Yes! The perfect idea came to my head! It should introduce a lot of characters, HOPEFULLY it will be funny, and I can update! Whooo! All right, so I'm going to base Ninane off of one of my really old OC. She's not used in any stories but mine. I won't bother telling you her name. Oh, and she's literally insane. I made her that way. :P(if you knew her background, you'd understand)

On with the chapter!

Warning: may cause your brain to scramble an die. Much randomness.

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"Wah! That battle made me thirsty!" Ninane said twisting around to face her newest friends. Both Tiarra and Jasper pointed towards a large, black painted counter. Few people were sitting and chatting with the bartender(does that work for cafes?)

"No! What have you done!" Suzushita's voice shouted. The three whirled to face her, but the surprised expression was only on the twins' faces. "Coffee has caffeine." Her voice was a tad lower this time.

"Who says I'm getting coffee?" Ninane asked, a hand on her hip.

"You love coffee." She paused. "When you can get it."

"There's a menu if you want something else." Jasper said motioning to the back wall. Hanging up, was a huge sign that listed all that they had.

Ninane rushed over and immediately started searching. "They serve smoothies too?" She asked, not seeing that as appropriate for a cafe.

"Why don't you get the hot chocolate?" Suzu asked her as she appeared at her side. "There's not a lot of sugar in it. No caffeine. You'll be good."

"What are you talking about? I'm not going to get that."

"It's only a dollar." Suzu looked at her sister, eyes tearing.

She blinked at her look that never seemed to work. "Then that must mean it's the least popular. No way." She beamed up at the menu and pointed. "I want the caramel cappuccino!"

Suzu's eyes went towards where she pointed and she sputtered a cough. "That's five dollars!"

"I know! It must be awesome!" She took Suzu's hand and started pulling. "C'mon. I'll buy it. Don't worry."

"You do realize we only get fifteen dollars a month, right? You're just going to waste five of them when you can waste only one."

"I'm not wasting any." They arrived at the counter, but the bartender seemed busy with someone so they waited. "I'm thirsty. Actually, I'm really thirsty. If I'm going to drink something it's going to be that."

They waited in silence. Suzu knew she wouldn't be able to ague any further. She'd just have to endure the outcome.

"What will you have?" The bartender asked, leaning against the black surface. Brown hair fell over lighter brown eyes and a huge smile widened his lips. An eevee quickly joined his side and rubbed against his cheek.

"That's cute." Suzu said staring at the eevee.

"Eev!" It cried out to her.

Suzu blinked. "That's really cute."

"Anyway! I just want a caramel cappuccino please."

Suzu shook her head, silently mouthing the words 'don't', hoping that he'd comply and give her something different. Nina whirled at her, glaring. Suzu jumped and hummed to herself.

"I'm paying. Cappuccino please." She repeated.

"Um, alright." He laughed and left to prepare the beverage.

"So why can't Ninane have caffeine?" Tiarra asked as she and jasper came up to them.

"Well, since she's getting the caffeine anyway, you might as well just watch."

"Ah! Thanks, um..." Nina paused in taking her drink.

"Akira." He said, another smile.

"Thanks Akira." She turned and immediately started sipping.

"Eager, aren't we?" Tiarra asked.

"Mmhmm." She nodded. "Ummhrm mmm nnhh."

"What was that?" Both Jasper and Tiarra asked.

"No on will ever know." Suzu told them. "It's best to just leave her to it."

Ninane started walking. Still sipping, she went passed the three. They moved to follow, but Nina's sudden stop caused them to freeze, mid step. Nina didn't move.

"Uh oh." Suzu breathed.

Nina turned, holding her cup in the air. "Finished." She skipped to the trash and harshly threw it in. She then skipped, humming, to her sister and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Remember when we fist got here-"

"You mean this morning?" Suzu asked, trying to push her away.

"Yeah, that. Remember when I told you I wanna make more and more friends here? Well, guess what? I made two. Only two. Do you know their names?"

She finally peeled Nina off. "Jasper and Tiarra."


"Is she okay?" Tiarra asked, her eyes staying on Nina.

"No." Suzu said seriously. "She can't take sugar or caffeine well and can get hyper easily. Think of it like her getting drunk off of alcohol. The worst part is that she never really remembers what she did."

"Strange." Jasper muttered.

"This should be fun." Tiarra grinned and leaned against the wall to watch the show.

"I thought it was illegal to buy alcohol here." Nina said turning a scared-looking skitty in her hands. "I think skitty ate some."

"Jeez, Nina!" Suzu hissed. She rushed over to her and took the shaking skitty away. "This is a Pokemon, not alcohol!"

"Um, that's mine." A small voice said.

"What?" Suzu turned.

"Hiya, blondie!" Nina exclaimed, beaming at her. She jumped and took a step back. "My name's Nina. We should be friends, right. Your skitty was mean to me."

Suzu handed the Pokemon to her owner. "Ignore her."

