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Summary- A simple life is all Bella could ask for. Raising her son on her own she figured finding true love would not be in the cards for her. But when her best friend's troubled brother along with his friends comes to town unexpectedly with all their own baggage and heartbreak she finds out the meaning of family.

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Paper Wings

Chapter One- Who We Are

"God, I love the taste of Malibu," I said, looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I took another gulp of the clear coconut tasting liquid in my glass that I had brought with me into the bathroom; it was mixed it with Diet Sprite and it was like bliss down my throat.

The rum was washing down the remnants of spunk I had just ingested from the loser laying sated, satisfied, and stupid on my bed in the other room.

I really meant to move my head before he came. But he had had a death grip in my hair and I wasn't willing to lose an entire hunk of hair just because I didn't want to swallow.

"Babe? You say somthin'?" The moron is talking again. He still isn't leaving, either?

"Hey um..?" Oh shit, I couldn't remember his name. Never mind, I will just use a loving moniker for me, since he probably didn't remember my name either. "Ah, babe? You might want to start hitting the road. You know. My old man will be home soon. He's been out of town for a couple weeks but he is coming back tonight."

A wee little white lie for the nasty fornicator in my bedroom. The one with funky tasting spunk. Why cannot I not recall his stupid name?

He was pretty cute, for being so unbelievably stupid.

Finally, some sounds of scurrying from my bedroom.

"Damn, babe! Why didn't you tell me you had a husband?" The none*to-bright boy was making a bee line for my front door now.

"Sorry, I just looked at my calendar," I said, as I leaned against the door jam. Stupid boy believed I had a calendar in my bathroom. Everyone knows those stay in the kitchen, even if you're tracking your period.

Boy wonder was out the door without even a kiss on my cheek.

I shrugged and went to lie back down on my bed. I grabbed a cigarette from my case on the bedside table along with the Zippo lighter that I got from the man I had ever cared about, my dad, and took a long drag of the smoke creating bliss. Getting up, I headed towards my small patio off the kitchen to enjoy my sad addiction.

"Embry!" I yelled and threw my head back looking at the clear Arizona sky. I finally remembered the name of the guy I brought back to my house to fuck.

I was waiting for my old man to come home. Unfortunately, I had been waiting for two years. My man had decided to become a thief soon after he knocked me up. So he was sitting in a cell at the Arizona Correction Center and I was sitting in a dumpy house just outside of Phoenix. He was fighting off guys that wanted to stick their dicks in his ass, and so was I.

Being with James was not my smartest move. But finding myself being hounded by a twenty-one year old, from the time I was fifteen until I got knocked up at seventeen, with all the shit that goes along with it, was just my reality.

Being a gawky, insecure, and lonely little teenage girl, I had thought I hit the jackpot of men.

James was freakin' hot. Never mind that he had graduated years before me and still worked at the same job he had in high school, Pizza King, as their head delivery joker. I thought I was in love.

He should have been registering as a sex offender because he had knocked up a child. But hey, I think my mother was just happy to see my backside heading towards the front door of her double wide with a couple trash bags and my backpack stuffed with my belongings, on my way to my fairytale with James.

His three to ten was increased when he and two other inmates decided they would try and escape from a work crew that was cleaning up the side of the highway. He got another decade to run consecutive to his original sentence.

So, I would be waiting for my man a long time, and that just wasn't going to happen as a twenty year old that was eager to move on from her dumbass mistakes of her childhood.

Lord love a duck, I was stupid! Stupid girl. Stupid stupid girl. James was a nightmare kinda fairytale. Not mean, just dumb and completely clueless.

I had my son without anyone's support or help.

Just so you know. It can be done. Because when you're alone in the world you just have to survive, and when the nurse or doctor places the beautiful life in your arms that you created and spent twenty four hours of long hard ass labor to bring into the world, you just do it. No matter what. For that kid. He is the only thing that matters anyway.

I was going to give my son the life he deserved.

So I grew up.

