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Chapter 12: Hope

Kendall didn't know which was worse: the waiting or the not knowing if Logan was okay. Both were tearing him up inside to the point where he was almost constantly reminding himself, stay strong for Logan; he's depending on you. To keep himself from going insane, Kendall divided his time between anxiously pacing around the waiting room, and sitting and staring at the clock whose hands seemed to be just sitting still. Of course, James and Carlos were worried, too, but they were also continuously reassuring Kendall that everything was going to be okay.

About an hour after Logan was taken to the operating room, the frantic and bedraggled forms of Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Mitchell, and Katie burst through the waiting room door.

"Oh boys, we got here as soon as we could. The storm is terrible out there." Mrs. Knight said, rather out of breath.

"How is he? Have you heard anything yet?" Mrs. Mitchell asked frantically.

Just by looking at Logan's mom, the boys could tell that she had been crying, which was understandable considering the situation.

"They took him back to surgery about an hour ago, and we haven't heard anything since." James answered.

"Oh, God, how could this happen?" Mrs. Mitchell cried, covering her eyes with one hand.

"Now, Joanna, I'm sure everything's going to be alright." Mrs. Knight comforted with her arm around her friend's shoulders.

"How can you be so sure? It's not your son laying in an operating room with a bullet in his stomach!" Mrs. Mitchell wailed as she sunk into the nearest chair.

Deciding Logan's mom just needed some time to herself, Mrs. Knight turned to survey the other occupants of the room. That's when she noticed her own son standing near the far corner of the room, his eyes reddened and a look of absolute fear and confusion and sadness on his face.

"Oh, sweetie, I didn't even see you there." she said as she scurried over to the lost-looking boy.

She instantly pulled Kendall into a much-needed hug.

"How are you holding up?" she asked, instinctively rubbing her hands across her son's back.

"I'm trying." Kendall sniffled, "Mom, I'm so scared."

"I know, I know. I called Officer Davis, and he's gonna come and solve this whole thing." Mrs. Knight comforted.

"The detective from Carlos' case? Why'd you call him?" Kendall asked as he pulled back from the hug.

"Well, first Carlos was hurt, and now Logan; there's no way all this is a coincidence." Mrs. Knight answered.

"You think….someone's after us?" Kendall asked, a hint of fear in his voice.

"I don't know, but it's better to be safe than sorry." Mrs. Knight said, giving her son a comforting pat on the shoulder, "Now come sit down with everyone."

With that, she guided him over to where the rest of the group was sitting, and where James was trying to console a still-crying Mrs. Mitchell.

"Hey….why isn't my mom with you guys? I called her, too." Carlos suddenly noticed.

"Right after you called her, she called me and said that there were several trees down in front of her office, and she couldn't even get out of the parking lot. She apologized and said to keep her updated, though." Mrs. Knight explained.

"I better go call her; it's been over an hour." Carlos said as he got up and headed for the door.

"Ask the nurse out there if there's any news on Logan yet." Kendall said before his friend exited the room.

Carlos gave a small wave of acknowledgement over his shoulder as he walked through the door. Everyone waited in tense silence when any possible news on Logan's condition was mentioned. They doubted there would be any news yet, but they could still hope.

"How is he?" Kendall blurted out as soon as Carlos finally re-entered the room.

"The nurse said there isn't any news yet." Carlos answered, a bit of remorse in his voice.

Everyone let out a collective sigh of frustration, and a fresh wave of tears was brought to Mrs. Mitchell's eyes.

For the next two hours, everyone sat together in tense silence. There was scarcely a word said during that entire time, and Mrs. Mitchell went through several fits of crying off and on. Everyone was so wrapped up in the silence, they all jumped in surprise when there was a knock at the glass door and it opened. All seven pairs of eyes darted to the door as the same doctor from before stepped inside.

"Oh, God, how is he?" Mrs. Mitchell asked immediately.

"We just finished his surgery, and it looks like he's gonna be okay." the doctor explained as he stepped over to stand in front of everyone.

Upon hearing the news, Kendall instantly broke down into tears of relief, happiness, and emotional exhaustion. His Logie was going to be okay!

