I suppose." Said Nakia dryly.

"Get bent." Snapped Quana at the bald brat.

"She's right though; Eleanor is as ugly as a deformed freak in a circus! Haha!" Laughed Chris nastily.

A large rock hit Chris; he yelped in pain and glared towards the peanut gallery. Chris didn't notice Jimmy shifting his eyes.

"I think we have time for another message." Said Sasha as she took a third letter from the sack. "Dear Eleanor; can I have your autograph? From Polly."

"Sure; if she's included the return address I'll be more than happy to oblige." Smiled Eleanor.

"Why doesn't she want MY autograph?" Whined Chris.

"Because you're an asshole." Said Lavender flatly.

"Here here yaaar!" Agreed Barney.

"We wish you all the best Eleanor; you did just wonderful in this entire contest, but we still have one last guest to interview before this episode can come to a close." Said Sasha with a smile.

"Among other things." Said Eddie quietly. "So; can you sit with the peanut gallery for the remainder of the show?"

"Sure; the high rise sofa looks really comfy." Smiled Eleanor as she got up and then sat down in the high rise sofa next to Jimmy.

"So; only one guest left and the show will be over." Said Eddie. "It seems like a lifetime ago that we began.

"What exactly are you hiding?" Asked Sasha suspiciously.

"Just wait a little longer and you'll see … you won't be disappointed." Assured Eddie.

"There won't be much longer for you guy; meanwhile I'll be hosting season after season since I'm the main character and I'm awesome so ha!" Sneered Chris.

"Laugh while you can Maclean; it won't last much longer. Ga'fahahaha!" Laughed Eddie un-evilly which freaked Chris out. "Anyway; our final guest suffers from white blood cell deficiency, has contracted over one thousand diseases in his life, is in love with Quana, managed to stand up to Nakia, proved that you should never underestimate the underdog and won a million dollars earlier today … give it up for Spider!"

Spider nervously walked out on stage as the audience EXPLODED into a huge amount of cheering, whistling and applauding that lasted a good half a minute. Spider sat in the interviewee chair while Quana blew him a kiss.

"Welcome to Total Ousted Alphabet Spider. Congratulations no winning Total Drama Letterz dude; I was rooting for you all the way." Said Eddie as he and Sasha shook Spider's hand in turn.

"Thanks; I really never even *cough* dreamed that I'd manage to win." Replied Spider.

"Neither did I." Grunted Chris. "How could a cancer patient win?"

"I *cough* don't suffer from cancer; that is *cough* not something to joke about Chris." Said Spider disapprovingly.

"Surely you know good humor germ sponge." Said Chris dryly.

"I do; but I also know right *cough*t and I know wrong … and unlike you I know *cough* which is which."

"Nicely said Spider; you put Chris in his place!" Cheered Uzuri.

"So Spider; you managed to over come every obstacle that was put in your way and now you have a million dollars to show for it. How does it feel that you've won?" Asked Eddie.

"It's a great feeling; it *cough* feels like there is a big balloon swelling up inside me *cough* in a good way." Smiled Spider. "The first thing I'm *cough* going to do is book the required treatment so I'm not *cough* so sick anymore. Though I do have *cough* a secondary plan."

"What's that?" Asked Sasha.

"I have decided that I'll split the money two ways *cough* with Quana; after all, wouldn't any good boyfriend do that? I'm *cough* sure she can finance a singing career with half a million dollars."

"You'd really do that for me?" Asked Quana in a touched voice.

"In a heartbeat." Nodded Spider.

About 0.00001 seconds passed before Quana leapt up from her seat, jumped at Spider and gave him a big kiss which almost everyone 'awwwwwwed' at.

"Gross! A cripple and a slutty bimbo together, shameful." Said Nakia bitterly.

"They don't deserve the money! I do! I'm an A student! I have a degree in basket weaving!" Screamed Daisy in anger.

Sasha pressed a button on the side of her chair and a large amount of blue jelly fell down from the rafters above the stage and splattered on Daisy and Nakia.

"AAAAAARGH!" They both screamed as they ran off stage in humiliation.

"It's a shame it'll be the last time we can do that." Lamented Sasha.

"Indeed it is; their screams are delightful! Mwahahahahahaha!" Laughed Wallace evilly.

"You can drop the evil act Wallace; we know you're nicer than you let on." Smirked Yessica.

"I'm not! I'm evil, seriously!" Insisted Wallace.

Spider and Quana parted from their kiss and Quana giddily walked back to her seat with a spring in her step.

