One-shot, relatively short. No smut. Religious themes. This is a fanfiction, so it can say anything I want it to. House is not an atheist in this story for obvious reasons. House and Wilson love. Somewhat inspired by the poem "Nocturne: The Angels" by Xavier Villaurrutia.

"Where do we go from here? Huh?" The younger brunette yells at the older man. "How do we do this?"

House continues looking at him calmly. "I don't know, Wilson."

Wilson growls loudly and grips his hair between his fingers. "I don't know what to do anymore! There's nothing left. I just... I just..." Wilson begins to cry.

House wraps his arms around his sobbing lover.

"It's not fair!" Wilson yells. House hushes him and rocks gently from side to side.

"There are rules, Wilson. Breaking the rules require accepting the consequences. We knew this would happen."

Wilson is still crying on his shoulder. "It's a stupid rule!" His pouting makes House chuckle softly. Wilson growls at him.

"It's not up to us. He's the Alpha... The Omega... The Almighty."

Wilson sniffles. "I know, but it still isn't fair. No emotion allowed in the kingdom of Paradise?"

House pets his counterparts hair softly. "It the only way to keep peace and happiness. Contentedness is the result of emotional leprosy. We are only angels, Wilson. We were nothing special."

Wilson laughed sardonically. "We were only angels. We are nothing special."

House sighs dramatically. "All angels look forward to the festival of mortals. Being emotional; feeling love and hate... Fear and excitement. We are... were... just expected to show will and obedience until that night."

Wilson looks down. "I couldn't wait."

House laces their fingers together with a smile. "Don't look so sad. You only eternally damned us."

Wilson glares at him. "Well when you put it that way, right? Our halos were broken and our wings were burned off! It's all my fault..." Wilson says sadly.

House kisses him with all the passion of a fool in love. "You forsaken our God; blatantly broke his rules- just to kiss me. How can I be upset? I think it was romantic. And, if we be damned to remain on Earth alone, so be it. I'd take an eternity of damnation with you over heaven any day."

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