Chapter 13- Retribution

Naruto was trying desperately trying to free himself from the chakra cuff and chain. All the while Danzo was preparing for some big jutsu. Naruto had pulled out his katana and was trying to cut the chain, but to no avail.

"It's no use, I made this chain and cuff from the strongest metal around. And since you cant use chakra, you can't strengthen that blade to cut through it," said Danzo, with a wide smile on his face as he was nearing the end of his hand signs.

At that moment, Hinata started to run toward Naruto to aid him. Sasuke had the same thought and they were both rushing toward him to cut him loose.

"Stay bacl!" yelled Naruto, as he saw them, but also saw that Danzo had finished his hand signs for his final attack.

"But Naruto-kun you-," said Hinata, but was cut off by Danzo as he yelled his attack.

"Fire style: Solar Flare Canon!" yelled Danzo, as a huge cylinder of intense fire shot at Naruto.

Everyone stared as the huge blast raced towards Naruto, scorching the earth as it got closer and closer. Naruto himself was just looking at the fire. And then it hit and continued to travel until it hit a mountain off in the distance.

"NARUTO-KUN!" yelled Hinata, as she watched in horror as the blast slowly faded.

When it was completely gone, all that was left was some scorched earth. And then, still stuck in the cuff, was a hand that was a little burned on the wrist. Sakura's eyes watered up at the sight. Sauske was motionless at what he had witnessed happen to his friend. Hinata had fallen to her knees and was crying in sadness. Her sadness turned to rage when she heard Danzo laughing at his handy work.

"Hahahaha, in the end the demon bit the dust. Oh this is too perfect," said Danzo with happiness in his voice as he continued to laugh.

Hinata had heard enough of this. She drew chakra and formed to lion head on her fist and charged at Danzo, all the while yelling in anger. Danzo saw her and dodged her attack and followed up with a sword slash. Hinata dodged and tried to hit him, but was caught and kneed in the gut. She fell to the ground clutching her stomach and then got kicked in the face. She landed on her back, and Danzo had his sword at her throat.

"If you wish to join your demon lover in hell, I'll be happy to help you," said Danzo as he started to raise his sword.

'Sorry, Naruto-kun. I couldn't avenge you, I failed.' Thought Hinata, as she was about to close her eyes and accept her fate.

Then, something caught her eye. Something had jumped in the air and was falling right at Danzo. This something also had something shiny with it as it fell. She then saw it was a man that was falling. This said man had unmistakable blonde hair, blue eyes, and whisker eyes on his face. Hinata couldn't believe her eyes and smiled in joy. Danzo saw this and raised his eyebrow and frowned at her.

"What in the hell are you smiling at?" asked Danzo, as he turned around and saw what she saw, and panicked.

It was indeed Naruto falling right at him with his katana. Danzo was trying to piece together how he had survived. He then looked at Naruto's left hand and saw it was missing. Realization hit Danzo like a ton of bricks.

"You cut your hand off. That's why it was the only thing remaining and how you survived. I don't believe it," said Danzo as he saw Naruto bring his sword down and cut Danzo with a vertical slash that went through him causing blood to pour out.

"Believe it," said Naruto as he sheathed his sword and Danzo fell, dead.

Naruto then looked down at Hinata and extended his right hand with a smile. Hinata took it and immediately kissed him and he returned it. They broke off when they saw everyone else running towards them. Everyone was glad he was still alive and that he had beaten Danzo. Sasuke bumped fist with him, then pulled out his left had that was cut off.

"What should we do with this?" asked Sasuke, as Naruto took it.

"I got it covered," said Naruto, as he put it on his stump of a left hand.

To everyone's amazement, the hand and wrist started to form back together until it was completely healed. Naurto then moved his wrist and hand to make sure it could work.

"You gotta admit that was pretty cool," said Naruto as everyone had an anime sweat drop.

Just then, Kakashi and the other Jonin walked up to him. They each congratulated him, but had something else on their minds.

"So, Naruto, with Danzo being dead, Konoha doesn't have a Hokage. Feel like taking up the position?" asked Kakashi, as Naruto smiled.

"Do you really have to ask?" asked Naruto, while Kakashi gave him and eye smile.

"Well I guess that settles it. Lets get back home and celebrate," said Yamato, as everyone in Naruto's alliance yelled in victory.

(Epilouge- 5 years later)

Naruto was on the roof of the Hokage tower, wearing his Hokage hat and sporting a smile on his face. He had done a lot as the Hokage. He had formed alliance with Kumo and Ame after the battle with Danzo. Konoha itself was a lot cheerful with him incharge. As for Root, it was put under the care of Sai, since he and Naruto were friends. Sasuke was married to Sakura and began rebuilding his clan. Naruto himself had married Hinata a few days after the battle. Naruto was in thought when he heard someone coming.

"Naruto-kun, the council meeting is about to comince," said Hinata, dressed in a formal outfit since her father was retired, making her the head of the Hyuga clan.

"Okay, Hinata I'm coming. How have you been?" asked Hinata as he brought her closer to him in a hug.

"I'm fine, though a little tired from the paper work I have," said Hinata, smiling at Naruto as he returned it.

"Maybe after this meeting we can just spend sometime together. How's the little guy?" asked Naruto, as he put a hand to her stomach.

"He's fine. Tsunade says it'll still be a few months though," said Hianta as Naruto kissed her and then walked with her to the meeting.

"That's okay, just as long as he healthy. Now, lets get this meeting over with," said Naruto, as he walked with Hianta, arm in arm.

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