"I have a question; why do you want to be a doctor?" Asked Eddie. "Good career choice and all; but it's about the most ironic job you could possibly want to have."

"I know." Chuckled Spider. "But it's what my *cough* dad does and to be honest it's something I've always *cough* wanted to do."

"Lame!" Sneered Chris. "You're too stupid to do that! Haha!"

"Well you're *cough* fat." Replied Spider.

Chris's scowl deepened and he snarled angrily.

"Anyway; what was your favorite challenge?" Asked Sasha.

"Well … I'd say the Talent Show. I just *cough* enjoyed watching everyone's talents … and Quana's singing is as *cough* beautiful as my daffodil garden … oops." Blanched Spider.

"You have a flower garden?" Sneered Kasimar in amusement. "Fag! Fag!"

Kasimar received a hard punch to the skull from Uzuri who was sitting behind him.

"Shut up you meanie!" Growled Uzuri.

"Thanks Uzuri." Said Spider. "Anyway; let's pretend we didn't hear that and just *cough* move on."

"Sure; how about this question then, what did you think of Nakia's grudge on you?" Asked Eddie sympathetically.

"I never really understood why *cough* she hated me so much." Said Spider slightly sadly. "All because of my *cough* hair I think. It's an awful feeling to be *cough* hated. …And she tried to cripple me with a *cough* steel pipe! But at the same time it felt good when *cough* I finally summoned the courage to stand up to her."

"It doesn't matter if she hates you Spider … would you even want her as a friend anyway?" Asked Lavender.

"Good point." Agreed Spider.

"Now for one more question before we move onto the fan mail; care to comment on your relationship with Quana?" Asked Sasha teasingly.

"Well; she's *cough* my dream girl. I've been friends with her since *cough* day one and I started to fall for *cough* her on day six, the boat race I believe. She's a sweetheart, she got to know me before *cough* judging me and all in all I really love her." Said Spider truthfully. "I really think we've got something *cough* good going for us."

"I couldn't agree more." Smiled Quana. "I think all the couples have something good going on."

"Love makes the world go round." Said Raven sweetly while giving Gary a peck on the cheek while he put his arm around her.

"Time for the last fan mail section of the season." Said Eddie as he walked off stage and came back dragging a very large sack behind him. "Spider; you are clearly a popular contestant, a lot of people consider you to be the 'hero' of the season like Owen and Gwen last season. Care to hear some fan mail?"

"Sure; that sounds like *cough* fun." Smiled Spider.

Eddie took a letter out of the sack, opened it and began to read it.

"Dear Spider; why is your middle name Lesley? That's a girl's name! From Timmy." Read Eddie.

"I can't help what my *cough* parents name me can I?" Asked Spider in embarrassment. "I like my *cough* name just fine; but I agree my middle name is a little *sneeze* silly."

"I think it's cute." Smiled Quana.

"I'd say Raven's middle name is the cutest; her middle name is Milly." Smiled Gary at Raven.

Eddie opened a second letter and began to read it to Spider.

"Dear Spider; Marry me! From Geraldine!" Read Eddie with a look of amusement.

"Hands off; he's mine." Said Quana with a playful fist shake.

"I'm with Quana so I'm afraid I'll have *cough* to politely decline." Said Spider while looking like he wanted to evaporate on the spot.

"Next letter." Laughed Eddie as he opened a third envelope. "Dear Spider; you're awesome! You went above and beyond the call of duty throughout all of TDL so far; I'd actually go as far as to say you were the main protagonist. I'll be rooting for you! And let me tell you, good job hooking up with Quana, she's quite a looker! Rawr! From Septo."

"That's a really nice bit of *cough* fan mail; I never really thought of myself as that *cough* popular really." Replied Spider.

"I think the amount of fan mail you've received speaks for itself." Pointed out Andy.

"I think we have time for one more letter … and something tells me we're all gonna like this one." Said Eddie with an almost devious look on his face as he rummaged in the bag and pulled out a golden envelope.

"What's with the devious look yaaar?" Asked Barney.

"You'll see." Said Eddie as he opened the golden envelope and began to read. "Dear Spider; how much would you like to see Chris humiliated on live TV?"

"Very much so; he's a *cough* nasty bigot." Replied Spider.

"Well I can get away with anything because I'm Chris Maclean!" Sneered Chris.

"Care to tell that to our next guest?" Asked Eddie.

"What's going on Eddie?" Asked Sasha.

"Our next guest is a very powerful man, a very powerful man indeed; give a cheer for Mr. Matthew Gregson, the producer and chairman of Total Drama!" Announced Eddie with a smirk.

