The widescreen TV cut off as Chance put the remote down with a sigh. Okay. That should be more than enough of a message to this asshole that tried to kill him. The big kat stood, stretched his arms above his head, and padded his way to the master bedroom, a pair of house shoes on his feet and a combination of a close-fitting white t-shirt and a pair of dark-wash blue jeans covering everything else.

With all that happened, he hadn't been able to see Callie at her rally. Hell, he didn't even know where it was today, and Penny didn't offer any information. Just as well. If he knew where it was, he'd be more worried about her than stopping Donovan from doing any more damage, and he couldn't afford that.

Not yet, anyway.

Chance trudged his way into the bathroom, and moments later, the sound of running water echoed up and down the hallway. He was finished with his business not but three minutes later, and the lights cut off as he resumed his trek to bed. He was halfway there when the sound of the doorbell made his ears twitch.

He turned an about-face with a groan. Crap, he totally forgot he'd ordered pizza!

Chance scratched the back of his head as he carved a path toward the front door. Another ring and he shouted back, "Keep your shirt on!"

He unlatched the locks, turned the bolt, and opened the door.

The detective had a deep, longing regret for his last four words as his train of thought jumped the tracks, smashed into a nearby signal light, and died a tragic death.

Wide-set green eyes twinkled back at him, half-lidded and darkened by long, delicate lashes. A waterfall of liquid gold framed a heart-shaped face, and a pink nose twitched, no doubt picking up things he couldn't imagine. A pair of pink-glossed lips turned up in a pouty smile as she leaned against the right side of the door frame.

His eyes scanned down, catching the silken glint of a close-fitting, rose-pink camisole beneath a lavender cardigan with a hem just past the hips, buttons not included. A pair of slim-fitting jeans forced his attention to her legs, and his eyes stopped there for a bit.

God, they went on for days…

"Hey, up here."

He brought his attention back to her face, now sporting an all-too-knowing grin. "I love it when your eyes go all big like that."

Chance huffed. "What're you doing here at this hour?"

Callie stepped forward into his space, a hand on his chest. His heart squeezed at her touch, almost as if she'd stuck her fingers straight through and grabbed hold of it. "What do you think I'm here for?" She raised her left hand, revealing a plastic bag that smelled heavenly. "Besides the obvious, of course."

Chance blinked. "I already ordered pizza. Thought it was…"

"…Let it get here anyway." She ran her fingers along his shirt, and a tingle creeped its way along his spine. "We're going to be here a while, I think." Callie walked past and Chance stepped aside for her, breathing in the scent of her perfume and shampoo as she walked by… and something else underneath, something that was all her. Her tail brushed the inside of his right thigh, and he swore it got a bit too close before flicking away.

His brain decided to work at that point, thoughts scattered in a million different directions. She shouldn't be here. She should be at her hotel, resting for the next stop on her tour. But she smelled so fucking nice and those clothes fit her just the way he wanted them to and probably felt as soft as her coat and she did all this on purpose—

"Close the door, Chance."

Okay brain, shut up. Chance shut the door, closed the bolt, and followed the lingering trail of her scent to the spot he used to occupy on the couch. She lay there, looking up at him with that pouty smile she wore earlier. "Before we go any further… congratulations."

He had to think about that for a moment before nodding. "Yeah… thanks. Wasn't all us, though." He walked around the couch and sat next to her. "The only reason we caught onto him was because of this one she-kat calling herself Penny."

Callie chuckled. "I figured she had something to do with this. She showed me the news earlier today." She glanced at him, brows angled upward with a trace of concern. "I had you on my mind all day, you know. Even through the speech." She sat up from her reclined position and leaned closer to him. "That was too close for my tastes, Chance."

He offered a cocksure smirk. "Wasn't close enough. I saw it coming."

"And if you hadn't?"

Chance scoffed. "Well I'm here, right?"

