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Revived - A Unique Rogue

I do not own any rights to the Twilight Saga. Those belong to Stephanie Meyer. The only characters I own in this chapter are Shay and Jason.

When I first started writing for fan fiction I did not understand how things worked and this story got yanked. I now know what I was doing wrong and apologize for my mistake..

This story takes place after Breaking Dawn.

I can't promise a very long detailed story, nor can I promise how fast I will be able to write it - that depends on what comes.


Part One

We are life, but we are death. We are strong and yet we're weak. They can supress us , but not kill us. We are owned by everyone and yet belong to no one. I know who I am, but do you? And do you know where you belong? Those were words I have been repeating in my brain for years, for it was whispered into my ear as a female who had just entered adulthood by a man with dark golden eyes and long beautiful blonde hair. He'd also repeated the name of Carlisle Cullen to me and told me the man would help me if I ever needed him.

"Someday you will be like me." He whispered. I think he would have said - and done - more, but his head flipped around though there was no one in sight. "We will meet again." With that he was gone.

Who the man was who whispered in my ear I can not say. I only know it was not the one called Carlisle. I also remember it was before 'it' happened, and yet I also know in my hearts of heart I must find Carlisle. He is my only hope of locating the one who spoke the riddle. This latest turn of events must not stop me.

Shay stood alone with her thoughts as she stood on a hill watching it burn knowing the fire had only been started to hide what was inside the cave roasting. Just as she stood up from a crouched position she caught the whiff of a familiar scent.

What she smelled were people racing to put out the fire on top of the mountain. It had made a strong - almost painful - thirst jump to her throat. No human blood, No human blood she chanted and raced away from the raging fire, away from the smell wanting to override her conscience. Instead Shay ran to find any a buck, deer, or whatever animal was big enough to kill the sense attached to her throat. Only when an oversized elk was found did she make a kill. Once that was taken care of she headed back south.

South would take her to 'their' land - at least that is what the rumors told her. However, sure she was the news of the five deaths would spread as fast as the fire on the hill she wasn't positive whether, or not, her name would be attached to it. She hadn't sensed any other of their kind around, but that meant little when you are more concerned about saving your own skin than someone who may, or may not , be within sensing range.

Whoever may, or may not, have been out there was ignored as she raced towards the edge of the shape-shifter's land. Would they listen to her? Would they give her a chance and let her cross, or would they kill her? She sure hoped they'd lend aid, if not, then Jason would find her alone and supress her - she just knew it.

Sam smelled a vampire racing towards their land and called the pack together. They formed a line behind the trees and readied themselves to attack. A woman's form came into sight, but what she did shocked them. Instead of stepping foot on their territory she knelt and then stretched out her hands on the ground. "I mean no harm, I do not hunt humans. I beg of you tell me if you know where one called Carlisle Cullen is. I need his help!" An urgency Sam hadn't heard in any other vampires voice - except when Bella was ill was now heavily accented in the voice of this stranger.

"Move carefully." Sam ordered the pack and they advanced forward. "Who are you? - Tell us your name!" Sam shouted as he advanced.

The woman lifted her face and answered his demand. "I am called Shay. Please, I do not hunt humans, I need to speak to Carlisle desperately. I've heard you know where he is."

"Stand up." Sam did not try to be polite hence his order was barked out as if he were still in wolf form. The first thing he looked at was the woman's eyes - they were dark golden.

"Follow me, but if you try anything my pack will tear you to shreds." Sam turned and Shay followed.

Shay quietly followed Sam though she nervous about the wolves around her. Were they really willing to take her to the one called Carlisle, or were they simply going to tear her to pieces once out of sight? If those thoughts bothered her mentally then their odor was making her slightly ill, but her mouth stayed shut - it wasn't like she was in the position to ask them to back off. Finally, Sam turned and told her to stop and wait.

""Carlisle !" Sam hollered as he drew closer to the Cullen's house.

"Carlisle isn't here!" Shouted Edward from the balcony. "He's gone on a hunt, what do you want?"

"Some woman says it's urgent she talks to him. And Edward?" Sam hollered back refusing to step any closer.

"Yes?" He quit yelling and spoke to Sam through his mind.

"She has golden eyes like you." Sam wasn't surprised at the shock of emotion that went through Edward, nor was he disturbed to see Jacob come out of the house and change to wolf form.

"Let her through." The fact that Edward could not read anything bothered him. But instead of speaking up he watched as a tall thin woman with stardust colored hair approached the house. Sam and his pack only left when Jacob was close enough to attack - if necessary.

"Who are you?" Edward asked the question silently out of habit, but then went to speak it out loud - only her answer came just as he opened up his mouth.

"They call me Shay." She didn't dare tell him what else they called her. She'd found out by now that meant instant death to those like her - if others knew that is - and yet, she'd done no wrong. Shay simply could not take the risk of opening up yet.

"Why can't I read you? Are you a shield?" That didn't set right with him - that wasn't how things were supposed to work.

"Kind of, but not really…" She pleaded with him to satisfy himself with her name only for the time being. "I implore you to let me stay and talk to Carlisle when he gets home. If not it will be my…death." It wasn't the word she wanted to use, but something told her he'd not understand if she used the word suppression.

"Jacob, let her pass." Edward spoke out loud and watched as Jacob changed form and let her do so.


