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For the first time in a year I was alone to my thoughts, I didn't hear anything not a soul not a peep and it was great. My paws sunk into the soft ground that is a constant on the patrol routes of my home, La Push, Washington. I pushed myself forward letting myself feel the freedom of my somewhat newly acquired wolf form, what a crazy day that was, our fifteenth birthday; it was almost like world war three.

I had woken up that morning and shuffled into the hallway on the way to the bathroom when the smell of bacon hit me. I knew he would be cooking today, normally my sister does that, but today like every May twenty second for the last fifteen years he cooked on this day. Cooked the same breakfast he cooked our mother the day that we were born. Bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese omelets, pancakes and always a bowl of cereal.

As I made my way into the kitchen I saw my sister with her nose in that book again, the same old tattered love crap she would always read on this day as well. She had faith that our mother would come home, I on the other hand did not.

She just up and left that day and for that he never forgave her and neither could I, but Ali did and just like every year she would read that book go to grandpa's house and wait and hope, and come home at the end of the day crushed and in tears. Every year I would comfort her and tell her that it would be ok, and every year it wasn't. It made me angry more and more every year that she did it, but I wouldn't stop her. He wouldn't let me stop her because deep down I think he held hope too.

"Hey CJ" he said while spooning the eggs onto our plates. He looked up with the same joy and sadness in his eyes that he had every year on our birthday.

"Hey dad, Ali what's up?"

"Happy Birthday to you to CJ" Ali mock huffed, I walked over to her and ruffled her long hair causing her to squeal and smack me in the arm with her book.

"Happy Birthday Ali, you know I wouldn't forget our birthday, so what kind of trouble are we going to get into today?"

"Bikes or Cliff Diving" Ali looked up at our dad with hope in her eyes. He shook his head at that, "definitely no to the cliff diving Ali, but we can get the bikes out of the shed and see if we can get them running again."

A couple of years back when we moved into the new cabin dad and the guys built Ali and I spotted the bikes shoved back in the very back of his old garage under the same tarp as his old Rabbit, that thing was ancient. He built it and the bikes apparently to impress our mother when they were kids and when she left he put them back there and never looked at them again.

Ali and I ran out of the garage begging him and uncle Embry to take us for rides on them, he just got a far off look in his eyes and said no. After weeks of bugging him about the bikes he promised Ali and I that on our fifteenth birthday he would get the bikes out let us help him fix them up and then give them to us. Of course I wanted the black one and Ali wanted the red.

So today was the day we got our bikes, after breakfast we walked out to his new three bay garage and opened the door that hadn't been opened in the three years that we lived here. There sat the Rabbit and on each side of it were our bikes. Just as we were going to run in Embry and Angela pulled up the drive.

"Happy Birthday kids" they yelled at the same time. Embry of course walked up to Ali and ruffled her hair causing her to pout while Angela pulled her into a hug, shooting fake daggers at Embry for messing with a young girl's hair. I just rolled my eyes walked up to him and gave him a handshake.

"So you kids ready for this? I know you've been waiting a long time for your dad to pull these things out and get them running for ya."

I just nodded while Ali bounced around like a jackrabbit.

"Hey Jake you need help pushing the rabbit out"

Sure, sure dad said as he opened the door and popped it in neutral. They stood in front of the rabbit and gave it a push and it went rolling into the grass.

After that we got to work on the bikes dad and Embry agreed that not much should need to be done to the bikes since there wasn't anything wrong with them when he stored them away. Just new fuel, oil and some spark plugs and that should do the trick they said.

About an hour and a half in Angela and Ali went into fix some lunch, wolves need to eat is what they always said.

Ali and I know about dad and the pack, but we are the only ones. Dad said since we were his kids and he was Alpha we needed to know. No one else in the pack told their kids, so they didn't know…yet.

Ali and Angela came out with a mound of sandwiches on a plate, a couple bags of chips and some two liters of pop. After we ate Angela told Embry that she her and Ali were going to head to Forks, we all just gave a knowing nod.

When they pulled out of the drive we got back to work on the bikes and within the hour we were done, I hosed them off while Embry and dad pushed the Rabbit back into the garage.

We pushed the bikes out past the house and the garage into the backyard. Our cabin was pretty far back on the razz, we had about 10 acres, they tore down a bunch of trees to make a clearing in the backyard and the rest of the land was surrounded by forest all but a path that lead down to third beach. It was easier for the wolves to meet here, and Sam and Emily's was just getting to small, plus this was more private and easier since one of the patrol routes was right in the back yard.

Once we got to the back of the house dad told me how to start and ride the bike, and made it a clear point to NEVER use the front break by itself, something about flipping over the handlebars and getting hurt. Sounds to me like he had an experience with that at one time.