Callie leaned closer, still giving him bedroom eyes despite the worry lines. "Yes. You are. And you couldn't have been." She crawled over to him then, close enough for him to smell that mix of intoxication that beckoned him to lose his mind. "I came to a conclusion before the rally, Chance."

One of his brows rose, his eyes focused on hers as she got too close for comfort, and yet not goddamn close enough. "And what was that?"

His heart almost froze as she stopped, her lips two inches away from his. His whole world was pink, blue, and light purple, and her perfume and shampoo wove a web around him. "We can't do this."

Callie breathed onto his lips, "Why not?"

He swallowed around the lump in his throat. "You said it yourself. Our lives aren't ready for this. So why—"

"The conclusion I came to, is that I no longer give a damn." She inched closer until she was nose-to-nose with the well-built tom. "You'll be in my head whether I need you to be or not. Every thought I have, sooner or later, will be directed at you." Callie just about closed the distance, but halted a half-inch from actually touching his mouth with hers. Other, far softer parts of her did make contact though, and he could feel her heart pounding. "Since you drive me to distraction, whether I'm close to you or not, then what's about to happen makes perfect sense."

The doorbell chose that moment to ring, and the silence stretched for five painful seconds. Damn it! "That's the food."

Callie chuckled as she maintained the pin she had him in. "The rest of it, you mean." Her nose twitched at the smell of the pizza. "Oh well… I suppose what's about to happen can wait, can't it?" She slid her tongue against his lips. "But let's not have it wait too long… I still want to celebrate with you."

She crawled her way back, eyes still heavy with desire, piercing him with invisible darts. Chance managed to stare back for a few seconds, and then nodded. "Not too long."

Kanto the Slayer presents

A SWAT Kats Fanfiction

MegaKat Shield

She really was doing this on purpose.

Her eyes bored into him as she chewed just a bit too slowly on that mega sub sandwich, really taking her time with it. Every time her tongue slid out to lick her lips, it made his mind go to a certain place it didn't need to be. She sucked on the straw poking out of her soda cup and it made him lean forward just enough to take notice.

A very insistent part of him called for his attention, and he ignored it with his considerable will. Stay down, idiot.

Callie chuckled as she put her half of the sandwich down. "You know, you really should eat that. You don't want me to think I spent that money for nothing, do you?"

Chance's ears twitched as the notes of her voice bounced around in his head. He chuckled and started to dig into his still-warm food. "I think you cheated just a little bit on this. You could have gotten something a lot fancier with all that money you've got floating around, but you go to the sandwich shop around the corner." He shrugged. "Sure it's late, but I'm sure there are better places open on the way here."

Callie leaned forward, her elbows on the table. "Maybe it's because I know what you like."

The big tom took another bite out of his sandwich. "I'll give you that one." He put the food down and pushed it away. "So where was the rally today? I'd have come, but…"

She shrugged. "I know. We both have our duties." Callie sighed, a hand running through her hair. "We were at the bay today, to set up memorial plaques for the bridges. I told everyone I'd fix them if I was elected, and pretty much slammed Manx for not doing anything about it sooner."

Chance nodded. "Keep on doing that. The more people hear about the piss-poor job he's doing, the more they'll side with you." He leaned back in his seat at the dinner table. "A lot of officers in Eastside precinct are behind you. They're glad someone's stepping up to the problems we're having."

"Yeah, I figured so." She smiled. "I think I have the advantage of seeing what they've had to deal with, up close and personal. Even if they'll never know it was me behind that mask."

A chuckle rumbled from the big tom's chest. "Feral has no idea what we did for him, because he'll never know who the SWAT Kats really are. Part of the reason we blew the TurboKat to kingdom come and sold off all the plans for our swag. Helps to cover our tracks."

The she-kat tilted her head to the right, chin in her hands. "I never knew you were a schemer, Chance Furlong." Her eyes darkened as the lashes concealed them again, pupils wide and lips parted just enough. "It's sexy."

