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"So are you glad to be back?"

"Definitely. Being Vixen had some perks, but I'm happy with being Shayera for the moment." Shayera said.

"Was it. . .awkward?" John asked.

"Nope, not awkward at all, I barely even noticed!" She said sarcastically. "What do you think, genius? I was in another persons body."

"I meant being in a body that belonged to my ex-girlfriend." He clarified.

"Mmm, not really." She shrugged. "If anything it was kind of nice."

"Nice?" He repeated in disbelief. "How the hell was it nice?"

"Well, I could vent about all the annoying things you do and she understands from experience." Shayera explained.

"Are you serious?" Asked John in disbelief. He had been expecting a speech on how terrible it was, not that it was kind of nice.

"Yeah, and I got a bit closer to the other women in the League. I mean we had all those meetings where we gossiped about you."

"Me?" He repeated, confused. Was he more of a stud than he thought? After all, women did like army men.

"Well, men in general, but you to." She added. "Want to go grab a bite to eat?"

"Uh, yes?" He blinked still trying to comprehend what she had said.

"Uh, Shayera? What exactly did you all talk about?"

She smirked. "I'll tell you after you pay for dinner."

"Are you going to order eel head again?" He groaned.


Dinah smiled at Ollie from across the table.

The last time this happened, she'd woken up in her best friends body. Maybe that's why Ollie looked so nervous.

"So, have you decided what you're going to order?" She asked.

"What?" He blinked in surprise. Order, what's an order? Oh wait, it's how you get food. Okay, calm down Queen, no need to be nervous!

"I said 'do you know what you want to order'?" She repeated curiously. What was up with him?

"Uh, well, yeah, but there's something I kind of need to ask." He explained digging in his pocket. The ring, where is it?

"Ollie, what are you looking for?" Dinah asked in surprise. He was acting so strange.

"Nothing." He grunted. "Just give me a minute. . . gotta find it. . ."

Dinah stared at him, worried her boyfriend had officially lost it. "Oliver. . .are you still a little woozy from your little switch?"

He laughed nervously. "No, no, of course not Pretty-Bird! Come on. . . Gotta be. . .somewhere."

". . .Do you need help?" Finding what you're looking for, mental help, either one.

"Got it!" He cheered, a nervous look flashed on his face. "Um, I've uh, never done this before, so. . . Dinah Lance, will you marry me?"

She gaped at him in shock. Her never-be-tied-down-womanizer of a boyfriend, was proposing? "Wha-Why? I mean how come. . ?"

Seeing her confusion he explained, "I was talking to Vigilante and he made a good point."

"When did you two talk?"

"When we saw The Notebook together."

"You mean that movie you cried in?"

"I told you it was allergies. Now about my question. . ."

She laughed and kissed him. "Of course I will hon. I've stuck with you all this time, haven't I?"

"Yeah, but I didn't know if you wanted to be permanently tied down to me." He admitted sheepishly.

"I do." She giggled. "Oh, I have to call everyone, I'll be right back!" She exclaimed getting up.

He hoped she wasn't sneaking out the window.

Helena sighed contently as she rested her head on her boyfriends chest.

They were curled up in bed together, cuddling under the sheets. Helena smirked; for a dark, psychotic, paranoid conspiracy theorist Q sure liked to cuddle.

"What are you laughing at?" He murmured stroking her hair.

"You." She grinned. "You and your dopey grin after we make love and that you're such a cuddler."

"I am not a cuddler." He pouted.

"Whatever babe." She sighed kissing his jaw as he rubbed her shoulders.

"So. . ." He trailed off.

"So." She mumbled half asleep.

He tensed up slightly, biting his lower lip while deciding how to phrase this. "Was it . . .okay?" He asked referring to the sex.

"Actually, it really sucked." She murmured, referring to the switch. "It was just really awkward, you know? One of the worsts things I've ever expierianced."

Vic gulped, he was that bad? He didn't think he was good, but. . . "That bad?"

"Yeah, I mean at some parts it was okay, but for the most part it was awful." She admitted still thinking he was talking about the switch.

Q felt whatever little ego he had in bed deflate. "Well, you sounded like you were enjoying it."

"Ugh, it was terrible." She gushed. "I mean, babe, I know you were really trying but why the hell would you think I was enjoying it?"

". . .Is it always that bad for you?"

"What, I've never even had one before! But of course it was terrible, I mean honestly!" She frowned, still trying to figure out why he seemed so surprised by her answer.

She's never had one? We've been together for three years and she's never orgasmed! He thought of all the times they'd been in bed, he knew she did, at least he thought. . .unless. . .

She'd simply been faking it for three years. He felt like an idiot, an idiot who was lame in the sack. "I'm just glad it's finally over." She continued. "I don't think I could have taken much more of that. At least it didn't last to long."

He looked at the clock on the nightstand and bit back a groan. They were in bed for four and a half hours, he had thought that was a really long time, but. . . "I thought almost five hours was a long time!" Damn, he couldn't even get how long it should be right.

"Four hours-what, it lasted a week, why would you-?" She looked at him confused. "Waitaminute, what are you talking about?"

"Sex, why, what are you. . ." He trailed off seeing her expression.