My dad, a cop in Phoenix, had died in a car accident when I was ten and after that my mother became a raging alcoholic with impulse control issues. Or maybe she already was? But she kept it discreetly hidden from my father and me. That went bye-bye however, when she constantly brought random men home and then began slapping the shit out of me when they stared at my barely developing body after they used her old saggy ones.

I grew up fast because I had to. I was seventeen when my son was born. I was a high school drop out but neither of those things were going to make me roll into a ball and just give up.

I waited tables and studied for my GED, while my son was either with the manager of the diner; because she loved kids, and thought Jake was an angel, or while he was in daycare. And I made sure I would never be so stupid again. James was history and Jake ismy future.

I was pretty, with long brown hair and big brown eyes, at 5'4 and 120 lbs. I also had a smoking body that my pregnancy had only enhanced. I had always been good-looking. My mother mentioned that I would need to utilize my assets if I ever wanted to make it in this world. She had no idea my idea of making it was just living quietly. Having a good job, a comfortable place to live, keeping my son happy and healthy, and both of us safe, was all I ever wanted. I liked safety, probably because I never had it.

I stubbed out my cigarette on the concrete patio and placed my butt in a coffee can I kept out there for them, and headed back into the back door to my bedroom and toward my closet. I needed to change from my party clothes, to pick up the only thing I had done right. The jean skirt that I had cut up the side because it was impossible to walk in and tight halter top just wasn't going to cut it for the walk through the alleys I had to make.

I threw on a pair of jeans over my dark blue thong that I never even got to take off with "Speedy Spunker Embry". Once he got his dick in my mouth and a couple of pulls of his pencil dick, he was all done for the night.

Shit, I could have blown him at the bar instead of bringing his dumbass back to my place.

Rose would be very upset with me, knowing I didn't at least get some booty tonight. She said she was going to live vicariously through me and my sexual escapades.

Aw well. Live and learn. Or in my case just keep living because that learning crap if for the experts. Something I would never be compared to.

I was actually pretty smart considering everything. I was working on my Associates degree in speech therapy and had a good job.

I was also hot as hell for being a twenty year old single mother. My hair was long and shiny, my tits were high and full, and I knew that if I really wanted one I could get a permanent man. I just didn't want one. Not right now anyway. But I did want to get laid. So, next time I go out I won't be blowing them until after I got mine.

I picked up a blue v neck t-shirt off the floor of my closet and found my brown flip flops. I wasn't wearing a bra, since I was just going to Rose's to pick up my son. I opened a couple more windows as I walked through my small house making sure there was no scent lingering, indicating slut I had become, and headed across the street and down the alley.

I made it to the small C-shaped apartment complex that housed my best friend and her son, Sammy in less than seven minutes. She kept my angel safe, when I got an itch that needed to be scratched.

I stopped and knocked at 2F.

I was expecting to Rose to answer the door with my bundle of sugar in her arms. Instead I was met with the bluest eyes I had ever seen on a man.

"Hey," Blue eyes said in a non-committal tone. My eyes went immediately to his gorgeous mouth. Perfect pink pillows for lips.

"Hey, is ah, Rosie here?" Words should be easy, but not so much tonight, while I faced the most beautiful man I had ever laid my big brown eyes on.

"Yeah. You, Bella?"

I nodded. Blue Eyes was gorgeous beyond words. He had honey blond hair that softly curled around his face like a freaking halo, tanned skin, the muscles on his forearms were giving me a heart-attack. I was pretty sure I started to drool as I looked at him. He looked a lot like Rose. As beautiful as she was, he looked as if he weren't even human.

"She's got your kid in the tub. He and Sammy got a little crazy helping with dinner or something."

I finally snapped out of my lust induced haze to remember that Rose and I had rules. Those rules were no men around our sons. Ever! Her son Sam and my boy, Jake, were never to be put in any danger so this was finally starting to freak me the hell out.

My panic attack started getting worse as I walked into the apartment, past Blue eyes and was met by a couple more of the gender Rose and I agreed were bad to be around our little boys.