A middle aged man in a green business suit walked out from backstage to some applause; Chris visibly paled as Eddie crossed his arms in satisfaction.

"So Chris; what was it you were saying about being able to get away with everything?" Asked Eddie.

Chris just stuttered in panic as his boss looked at him coolly.

"At last we have reached our climax, feel the rising action around you and experience the satisfying conclusion about to unfold." Said Eddie as he sat back to relax. "I couldn't help but notice you have violated over fifty separate clauses in your contract Chris, such as endangering the contests, out of control bias and rigging challenges as well as discrimination and punching a contestant among lots more … logically the only thing to d was … call up your boss."

"But … but…" Stammered Chris in horror.

"Mr. Lynmoire here managed to get in contact with me a few days ago. Being that I was in a rural region of Romania on vacation I haven't seen the show but Eddie showed me some clips and filled me in." Said Mr. Gregson in a powerful yet calm voice. "I thought I could trust you to keep your sadistic urges in check and host a season with a little more power than last time … evidently I was wrong."

"But Mr. Gregson, I can explain!" Pleaded Chris.

"Silence!" Shouted Mr. Gregson. "You have crossed the line in this season Chris. You completely rigged the game is Mr. McSkeen's favor when he should have been disqualified several times, allowed cheating, made Miss. Xisonu cry and furthermore you punched Miss Silva earlier today. It is due to all of this that by the power vested in me I announce that…

You are fired!"

Chris stood frozen and completely dumbstruck.

"…Fired…" Whimpered Chris. "But … you can't!"

"I can and I will; Total Drama will be much better off without you." Said Mr. Gregson promptly. "I'm sure that we can find a new host pretty easily."

"But none of them will bring in the ratings like I do! I'm a big star!" Wailed Chris. "Besides; we're going to start taping the next season in a matter of days! You'll never find anyone that fast!"

"Silence!" Boomed Mr. Gregson. "I can see a clear candidate for the position of host within this room."

Everyone looked where Mr. Gregson was looking and saw he was looking at Spider, who so far had been sitting back and enjoying Chris's downfall.

"What?" Screamed Chris in horror. "Him? The sick guy? How could you possibly consider him as a replacement host?"

"Mr. Garnet is everything that you are not Chris." Spoke Mr. Gregson firmly. "He's popular with the audience, he's kind and fair and he bought in a lot of ratings I have been told."

Mr. Gregson walked over to Spider who was stunned by what had just been said.

"How about it Spider? Would you like to become the host for season three?" Asked Mr. Gregson while offering his hand for a shake.

Spider was silent as he thought for a few moments; he soon smiled and shook Mr. Gregson's hand.

"I accept *cough* your offer." Smiled Spider.

Chris looked like he had been hit by a sledgehammer.

"However; I'll only do it if Quana can be the hostess." Said Spider while smiling at his girlfriend.

"I see no problem with that." Nodded Mr. Gregson. "But; there is one more thing. If I hire you two I am legally obliged to hire the other twenty four campers as well … sadly that includes Miss. Baxter and Mr. McSkeen. Are you completely sure?"

"… I'll do it." Nodded Spider.

"Very well; the new season starts in a few days; it is also alphabetical themed and there will be twenty six new contestants; Mr. Lynmoire and Miss. Tasset are among those twenty six. Good day to you." Said Mr. Gregson as he left.

Everyone was silent with shock; Spider broke the silence.

"I'm the new *cough* host! Kickass!" Cheered Spider.

"Waaaaaaaaaah!" Sobbed Chris. "What about me! I demand to get what I deserve! Everything!"

"I believe that can be arranged." Said Eddie. "Please welcome the final guest of tonight and the season … Gertrude Maclean!"

Chris paled in horror as a VERY old lady hobbled on stage holding a cane.

"Christopher Frothingslosh Maclean!" Yelled Gertrude. "How dare you treat these whippersnappers like you have! You should be ashamed!"

"But Nansey." Whimpered Chris.

"No buts! You are coming straight home and are grounded for three years!" Roared Gertrude. "And then you are getting a world class spanking from my cane! I'm just glad the nice detective teen filled me in about what was happening."

Gertrude grabbed Chris by his ear and began dragging him off stage while he screamed and wailed like a little baby.

"NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! THIS ISN'T FAIR! I'M CHRIS MACLEAN; I'M BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU! I'LL MAKE YOU SORRY, I'LL KILL YOUR FAMILIES! NOOOOOOOOOO!" Wailed Chris as he was dragged away by his ancient one hundred and two year old grandmother.

