Chapter 25: Epologue

It really was amazing.

The fact that Alec had finally managed to get Carle to agree to marry him was quite the feat – and I know because underneath the sweet girl thing she had going on, Carle was a stubborn thing. We both were, and seeing as mom and grandpa was so stubborn, well let's just say that our family was hell to deal with.

But it wasn't just us three now; mom married Edward, finally! And we lived with the Cullen's. Mom wanted us to change out name and Carle did but I didn't want to. I loved my last name so in the end, we settled on Isobel Swan-Cullen and everybody was happy.

We all moved back to Forks, and although it was dreary, it was still home. And funnily enough, after the ball, Carle and Alec couldn't keep away from each other. Wherever she went he would follow and although it annoyed her at first, she eventually got over it and forgave him.

Apparently, it hurt too much but all I can say is thank god. I love my sister but her crying can rivel the Niagra Falls when she wants to.

So anyway, after a few years, Alec came to live with us; Aro had allowed him to come because of their bond and Jane would come for visits sometimes. I have to say, she wasn't as bad as we all thought she was but I digress.

It took Alec two years to work up the courage to aske Carle to marry him, and her being her said they should wait a little longer because – and I quote: "We practically live forever so what's the harm in waiting a year or two?"

So Alec waited, he proposed every other moth until she finally said yes and that day was the happiest day ever for my sister.

It was also the happiest day for me because I found my mate. Well, mate isn't exactly the right word, I would say I found my Imprint.

We were all happy, lovey dovey family and getting ready for the wedding of the century (curtsey of Alice) but all in all, I think getting kidnapped was the best thing that happened to our family in the end.

But I don't know, maybe you think differently. You were the one's that read the story after all.

OK that's it. It was dragging on too long and i didnt want to finish it so i did it like this. i know you may be angry, but who knows. I may just write about Izzy's Imprint sometime soon so keep looking.

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