A huge hulk of a smoking gorgeous man stood by Rose's sliding glass door talking on a blackberry, while another guy with fuckhot green eyes and bed head brown and gold hair sat on the couch flipping channels with Rose's universal clicker.

I finally stopped my feet and looked around incredulously.

"Who are you guys?"

"Brother. These fucker's are friends of mine." Blue eyes said quietly from behind me. I turned to look back at him and was surprised that I had to look up.

Did he grow a foot in the last twenty seconds?

Blue eyes was not only gorgeous Godlike perfection, he was also tall. Well that kind of fits into the Godlike part. He also had a deep baritone voice that made my clit start dancing and nipples stand at attention. Dang, I should have worn a bra.

"Brother of who?"

"Mine, dummy." Rose came out with our two little boys just ahead of her wrapped in towels that made the boys look like giant frogs.

"Momma, Aunt Wosie says you was gonna lemme spen da night wit Sammy!"

My little guy was pissed. He had thrown off the towel and was standing in front of me with anger in his beautiful brown eyes completely naked.

There were soft chuckles from the menfolk in the room as they apparently decided watching the mommy and me show was more interesting than their previous activities. I wasn't really sure what Blue Eyes was doing before, but now I was pretty sure him and Green eyes had their said gorgeous eyes on my ass.

I figured I may as well make the most of the situation. It wasn't like I had gotten anything I needed earlier.

I knelt down and grabbed Jake's discarded frog towel and began helping my little boy with drying off.

"Well, Jakey, it looks like Sammy's uncle is in town and Aunt Rosie has her hands full," I eyed Rose with a raised eyebrow. She had planted her ass on the floor drying her son off vigorously.

"He can stay, Bella. Besides I thought your thing would take another couple hours." She looked up at her clock on the wall, before she continued with a smirk on her mouth. "Wow, Sammy your Auntie Bella sure works fast for someone who hasn't done crap in a year."

"Almost two," I reminded her sarcastically.

Rose laughed and then decided to play hostess. "Bella, that is my baby brother, and his two idiot friends from Seattle." She motioned towards Blue eyes and then the other two.

I knew that Rose was from New Jersey, but had grown up in a small town in Texas; but I did not know she had any family in Washington as well.

Rose and I had only become friends recently. Six months to be exact. Mostly it was because of our sons that we developed the friendship. We were both single mothers with no means of support from the children's fathers, but our love of our boys led us to one another through their daycare.

Her son's father may not have been in prison but that was where the piece of shit belonged. Rose had been married to Royce for about a year before she got pregnant with their son. Apparently, the hubby was pissed about being replaced by a smaller version of himself and began using Rose as a punching bag on a regular basis.

Out of fear of starvation and homelessness Rose stayed with the douche until after their son, Sam was born. She had hoped that the baby would help save him, them. He didn't. Sammy's crying made Royce tense. If he wasn't using Rose as his personal punching bag, he was yelling about his infant son. So finally, Rose took off in the middle of the night and has never looked back.

However, she is always looking over her shoulder for her husband. Since she disappeared, she had yet to be able to file for divorce; she just wants to stay hidden. She moved around a lot with Sammy, but she likes it here. Scottsdale, Arizona was apparently the place she wanted to stay.

Rose had to get work and she also had to put her son in daycare.

Although Rose was older than me by a couple of years and she had a four year degree under her belt, she never made me feel stupid or less than, for the way my life turned out. She actually told me she admired how I was making it on my own so young. Rose honestly was the first person that ever said they admired me, and it made me feel like a million bucks.

When Rose got laid off from her job as an administrative assistant for a local real estate office, I got her an interview at the bank where I worked and she was hired right away. Although, she and I quickly became friends, we decided what we really needed from each other was a babysitter. We worked our schedules around one another so one of us could always help the other. It was great and our son's always had companionship and a safe place.

"I'm hungry!" Sammy yelled.

"Oh really, well you and Jake shouldn't have put all the sauce in the sink then should you?"