After riding around in the back yard for what seemed like hours with dad, and Embry's wolf running around trying to knock dad off his bike we started along the paved road toward Forks to pickup Ali and Angela, we knew Ali would want to get some riding time in before the bonfire tonight.

Once we pulled up to the old white house and cut the engines dad's posture went stiff and so did Embry's they both hung their heads and started trudging toward the back yard. Once we rounded the back of the house I saw Ali bawling her eyes out and Angela rocking her under the huge tree in the back yard. I felt the anger start to build up in me and I couldn't stand there and watch her crying her eyes out. I stomped around to the front of the house, but I couldn't get control of myself I just kept getting angrier and angrier and I was shaking and all I could feel was a burning heat working it's way up my feet and legs. As I was pacing back and fourth I could hear someone yelling my name and I could hear the same voice yelling for my dad, but nothing really registered until I felt his palms on either side of my shoulders. I looked up and my dads' eyes were almost wild and Embry's were wide as saucers. I could feel my dad's hands all over my face and I couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going on. Over the ringing in my ears I could hear Embry yelling at my dad something about a fever and how long I had had it and my dad shouting back that he has been keeping an eye on us and nothing has been different.

I slumped to the ground as soon as my ears stopped ringing and the anger faded away. Dad propped me up against the tree in the front of the house and was looking at me like I had lost my mind.

"What" I snapped, I could see hurt and anger pass through his eyes before he took a deep breath, "what was that CJ you need to tell me exactly what happened there."

"I don't know dad, we walked around the back of the house and I saw Ali crying again and Angela rocking her and I just I don't know I got pissed and I couldn't stand there and see her tearing herself up again," the anger started to bubble up again the more I talked about it, " I couldn't take it so I came around front here and was trying to calm down, but I just couldn't calm down, just thinking about what that bitch did to you and to us, and the fact that Ali has came here ever since she was nine waiting for her to come back and she never does, she never comes back and she is never going to come back, it kept pissing me off more," I could see the anger in his eyes and I couldn't tell if the shaking was coming from me or from him for calling my mom love of his life a bitch, but I didn't care I was angry again and the heat was back. I tried to get up but he put his hands on my shoulders and shoved me back against the tree again.

I heard Embry yell at Angela to stay in the back, and I could hear him whispering to dad that this was crazy.

"You think I'm fucking crazy Embry! You turn into a god damn dog!"

His eyes went wide again and so did my dad's, great now I really am some kind of freak I'm cussing out my dad and his best friend and I am about burning alive.

Dad shoved me back into the tree again, I guess in my mini rage I was trying to fight my way to standing.

"Son you need to listen to me and listen good" He said in a tone that I have never heard before.

"You need to tell me right now what you are feeling"

"I already told you what I was feeling" I snapped.

"No what are you feeling? Are you hot?"


At that both dad and Embry sucked in a breath.

"What the hell is going on?" I all but shouted.

Dad and Embry looked at each other, and they both shook their heads.

"How long has this been going on CJ" Embry asked.

"How long have we been here?" I snapped back

"That can't be Jake this is just crazy, I had a fever for a week and you had it for 3 days before, are you sure he hasn't been feeling hot?"

"I think I would fuckin know Em I have been going in their rooms and checking them every night when they are sleeping for the last year and a half. I started when they were thirteen because Collin and Brady changed at fourteen, I've been keeping an eye believe me."

"What the fuck is going on with me" I roared.

Dad whipped his head back around to me with angry eyes, "don't you dare speak to me like that" he roared right back. As soon as he said it I flatted my self as much as I could against the tree and hung my head.

He snapped up and started pacing back and fourth "FUCK fuck, Embry he is already following commands, shit!"

I looked back up at Embry who was now sitting on his ass mouth hung open eyes wide and shaking his head, mutter over and over again, this can't be.


I pleaded with my dad

"Just tell me what is going on"

He crouched back in front of me feeling my head again, "Em he's burning up and still shaking, how the hell could it come on this fast?"

"I don't know Jake, I really don't"

"CJ, are you sure you've never felt this before, any of it"

I looked at him and shook my head. "I told you as soon as I saw her this happened" I was starting to panic now they were being so damn cryptic. The fear in Embry's eyes and the anger in my dad's were starting to get to me.

"Have you been feeling sore, achy at all, lately CJ?"

"No everything has been normal up until I saw her hurting dad, I mean this morning when I woke up and smelled breakfast I got a little pissed because I knew that's what you made her on our birthday and when I saw Ali reading that damn book again I got mad, but nothing like this.