"He did loose a lot of blood, and we're going to have to observe him closely for the next day or two, but his vitals are stable, and everything is looking good." the doctor explained further, "We have him in a room if anyone wants to come see him."

Everyone instantly stood up, causing the doctor to raise his eyebrows at their sudden movement.

"I-I'm his mother. Please take us to him." Mrs. Mitchell stammered, wiping at her tears with what seemed like the millionth tissue she'd used since arriving at the hospital.

"Please follow me." the doctor said.

Kendall didn't pay attention to anything around him as the group ushered down a series of hallways, up a few floors in an elevator, and down another short series of halls. All he could think about was seeing Logan again, and holding his hand and hearing his voice. If he could just hear Logan's voice again, he knew everything would be okay.

The group finally came to a stop in the middle of a hallway outside a closed door in a significantly quieter and slightly dimmer-lit part of the hospital. This was obviously where the patients' rooms were.

"He's right in here." the doctor said, gesturing to the closed door, "Now, he's still asleep from anesthesia, so please try to be quiet and not disturb him. He really needs his rest right now."

Everyone nodded, and gently ushered Mrs. Mitchell to go in first. Wiping at her teary eyes, she took a deep breath, and carefully opened the door and stepped inside. As the door clicked shut, Mrs. Knight glanced over her shoulder, and could instantly tell that Kendall was anxious and somewhat distressed. His eyes were still red from crying, he was nibbling nervously at his bottom lip, and he was bouncing slightly on his heels.

"It's okay, sweetie." Mrs. Knight whispered as she reached over to place a comforting hand on her son's shoulder, succeeding in stopping his nervous bouncing, "You're gonna be next to go in and see him."

Kendall nodded silently, and tried to calm the anxious bouncing of his feet. He just kept reminding himself, Everything's okay. The doctor said he would be fine. Just calm down. He needs you now, and you're no good to him if you fall to pieces.

Just as these words ran through Kendall's head for probably the tenth time, the door in front of them opened about halfway, and Mrs. Mitchell stepped out. Kendall furrowed his brow with worry when he saw that she was crying once again with a tissue pressed against her nose. As soon as Mrs. Knight noticed this, she rushed to wrap a comforting arm around Mrs. Mitchell's shoulders.

"Oh, dear, what's wrong? Is he okay?" she asked.

"Y-yes and no. I've just n-never seen my baby in the hospital before. Oh, Jen, he's….he's so pale." Mrs. Mitchell stammered.

"Uhhh, M-Mrs, Mitchell….can I go in and see him?" Kendall asked cautiously, trying to mask his anxiety.

"Oh, of course, g-go ahead, sweetie." Mrs. Mitchell answered.

The blonde boy breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he dreaded what he was certain would be one of the most painful sights of his life. Stepping forward, he opened the door quietly, and stepped inside. As the door clicked shut behind him, he was enveloped in near silence. He didn't even notice what the room around him looked like; all he could focus on was the deathly-still form of his boyfriend laying in the hospital bed a few feet away.

His heart wrenched as he slowly stepped over to the bed, and laid eyes on Logan's face. The brunette boy was as pale as a sheet, and he looked so small laying in the large hospital bed. His eyes were closed, and the only sign that he was still alive was the slow rise and fall of his chest. His cheeks almost looked slightly sunken in, for God's sake. Kendall tried to remind himself that Logan only looked that way because of the surgery; no one ever looks good after surgery.

"L-Logie?" he asked softly as he reached out to carefully hold the smaller boy's hand, "Baby, it's me. The surgery's over, and you're gonna be okay. The doctor said you did really good."

He wasn't surprised when Logan didn't move or respond in any way. The brunette boy had just been through a major trauma, and he needed all the rest he could get. Plus, what time he spent asleep was time he didn't spend in pain.

"I'm so proud of you, baby." Kendall whispered as he leaned over to press a light kiss to his boyfriend's forehead, "You're gonna be okay, and we're gonna find the bastard that did this to you. He's not gonna get away with it."

It might have been Kendall's imagination, but he thought he felt the tiniest of squeezes to his hand, which remained tucked inside Logan's. That one tiny action gave the blonde boy one more glimmer of hope; he knew Logan was still in there and that he could hear him. It was going to take him a little while to recover, but he would recover.

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