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Eli waved goodbye, closing the door to Morty as Clare blew him a kiss from the front steps. It was 6:30 at night, and Clare's parents were going to be home in a half hour. Eli had pleaded to stay until at least 6:50, but Clare convinced him to leave. She didn't exactly want him to go; if she had it her way, her parents would never come home. They'd been fighting constantly, the divorce finalization approaching quickly. The peace and quiet she had with Eli these past two days was exactly what she wanted, what she needed.

The engine started, and Eli backed out of the driveway, playfully honking his horn at Clare. She blushed slightly, laughing to herself. Walking inside the house, she closed the door behind her, propping herself up for a moment. It'd been an absolute dream. She walked into the living room, organizing the pillows and blankets into a neat arrangement. She didn't want anything to look extremely suspicious to her parents. Although, with their fighting, they probably wouldn't even notice if she left the house. She sighed heavily, walking into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.

Clare noticed a blue piece of fabric hanging off the island, picking it up to realize it was Eli's shirt. She laughed inwardly, throwing it over her shoulder. He managed to stay overnight, yet can't remember his own shirt. Well, he did look fantastic without a shirt on...

She snapped out of her trance when she heard the front door slam, her father walking into the kitchen. Clare hurried to slip the shirt on over her white tank top, opening the refrigerator to get her water.

"Clare-bear!" Randall called out, setting his bag on the table before walking into the kitchen. Clare smiled as he entered the room, wrapping her arms around his waist in a hug. "Hey dad. How was your day?" she asked, pulling away to take a sip of her water. He shrugged, "It was fine. Relatively uneventful." She nodded, walking past him to make her way upstairs.

"Oh, how was last night with your friend?" he called after her. Clare smirked, turning around. "It was great, we had a lot of fun." she replied quickly, running up the stairs. Collapsing on her bed, she beamed; everything was going perfectly, and Eli was the source of it. He was everything she could ever ask for and more. What girl was lucky enough to have what she had? She ran a hand through her hair, pulling a pillow to her chest. A sigh of contempt spilled from her lips, and she smiled inwardly, thinking of her oh so perfect boyfriend.


Eli turned off the car's ignition, pulling the keys out before opening the door. He walked up the front steps, through the door into his living room. His mother was watching TV, flipping through a magazine. "Hey, honey. Where were you last night?" she questioned casually, almost as if it didn't bother her he'd been gone.

He smirked, crossing his arms defiantly over his chest. "I spent the night at Clare's." he informed. His mother froze in her place, turning to face him with a wide grin. "Elijah Goldsworthy! I knew she'd come around!" she exclaimed, running over to wrap him in a hug. Eli reciprocated, a smile of his own creeping across his face. "Ah! I'm so happy for you, baby." Cece said, kissing Eli on the forehead. He shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets. "Thanks, mom. Hey, mind if Adam can come over?" he asked.

She nodded, "Sure, if it's alright with his mom. He could spend the night, too. Your father and I scored concert tickets for an 8:00 show, so we may not be back until tomorrow." Eli smiled, silently thanking his mom before he slipped away into his room. He opened the door, the lock that had been guarding his identity finally taken down. He opened the door to his cluttered room, still piled with boxes, but you could see the floor. It was starting to look better by the day. Eli pursed his lips, pulling out his phone as he sifted through some CD cases. "Hey, Adam. I just got Nowhere Boy, and I've secretly been dying to see it. Wanna come over and watch it? Maybe stay over?" he suggested, earning a laugh on the other end from Adam. He agreed, teasing him one last time about his choice in movie.

Eli laughed sarcastically, "Yea, that's funny. You're paying for pizza." The boy on the other end groaned, agreeing to his condition. Eli hung up the phone, placing it on his bureau. He smiled to himself, making his way back downstairs.

Adam arrived twenty minutes later, his wallet in hand. "I make sure to keep my word, Eli." he said sarcastically, shoving the item back into his pocket. Eli rolled his eyes, closing the door behind him. Cece and Bullfrog walked through the living room, bidding them goodbye before heading out the door. Adam raised an eyebrow, Eli shrugged. "They're going to a concert." he filled in. Adam nodded, shrugging as he sat down on the couch. The movie started, the two boys watching intently.

After the movie was over, and half of the pizza they'd ordered was gone, Adam was sound asleep on the couch. Eli laughed quietly, shutting off the TV. He cleaned up a bit, putting the leftover pizza in the refrigerator before making his way upstairs to his room. He didn't bother shutting the door, only slipping on a T-shirt and boxers before climbing into his bed. He sighed, pulling a pillow next to his chest; Clare crossed his mind, and it was a little strange after last night not having her right next to him. It still wasn't the same with the makeshift comfort, because he knew nothing could replace the real thing.

He shrugged, making a promise he'd call her in the morning, maybe even invite her over to his house. He smirked a little to himself, closing his eyes to see his angelic girlfriend.

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