Chapter 1- prison, freedom and a plan

Naruto is walking through a forest, tired and weak after his battle with Pein and then talking to the man. He almost collapses when Kakashi catches him and puts him on his back.

"Kakashi-sensei?" said Naruto while he laid on his sensei's back.

"You did a good job, Naruto" said Kakashi as he walked Naruto back to the village.

Or what was left after Peins attack, that is.

Upon entering, Naruto was welcomed by thousands of cheers from the people of Konoha. Naruto was shocked to see the thousands of people charging to greet him. But before any of the people could reach, or any of his friends, they were cut off by Root Anbu that surrounded him in a circle.

"Thank you for saving the village, Naruto. But I'm afraid you're to be arrested," said Danzo with an evil smile.

"On what charges and on whose authority?" said Naruto with a serious but shocked look on his face as his friends were getting a little nervous.

"For treason against Konoha and by the New Hokage's authority," said Danzo, his smile growing bigger and others around him, including Naruto, looking shocked by this news.

"That's ridiculous! Where is Tsunade?" said Kakashi who now was looking around at the Anbu.

"Tsuande is in a coma after using her chakra to protect everyone. So as of now, I'm in charge," said Danzo who now motioned his forces to take Naruto.

Until Naruto's friends jumped in to protect him. He had just saved all of their lives, and they weren't about to let him be taken away.

"You want him, you'll have to go through us," said Sakura as she and the rest of the Konoha 11 were all in fighting stance.

All of them had fire in their eyes, but Hinata"s were far more intense. She had just told Naruto how she felt, and was not about to lose him.

"That can be arranged," said Danzo as the Root Anbu drew their swords and were about to fight when Naruto waved them off.

"Stop! I'll come quietly just don't hurt them," said Naruto as he got surprised looks from his friends and even broader smile from Danzo.

"What? No, Naruto-kun don't," said Hinata as the others were trying to convince him, but Naruto shook his head.

"No, I'm in no condition to fight and neither are any of you," said Naruto as he now got angry and understanding looks from his friends.

"Shall we go then, Naruto?" said Danzo still smiling at his victory while Naruto just looked angry.

"Yes," said Naruto as he was escorted out by Root Anbu.

All of the village fell silent with shock. Their hero had just been taken away without any real reason. But what could any of them do? They hadn't felt this helpless until Pein attacked.

Things were about to changer for worse.

(Unknown location-near Akatsuki hideout)

Sasuke and his team Hebi are walking away from a burning akatsuki hide out. Sasuke had a nice grin on his face, and for a good reason too. He had just taken out the akatsuki.

He had just defeated Itachi and collapsed afterwards. When he awoke, a man in a mask calling himself Madara Uchiha began to tell Sasuke about the Uchiha Massacre. How he had helped Itachi do it and how Itachi had done it all to protect Konoha. When Sasuke heard this he was angry, but not at Konoha. At Madara. Sasukes activated his newly acquired Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan and hit the place with an Amaterasu and lit the whole place up. With all the members with it.

As sweet as the victory was, Sasuke now found himself without a purpose and now thought about returning to Konoha. But he could only do that if he had some sort of leverage to enter. For the first time he missed Naruto, Kakashi, and ,mostly, Sakura for some reason. He would ponder it later, right now everyone was hungry and decided to stop and eat.

"Ah, their yogurt here is fabulous," said Suigetsu enjoying his yogurt while Karin was getting irritated by him, as usual.

"Jeez , do you ever shut up Suigetsu," said Karin giving Suigetsu an ugly look while

Suigetsu was distracted by his food.

"Their beef isn't so bad either," said Jugo, enjoying his food like Suigetsu and looking outside.

"We need to think about what we intend to do next," said Sasuke, who now got the attention of all his comrades.

"What did you have in mind, Sasuke?" said Karin, who was now interested in him like any other fan girl out there, and made Suigetsu roll his eyes.

"I was thinking about returning to Konoha. You can come along if you want," said Sasuke who now got confused faces from his teammates.

"But you're a missing-nin from that place, it would be suicide," said Karin who got agreeing nods and motions from Hebi.

"I know, but I think I know someone inside who can help us. I just need a way to contact him," said Sasuke who was sure naruto would help him if he asked him and wanted to bury the hatchet.

