They were leaving her home town of Takagature.
The girl looked to her right, then to her left, and studied the new faces around her. She didn't know them, and she didn't know why she was here, nor hardly did she care of that fact, but she felt so odd as her eyes gazed upon them.

There was a girl, who, in her opinion, looked quite stern, then two other boys: the shorter of the two looking the most cocky while the orange haired one smiled at her every few moments. Then, there was another one, but s/he was infront of her, tugging the rope that bound her wrists together. The figured never spoke, but, she couldn't just go off and call it a man- much too short-and, even if the red headed girl seemed to take a liking to it, that didn't prove the gender either. With a small sigh, she looked at the darkening sky, signaling nightfall.

"Keep up," growled the one tugging her along.

"You ARE a boy!" she gasped, a sweet look on her face. "I just knew it."

They suddenly stopped. All of them, at once, stopped and one by one turned to stare at her. It was the large fellow at first, his brown eyes wide open in shock. Next was the red head, glaring at her ferociously, then the white haired one who seemed slightly bored. Last was, what she guessed, the leader of the group, and her heart seemed to stop as she realised that she opened her mouth for too long.

He turned towards her, his cold eyes boring into her skin.

She gulped, but straightened her composure. "S-Sir," she squeaked out, as if adding a word like that would make it all better.

The boy stared at her for a few more seconds before a small smirk crept over his features.

And, for a few moments, she felt safe, even in the abductor's possession.

"Keep up."

That was, of course, until he yanked hard on the rope, bringing her to her knees, and walked on.

Sasuke, ignoring her cries of pain from being dragged through mud and rock, quickened his pace just slightly. Hey, they weren't supposed to kill her, so this could be classified as 'using necessary force'.

Jugo, not used to seeing a woman treated in such a way, blinked in surprise at the Uchiha's actions. "S-Sasuke-kun, you're not going to do that the whole way, right?" he asked softly, trailing behind her, his hands wanting to pick her up from the dirt.

"And, if he did, Jugo?"

The man blinked, looking up at Karin. Surely she couldn't be so inept as to allow such a thing to happen to a person of her sex.
"I.. I.."

Suigetsu laughed, patting his back, "He's doing what he sees best, it's not like she matters anyway."

"But," he mummbled, "She's just a kid.."

Suigetsu smirked. "She's obviously stupid if she thought she'd get away with insulting a prick like Sasuke," he whispered.

The two looked at thier cold-hearted leader.

"You're right," responded the man, still upset over seeing an innocent girl being dragged around like a whore.

"Besides, if she's so holier-than-thou, why does Madara want her so badly? She must have something wrong with her. Maybe she deserves it."

Jugo gave one more look to the form as she sobbed, cried and begged for mercy or help. Then, hardly being able to stomach it, he walked far past Sasuke, who seemed to be enjoying himself greatly, and tried to block out the noises as best as he could.

At least, he thought in a forlorn manor,

At least we're close to the hotel.. Maybe I could help her then..

Chapters are going to be short. Lol. Hope ye doesnth mindeth~