I remember the first time that I saw Chris in front of me. It was when I was at university I was coming out of a lecture and he appeared in front of me looking urgent. He told me that you were going to die Maxxie. I didn't believe him at first and then he showed me what would happen to you and he told me that he didn't want to lose one of his best friends. I decided that no matter what I would save you.

I told my fears to Michelle but she just brushed it off as me still grieving for Chris and I felt like no-one believed me. When we had that party the night before you left I was scared because it was so close to when you were going to die. I noticed you looking at me worry evident on your face. And when I walked out you followed me and I told my fears to you but yet like Michelle you thought I was still grieving for Chris. I kissed you gently and asked you to take care of yourself.

You left the next day and I secretly followed you because I had to watch over you. I knew you were worried about me but I couldn't make myself known yet. I watched you perform you really are great you know but obviously you messed up a little because you were so scared that I was hurt but yet you were the one who was being hurt. But I just loved you too much to let you die like you were supposed to and I worked so hard to save you.

I finally made myself known to you, of course you were a little angry at me because I had worried you and everyone else. I told you what I was trying to do but you didn't believe me. I felt sad because it was like I was failing but I couldn't lose you no matter what. Of course you went to that party and I was there with you. But I was too late the car that had a load of drunk teenagers in it smashed into you killing you instantly and it was right in front of me.

The next thing I knew you and Chris were in front of me. "Damn I failed now I have to do it again." I said. "Again?" Maxxie asked. "Yeah Chris can I have another chance to save him?" I asked. "But Tony why? Why are you trying to save me?" You cried. I smiled. "Because I love you silly. I can't lose the one I love." "Y-you love me?" "I've always loved you I could just never tell you." Tears were trickling down your cheeks. "Oh Tony I love you too." Chris cleared his throat and then we decided to give it another go. Chris grabbed my hand and Maxxie's and then I grabbed Maxxie's hand and we felt the sensation of flying.

I woke up with a start back at the party. Maxxie was sleeping too and he woke with a start. I promised myself that I would not lose this time and that I would save him...