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Jake POV

I was so excited when I picked up Bells call. My little boy was finally coming into the world. I thanked God the entire way for blessing me with a wonderful Lord loving woman, and now a beautiful little boy that I couldn't wait to see grow up as a man of God like myself. I was lost in my prayers and one of my favorite worship songs Living Waters when, I saw the bright headlights coming towards me.

I tried to brake and swerve out of the way, but it was too late; the large truck hit me. I knew from all my years of working on cars, that the headlights were from a Chevy Silverado. The collision was head on, and my poor little Toyota Yaris did not stand a chance. The sound of crunching metal was ear piercing, and it felt like everything was in slow motion. In my minds eye, I could see how the metal of my little car crunched up to look like an accordion, and how the big trucks head lights shattered into a hundred pieces bathing us in darkness once more.

The next thing I am aware of is seeing bright lights shining in my eyes. I can hear noise, and voices but it seems no one can hear me. I scream, trying to get anyone's attention, but they just keep moving around me.

"They can't hear you anymore, Jacob," I hear a sweet voice say next to me. Confused, I look over to see someone I shouldn't be able to see; she was an angel, she was up in heaven with God. Did this mean I was dead now, too?

"Not yet, sweetheart, but your body is just a shell now, keeping you trapped here until you can come and join me," my mother's voice answered. She heard my thoughts? I know I hadn't spoken them.

"I can hear everything, I see everything, that is the power of being dead and being up in heaven with our Lord and Savior," she said, giving me one of her sweet smiles.

In another flash of light, she was gone, and I found myself standing in front of my body in the hospital. I was hooked up to all kinds of machines, and I could see doctors and nurses running around doing different things to my body. I didn't really understand what was going on exactly, but my thoughts flashed to Bella, remembering that she called me at my dad's house and told me she was in labor. That was why I was going to the hospital.

With another flash of light, I found myself watching over the doctor who was helping Bella bring Andrew into the world.

"Jake, where are you?" she thought as she pushed our son into the world. I could feel the sadness she felt for me having to miss that amazing moment. 'I'm right here angel,' I thought to myself. I was suddenly full of all kinds of emotions listening to the cries of my son fill the room. The sound was as beautiful as the humming that I heard when my mother spoke to me earlier.

More flashes crossed my eyes and I found myself standing in a room watching Charlie, my dad, and officers talking to the doctors that had been working on my body earlier.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Black... your son is not responding. We have done some testing to look for brain activity and he doesn't show any. What would you like us to do?" the doctor with the dark hair asked my father.

"I can't make that decision... you need to ask his wife... oh God... Bella... she is going to be devastated... she is here giving birth to their son right now," my father answered him, the pain was clear in his voice.

More flashes and I found myself looking over my own body again, only this time, Bella was standing next to me. She was holding my hand since it was one of the only places in my body that wasn't attached to something.

"Jake, baby, please, you need to fight, you need to come back to me. You need to do this for our son, he needs his father to help him become a man," she sobbed, the heartbreaking pain clear in her voice.

I wished that I could, help her, whispering words of courage to her. "I can't help you, angel... all I can do it show you that I am here with you. No matter where the fates takes us, I will always be with you, my love." I extended my hand, hoping that she could feel my touch. She shivered slightly as tears streamed down her face.

"Jake, no one can hear you. I thought that was explained to you already," came a deep voice I'd never heard before.

"I know, but I can't stand to see my angel in pain. This is hurting her. Why can't I just go back?" I begged the man standing next to me.

"Because my son, you have fulfilled your purpose in this life. The Father has a place ready for you" the voice answered.

Before I could say anything else, there were flashes once again, and I found myself watching my father holding my hand.

"Jake, my dear son, please know I will always love you, but Bella is right, it's time to let you go. I will miss you, and I promise to help Andrew grow up to be a strong man the way his father was. Goodbye, son. "With tears rolling down his face, I saw my father lift himself off his chair enough to kiss my forehead.

As the flashes got brighter, I knew it was close to the end. The final image I saw was of Bella with Andrew in her arms, and the doctors all standing around the bed that my unmoving body lay in.

"It will only be a few minutes after we turn off the machines before all life ceases to exist in your husbands' body, Mrs. Black," one of the doctors said.

Bella nodded her head, and brought little Andrew closer to my body. "Say goodbye to daddy, baby. He will now be watching over us from heaven," she whispered sadly. Kissing me, and then rubbing Andrew's little cheeks against my face, she stepped back and let the doctors turn off the machines. "I will always watch over you my, sweet angels. You will always know that I love you, even if I can't say it. Look for me in your dreams," I thought. I really wished that she could hear me say those words to them.

The last thing I heard before the light completely surrounded me was, "I will love you forever Jake."