She just giggled. "My name's Sakura. Maybe we could be friends."

"Eh. Sakura." Ninane said waving her off. Then she grinned. "Jasper likes you a lot!" The words came out in a shout.

Jasper, who was just sipping on his newly bought coffee, sputtered and coughed. Laughing, Tiarra patted his back as he tried to clear his lungs from the liquid.

"All right, Nina. We should go back to our dorms now." Suzu said, already pulling her towards the door.

"No way!" She yanked away from her grip. "Do you see this place? It's full of people and Pokemon. Where are my Pokemon?"

"The ones you battled with are still resting. Get them and let's go."

"Where are your Pokemon." Suzu sighed.

"I don't know. I told them they could roam the campus."

Someone pulled at Suzu's arm.

"Just leave her." Tiarra said. "It wouldn't hurt to watch this one time." She started pulling her back.

Suzu sighed in defeat. Then glared at her sister. "The moment you hurt someone we're leaving."

"So what if you want to jump on a boat and leave me?" Nina said turning and crossing her arms. Suzu sighed.


"Hiya!" Nina leaped over to the person speaking.

"Your act is hilarious! What are you doing exactly?" She asked.

"What act? I just got here. I found out that they serve alcohol and bought some." Her eyes went to her brown hair that ran down to her waist. She spun around her and lifted it up with her hands. "You have long hair."

"Yup." She said proudly. "Didn't want to cut it."

"Guess my name!" Nina shouted, causing her to flinch.

"You like changing the subject, don't you?"

"I'm sorry, but that name's too long. And it isn't even mine!"

The girl sighed. "Fine. Nina."

"Nope!" She paused. "Wait. How you know!" She snapped her fingers.

"Um. I heard your sister say it. I've been watching your act the entire time."

She laughed again. "Guess mine."

"No!" Nina cried dramatically. "Please don't! Just let me know what it is."

"All right, all right. I'm Abenki Blue. Happy?"

Nina's face set and she gave her an expressionless look. "I'm never happy, except when I'm sad, but that's not the point."

"All right, you have me confused." Abenki laughed. " I really hope you're in my classes. It would sure make it better."

"Oh, I go to school here, so that's not possible. Whoa! It's time for me to go!" Before Abenki could say more Nina disappeared, running towards some other helpless person.

"Oh! You're my favorite Pokemon in my entire collection!" Nina cried. She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around a houndour. The houndour growled in surprise. Nina spotted a typhlosion walking by and grabbed it's leg. "Actually, you're my favorite. Battle it out to earn the right to be called my favorite."

"You aren't stealing those Pokemon, are you?"

"What if I said yes?"

"Then I'd have to report you."

Nina's eyes grew teary. "And I never even got your name!"

The brown haired girl blinked, then brushed some hair out of her face. "Hey, you dyed your hair." She kept an arm around the houndour and a hand on typhlosion, who tried to get away but found her strength unbelievable. "It's brown, but you dyed little strands purple and black. How'd you do that?"

"What if I told you it was natural?"

Nina put on the same emotionless look. "Then I'd have to kill you."

"Whoa!" She exclaimed. "No need to go that far!" She looked down at her houndour. "Could you possible let him go?"

"I don't see why. You're gonna die!" Her eyes went teary. "Why would you die without telling me your name?"

She leaned over and took her houndour from Nina's grip. "You're mentally unstable, aren't you? I'm Mysteria."

"Ah! Nina."

"She's not unstable. She just had a cappuccino!" Suzu shouted, but realized they were too far.

"What was that voice?" Mysteria asked.

"What...are you doing?" Another voice asked. A boy walked up to the two, his short brown hair waved in the breeze as he walked.

"Oh! Is this typhlosion yours?" She asked suddenly standing. Typhlosion, who was still struggling to get away, felt his leg suddenly jerk up and ended up falling on his face. The boy raced to help him. "Whoops..."

"Why'd you do that?" Mysteria asked.

Nina huffed. "Maybe."

There was a pause. "Maybe what?"


Something grabbed her arm. "We're leaving. Let's go." Suzu said sternly.

"Wait. Before we go." She turned to the boy. "What's your name? Mine's Nina. And here's Suzu. My twin. Is it obvious. Oh, I don't have enough energy to finish." Nina drooped.

He turned to them, blue eyes slightly annoyed. "Call me Henry."

"Okay Henry. We'll be friends." Suzu started dragging her away. "Same with you, Mysteria. We'll meet again and we'll...uh, so tired."

"Exactly." Suzu muttered pulling her out of the cafe, into the night.

So, was it funny? Random? Were you annoyed...? I'm sorry if it didn't make you laugh. I tried... I introduced a lot of characters, right? There should be more detail on their appearance when they make their comeback. Just wanted to get them in the story. I wonder if it's actually possible for someone's persona to completely change like that. Hm... I don't intend to disappoint, so if I wrote you're OC wrong please tell me so I can fix it. ^ ^

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