All at once, the insistent, nagging tent in his pants made itself known again. Chance cleared his throat and reached for his food again. "It's not all me, it's Jake too. We're partners—"

His hand stopped at a touch on his wrist, a shock traveling up his arm, through his shoulder, and apparently skipping his brain to travel somewhere further south. He'd have grimaced, if it weren't for the clouded, half-sleepy look in Callie's eyes. "—But you thought of it first. The plan to hide my identity, making me part of your team, getting all of my information back so I could actually start this crazy plan…"

She ran her fingers along his forearm, sending more sparks shooting along his nerves. "…I love a tom that uses his head for more than just storage space."

Chance grinned, partly to conceal his struggle to keep from dragging her to bed by her tail and making her do more than just stare at him. "I'm surprised you're not into Jake, then. He's got brains for days, I just hit stuff."

Callie chuckled, her fingers still stroking. "This makes you all the more… interesting, though. All that strength… under the control of a focused, sharp mind."

Chance's tail curled as his senses picked up something stroking along his left leg, just below the knee. Dammit, she was really pushing it.

"But what if…" Callie sported the pouty smile again, and Chance's ears flicked at the low, sultry purr that made every word a caress. "…What if for a moment or two, that focus slipped? What would happen if all that strength was without any sort of restraint?"

Chance grimaced. "Kats get hurt. Hell, they'd die. I'd never lose control like that."

"Never?" Her eyes glinted with defiant challenge.

Yeah, that was it. He'd had enough. Chance grabbed Callie's wrist, squeezing just enough to warn her. His heart wanted to ram its way out of his chest just to get to her. It didn't help that Callie moaned at the brief show of force, a sound that made the constant reminder of how uncomfortable he was very, very happy. Chance's voice came out as a dangerous growl. "Never."

The blonde took in a shuddering breath, eyes closed and lips still parted. "I want to see it."

The silence between them hung thick in the air, the pounding bass of their hearts echoing along the walls, throbbing in his ears. Chance couldn't tell which heart was his anymore. It worried him, because it didn't worry him at all. She sent his thoughts into all sorts of directions, and made his heart swell to bursting.

The big tom had to suppress a shudder. They hadn't seen each other for weeks, promised to stay away until the danger was passed, but here she was, and she had just as much of an effect on him.

He cursed his own train of logic as it repaired itself and got back on the rails. She was right. They were both in the shit. They could both die, one for trying to protect this city, the other for trying to change it. He loved her for it, and hated the fact that she put herself in the crosshairs of everyone that had their eyes on that cushy chair at the top of City Hall.

He'd talked her into it. Helped her get this far. And now he hated himself for it.


His eyes opened, for he'd closed them during his pity party. She looked at him with concern, her eyes still lidded. His heart almost melted right there. That small trace of uncertainty in her brows, the slight lines it made on her forehead, knocked the remaining resistance out of him. "You really wanna see?"

Callie's expression shifted into one of satisfaction… and longing. "Yes."

Chance stood then, her wrist still in his grasp, but with a softer touch. He kissed the back of her hand and watched her lips curl upward into a sultry smile. "Then the rest of the food can wait. After all, we still have to celebrate."

Why didn't he do this before?

The first time he was in her apartment, why didn't he just put his mouth onto hers and take her, just like this? Why hadn't he tried to stage an attack with his tongue, only for her to resist? It was more than a few weeks apart for him. It was a short-lived eternity from one day to the next, and that was a lot of time to make up.

So he took his time, his lips moving against hers, right hand stroking her tail, left hand threading its way through her hair. She responded with moans and purrs, her fingers running along his back even as her right thigh rubbed at him through his jeans.

Chance groaned as his pants became too tight, but persisted in trying to conquer her tongue. He fought for position, tried to take the lead, but she was elusive, evasive, parrying and countering. After a minute of this struggle, he didn't care. Her tongue dancing with his, teasing and tasting, made him forget about trying to win.

He just wanted to have her.

Callie gasped as they broke the kiss, her eyes still clouded. She grinned as she pushed him back, enough to reach into the right pocket of her jeans and pull out a pearlescent silk blindfold. "If you want me to wear this, I want you to take hold of me." Her right brow rose just a bit. "Do you know what that means?"

