Everyone had gone to Roger's house after seeing that everyone was all right. Lorna, Rianne, and Trish sat in the kitchen.

"Christ," Lorna cried to Rianne and Trish. "I Just wanted to get the baby baptized and get married! But we get a drunken preacher, and the damn church burns down!"

"I know, baby, I know," Trish said sympathetically.

"Well, you got the baby baptized," Rianne offered.

"But the church burned down! Is this whole thing cursed or something?" Sobbed Lorna. Tish was about to say something, but Riggs entered.

"Lorna, honey, are you okay?" He asked. She nodded silently. "One of the fireman just stopped by. The fire was electrical. Bad wiring. They said that they got it in thime though, that it's not too bad. The church is still in more or less one piece. It was just a bathroom."

"That's good," Said Lorna.

"They said if it weren't for the fact that the entire thing was so smoky, we could still get married. The main part itself just smells of smoke. It's the parts around it that are smoke damaged," Riggs said.

"I don't think the wedding part could stand the smell… and our clothes are ruined. My wedding dress is singed and soaked," Lorna sighed.

"Well you know, with some air fresheners and a new dress," Riggs said, trying to cheer up his lover. It got a small smile out of her.

"Lorna, I was thinking… I ran across the tux I wore when Vicki and I were married… and it still fits…" Riggs started.

"That takes care of your tuxedo," Lorna smiled, "But what about my dress?"

"And I came across Vicki's old dress a little while back. I still have it. I can go and grab it if you want to try it on. Maybe you can use it, if it fits you. You look close to her size… Well, you're a little taller, but maybe we can let out them hem or something…" Riggs suggested, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He was worried Lorna wouldn't like the idea. "When we were sorting through boxes this past week, I found it. Found it yesterday in fact.. it's still in pretty good condition. I was surprised to find it. I thought for sure I had put in storage."

Lorna smiled. "It's worth a try… but what about the other members of the party?"

"Roger has another Tuxedo," Said Trish.

"Lee has the one from when we were married," Said Rianne.

"Your dad's offered to help us pay for rented ones," Riggs said.

"But where can we get married?" Asked Lorna.

"Well, we can always go to Vegas," Riggs quipped.

"You guys live next to a beach, and it's a sunny day, it might be nice to get married on the beach," Trish suggested.

"With our luck, there will probably be a tidal wave," Said Riggs, "Hey, Trish has a nice flower garden?"

"Perfect," Said Trish, taking the suggestion seriously, "I call the preacher."

"We don't know if the dress will fit," Said Lorna.

"Well, hurry and try it on! Riggs, go get it! Go forth!" Tirsh exclaimed. She was delighted at the idea of a wedding in her garden.