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Cin was never one of those girls who went out looking for adventure. In fact, she was more than content with her average quiet life. But all that would change in one fateful day out of the golf course when she comes across someone, in fact, several someones, who simply cannot keep quiet!

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Cin was the person who sat in the back of your class and never made trouble. She was friendly with everyone, but didn't really have any special friends. She was the type of girl everyone liked, but never really thought that much of. Serene and intelligent, when grouped with others, it was often "Great, we have Cin, she's smart," or other statements of the like. And she just kept smiling on.

Her true passions that lay buried beneath her surface was reading and playing golf. Almost everyday, no matter what the weather, she could be found at the golf course, hitting balls or playing a round. This self-sufficient person was home alone a lot, due to her parents constantly traveling.

But she never seemed to mind. She kept going down the same old track, day after day, of her life, and never wanted for anything.

She was golfing the day all this changed.

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"Wow, I crushed that one!" There was nothing she loved more to hear than the solid ping of a ball well hit.

"Go left, go left…no!"

The one problem with hitting such great shots was that with her aim being slightly off, she was often punished for her perfect shots.

Sighing, she swung her bag onto her back and set off for the woods where her ball was hiding.

Though she often complained about the constant walking she had to do, she almost never rode a cart. There was simply something soothing about walking along, the heavy bag hanging comfortably from her shoulders.

She felt natural as the wind whispered through her hair, the rain pattering on her cheeks, and she closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh air.


Wind didn't make a noise like that.


There it was again!

"Hello, is someone there?" she stopped and looked towards the bushes the sound appeared to be coming from.


Quickly, she put her bag down and started to enter the woods cautiously.

What she saw astounded her.

A young blond was sprawled on the ground, long hair askew, on his back with lots of scratches as though he had fallen through the trees.

His chest rose ever so slightly. Good, he was breathing.

"I have to call for help," she didn't realize she said it out loud as she reached for her cell phone.

She never even saw him move before he was standing behind her, one arm holding her immobile while the other held a blade to her throat.

"Where am I, un?"

Cin couldn't speak.

"Where am I, un?" he repeated a little louder, gripping harder.

"Linden Village," she gasped out.

"Huh, well, at least I made it here before my ride conked out, un. I'll let you go if you promise not to scream, un."

"It's not like it'd do me much good to scream. We're in the middle of a golf course if you haven't noticed. Not to mention it's raining. There's no one around to hear me."

He let her go and spun her around to face him, "That's a stupid thing to tell someone with a knife, un."

"If you intend to kill me, there's nothing I can do about it anyway," was the prim reply, "So get it over with fast."

"Nah, I still might have a use for you, un."

"What's with the 'un's?"

"You really have no idea on how to act in a hostile situation, do you, un?"

"I don't want to die while still curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat, you know, un."

"Me asking doesn't change the situation, does it?"

To her surprise, he started laughing. They were weak and gasping, but they were laughs still.

"You don't know when to quit, do you, un?":

He let her go and turned her around so he could look her in the eye. She noted that he appeared her age, eighteen, but maybe a bit older. His blue-grey eyes laughed and his chaotic golden blond hair fell down his back.

He looked like someone who she could be friends with.

Until she remembered the knife.

"What are you doing here?" she dared to ask.

"Secret mission," was all he got out before he started to stagger. His eyes grew hazy as his feet became unsteady.

"Are you okay?"

"Never better, un."

"Are you sure? You look like you're sick."

"I'm having a bang, un!" he laughed.

"You're definitely not feeling great. Are you sure you don't want me to call an ambulance?"

He looked directly at her, "No."

She looked directly back, "Then will you let me fetch a golf cart so I can take you out of here before you die of sickness?"

He started laughing again, "I just put a kunai to your throat and you're trying to take care of me, un? Wow, this is a riot! Do you have no sense of self-preservation, un?"

"I just can't stand to see anyone sick or injured when there's something I can do. Besides, you were just getting ready to order me to take care of you, weren't you? This was, at least, I can delude myself that I'm doing this by choice. So, can I?"

"Sure, un," he smiled and then pitched forward onto the grass unconscious.

For a brief second, she deeply considered leaving him there, but she couldn't. It was in her nature to help heal people, and even though he had threatened her, she still couldn't just leave him like that.

Sighing to herself over her soft heart, she picked up her bag and started walking back to the clubhouse to get a cart.

What on earth was she going to tell them?

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Deidara woke up on an unfamiliar bed wearing a set of unfamiliar clothes.

"What happened, un?" he groaned, placing a hand to his aching head.

"Oh, you're awake?" asked a pleasant voice from the door, "That's good, I was beginning to think that you'd never get up."

The bomber struggled to focus his eyes on the girl holding a bowl in the doorway. His shinobi training helped him distinguish long golden-brown hair, almost as long as his own, framing a heart-shaped face with warm amber eyes.

"I made soup," she continued, "It's pretty good for sicknesses. I don't know if you can handle solid food yet," she entered the room and placed the bowl on the bedside table, drawing attention to the fact that she was barely five feet tall, "That was one pretty serious head injury you had."

Deidara tried for cockiness.

"Were you the one who changed me, un?" he asked, trying to embarrass the girl.

She smiled back patiently, "No, I just handed you clothes, pushed you into a room, told you to change, and you did. I think you were kind of out of it at the time."

"Where am I, un?" he gave up the pretense of being in control.

"My house."

"Who are you, un?"

"I don't know, who are you?"

"Pretty low, trying to interrogate me while I'm sick, un."

"Pretty low, trying to attack an unarmed girl, 'un'."

She propped her hands on her hips, and Deidara couldn't help but smile.

"I'm Deidara, un."

"Cindra Laeh. But everyone calls me Cin."

"Nice to meet you, Cin, un."

"Hello, Deidara. How about we leave off the threatening atmosphere and try a new start. Maybe as friends?"

"Friends, un?"

"What, don't you have any?"

"Not really. Too busy planning world domination, un."

She let out a laugh.

"That's funny!" she giggled.

"No it's not, un! It's the truth…oops."

He had just done a Tobi. What was it about this girl that had him ready to spill the secrets of the Akatsuki?

"Well, you can't plan world domination on an empty stomach, so eat up, Deidara. And then maybe we can talk about getting you back home."

"I just moved here, un, so I only have the address." He handed her the piece of paper.

Her eyebrows rose, "Well, isn't this interesting?"

"You know where it is, un?"

"It's right next door."