Chance chuckled. Yeah, he knew. "It's not gonna be so easy. You're gonna have to make me."

The she-kat smiled, reached a hand under his shirt, and hummed as she traced her hand along his coat, the muscles underneath twitching at every square inch she touched. "That's funny… I was just about to do that."

The next few moments put Chance off guard, as Callie hooked her right foot behind Chance's right ankle, pushed into him, and turned, all in the space of a second. His eyes widened as he found himself pinned against the wall, her right leg rubbing against him, teeth nibbling at his left ear.

Holy shit! How'd she get so fast?

The rest of him wasn't concerned with that. He'd lost the advantage, she was in control, and he had to respond. He tried to make a move, but she kissed him with enough force to make him dizzy, his heart skipping a beat. Callie pushed harder against him, and he groaned into her mouth. She moved back to take his shirt off, but a hand at the base of her tail, squeezing just enough to get her attention, made her stop with a squeak.

Chance grinned at the blush that lit Callie's cheeks. "Yeah… I know what you like, too."

Her eyes narrowed as she flexed her right hand, unsheathing her claws and grabbing onto the front of his shirt. The she-kat tore it free with two tugs and tossed it to the side before she leaned in again, pressing her body against his. "What makes you think I'll let you do it again?"

He tried to squeeze, but her tail slid out from his grasp, twined its way around his left leg. She rubbed her right thigh between his legs, pressed her lips to his nose in a quick peck. "If you want this to stop… all you have to do is tear my clothes off, throw me on the bed, and ravish me."

Damn it, that sounded good right now… but he wouldn't lose that easily. His voice came out as gravel and sandpaper. "And if I make you beg for it?" Because he so wanted that to happen, too.

She purred again, leaning toward his left ear. "Then I put the blindfold on… and you get to do whatever you want to me." She licked at the shell of that radar dish, making him shiver. "Anything you want…"

He smirked as her gasp rang through his head. He managed to slide his right hand into her pants and squeeze her while she was trying to get him to rip into her. "Lemme get to work on that." Without another word, he kissed her, his left hand stroking her tail, fingers reveling in the feel of her. The right hand squeezed and fondled again, pressing her to him even as she squirmed and moaned.

The kiss ended after a few moments, his tongue brushing against her lips. She tried to chase it with hers, but he pulled away before she could catch him. He bit on the nape of her neck, careful not to hurt her too much while he tasted her skin with his lips. Callie nearly melted against him, and he chuckled as he teased and nibbled.

"Oh God, Chance…"

He pulled away, licked the mark he'd made, and smiled at the way she trembled. He nibbled again, making her gasp and moan, her tail uncoiling from his thigh, hips pressing into his. Okay. Time to take control. He turned until she was back against the wall and pulled back, just enough to create a bit of space. His left hand scratched behind her right ear, and a purr rose unbidden from her throat.

The purr turned into a gasp and her body rose to meet his right hand, now under her shirt. He rubbed, squeezed, fondled, and she stared at him with bared teeth and half-lidded eyes. "I… am not…" She hissed as his hand shifted, fingers pinched. "I am not begging!"

Chance smiled, a glint in his eyes as a hand slid through her hair, down her back. "Give it time." He reached the base of her tail, wrapped his hand around it, and squeezed. He almost laughed as Callie's back curved in a gentle arch, pressing her even further into his hand. "I love these, you know… they're one of my favorite things about you."

She glared at him, her flushed cheeks and angry stare doing nothing but making him even harder. "I am going to enjoy making you squirm."

The big tom scoffed. "Yeah… but do you think I'll let you?" The hand under her shirt squeezed again, harder, and she cried out, her voice raw with emotion. "Besides, either way you slice it, we both win. I just get to make sure you can't do anything to return the favor when you give up."

Callie's eyes narrowed, her blond tail sliding between his legs and along his crotch. "If I give up."

