Okay, so I'm going to try a fanfic that's been stuck in my head for the past month. At first, I was like 'eh, it'll go away. Everyone wants to do that at some point.' But it didn't! It grew! It grew into something I wanted to write! I want people to send OCs 'cause OC fics are fun and I love them. So, I'll write the intro then the character form. ^ ^ And one more thing, I can't really continue, unless I get at least one review for each chapter. That's not a lot, right?

Two black-haired girls were steadily led out of the bus and onto the campus they would call home, suitcases and bags in hand.

"Whoa." One, called Suzushita, gasped.

"This looks fun!" The other, called Ninane shouted to whoever could hear. A grin seemed plastered upon her lips and all her identical twin could do was stare.

"We should probably head to the main office now." She said, taking her arm and pulling her.

"Aww, but I want to check out all of the buildings and see if I can make any friends." Ninane cried.

"Well, first we have to let the principal know that we've made it so he or she can enter us into the school and we can be actual students here."

"Uh huh." Ninane had stopped listening and was watching the kids walk by her. Some as young as ten. Then there were some taller than most of the doors here. "Wow, he's tall." She gasped.

"Nina, stop attracting attention." Her sister scolded.

"I'm not attracting attention." She paused. "Do you want me to?"

"No!" She stopped at a large, three-story building. "Well, I'm pretty sure this is the main office."

"Can I release my Pokemon? I'm aching for them." Ninane asked, not really listening again.

"You don't know if this person even lets Pokemon into her office." Suzushita said.

"That's crazy!" Ninane exclaimed. Just then, the door swung open and two brown-skinned girls skipped out, their skitty trotting behind. Ninane gave her sister a look and a smirk.

"Whatever! C'mon." She took her arm again and pulled her through the door. "Well," Suzushita said, "it looks like the main office is right here. On the first floor."

"Damn. I was hoping to explore on our way or something."

"Excuse me! Please watch your language!" A stern voice called, causing the two to look around. "Over here." A tall, wrinkle-free lady stood up from her desk in the corner of the room and strode towards them.

For some odd reason the two stood straighter. "Hello, are you two here to apply?" She asked.

"We've already applied." Suzushita said professionally. "We're here to get our dorm numbers and schedules."

"Ah." She said walking back towards her desk. She waved her hand for the two to follow and they did. She quickly searched through her stack of papers. "You are Suzushita and Ninane?" She asked, pulling two envelopes from the pile.

"Yes." Ninane said as her sister nodded.

"Well, I'll be sure to enter you into our system." She pulled out single sheets of paper from each envelope and placed it on her computer's keyboard. She handed the envelope to the two. "Your room number and key are inside. As well as your classes. I do hope you enjoy it here." She smiled and the two felt as if they could relax again. Ninane chuckled and Suzushita smiled. They started from the door. "Oh, girls?" They turned. "If you need anything, I'm the principal. Principal, Alii."

They nodded and finally made it outside.

"Yes! We're officially part of this school. Now let's meet some people!" Ninane shouted.

"Don't you want to unpack first?"

"Truthfully, no." Ninane said seriously.

Suzushita only sighed and pulled her towards the dorms.

Well, that's the intro... Now for the form :D




Cooking(for breeders)

Art(for anyone)

Music(for anyone, name instrument)

Flying(for anyone)


Terrain training(trainers)


Baby Pokemon care(breeders)

Pokemon search(rangers)




Name:(easy enough, right...)

Age:(easy too, just someone between 10 and 18...please)

Gender:(i really hope you're not genderless...)

Pesonality:(what's your character's persona?)

Appearance:(what does he/she look like?)

Clothing:(it's not important, but it may help^ ^)

Aspiration:(wanna be a breeder, trainer, or ranger?)

Pokemon: (please only 4 for now. More will be caught later and add their moves.)

Future Pokemon: (two or three more. ^ ^)

Elite?:(do you want to be and elite? If so, PM me and i'll explain. There's one for each type, so...it's limited)

Crush?: (tell me if you want a crush and if there's someone specific in mind. I accept yaoi)

Classes: (list 6 of or your classes in order please ^ ^)

Other: (is there anything I forgot or you want to add?)

My characters:

Name: Suzushita(suzu)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: She's determined to be a great breeder, though she knows that she can't be the best. She'd rather sit and study in a warm, quiet room, than to battle others. She's the calm type and has great hearing, so it's quite difficult to surprise her.

Appearance: She has shoulder length black hair and icy blue eyes. She's about 5 feet tall.

Clothing: Usually wears long-sleeved shirts and skirts. When she's hot she just rolls the sleeves up. She also always has a headband on.

Aspiration: Breeder.

Pokemon: Mawile(Nova, female) crunch, iron defense, and fake tears.

Mothim(male) silver wind, confusion, protect, and gust

Zigzagoon(male) headbutt, tackle, and endure

Swablu(female) peck, sing, perish song, and ice beam

Future Pokemon: It's a surprise!

Elite?: She's new. No.

Crush: Possibly

Classes: it will be revealed.

Other: Ninane is her twin sister.

Name: Ninane(nina)

Age: 14(just two minutes older)

Gender: Female

Personality: She's more energetic than her sister and rather run and play in the rain than to sit and wait for it to stop. She strives to be the best Pokemon trainer there is. It's easy for you to tell when she happy or when she's sad or angry.

Appearance: She has shoulder length black hair and icy blue eyes. She's about 5 feet tall.

Clothing: She wears capree, for skirts would only get in her way, with short sleeved T-shirts. Tennis shoes and long socks.

Aspiration: Trainer

Pokemon: quilava(kavii, male) lava plume, flame wheel, quick attack, and smokescreen

Kirlia(female) double team, magical leaf, shadowball, and rest

Raichu(male) thunder bolt, dig, shock wave, and quick attack

Vaporeon(female) aurora beam, hydro pump, water gun, and bite

Future Pokemon: Still a surprise!

Elite?: Eh, no.

Crush: Possibly...

Classes: to be announce...in the chapters...

Other: Well, she's Suzushita's twin sister...

I really hope this story works out. Oh, and review! ^ ^