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"J'onn! It's Canary, I need back-up quick!"

The blonde rolled on the ground to prevent the magician from scorching her with fire.

"HA HA, you can run little birdie, but you can't hide from the awesome power and beauty that is Circe!" The goddess laughed, this was amusing, but she wanted her real prey from Gotham and his 'Princess'.

"Now show me where The Bat and his love are located!"

"Hey, you with the Barney-hair!" A new voice chimed in, "And by the way purple looks waaaaaay better on me!" The Huntress called, pointing her cross bow at the sorceress.

"You incelent little pest, you dare to challenge me!"

"Hell ya' witch!" The Huntress cried firing arrows at the woman who with a wave of her hands turned them into butterflies.

"HUNTRESS! Did I not tell you to wait for my signal!" A very annoyed Doctor Fate shouted.

"Sorry, Doc."

"Hey, anyone remember me?" Asked Canary still unable to move underneath the beams and crates piled on top of her.

"Sorry." Sang Huntress, not looking the least bit sorry, as she walked over to help the woman up.

"You sound so sincere." The blond commented dryly.

"HA! Take that you foolish mortals!" Shouted Circe flicking a bolt of purple energy at the two women who let of cries of pain. They both staggered back, inspecting themselves for damage and were more than a little puzzled when they found none.

"And the point of that was...?" Asked the dark-haired woman, confused.

"Gah!" The Goddess let out a cry as she fell to the ground in iron bracelets in defeat, courtesy of Doctor Fate who floated over to the two women.

"Are you two all right?"

"I think so..." Canary trailed off, unsure.

"You should allow me to take you to my Tower and properly expect you."

"Sorry, Doc, can't. I have a date with Q."

"Mmmmm, and I'm supposed to meet up with Ollie."

"Well I really think-"

"We appreciate the concern, but really, were fine." Assured Helena in a hurry to leave.

That's what they all say, Thought Doctor Fate as the two women were teleported away.

"So you kicked a goddess's butt tonight?" Ollie asked, chewing on his steak.

"Well I had some help," Dinah admitted, "but she'll be temporarily deaf for a week."

The archer grinned, "Good, she deserves it. So, ah, how are things?"

"Uuuuuh, what?"

"Well, we always talk about League stuff so I thought that maybe you'd want a change of topic."

She blinked, "Uh, well, I guess...So how 'bout them Gotham Knights?"

"Good. Their doing good..." An akward pause filled the air at the table they were sitting at.

"So I was talking today to Terrific when-aw geez, sorry, Di I really tried."

The blond laughed, "It's okay, we just really enjoy our jobs. So what did Teriffic say?"

"Oh, he accidentally let it slip that he was going on a date with Mari, her first since breaking up with GL."

Now she was interested, gossiping about the Leagues couples was one of the most populars thing to do on the Watch Tower. "So where's he taking her?"

Ollie stifled a laugh, "Some pizza joint in Baltimore, I heard."

Di cracked up, "He, he's taking A-ha, super-model to a *snort* pizza joint!"

"Yep! Ha-ha!" He laughed until he saw her wince and clutch her sides, "Hey, you O.K?"

She smiled slightly, "Just a little sore from Circe," She sat up, "But seriously, a pizza joint!"

"So where are we going?"

"Uuuuuuuuuh, where would you like to eat?"

"Q! I thought you planned this!" Helena exclaimed, exasperated.

"Well I was going to..." He started in defense.


"I found the link between pizza sauce and the swine flu and got off track."

She rolled her eyes, "I guess were eating in, then."

"Alright, what would you like to eat?"

"Um, what do we have?"

"Boyardee, corn, eggs, butter, bread, beer, mozzarella, cereal-"

"That we can eat for dinner?"

"Uh, take-out menus?"

She glared, "Fine, but tomorrow were going grocery shopping, O.K?"

He shrugged, "Sounds fair, so what would you like, Chinese, Italian, Mexican?"

"Chinese sounds good, let's do that."

An hour later:

Helena was rolling on the floor clutching her sides, eyes shut and laughing hysterically, "A p-pizza place!"

Vic laughed, nodding his head, "Yes, and even I know that's a bad call, for the worlds 3rd smartest man he isn't very bright."

She sat up grinning, "Oh, if you know than that's pretty bad. Remember our first date?"

He frowned, "Counting us hunting Mandragora or-"

"That doesn't count, I mean our first official date."

"Oh, uuuuuuh, well I thought it was a good idea at first..."

"It was," She said kindly, "it just didn't work out for us, I mean don't get me wrong it was sweet but taking someone to the beach to interrogate someone you think works for the illuminate probably wasn't the best idea for a first date."

He shrugged, "Eh, what can you do?" He smirked, "Besides I enjoyed our second date much more."

Her cheeks reddened slightly as she remembered the 'date', and that it lasted from night into the early morning before they both were unable to continue due to exhaustion. "Geez, Q, innuendo much?"

"Mmmmmm." For a moment they stood there in a moment of comfortable silence and thoroughly delicous memories.

She grinned wickedly, "Want to have another 'date'?"

For a second he stood there, speechless, before giving her a knowing smirk and taking her hand, "Let's." He suggested, pulling her towards the direction of the bedroom.

Far away Kent Nelson, better known as Doctor Fate, was staring at the book in his hands.

After the two heroines refused to be examined he had come back to his home and decided to do some research.

The inncantation was a siple yet rare one, and he had found it's purpose.

He had a feeling when the two women woke up the next morning they were going to be very confused.