Chance's eyes narrowed and he leaned closer, the hand on her tail sliding around her hips. "You know me. When I start something, I aim to finish it, no matter what's in the way." He slid his hand down the front of her jeans … and her hips pitched forward, her expression a mixture of shock and unrestrained need.

Chance put his forehead against hers and licked his lips. "You are going to give up and put that blindfold on. Then I'm going to make you wish you gave up sooner." His eyes never left hers, even as she chewed on her bottom lip to keep from squealing at his antics. "I'm gonna do things to you that'll make your tail curl."

She grinned, her eyes smoldering. "You already are… so what's gonna be different about that?"

Chance smirked. "Give up." His fingers curled, and Callie just about turned into a puddle. "You'll find out if you do."

He chewed at her neck again, and she whimpered as the effect of his fingers started to take hold. All she had to do was give up, and he'd stop… only to keep going later. But that wasn't the point of this, was it? No, she had to want it, need it. And she couldn't hold out forever.

He had to re-think that last assumption as his world blurred for a brief moment. Everything stopped dead, and his eyes widened at Callie's cheeky, satisfied grin. Then he shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, his tail coiling and hips moving on their own. Should've expected that…

Callie chuckled as she squeezed him through his jeans, the bulge in his pants now undeniable. "It looks like teasing isn't working." She stroked and rubbed, making him shiver. "I'll have to make a more… direct approach." Her fingers slid toward the waistline of his jeans, unbuttoned him without looking, and slid the zipper downward. "Touch me once, make a move to do anything, and I'll count that as game over." She licked her lips as she turned him around, his back to the bathroom door now.

Chance smirked. "Is this the point where I have one last chance to surrender?"

Callie pressed him to the door, kissed him before kneeling, her hands traveling down his broad chest and chiseled abs. "No. This is the part where you stop squirming and let me have my way. Or you lose." She pulled his jeans down until they were clear of his thighs, then slid her nose along the front of his shorts, taking in his scent even as she removed the last obstacle to her goal.

Chance clenched his fists as the first trace of her tongue made his breath catch in his throat. He couldn't complain. Oh no, this was fair game, they hadn't set rules besides one or the other had to surrender to their urges. Reaching for her hair to bury his fingers into that golden mane was an urge. So was forcing her to eat all of him, all the way.

His toes curled as she kissed and licked her way along his heated flesh, and a pang of regret flashed through him when she broke away. He looked down and met her smile and eyes, now the deepest shade of green he'd ever seen on a she-kat, only to watch her take him between her lips.

His mind zoned out, every thought silencing except the voice in his head that demanded he take her right now, that he pull her hair and make her look at him as he forced her to take it. He growled as her tongue teased him. She twisted her head, her lips tightening in a way that made him hiss. "Fuck…"

"Hmmmm?" She looked up, her eyes impish, brows arched high.

Chance stared down at her with his own version of that come-get-me look she shot at him all night. "Do your worst. You're gonna end up without those clothes on before we're done."

She pulled away again, her fingers wrapped tight around him, stroking to keep the fire burning. "That's the point. But the question is will I take them off myself…" She kissed the tip of his shaft. "…Or will you forcefully remove them from me?"

Before he could think of a snappy comeback, he growled as she traced a slick line from the base to the head, and then wrapped her lips around him. His eyes squeezed shut and his hands clenched into fists, but it wasn't the sensation, the press of her mouth and tongue on him that nearly made him lose his shit.

It was the noise.

The tips of his ears turned red from a blush as she slurped and sucked, hot, needy moans making comments in between her snack time. She varied her rhythm, agonizingly slow at one moment and desperately fast at the next. His claws dug into the flesh of his palms, and that kept him focused long enough to open his eyes and look down.

He grinned at the sight before him.

She was enjoying herself. The slurps and moans were genuine, her eyes half-lidded and unfocused, right hand toying with his sack while she ran her left hand along the inside of one of his thighs. She'd never looked as sexy as she did right now, fully clothed and sucking him off as if he was the best thing ever.