Everyone was once again silent though Sasha soon broke it.

"Well; now I see what you were planning Eddie." Grinned Sasha as she laughed. "And so it was that the mighty tyrant fell and the teens took their rightful place in stardom."

"Indeed Sasha; but now it looks like the show is over." Said Eddie as he turned to the audience. "We hope you've enjoyed the show but now it's time to say goodbye. I and Sasha will be contestants next season … that I did NOT expect … and also Spider and Quana are host and hostess though I'm sure you'll be seeing your favorite from time to time. So goodbye from me, Eddie Lynmoire."

"And goodbye from me, Sasha Tasset." Waved Sasha.

"And see you next season!" Said both in usion.

"And cut; that's a wrap and the show is over." Said the intern cameraman.

The audience very quickly left until only Eddie, Sasha and the campers besides Daisy and Nakia were left.

"There's a party ready if any of you want to attend." Said Sasha.

"Alright! I'm gonna dance with a lamp shade on my head!" Announced Irene.

"All's well that ends well." Said Lavender with a smile as she kissed Barney. "Goodbye Chris and good riddance."

Spider got up off the interviewee chair and smiled.

"I'm actually the host of *cough* Total Drama … and I've won a million dollars; this is the *cough* best day of my life!" Said Spider in a truly happy voice.

"And it's about to get better." Grinned Quana naughtily as she pounced at Spider and picked him up bridal style. "I told you I'd let you see my badonkadonk's if you won, and I keep my promises! Let's go to my room!"

"Be gentle!" Gulped Spider though in reality he was excited as to what Quana had planned.

Quana ran out of the room giggling giddily with Spider in tow as the remaining contestants looked amongst each other.

"You know; I'm feeling kinda tired; I think I'm gonna go to bed." Said Raven with a fake yawn while giving Gary a brief suggestive glance.

"I'm suddenly tired as well." Said Gary immediately catching on.

Gary and Raven embraced as did all f the couples and everyone else 'aaaawd'.

"Oh I just love a happy ending." Smiled Jimmy while Eleanor hugged him.

"Me too." Agreed Eleanor.

"Bah! Not me; I like unhappy endings with lots of death and violence!" Grunted Kasimar.

A bolt fell down from the rafters above Kasimar and landed on his head.

"What the?" Asked Kasimar to himself as he looked up.


A stage light fell down and smashed onto Kasimar's face. Kasimar staggered and swayed on the spot before falling off the stage unconscious and into a dumpster the Audience had put left over snacks in.

"Err … are you happy now Kasimar?" Asked Jimmy uncertainly.

Barney began to laugh, soon so did Lavender, Eleanor and Jimmy and pretty soon everyone was laughing at the bully's misfortune. Even Tabitha managed to laugh happily.

It was a truly wonderful night; Chris was fired, the horrible people were defeated and everyone was happy. It was a summer that none of them would ever forget.

The (Happy!) End

And so it is that at long last Total Drama Letterz has come to an end. At over sixty chapters and six hundred thousand words it is a bulky behemoth of a story; the longest fanfic in the fandom , or at least until Total Drama Battlegrounds overtakes it at some point. But until then I wear the crown as the creator of the longest TDI fanfic!

So how about that? Chris is fired and humiliated (and his middle name is Frothingslosh) and Spider and Quana are the new host and hostess. Every contestant will appear in the sequel and for some their plot is FAR from over…

But before it's the end I have some last minute shout outs to give…


Frank15: You are an incredibly talented writer and I love your work (Go Todd!) even if we have very differing opinions on certain characters. You were my inspiration to write this story and my first friend in the fandom. It doesn't really seem that long ago that we first met when you commented on the drawing of Uzuri in November last year. Thank you for the constructive reviews you've left; they mean a lot. And thank you for the drawings of some of my characters; they are awesome!

Bad-Asp: You are great fun to talk to and have left a lot of reviews which I really appreciate. I'm looking forward to your own alphabet story in the future. But most of all; thank you for making the elimination chart and confessional chart for Total Drama Letterz; they were always fun to look at.

Haters Go To Heaven: Even though your alphabet story is near the beginning I am honored that I helped inspire it to be written. Your reviews are always good and in my opinion a good balance between constructive and praise. Good luck on Total Drama Alphabetized; I'm rooting for Umi!

Everyone else: Whether you've left reviews; added me or the story to favorites and/or alerts I am very thankful. Even if you've only read the story and just that I still am grateful to you.

For almost a year now I have written this story … and you have all read it … and for that I am eternally grateful.