"What happened anyway?" I asked.

"When these three came to the door, the boys grabbed the jar of Ragu and decided to make finger paint."

"Oh, crap. Jacob Hunter Swan. Did you help clean it up?"

Jake nodded sadly.

"Was there anymore of a mess?"

"Naw, surprisingly they got it all in the sink and just made pictures on the mirror in the bathroom," Rose said as she threw Jake's Spider man pajamas at me and she began putting Sammy's Transformer jammies on him.

I knew they were staring; when I decided to take a peek behind me at the people who should not be mentioned.

My tits were bouncing because of my movements. I was mortified, but there was literally nothing I could do about it while I was taking care of my son.

I was right. Blue eyes and Green eyes were watching me. But the Hulk was eying Rose with hungry hazel eyes.

"Hey Rose, let's order a pizza, I'll buy," Blue eyes said, with a slight Texas drawl.

I licked my lips and looked back at him, to see his eyes never strayed from me.

"Pizza!" Two helium filled voices filled the room, making all three adult men smile.

"That's cool. These guys didn't really get enough to eat. But I don't have anything to drink except water."

Like an idiot, I decided to interject, "I have that twelve pack of Bud Light that we were going to take to the picnic tomorrow back at my house."

"Oh yeah!" Rose said happily.

Our bank was holding it's annual employee picnic tomorrow, and for some reason Rose and I decided to just bring alcohol.

I really should have just grabbed my son and made a beeline for the door. Hanging out with Rose's brother and his friends sounded like fun and a great way to spend the remainder of my evening, but I knew that I would want one of them. I knew that if I stayed and drank one of those guys behind me would be the love of my life. Or maybe he would just be a mistake.

"Where do you live?" I turned to see Green eyes was asking me a direct question. But I needed to find my voice.

"Ah, just, um down the alley?"

I can't remember where I live.

"Yeah, but she's gotta walk there," Rose interjected.

I finally had my son dressed and was looking at how adorable he looked in his jammies when I heard something I hadn't heard from a guy since I was a little kid. Concern.

"You gotta be kiddin' me? You're gonna walk with your kid? In this town? Down an alley?"

I looked over to see it was the Hulk that was acting all big daddy. I was slightly disappointed. He wasn't really one of my options to fall head over heels for. But it did help my damsel in distress, inner Barbie, that the other two looked just as shocked.

"She's fine. We do it all the time. I do..."

"Rosie, you walk with Sammy? Do you two know how many women are sexually assaulted in the United States every minute?" Blue eyes questioned his sister his eyes beginning to blaze.

"Umm, he said sex," Jake whisper-tattled to me.

Leave it to an almost four year old to put things in perspective. Because it obviously was a bad word in our house, seeing as I couldn't actually get any.

"Oh, sorry Little Man." Blue eyes said to Jake.

"S'okay. Are we still gonna get pizza?"

"You betcha," Rose answered, as she stood up obviously ignoring her brother's questioning.

"I'll drive Bella to her place to get the beer. Do we wanna get anything else?" I turned to see that it was Green eyes that offered me a ride.

Oh my.

"Momma, bring back some juice boxes. Aunt Wosie doesn't have none."

"Any. Aunt Rosie doesn't have any juice boxes. And no, you aren't having any either. Milk or water this late," I said with finality.

My son pouted animatedly.

"So, how is it safer for me to ride with a dude I just met versus walking through an alley where I have never been accosted or molested in any shape or form since I've lived here?"

I couldn't help but be a bitch. I had a lot of pent up hostility, mostly from not getting my rocks off.

"I'm a friend," Green Eyes said smirking, as he stood up.

"A friend of his," I said, pointing to Blue eyes. "Also, someone I have never met before."

"Damn, you are a fire cracker aren't you?" Blue eyes asked, with a smirk that I was sure just snapped the elastic on my thong.

"Lord love a duck," I said exasperated. "What are your names?" Seriously, did they still not realize I had no idea who these people were?