The spell broke when her clouded eyes met his. She pulled off of him, licked her lips, and smirked. "Enjoying the show?"

A squeeze to the base of his spear made him growl again. "You tell me. You're the one giving it."

She chuckled and took in his scent again, lashes fluttering closed over her eyes. "Tell you what… if you survive this, I'll give up." She took a breath in through her nose, and shivered from something he couldn't name. "I'm going to start now, and I'm not going to stop until you're finished. If you can go without forcing me the whole time, you win."

Chance raised one of his brows. "That's it?"

"That's it." She looked up at him. "Your scent's been driving me up a wall ever since I walked through the front door. The look on your face every time I touch you makes me want to gush. When you growl at me like you want to eat me, I can almost feel my heart stop." She sighed. "I want you so bad right now… but I'm going to make you earn it."

She dipped her head down again, and Chance was lost to a whirlwind of sensation. His heart almost filled his chest as the slurps, sucks, and licks made him heavy. When she got to work, she really got to work. His right fist rammed against the door as he tried to keep himself in check, even as she murmured around him.

Then something happened that nearly made his eyes pop out of his head.

A warm, wet tightness gripped him, forcing him to look down. All he could see was her blond hair, the telltale sounds of her throat giving him all the information he needed. "Shit! Callie… Holy shit!"

She ignored him, pulled back halfway, and slid forward again.

Chance bumped the back of his head against the bathroom door. When she said he had to survive, she wasn't kidding. Someone must've replaced his spine with a lightning rod, because his toes curled, his tail curled, the hairs of his coat stood on end from the sheer overload of his senses. "I can't take this!"

She ignored him, picked up the pace. Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp…

Chance didn't even have time to warn her. He gasped, his expression a mixture of surprise and release as he popped, and everything went slack at once. The overload died down, replaced by the heady feeling of completion. Damn but he needed a glass of milk right now. It'd make this even better! He looked down at her for a moment… and saw that she'd stopped.

"Callie… you okay?"

Two seconds later, he found that he didn't even need to ask. He moaned as her throat worked around him before she pulled back, then pushed forward. "What are you doing…?" His eyes widened again. "You're gonna try to do that again?"

Callie pulled herself all the way off and licked her lips. "I'd fry your brain if I did." She crawled her way up his body, every inch of her clothing brushing against his fur. It took her ten seconds to get to her feet before she planted a searing, slow kiss on his lips. When she pulled back, her eyes nearly glowed from behind her lashes. "Instead of seeing me do that again… you get to see me do this."

She started with the cardigan, slipping it off her shoulders while she was nose to nose with him. Then she walked backward, each step bringing her closer to the bed. Three steps later, she removed her camisole, letting it drop to the carpet as she moved back. Chance licked his lips at the sight of her breasts, a powder blue lace bra trapping them in place.

The next two steps saw her taking the pearl blindfold out from the right pocket of her jeans and fitting it over her eyes, tying it off behind her head before she reached for her jeans, her fingers moving with absolute confidence. It took her all of five seconds to undo the button, and Chance swore it took twice as long to unzip the fly.

Maybe it was just him.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistline of the jeans, and every sway of her hips brought it closer to the carpet. Chance kicked his pants in the same direction Callie sent his shorts, and leaned against the door to watch her work. Her jeans dropped after a few moments, and she turned to face the bed. As she walked, the rest of the clothing didn't seem to matter, because Chance's eyes zeroed in on her hips and tail.

Soon enough though, his gaze lifted to her as she climbed on top of the bed and lay on her right side, wearing nothing but the blindfold and the widest grin he'd ever seen on her. It only made what she said next sound sexier than it legally should.

"Chance Furlong… come over here and make me scream."

God, she was amazing… taking her clothes off like that without even having to look. He couldn't have done that if he tried. Chance smiled and headed for the dresser just next to the bed. "Not yet. I did say you wouldn't be able to do anything about this, so I plan to make good on that." He opened up a drawer and rummaged around in there.