As they were talking, two strangers walked in and began talking. What they were talking about would get Sasukes interest immediately.

"You hear that Konoha got attacked by Akatasuki," said the first stranger, as his words made Sasukes eyes widen.

"Yea, and they imprisoned the guy who saved them all. Naruto I think his name was," said the other stranger, and this time Sasukes turned around and went to these strangers

"Who imprisoned him?" asked Sasuke who saw the strangers kind of look at him.

"The new hokage Danzo imprisoned him. Said he had committed treason against Konoha, but he didn't say exactly what was treacherous," said the man, who now saw sasuke looked even more shocked and turned to leave telling his teammates to follow him.

'This can't be good, but it may help me a little,' thought Sasuke who was now walking towards Konoha with his teammates.

A plan had just popped in his head, and he was going to make it a reality. For his sake, his teammates, and his imprisoned friend.

(Konoha Prison-One week later)

Naruto had been in prison for a week and already had hatred building in his heart. Hatred at Danzo for doing this. On top of it, none of his friends could visit him and he needed to talk to someone. Of all his friends, he strangely wanted to talk to Hinata the most.

Her telling him she loved him was ringing in his ears now, and was angry at the fact he couldn't talk to her about it. How he was starting to feel the same way, and it was all he could think about. That and getting back and Danzo and setting things right.

'I swear, I'm going to get out of here one way or another,' thought Naruto to himself as he was in the cafeteria eating.

(Narutos cell- later that night)

Naruto laid on his bed looking at the ceiling, thinking about what he was going to do. But then, the wall in his cell exploded. Naruto got to his feet and readied himself, but the people who stepped in weren't going to fight him. The guards came in and the intruder with Zabuza's sword cut one down and his partner who had a deformed gray hand hit the other guard. Then, a woman with red hair came in, unshackled Naruto and motioned him to follow her while the others followed. Naruto couldn't believe it, but now was not to think now was the time to run. And to find out who sprung him.

(Hyuga compound-at the moment)

Hinata had been crying a lot this past week. Crying that she couldn't do anything to help Naruto. She was trying to figure out to help, but what could she do? She then heard people running around the compound and sprung off her bed and went to her father.

"Father what's happening?" said Hinata as her father now looked at with surprise in his eyes.

"Naruto has been sprung from jail by unknown forces," said Hiashi who saw his daughter look at him shocked and wanted to find Naruto , but Hiashi told her no.

"But he's innocent!" Proclaimed Hinata, but Hiashi shook his head.

"He is but you going to help could put him in a difficult position. Just let him go and see where it goes form there," said Hiashi who got an agreeing nod from his daughter and went back to her room.

'Be safe Naruto-kun' thought Hinata as she went back to sleep.

(Outside Konoha-middle of a forest)

Naruto and his "releasers" had lost any forces tracking them. Now was the time for questions.

"I appreciate the spring, but why is the question I have," said Naruto as he looked at the people who set him free with a serious look on his face.

"What's so wrong with helping an old friend," said a shadowy figure coming through the trees that made Narutos jaw drop.

"Sasuke!" said Naruto as Sasuke approached him and offered to fist bump him.

"Yep, shocking isn't it? I heard you were in a jam and thought I'd help out," said Sasuke, who fist bumped Naruto while Naruto looked at him surprised and then got serious.

"Come on you don't just do stuff out of charity. What are you up to?" said Naruto as Sasuke explained that he had nothing to do and wanted to come back to Konoha and live a normal ninja life.

"I swear it's the truth," said Sasuke as Naruto now pondered what he was being told and believed him.

"I cant really help you being a fugitive, but I've got a plan of how to set this right," said Naruto who now got an "I'm interested" look from Sasuke and from the rest.

"And what plan might that be?" asked Sasuke who wanted to know what the most unpredictable Ninja in Konoha had up his sleeve.

"I've got some friends in other countries. I'm going to build up a force and take back Konoha from Danzo and set this right," said Naruto who got a nod from Sasuke and they began walking away toward the moon.

"Sounds like a plan," said Sasuke who motioned his teammates to follow and they set off.

'This is going to work. For the sake of everyone, it has to,' thought Naruto as he walked with his new friends.

A new uncertain future is coming .