With both little boys repeating my favorite tirade about our Lord in Heaven's fondness ducks and heading towards Sammy's bedroom, Rose started laughing.

"Bella, please let me introduce you to my brother, Jasper Whitlock. His friends The Brothers Cullen, Edward and Emmett." She waved her right hand towards her guests like she was a model at a car show, and then she continued as to why they were here. "Apparently, Royce has been making noise about finding me, again. Harassing my mother non-stop. So my baby brother decided I needed a personal body guard. But those two just came for the scenery."

"Now, now Rose. Emmett would love to be your body guard, and we also came because we needed some new places to play." Blue eyes, now known as Jasper, said to his sister. I still liked the fact that his eyes were all I could see.

"Yeah, right," She scoffed at him.

"The Brother's Cullen?" I was a little confused. Not as much as a few seconds ago, but confused none the less.

"We're a band, Sugar." The Hulk said quietly.

"Ah." No wonder I liked these guys. They would be nothing but heartache for me. But I was still hoping for some private performances from either my best friend's little brother or his good friend with the bed head. The Hulk was still looking at Rose like she was on the menu, and from what Jasper just said, there was obviously already some history there.

Rose grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and I followed her into her small kitchen which was completely separate from the rest of her apartment.

"Fuck, I am freakin' out, Bella!"

Rose looked like she was ready to cry. I went to put my arms around her shoulders hoping that this small gesture on my part would give her some solace. Although, I grew up fast and hard, it was nothing compared to living in an abusive relationship. I know that much.

"When my mom called and said Jazz was on his way here I knew something was up. But she refused to tell me. She just told me to wait until he got here and he would take care of everything." Rose's voice was shaky.

"What has this guy been saying to your mom?"

"All kinds of crazy shit. It has only gotten worse since I left that piece of shit. I cannot let Sammy witness that again. You know?"

I nodded. Of course I knew. That was why Jake never got to visit his dad in prison. Children needed to remain innocent as long as they could. The grown up world would swallow them up just like it had us soon enough.

"He told her he was gonna kick my whore ass and drag me by my hair back to Princeton." Rose had lived with Royce in New Jersey, where he was reportedly a successful professor at the Ivy League school. Another reason why Rose was left in the cold and dust, for safety police weren't likely to believe that a Doctor of Psychology was actually beating his young and beautiful wife in front of their little boy. Never mind that Rose had actually been both a student and then a patient of Royce, yet another thing he should have been arrested for but never was.

"Are you gonna be okay?"

Rose nodded. "Having my brother and the guys here actually does make me feel a little safer. Emmett and Edward are really sweet guys."

"They don't seem sweet, they seem like predators and we're their prey," I whispered.

Rose's face broke out into a huge smile and then she erupted into giggles.

I smacked her arm in annoyance. "Shut up!"

"So do you like my brother?"

I crossed my arms over my chest which made my lose breasts sit on top of my forearms. Rose noticed.

"Damn, is it cold in here or are you just really happy to see them?"

"Rose, I swear, shut up!"

"So you like Edward? Don't even think about Emmett, he's all mine."

"Oh really, the gargantuan dude with the phone? Yeah, he looks perfect for you," I huffed.

"Well if you really like him, I guess I could share, but you get sloppy seconds," she whispered into my ear.

"Stop it!"

"I'm only kidding, geeze Bella. But you could do worse."

"Why are you trying to set me up with your brother?"

Rose shrugged. "He just got out of a shitty relationship. Stupid bitch broke his heart."

"Oh. Well we have all been there," I said quietly.

"Yeah, we have. Anyway. Let me order the pizza, you and Edward go get the beer and let's relax a little. Want to?"

"Sure, Sweetie. I'm glad you're not going to be alone. You need your family around you right now," I said as I grabbed her shoulders to give her a hug.

Rose started to tear up. Her husband was a sadistic asshole. She had been trying for so long to get her footing on solid ground again. Now it seemed like she was falling backwards.