So that's why he was acting like that, he thought she was referring to their love-making and here she'd been thinking about switching with Dinah! "I meant switching bodies!" She laughed. "Not us in bed!"

"Oh." He sighed in relief, feeling a little better. "But was being in bed with me, uh, okay?" He tried again.

"MmHmm." She laughed laying back on his chest. "I'm still numb from the waist down."

He felt his chest swell up with pride. "So it was good?"

"Great, it always is." She sighed. "Was it good for you to?"

"Absolutely!" He exclaimed, surprised she would even have to ask. "You're incredible."

"I better be." She growled playfully as he chuckled and kissed her shoulder.

"You are. Believe m-" He was cut of by his com-link going off. "Uh, that may be important. Should I get it?"

"Q," She sighed not opening her eyes. "Do you like seeing me naked and getting to touch me?"

"Yes, very much." He said wondering where she was going with this.

"Than unless you ever want to do either of those again I suggest you let it ring, got it?"

"Yes ma'am." He said obediently, not having been to eager to get out of their nice, warm, comfy bed with a perfectly beautiful and very naked Helen back in her body cuddling with him.

"Good." She said giving his cheek a quick kiss as he held her tight. "'Cause baby you're not going anywhere, even if you want to."

"So, how ya' been cowboy?"

"Good ma'am, 'specially since you're back to normal by my reckoning." Vigilante added.

Vixen smiled. "Perfectly normal, and thank God for that."

"Yeah, I like you much better as ya' are." Greg agreed.

"You're sweet." She smiled making him blush.

"Awwww, I'm just honest ma'am." He blushed.

"It's refreshing." She smiled. "So what are we watching?"

"Well ma'am, I noticed how much you like them comedies so I tried really hard to think ah one that was really funny."

"And. . ?"

"Uh, I asked Flash who got Question to gimme this here video a Batman singing."

"Wait, that's real?" Mari asked skeptically.

He shrugged. "Guess will find out."

Ten seconds into it they were howling with laughter as Mari managed to forward the video to everyone she knew in the League.

This was something had to be shared with the world.

"Bruce. . . why are we here?" Diana asked.

"Wait and see." He growled.

She sighed. "Is this about Wally? You of all people should know revenge isn't the answer."

"But it is an acceptable solution." He pointed out. "And after all the kids done, I deserve to mess around with him."

"I know, but you couldn't do this later?"


". . ."


"I do not understand men." She sighed.

"So, here we are."

"Oh, Wally!" Exclaimed Linda. "This is beautiful!"

"Thank you." Flash blushed as he led his possible girlfriend into the restaurant.

A woman at a table suddenly eyed him evilly. She looked kind of familiar, did he know her? At the table next to the woman, another female did exactly the same. Wally frowned, he could have sworn he knew them all.

"Wally." A voice behind him said coldly.

Oh fudge, that's Lisa's voice! Wally whirled around, standing in front of him was his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Simmons. Wally tried to smile, "Hey Lisa, how ya'-" He was cut off by a smack to his face.

"Jerk!" The woman declared walking away. Wally turned to face Linda to apologize when he noticed something else, another old girlfriend, Janice, was siting across from him giving him a glare of death.

Suddenly, Wally realized why all these women looked so familiar. But it had to be impossible, right? He looked around the restaurant, his feeling of dread growing.

It all made sense, Bruce reserving a table at this restaurant claiming there were 'no hard feelings', that stupid little smirk as he did it, John laughing behind his back.

Bruce had set him up, and now he, Wallace Rudolph West, was stuck in every mans worst nightmare.

He was in a room full of ex-girlfriends with his current one next to him.

"Um, Wally. . ?" Asked Linda confused.

". . . Yeah?"

"Why do all the women here look like they want to kill you?" She asked bewildered.

He was about to respond when Giganta, of all people, walked up to him and slapped him across his face. "You never called!" She shrieked, she turned to Linda, "Leave him right now and whatever you do, don't let him into your body. It might be the best sex you've ever had but the heart-break isn't worth it, trust me!"

Linda gaped at her, an evident 'what the hell?' expression on her face.

"West." Came a voice from behind him. Wally swirled around to see Bruce and Diana eating dinner and smirking at him, a large smile on Diana's face and a small grin on Bruce's. "Did you learn your lesson?"

"Y-yes sir." Wally squeaked.

"And is there anything you have to say?" Bruce asked calmly.

Wally looked around at his angry Ex's, his confused girlfriend, then finally back at Bruce. "Yeah," He nodded miserably.


Circe sighed as she floated in the sky.

Zeus had made her promise, no more switching heroes minds. She frowned, stupid Aphrodite for running to Daddy because her precious work was in jeopardy.

And after she had let that bitch watch her little show in HD.

Circe pondered her situation, deciding how to deal with her boredom.

No more switching heroes, no more switching heroes, no more- Circe froze, her train of thought coming to a halt. As an idea began to form, she smiled wickedly.

Zeus had said no more switching heroes but he said nothing about villains.

Smiling, Circe set to work making plans.

Tomorrow, Lex Luthor, Joker, Harley Quinn, Talia, Giganta, Sinestro, Atomic Skull, and Volcana were all going to be very confused.


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