Hi, all my fellow BTR fangirls(and guys)! So, I've FINALLY started working on this. I have a couple things I would like to say before I get to the actual story. First, this story is dedicated in part to Sting of My Tears, who came up with the idea to have a sequel to Caramel and Cream. It is also dedicated to all my BTR-obsessed friends, who are just AMAZINGLY-AWESOME: BigFan4242, BTRgirl16, BTRlover17, Mochi no Yume, waterwicca, Sting of My Tears, and SailorMars2999. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! *lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of panda huggles to you all* ^.^ You're just awesome and it means so much to have such awsome and supportive friends like you! I look forward to writing this story and getting your reviews and listening to any possible ideas you may have! *super-duper-ultra-mega BTR fangirl huggles to you all* ^.^ PLEASE R&R! ^.^

Chapter 1: Introduction

It had been a full four months since Carlos' accident and things were better than ever. Gustavo had graciously given the guys time off from their dance routines while Carlos recovered. The accident, however painful, had brought the guys closer together than ever. James and Carlos were officially going steady and they were so much in love. Just about everyone who met them commented that they were the cutest couple ever. Shortly after the accident, they had come out about their feelings to the media and explained that they were not at all ashamed of their feelings for one another, which had resulted in the sky-rocketing of BTR's song ratings and downloads both in and out of the gay community.

While James and Carlos' love had blossomed, so had their sex life. Due to the surgery, Carlo had a scar across his abdomen and he didn't like it at all. When he looked at himself in the mirror, all he could see was the scar. It made him feel ugly and undesirable. But James was there and he reassured him that he was just as beautiful as ever; the scar doesn't change anything. And it especially doesn't change the way he feels about him. James backed up his words by showing Carlos a night of unforgettable passion. During this night of passion, they pleasantly discovered that the scar was super-sensitive and it tingled when James kissed it. After that night, Carlos hardly noticed his scar and he even learned to like it. Everything was good.

Until they received some news that would change things completely...