"I am so thankful for Jasper. He's always been the family hero. He's two years younger than me but he has this really beautiful effect where he can just calm people, especially me."

I held my friend close and let her be the one to release me from our hug. She needed all of us close.

"Rose?" Blue eyes came around the corner and saw our embrace; his eyes were so kind that as he looked upon us, my heart fluttered.

I had never had such an instant attraction to a man in my entire life. It was basal in it's intensity.

Rose pulled away from me and began wiping at her cheeks catching her tears. "Yeah?"

"I was just gonna tell you the pizza was on it's way," he said quietly. He moved closer to his sister and pulled her into his side.

"Thank you so much, Jazzy."

"Of course, Sis."

I felt completely out of place watching the interaction between Rose and Jasper.

I made my way out of the kitchen and back into the living room. Green eyes, also known as Edward looked up with a small smile forming on his lips. I couldn't help but notice that he was just as beautiful as Jasper, but in a slightly different way. While Jasper looked rugged like a man who could build a house, Edward looked like he belonged more in an office. I wasn't complaining, I love both Esquire and a Handyman Guide. Both of these guys were going to make regular appearances in my fantasies from here on out.

"You ready to head over to your apartment?" Edward asked. His voice was smooth like the feel of velvet running down my arms.

I couldn't seem to form any words, so I simply nodded. I decided to head toward Sammy's room and give Jake a kiss before I left. I walked into the bedroom to discover the boys had created a fort out of blankets and comforters and were playing army inside their fortress.

I peeked inside surprising the boys.

"Hey, I am going to go with Aunt Rose's friend back to the house. I will be right back, okay, little guy?"

"Momma, I'n not wittle. I'n beeg now," Jake insisted.

I decided to not correct his speech even though it drove me nuts most of the time, because frankly my son's speech impediment was adorable, if you got right down to it.

"Okay, big guy. I will be right back. Okay? Be good for Aunt Rose," I said before leaning in far enough to kiss him on the head. I patted Sammy's head, ruffling his blond hair. Making both boys giggle.

I smiled and turned around heading back out to the living room.

Jasper and Edward, were now talking exchanging money and keys. I noticed that the Hulk was in the kitchen now, watching Rose. There was definitely something there between them.

"Are we picking up the pizza," I asked, turning back to beautiful eyes duo.

"Yeah, and forget the beer, get some stronger stuff. Rose needs to get hammered." Jasper said with a half smile.

I nodded in agreement.

Edward walked over to me and motioned with his head to follow him. I chanced a look back at Jasper, who was taking that opportunity to look me up and down as I turned to head out the door.

I walked behind Edward toward the steps and was gifted with an unobstructed view of the man's perfect backside. I also remembered in that moment that we were going back to my place and I was still a one woman bouncing machine because of my tits.

I slapped my arms over my chest in attempt to stop myself from sheer humiliation, which was already too late. It wasn't like these obviously straight guys hadn't noticed my free wheeling chest.

"Hey, um, Gre... I mean Edward?"

Edward stopped at the passenger side of an older style Silver Jeep and looked at me while he unlocked it and opened the door for me.

"Can we still go by my place? I gotta get something."

Edward smirked, "Yeah. I wanna see where you live anyway."

"Well. I can just run in. You don't have to come."

Edward closed my door and headed over to the driver's side. I leaned over and unlocked the door for him.

Climbing in, Edward looked over at me with a small smile gracing his beautiful face. "Thanks. If you don't want me to come in... that's cool. It's just that we are all friends and I would just really like to see where Rose's friend lives..."

"Alright, lord love a duck! You can come in." I rolled my eyes. I really wasn't sure what his game was but he was adorable and annoying all in the same breath.


I told him where to go and we were at my house in a couple minutes. But Edward was still looking around like something was up.

"What," I asked, as I got out of the Jeep.

"Baby, you gotta be kidding me with this!"

"I will ask again. What?"

He was looking around like my father used to.

"Are you a cop?"

Edward stopped in his tracks as he made his way to my front step his eyes widened.