"Dad it hurts, it's like fire, like it's shooting up from my feet and spreading throughout my body. I couldn't stop it I tried and I couldn't stop shaking, and my ears were ringing, I swear dad nothing like this has ever happened before, I swear"

"I know son, I know" He pulled me into his chest and hugged me tight, just like when I was a kid.

"I'm sorry for getting so mad, I'm so sorry"

"CJ listen to me, this isn't your fault. You know what I am what the boys are? You know all about the legends that they are true and that I have told you that since you are little" he said as more of a statement than a question.


"I don't know why it is happening this way, but it's happening and there is nothing that you or I can do about, and I'm sorry for that son, but you're going to change, you're becoming one of us"

My mouth dropped open, I always thought it would be cool to change, to be a wolf, a protector of the rez, but not this way, this shit hurt.

Embry and my dad both chuckled.

"Shit did I say that out loud?"

My dad just nodded his head.

"What did you mean you don't know why it is happening this way?"

"Sam was the first to change, then Jared, Paul and Embry there, they had a fever for at least a week before the change CJ. So did most of the others. I had a fever for only 3 days and we are guessing because I am the Alpha that my change went quicker, but you, you haven't had a fever at all CJ. We run a temperature of 108 and you feel fine when you are calm, I would know if you were getting hot. That's why we don't know what is going on."

I just shook my head "so we don't know at all when it is going to happen to me? Like you guys had some kind of warning and I get nothing, one day I could just poof turn into a wolf? What about Ali you said that you are watching her too!"

"Yes the both of you, right now Leah is the only woman that has phased, but that doesn't mean that Ali won't since she is the Alpha's daughter."

"So what do we do now? It's not like I can't go to the bonfire tonight, it would kill her dad you know it would" I started to panic again. This bonfire means everything to Ali.

"We'll go tonight, but listen you have to stay by me or Leah all night since she is Beta, if you feel at all like you are getting pissed you need to tell one of us right away and we will get you out of there. I'm counting on you to be honest about this CJ, if you feel anything at all tell us."

I shook my head and he helped me up. We walked back around to the back of the house and Ali was fine now, Angela actually had her smiling. Dad still had his hand on my shoulder giving me the, are you fine look. I gave him a nod saying that yes I was fine and wasn't going to go all wolf.

Ali noticed me and got up and ran up to me, "so how are the bikes C?"

"Great Ali we go them both going and actually came to pick you up, you ready?"

Bouncing back and fourth she was acting like just minutes ago she was bawling her eyes out.

"Yeah let's do this!"

"Ok Ali you ride with me, CJ you take your bike and Angela and Embry will you go over to Leah's and tell her the news?"

Angela shot Embry a confused look and Embry mumbled that he would tell her on the way.

After riding around in the back yard with Ali on the bikes Leah showed up and I could hear her and dad talking about what was going on, she just kept shaking her head back and forth and asking questions about Ali and the other pack kids. Of course dad didn't really know what to say since my own change was coming about so quick and without fever until this morning in Forks.

As the sun began to set we were all making our way down to third beach, this is the most private of the three and since it's in the back yard this is where we have been doing the bonfires since we moved here. Every one had food, Sam and Emily brought the burgers and hot dogs and their two kids Cole and Aidan were helping them carry their food. Jared and Kim brought the buns, chips and pop and their kids Dakota, JJ, and Darby were helping them. Embry and Angela brought dessert, Angela had her own bakery here on the rez and her two girls Cheyenne and Sage where helping them carry the cake and pies. Paul and Rachel and their two boys Will and Tanner brought the rest of the food. Quil and Claire were meeting us down at the beach along with the council and Grandpa Charlie, they were getting the fire going and tables set up and from what I heard Brady and Collin running patrols. Leah and Ryder with their kids River and Tala followed close behind me.

The bonfire was the normal bonfire but this time the legend that Grandpa Billy told while staring at me hit me hard in a good way. I was glad to know that some day I was going to be part of this pack and I was going to be able to protect my home.

After the stories we opened gifts and everyone just sat around joking. I was staring into the fire when dad clapped his hand down on my shoulder and pointed across the fire over to grandpa Billy, "I'm going to go over and talk to your grandpa, I'm just going to be right over there and Leah is sitting right back there talking to Angela, are you going to be ok?"

"Yes dad, I'm fine" I said while rolling my eyes.

Dad got up and walked over to Grandpa Billy and started talking. Every thing was going fine until I heard Cole talking about Ali. I was surprised that I even heard anything because he was standing down by the beach with Tanner and JJ. Ali and the other girls were splashing around in the ocean.

"Man, Ali is really looking good tonight huh; I'd really like to see what's under that dress she's wearing"

"Dude, Ali is my cousin, that's just sick" Tanner said. JJ just nodded his head and looked over at the girls.

