NOTE: Poem, which tries to describe Tolkien's Rivendell. If you can believe it, I actually won
a poetry contest for this one


Dive in, to make a merry splash of dreams.
Wonder as water twinkles to shimmer
Downward 'till starlight graces smoldering trees
Silhouetted by blushing pixi dust,

Turn to myriad fluttering fairies' vast
Castle floating through a silver lining.
Wandering eyelashes blink, discover
A tiny toad singing at slippered feet.

Bejeweled princesses promenade grand
halls in a palace of glistening gold.
In starry distance a single leaf falls
To the sound of a hummingbird's retreat.

Down to the earth dripping dragon-wings fall
in hopes the wind will catch on fire. Roar.
Find a way to elude the draft. Frantic
Round mice scurry. Hurry, quickly-climb out.

(c)2001 to me!