Callie glanced in his direction. "What are you doing?"

He closed the drawer after he found what he needed and the gasp when he started to tie the restraints around her wrists before securing them to the headboard made him grin. Callie's laugh only made it widen. "Oh my God, you were ready for this, weren't you?"

Chance shrugged. "I was gonna save it for later, but you kinda forced my hand. Works out either way." He leaned over her, nibbled at her right ear before blowing into the delicate shell. She shuddered at his whisper. "Now then… you said anything?"

Callie whispered into the ear she could reach. "Anything."

Chance paused for a moment, letting the thought sink in. Anything he wanted, and she'd let him. He closed his eyes and shook his head. "You've never let anyone else do this, have you."

Callie shook her head. "No."

Another pause, shorter this time. "Why me then? This's what any other of the assholes we fought would have done to you. If you think about it hard enough, I'm doing what they did…"

Callie nodded. "You are. You're keeping me from moving around while you do unspeakable things to me." She shuddered, and Chance could tell it wasn't out of horror or revulsion. "You were… prepared. Ready for the day I'd come here and tease you. Maybe not now, but somewhere down the line." She licked her lips. "Like I said… I love a tom that knows how to use the brain he was born with."

Chance huffed. "That doesn't answer my—"

"—I trust you with my life." Callie's grin returned in full force, her teeth glistening in the lights of the bedroom. "Thus, I have no qualms what so ever about putting it in your hands, as fully as I can." She leaned toward his right ear, as much as she could. "Now then… stop asking questions and fuck me."

That got his attention, and he nipped at her ear. "Well when you put it that way…" He made his way down her jaw line with kisses, stopped at her neck to nibble again. She squirmed, and his ears twitched at the sound of her purr. "I'm gonna have to refuse." He made a trail of kisses down her neck, toward her collar bone. "See… what you did to me? That's torture. I think it's time to return the favor."

Callie whimpered, her body rising to his kisses and licks. "To the victor… g-goes the spoils. I said anything and…" She gasped as his fingers wrapped around one of her breasts. "I meant it. Do your worst!"

Chance smiled and took in her the smell of her heat, mixed with the shampoo and perfume and her skin. Then he wrapped his lips around a nipple and sucked hard, forcing her body to rise, the goose bumps on her skin already prickling at the touch of his hand. One of his legs rested between hers, and she slid her hips against his thigh with shameless moans.

"Chance, please… don't tease me…"

He raised his head, giving her blind face a heated stare. "You did it to me."

Callie whined, shaking her head. "I know, it's just… You're driving me crazy! Just… just take me already!"

He chuckled for what had to be the sixth time tonight. She was just so cute that he couldn't help it. "You're like a kitten right now, you know that?" He took control of the other tit with his lips, making Callie arch her back again with a gasp, hips grinding against his leg. Then he bit down, careful not to bite too hard.

It was enough to almost make her lift off the bed entirely. "Oh God, Chance! That's…"

Her scent spiked, and he pulled off of the nipple with a pop. "You have no idea how much fun this is." He gave it one last nibble and enjoyed the shiver along her skin before he moved elsewhere. "But you know… I think it's time for the coup de grace, wouldn't you say?"

"By all means." The grin appeared yet again. "Just don't take too long, I want you to stuff me!"

That one made Chance laugh. Why the hell hadn't they done this earlier? Sure, they'd done stuff like this before, but… not like this. He parted her legs, kept them spread, and didn't waste any time sliding his tongue along her sex.

Her taste never got old. it was something he couldn't really explain. Something sweet and sour at the same time, it was hers, and no one else's. Chance had to get more of it. He went from licking the folds to sliding his tongue inside her, holding her legs and hips in place as he had his own snack time. He made it a point to make it as noisy as she was with hers.

"Oh God…" Callie gasped, fighting for air and sanity. "I'm close! Don't stop, Chance!"