My hands began to shake and in the next instant I was up and running down to the beach, I could hear someone screaming my name, but it just wasn't registering. I lunged at him and when I fell on top of him I saw claws digging into his shoulders.

All I could hear after that was screaming in my head Ali, Tanner, Will, River, Aidan, and Dakota. Brady and even Collin were screaming. I couldn't get past hearing Ali screaming though I turned to look in her direction and all I saw was a light red wolf scrambling around in the water freaking out. The next thing I know I feel shaking beneath me and Cole turned into a small black wolf with a gray muzzle. Just as he was trying to fight me off I heard to worst thing I had ever heard.

"Every one stop right now; CJ get the fuck off of Cole, Ali calm down and get over here. Every one just stop." My dad roared. All of the wolves that I could see instantly flattened into the sand.

"Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry get the pups together, Brady and Collin shake it off and get back on patrol, Quil get Clair and the other imprints together and get the girls that didn't phase, Leah I need you to get the boys that didn't phase because we don't need them around anyone just in case."

After that night everything was explained to us and I mean everything, the boys that phased were kept away from their families for a couple of weeks to make sure that we had our tempers and phasing under control. Amazingly enough Ali was the best at phasing and turning human again with me not far behind. It took a while for Cole and I to not phase at the sight of each other, I still couldn't get the way he talked about Ali that night out of my head and it seems that I was not the only one unhappy about it. Cole is two years older than us and my dad just didn't like a seventeen year old talking about his fifteen year old daughter that way, but Ali thought it was funny, because she never had an interest in Cole what so ever.

Of course with a new round of pups phasing the whole imprint thing took an immediate affect. Poor Embry both of his girls were imprinted on. I imprinted on his youngest Sage who is a year younger than me and River my best friend and Dakota, who is also a wolf, had a double imprint.

Hey kid, Embry said snapping me out of my mini flashback of last year.

You got anything yet

Naw I'm just running the outer boarder, I sent him a mental picture of where exactly I was. I was just getting near the cement road that leads into La Push, it was still early in the morning, but the sun was out just enough that I had to be careful when I crossed over the road. As I was slowing down nearing the road a smell I had only encountered a few times crossed my senses.

Shit kid hold still I'm on my way I'll be there in a few and I'll let the others know

I crept toward the road a little closer and hunkered down under some brush, the stench was getting stronger the closer I go to the road, but I could hear a car.

What the hell Embry vamps drive cars these days?

CJ really don't move any closer you don't know what you are doing, you've never fought a vamp on your own before just hold tight I'm almost there kid I could hear him howl in the distance letting the pack know there was a leech in the area.

I couldn't help myself I crawled on my belly closer to the old treaty line that we haven't used in years due to the veggie vamps disappearance. The car that I heard coming had stopped and pulled to the side of the road. The stench was overwhelming almost making me gag every time I took in a breath of air.

I sat watching as a slender hooded figure climbed out of the jacked up four door Jeep, I let a small growl slip through my muzzle.

Em…Embry its coming right to the boarder, I showed him exactly what I saw. The small figure was getting close I could see the pale white hands swinging back and fourth, the brown hair that was coming out of the hood, but nothing else it's head was down and the hood of it's hoodie was up, I guess trying to keep from getting wet.

What kind of leech is this? It's scared of getting wet.

It's a smart one CJ it's playing a human very well, now stop moving, damn it I'm not telling you again. I am on the other side of the rez, just stop, Jake will kill me if anything happens to you and Sage won't be far off either.

The leech was now within feet of the treaty line, I wasn't going to let this bastard on my rez, near my imprint or my sister, no way no how. Blocking out the roars from Embry I launched myself out in the road right in front of the damn thing. It skidded to a halt, but the stench wouldn't go away with every blow of the breeze the smell was assaulting me. I lunged at it again, but it started walking faster toward me. I snarled my warning at the bloodsucker and ran straight for it. Its head snapped up and the hood fell back just as I was mid air. I Landed on top of the bloodsucker with my teeth at its throat ready to rip its head off when my dad yelled at me to stop.

STOP? What the hell am I stopping for this bloodsucker is trying to get on the rez, I yelled back tightening my teeth at its jugular

CJ stop

Why I roared back

Because damn it that's…. that's your mother, it's Bella

My eyes widened in shock I looked down and I could see blood gushing from the gash at her throat, I could hear my dad's paws slamming into the mud as he was running as fast as he could to get here. I could hear Leah laughing and telling me that I did good kid, and that that's something she had wanted to do for years now. I could hear Embry yelling at her that this wasn't time to be making nasty comments about the leech lover.

Last of all I could hear sobs coming from two people Ali in wolf form crying because I may have just killed our mother, and our mother sobbing and gagging at the same time because her throat has nearly torn open.

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