Most of the muck dissolved instantly from her smooth body, and a small smile crossed his lips. He felt somewhat needed at this point, but not needed as in something to knock the door down or hold off ambushes. It was an unexplained neediness. Yet, deep down, he knew the feeling was only one-sided. Though, as long as he was helping-even abit-it made him happy.

Jugo grabbed a rag, dipped in into a clean spot of water, and brushed it against her cheek. Her face was the dirtiest (of which he could see), so he focused on that first. When that was clean, he poured some soap into her hair and lathered it in gently.
"Does this feel alright?" he asked softly, looking into her dark eyes. "Or, should I go abit slower?"

The girl pressed her head into his palm, smiling brightly, her eyes closed. "No," she sighed happily, "No, I like this. Harder, if you wish."

With a small laugh, he did as he was asked, watching her pleasant expression and the cute way she giggled. Not once was the man tempted to look down at the now clear water. He wanted to, but he seemed to be having too much Innocent fun with her. Why ruin it by seeing her naked body?
Those curves of hers could wait. Right?

She looked up at him. "What is.."
She looked down, letting him get the back. How was she to ask this?

"What's the matter?" he whispered. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Why don't you join me in here?" she blurted.

He froze. Had she just asked what he thought she asked?
"Huh?" he stuttered, pulling her hair so she'd face him. "What did you just say?"

Bitting her lip gently, she swallowed her fear. "Why aren't you naked too? In here with me?"

The orange haired man blinked. Why wasn't he in there with her? She wasn't a bad looker. She had a cute voice too. He paused, imagining the things she would say if he were to..
Immediantly, he banished the thoughts, picking up a bucket of water. "I don't need to be in there-"

"If I wanted you in here?"

Was she horny or something?
"M-Miss," he started, "I don't think you'd want me in there with you while you're-"


Jugo closed his eyes tightly. "Yeah. Like that."

Her wet arms slopped onto the edge and raised her up slightly, making her face even closer to his. "Would you ever hurt me if you were in here 'like that'?"

He stared at her intuitively, looking from her soft, plump lips to her sparkling dark eyes. "What do you mean?" he asked softly, inching closer.

"Would you ever force me?"

His eyes shot open as her teeth bite at his hand. "W-What?"

The girl giggled, holding his rough hand. "Can you?"

"Wash my back, silly!" she laughed, slinging his arm over her shoulder.

With a few seconds to register that he had just been having a daydream, his smile returned, scrubbing her back.

She didn't even bother to turn away from him so he could see what he was doing, and, when he began having trouble, she kept her head down and hugging his midsection. "Thank you," she whispered, "Go harder if you want to."

She's submissive,he thought light-heartily, How cute! There was another rush of the feeling of being needed, and he couldn't help but pat her back. "It's no problem, Miss," he whispered back, scrubbing harder to get the last bits of grime out. All was left was to rinse out her hair and soon, he did, dumping the bucket of warm water over her face untill all of it was out. She squirmed slightly, whining about how some of the water got in her eyes.
"Well," he laughed, "You should've kept your eyes closed, silly!"

She kept one eyes squinted, almost crying.

He laughed again, kissing her forehead. "Is that better?"

"Oh, sweet piss."

Jugo's heart skipped a beat, looking up at the owner of the smug voice.

"Getting head already, Jugo?" said Suigetsu, slipping into the warm water. "Disgusting."

The man's face turned a deep red, immediately taking his hands off of her. "No! It's nothing like that, Suigetsu!"

The girl, in all her innocence, turned to face the other boy, slightly confused. "Getting head?" she said slowly, looking back at Jugo. "What's that?"

Suigetsu scoffed, folding his arms as he stood. "Hey, kid," he hissed, "I think you need to go."

She froze as she looked at the man. He had the same hateful look as Sasuke.
Involuntarily, she grabbed onto Jugo's shirt, closing her eyes tightly.

He glared at his white-haired partner, rubbing her back for comfort. "It's okay," he whispered softly, "Just go back to the room. I'll be there shortly."

Childishly, she shook her head, feeling too scared to move.

He lifted her head up, giving a warm smile. "Please? I'll be right there behind you in a quick minute."

Hesitantly, she nodded, gracefully getting out of the water. He gave her a towel and she soon was on her way back to the room.

An unsettling silence befell the two in the few moments after the girl left; however, Suigetsu's glare said it all.

The larger of the two stretched and let out a fake yawn. "Well," he laughed, walking towards the door, "I better go-"

"Jugo," said the boy in a stern manor.

He paused, his hand lingering over the knob. He wanted to go, he really did, but the others voice was lined with concern, so he stayed. "Yeah?" he said over his shoulder.

"You know what she's here with us for, right?"

The man stayed silent. He knew all too well.


"Yes," he hissed, "I know."

"Then, why are you doing this? It's almost disgraceful," Suigetsu took in a deep breath. "C'mon, Jugo, you better than to treat a captive like that."

"She's hurt," he replied calmly, "I'm just making sure the gashes she received don't get infected."

He gave the other a look.

"You know how that old pervert is," continued the man, "He wants everything perfect."

With a roll of his eyes, he sighed. "She's going to be his-"

"I know," he yelled.

Another spurt of awkward silence.

"I know," he repeated, his tone going calm. "Quit your bitching."

Suigetsu looked at the full moon, shaking his head. "I just don't want you getting attached to something you can't have," he mumbled, "I'm not trying to be an ass, I just want you to know she's something that'll never be yours."

"Don't call her a 'thing'," he snapped. "She's a person. A woman."

"See? You're already getting close. God forbid you give her a pet name."

The other huffed, putting his hands in his pocket. "Whatever," he mumbled, walking off to his room.

With sympathy and a slight disgust, he watched the man saunter off to fulfill his promise to the girl.
"Yeah," he scoffed, knowing Jugo didn't pay attention to him, "Whatever."

What is this mysterious girl? Why is she so important? Who's the 'old pervert'!
Suigetsu: Why the fuck didn't you bang her when you could?
Jugo: Oh, shut the hell up, you pathetic piece of tuna.
Sasuke: What's he talking about, Jug-
Jugo: Nothing! Nothing at all!
Karin: *too busy trying to get in Sasuke's pants to speak*
Me: ..Anyway.. Tune in next time for most, all or NONE of these questions to be answered! :D