Shay stood in the Cullen's home being eyed either with curiosity - or suspicion - by Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, Emmet, and Rosalie. She was sure the others would have too - had they been there. However the rest being gone did not mean she was going to get out of questioning by Edward.

"Why do you need to talk to my father so badly?" Edward's eyes lifted and then bore into hers, "And if you are not a shield like my wife then what are you?"

Shay wanted to retort with 'A vampire?', but instead sighed, "When I was younger I was told if I ever needed help to find a Carlisle Cullen." Edward watched as the stranger's hands tightened on the couch she leaned against and an - almost fanatical pleading - jumped into her eyes. "I …please bare with me, I can't explain who I am with out him here."

"Can you at least tell us where you are from? Or would that be a sin?" Rosalie asked with icy sarcasm laced on her tongue.

"I'm from everywhere, I have no home." Shay's eyes hardened with resentment at what was implied by the tone of Rosalie's voice - Edward stepped in figuring a fight might start if he didn't.

"Tell me, are you bringing us trouble?" Bella's husband saw no need to beat around the bush.

Shay's head slightly sagged as she confessed that could very well be the case. "Mind you - it's not something I want, but I dare say Jason is bound to find me sooner, or later, and when he does I'm sure Alec will be with him - along with the surviving Volturi." Her eyes shot back to Edward who she feared might order her out this instance due to what she'd just said.

"Surviving Volturi?" All asked with bewildered eyes.

" Aro, Marcus, Caius, Demetri and Jane are all dead." Shay wasn't surprised the group looked as if they'd been immobilized.

"Since when?" Rosalie found her voice first and practically barked the question Shay's way.

"As of three and a half hours ago - give or take a few minutes. For the first three anyway. Jane and Demetri's demise was more like six." Shay figured she might as well answer the next question before it was asked. "I know because they met their deaths at my hand." That sent emotional tidal waves throughout the room.''

"You killed five of the Volturi by yourself?" Edward scoffed, "I find that hard to believe."

"Pit me against the best you have." Shay knew it was the only way she had a hope of convincing them she spoke the truth.

Jasper doubted Shay, didn't want to fight her, but was curious to see just how good she was. So, with Jasper's 'relatives' watching on the fight began. Shay's steps were faster than even Edward's, her punches harder than even Emmett's, Alice was edgy because she'd seen none of this coming, and Bella grew nervous because her shield wasn't as strong as it normally was. It didn't take long for Jasper to call Uncle.

"Who are you?" The whole group asked as Shay backed off the fight when Jasper had conceded to her win.

"Shay." Carlisle spoke from top of the balcony -with the rest of the Cullen group by his side. "I wondered how long it would take for Aro to figure out you were not dead, and be stupid enough to try and take you out. And if you are standing in my yard that must mean the news I heard on our way back is true."

"So, their deaths are already known?" Shay's voice sagged. "I kind of figured it might. If news of the Volturi had stunned Edward and the others, then Carlisle's word shocked them even more.

"You know her?" Bella's eyes widened as did the whole Cullen family.

"I know of her." Carlisle corrected and suggested they all go back inside to talk.

"I've fought to lay low." Shay spoke softly as she looked out the window over looking the back yard. "If you have heard of me I must have failed miserably." An ache resided in her voice.

"Actually, you did exceptionally well." Carlisle walked to her side and handed her glass holding the all too familiar red stuff.

"Yuck, I hate this stuff. But it's better than killing innocent people." She gulped it down as to avoid whatever taste possible. "So, if I have done so well how do you know of me?" Her eyes left the backyard and fastened onto Carlisle's own face.

"Dameon told me someday one called Shay would be looking me up, and when she did…" He looked at her with sympathy, "it most likely would be in connection to at least one death of the main Volturi - if not more."

"Dameon? Dameon knows her?" Esme asked with bewilderment on her face. The rest of the Cullen's just looked confused - they'd not heard the name before.

"Yes, but…" Carlisle turned his attention back to Shay, "Do you even remember him?"

"Tall thin man with hard muscles? Long blond hair to his waist?" It had to be him, but why did the name not sound right.

"Yes, that's him." Carlisle debated on using the man's real name - but then decided against it. "I'm sure the news of five main Volturi will reach his ears."

"And when he does?" Inside herself Shay knew the answer, but needed it validated by an outside voice.

"I dare say he will come for you." Carlisle couldn't answer any other way.

"In that case I hope he makes it here before Jason does." Closing her eyes Shay rubbed her forehead and tried not to think of the consequences if the stranger from her past didn't arrive first.

The rest of the Cullen's would have liked to ask questions - Edward even opened his mouth to ask one, but Carlisle held up his hand. "I know you have questions, Edward, but…" The good doctor's tone grew in intensity, "Reading my mind would tell you little, but what it could show you would put this family in extreme danger should Dameon not sure up first." Glancing around the room he almost sounded like Shay when he asked them not to ask questions about Shay. "At least not until Dameon or one of his group shows up."

"I don't like it." Rosalie glared harder at Shay than she'd ever done to Bella. "But I will hold my tongue until this Dameon fellow shows up." The rest reluctantly agreed, though Alice vocally protested she couldn't see anything.

"Welcome to our world." Edward muttered - which only earned him a hard look from Carlisle and a pout off Alice.

"Come, Shay, you and I need to talk." Carlisle turned to Esme. "You come too." With that the three left the room.