He didn't respond to that, just slurped, licked, and sucked. She tried to shove her hips into his face, but he held her still. He closed his eyes, letting his sense of smell guide the way… and when she was just about to break, standing just at the edge and about to drop over, he pulled back and licked his lips clean of her.

"What? Chance, you…" She growled. "You did not just do that!"

He smirked. "Relax." He kept her legs spread as he changed positions, leaning over her and lined up right in front of her needy snatch. "That wasn't the coup de grace…" Without another word of warning, he slid inside with one stroke until his hips pressed against hers. She closed around him on instinct, making him groan as he pushed in. "This is! Fuck, Callie…"

Her laugh came out shaky, voice wavering as her body relished how full he made her. Callie slid against him, her hips making small circles. "It barely fits… I don't know if it's just me, but you're so big!" She twisted her hips to tighten them even more, and moaned as he pressed against her from every angle. "Now… don't hold back, don't stop."

Chance grinned and kissed her nose before pulling halfway out and slamming back in. The satisfying smack of his hips against hers set the tone, and he didn't hesitate to get a slow, steady pace going. She almost didn't give him an inch to move, her hips tried to hold him in like a vice. It made every thrust agonizing in its pleasure, and it helped that she started to egg him on by lifting her hips just as he came down.

"What are you waiting for?" Her speech was husky, breathless.

Chance smirked. "Hey, you said anything I wanted." He groaned as she grinded against him again. "So I'm doing what I want!" Smack. Smack. SMACK. Deliberate, slow, precise.

"Oh fuck! Yes… right there!"

The big tom grinned. "Okay… now I'm gonna get started." He pulled back halfway… then brought down the hammer again, only this time he pulled out a half-second later, only to shove his way in again. He'd found the one place inside her that'd make her squeal, and now he capitalized.

Callie fought for air, hands balled into fists and tail curled. "D-damn you…" She hissed. "Stop holding back, I'm not made of china!" She growled, tossing her head back onto a nearby pillow. "It's so good… harder!"

Right, she asked for it. Chance growled and hammered her for all she could stand, made her bounce and shake in proper fashion, and Callie's squeal was his reward. He grunted as she tightened up. "I think she approves!"

"Fuck yes she does! Chance, I… I can't hold it!"

And she didn't. The first climax hit her with the force of a tidal wave… and he still kept pounding, kept trying to break her in half. Chance barked out a laugh as he stole the ability to speak proper English away from her. It only took another five minutes before a raw, wordless scream tore from her throat, the result of a pitch over a second cliff. Apparently she'd bounced off this one in mid-fall, because her scent spiked again, overpowering him, making him crazy.

The blush painting her cheeks deepened. "You… you…" She laughed, a tear running down her cheek. "I love you for this."

He grunted and groaned, unable to go any further. "Shit, I'm gonna lose it!"

Callie purred. "Do it. Turn me into a mess." She strained against her bonds, bracing for the end. "Do it!"

Smack, smack, smack, smack… Chance didn't reach the sixth thrust before he jammed his hips onto hers, pinning her down with his whole weight as he surged inside her. Callie wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him as deep into her as he could go. Chance managed a gasp as he hit the very back of her tunnel, even as he gushed again and again.

He opened his eyes, only to meet Callie's blindfolded gaze. He could still feel her eyes burn through him. "You listen to me, Detective." She licked her lips as he spent the last dregs of his load. "We're going to do this more often, you big sexy bastard. You hear me?"

Chance did nothing but nod.

She pressed her lips against his, slid her tongue down his throat, and wrestled with him for a good twenty seconds. Then she broke away with a trace of her tongue against his. "I'm sleeping here tonight. Don't ask questions."

The big tom chuckled. "Since we're in it for the long run now… why not?" He kissed her right ear. "I'm sorry for—"

"—Save it." She nuzzled his right cheek. "Apologize again and I'll tease you until you die. Let's just enjoy this, okay? We won't get to do so tomorrow."

Chance nodded. "Copy that."

Chapter 17 – No More Running

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