Okay, so this is my first attempt at an Eclare story. They're everywhere, and I thought I should write one, and see if I can live up to the standards of the Eli fangirls.

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"You think you can win me over?" I questioned, mocking him. "I don't think. I know, Miss Edwards.".

He plastered a smug look onto his face, crossing his arms in an attempt to look defiant. I raised an eyebrow at his act, "I guess we'll have to wait and see.". He shook his head, that signature smirk crossing his face. I felt myself melt, want him to envelop me into his arms, hold onto me forever. He didn't though. Instead, he leaned into me, the sound of his breathing driving me crazy. I felt his lips closer to me, begging me to give into him. I faintly smiled, wanting to feel his gentle touch.

"Um, Lovebirds?".

Adam. Of course.

I squeezed my eyes shut, and Eli let out a deep breath. "What?" he called, annoyed. "You've been in the kitchen forever. The movie's almost starting. I can't wait forever for the popcorn, you know.". Eli groaned, walking over to the microwave. I stood at the island, my hand resting on the granite surface. "Well, there's always later?" I assured. Eli mumbled something, and took the popcorn out of the microwave. I sighed, walking over to him. I looked up at him, looking disappointed and angry. I ran my hand through his hair slowly, trying to reassure him. I felt him ease up, and smiled, grateful. He looked over at me, his electric green eyes focused on mine.

"Clare?" he said, his voice begging like a child. "Mhm..." I replied, still stroking his hair. "I forgot to tell you something earlier.". He directed his attention back to the popcorn, but was still glancing over at me. He walked back to the island, setting the popcorn on it's surface. His gaze turned to me, a soft smile on his face. "Well?" I said, anxious to know what he wanted. He moved closer to me, his hands slowly sliding onto my waist. I felt his lips close to my ear, barely touching my skin. I felt my face get hotter, my stomach churning with desire. "You forgot to give me my English notes back..." he whispered. I frowned, and pulled away. "Seriously?". He smirked, nodding. I rolled my eyes playfully, and grabbed the popcorn.

He suddenly grabbed my arm, spinning me around. I felt his lips collide with mine abruptly. I grabbed onto the edge of the island, taken aback by his sudden gesture. I kissed him back, my lips slowly moving with his. My arms slid around his neck, the smooth surface of his suitjacket feeling good against my skin. My mind went blank, my focus totally on him and me.

Eli pulled back slightly, our foreheads pressed together. "My, my, Clare Edwards. You're truly amazing." he said, his voice husky. I felt my cheeks flush, his hand resting gently on my cheek.

"Come ON!" Adam shrieked. I shook a little, making Eli scoff. I hit him on the arm lightly, moving away from him. He held onto my hand as we walked out of the kitchen into the living room with Adam. "Took you long enough..." he muttered, snatching the popcorn from me. I shook my head as he scarfed down the popcorn. Eli slid up next to me, his arm gliding over my shoulders. I took his hand in mine, leaning into him. The movie started, Back to the Future flashing across the screen. "Really?" Eli said, trying hard not to laugh at how bad the situation was. "Duh. It's the best movie ever." Adam said, waving Eli away as the first scene started.

I sat at my computer, staring at the screen. The blank document was before me, the cursor taunting me. I slammed my head against the desk, hurting more than I thought it would. I clutched my forehead, cringing. "Stupid..." I muttered. My phone rang, and I opened my eyes. Eli's name flashed across the screen, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. "Hello?" I said, pressing the answer button.

"Did you steal my shirt, Blue Eyes?". I looked over at my bed, Eli's blue plaid shirt laid out. "Now, what would make you think that?" I teased. I could tell he was smiling on the other end, thinking of ways to make me admit it. "It's on your bed, isn't it?" he questioned jokingly. I sat down on my bed, "First of all, you left it here. We were studying, remember? And you had to change. I washed it, for your information." I retorted playfully.

"Well, there's an upside to your shirt theft."

"And what would that be?"

"It'll be like you're close to me."

I smiled, my cheeks getting redder. "So, when can I come pick it up?" he asked. I smirked, "Come over in an hour. My parents went to some seminar.". The other line went dead, and I looked down. I sighed, "I guess that means he's on his way.".

I ran downstairs, the shirt in hand. I checked myself in the mirror, fixing my hair. The doorbell rang, and I shot my head towards the entrance. I took a deep breath, and opened the door. "Home alone? Be careful, someone might try and take advantage of you." Eli said dramatically, stepping inside. I grinned, walking with him into the living room.

Eli sat down on the couch, looking around the room. Boxes were stacked randomly, half my mom's, half my dad's. I slid next to him, "Sorry about all...this." I said, gesturing to the pigsty of a room. "It's fine. I'm not gonna be looking at the boxes." he said smoothly, finding his way to my hand. He entwined his fingers with mine, the warm sensation of his skin with mine making my stomach flip.

"I have something to tell you." I blurted. He raised an eyebrow, "What would that be?".

"I-I..." I said, flustered.

He smirked, "I love you, too.".

Well, that was kinda...yea. I hope you liked it, being my first Eclare fanfic :)

My joke in all my Adam-Involved stories is that Adam's obsessed with Back to the Future. x)

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