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Exasperated, I flung myself onto my bed, dropping my bag onto the floor. I sighed heavily into my pillow and turned to the wall. "Hey baby," I whispered and stroked my Selena Gomez poster.

"Oh? You're wondering what happened?" I looked down at my soiled school shirt. "These douches after school pushed me into a puddle."

"Yeah? Aw, honey, I love you too," I smiled and leaned in to kiss her when my closet doors flung open and a gob of something pink and frilly flew out and tackled me to my bed.

"Geronimo!" it called and laid heavily on me.

An equally pink mouse-looking thing came flying out, the closet doors shutting behind it, and caught itself on the air before crashing into me too.

The larger pink lump picked itself up and stared me in the eyes. Immediately I realized that this pink thing was actually a girl. Hoping she wouldn't get grossed out and move away at full speed, I didn't dare to move a muscle; at least not any voluntary muscles.

Her face was close enough to mine that I could smell her breath, a fresh smell with a hint of Smarties. I blinked, her eyes were bright and green and her eyelashes swooped elegantly from the tips of them. Her soft, pink lips and button nose were perfect symmetrical, framing her smooth heart-shaped face. Basically, she was absolutely gorgeous. And she was pinning me down, on my bed; it was almost too much for my poor pants to handle.

Gazing into her eyes, I was immediately jolted when she let out a blood-curdling scream and hurled herself off of me. "Kip! It's a monster!"

I sat up and shook my head. "I-I'm sorry. I've just never been that close to a girl, I promise I'll-"

She wrapped her hands around my neck and shook my head back and forth. "Shut the hell up you ogre! What have you done with my little Sabrina?"

I struggle free of her grip. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Sabrina! Heard of her? Looks exactly like me?"

"A twin?" I enthused. "Possibly a shy and smart one with thick rimmed glasses and large breasts that wears really tight dark green turtleneck sweaters and turns bright red when someone stops to check out a book perhaps?" She gave me a blunt look and then elbowed me in the chest. Hard. "No you frigging idiot! The one that lives here that's supposed to replace me in the dance competition maybe?"

"Uh… no doesn't ring a bell."

The mouse thing, Kip, flew up to the girls ear. "Princess, maybe we have the wrong house."

She held her head in her hand. "I told you we should've taken the double doors a couple turns before this!" "Well excuse me if the pictures of Justin Bieber seemed like they were on a girls closet! I didn't know we'd end up in-"

"Sebastian," I added.

"Sebastian's room!" Kip argued.

"Well apparently we did end up in Sebastian's roo- Wait, what's your name?"

"It's Sebastian… you can call me Zach though."

"Sebastian?" the princess her eyebrows.


Kip leaned in and whispered in the princess' ear. "Maybe he is Sabrina. Maybe we were wrong all along, and he's who we're looking for."

She brought her face in close to mine and examined me closely. "I guess I can see it a little bit, but he looks too much like a panty snatcher to be the guy version of me."

"I do not snatch panties!" I interjected.

Kip's watch beeped. "Shit," he muttered. "Look the dinner party starts in ten minutes, so lets just take him and go. I'll come up with something."

"Wait wait whoa whoa wait," Princess stepped in. "How in God's name am I expected to go into the closet and come out as a dude?"

They paused and thought together.

"What if I say I was a cross dresser all along?"

Kip snapped his furry little fingers. "That could work."

She nodded. "That definitely could."

Kip pulled me into my closet. "Kay, so we'll say that you were a cross dresser and that you wanted to finally come clean for the competition! Sounds like a plan!"

"Wait, what am I doing?"

"I'll explain on the way there," Kip replied hastily and unlocked my closet. "Now what you're about to experience may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, seizures, spine reticulating, AIDS, and/or Mpreg."