"I just finished the course work for a criminal justice degree. I was planning on getting onto a force once I figured out where I was gonna stay." His Southern drawl was making my panties drenched. "How did you know?"

"You remind me of my dad."

"Your dad's a cop?"

I nodded, getting a little melancholy from the memory of my father.

As if reading my mind he continued, "Sorry, Bella. He's no longer alive?"

I shook my head feeling stupid that my traitor tears were going to come out to play.

"Hey, hey. It's okay," Edward said quietly as his arm went around my shoulder. "You and Rose are a lot alike."

"Yeah." I said, as I tried to unlock my front door.

Edward gently took my hand away from the knob and worked the lock and opened the door for me. "After you."

"Thank you. Um, I will just be a second," I said, as I made my way down the hall to my bedroom.

"Hey Bella?" he called from down the hall.


"Can I close your windows?"

I think I just melted a little. I was in the middle of throwing off my shirt and grabbing my black lace bra when he asked.

"Are you serious?" I couldn't help but tease.

"Yes, I am serious." Then I heard my windows start to close. "A young single mother and her little boy should be in a safe neighborhood, if they want to have fresh air."

Edward was mumbling.

"Are you really serious?" I asked as I came out now a little more secure with an over the shoulder boulder holder to keep my girl's in check, while I spent the evening with two men I was finding myself attracted to more and more by the minute. But at this very minute, my attraction was fully on Edward, the Green-Eyed Greek God.

Edward turned around, his eyes quickly went straight to my chest and then back to my eyes. Yes, they had definitely noticed my tits before.

He smiled sweetly. "My brother, Jasper, and I were talking about Rose moving to another neighborhood. And now I am pretty sure we want you to as well."

I shook my head and headed towards the kitchen.

"Where you goin', Bella?"


"Naw, save that. You and Rose have a picnic or something for work tomorrow, right?" I nodded "So... let's go get some tequila and limes. Let's make some margaritas tonight."

"Okay." I shrugged and smiled. "Wait! I gotta do one more thing." I scrambled back to my bedroom room bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth again.

Although, these guys seemed like sweethearts, if either one wanted to kiss me at any point tonight I was not going to feel guilty that I had given myself away earlier in the evening to a total dumbass.

I walked back out to Edward, who was looking at the pictures I had hanging on my wall. Most of them were of Jake. There a couple of me, and for Jake I did have one of his dad James. I was about six months pregnant and we were sitting on the hood of James' Mustang.

"Who is this?"

"That is Jake's dad, James."

"Is he still in the picture for you?" Edward looked at me with smoldering eyes.

"No. He's in prison and is going to be there for a very long time. Jake has never even met him, but I still want him to know who his dad is. You know?"

Edward nodded, "Good."

"Good, what?"

"All of it. But especially James not being around."

I rolled my eyes and snorted.

Edward put his arm around my shoulder again as we headed back outside to the Jeep.

"So you hate my neighborhood, huh?"

"Ah, yeah. This is not a safe place for two hot lookin' mommies to be livin'!"

I couldn't help but burst out laughing as Edward's Texas drawl came out in full force as he was trying not to yell at me.

"So only ugly mommies should live in this neighborhood? That is discrimination!" I teased. I was really beginning to like this guy.

"Ah, alright you got me there. No, there should be no young mommies living in this neighborhood. Better?" His smile was intense.

I flipped my hair off my shoulder in a flirty move. Why was I doing this?

But Edward's eyes glittered mischievously as he looked over at me. "You are very pretty and dangerous girl, you know that?"

Should I play coy or should I go for confident?

I opted for the latter and nodded. I was gifted with a hearty and beautiful laugh from my chauffeur.

Tonight was going to be very interesting.

I was thanking my lucky stars that my evening had been a bust with Embry. Going over to Rose's early was going to change my life. And I was sure it was going to be amazing.

AN- So should I continue or scrap it?

If you have read my other stuff you must know that I love a nice poly story, and J/B/E are my faves!