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Chapter 3

Sammy heard the demon, "Do you accept my terms… is it a deal?"

Sam thought he heard his name being called, but he knew it was his mind playing tricks on him, Dean wasn't here. "You're not giving me any time?" His heart pounded a little harder at the thought.

"Daddy dearest got the same deal. " The demon said coldly with a smile.

"But, he got to say goodbye." Sam argued, feeling out of breath.

"Oh, Sammee… you already did that…" The demon smirked and went in for the kill, "deal?"

The unmistakable sound of a gun cocking boomed thru the air.

Sammy was staring over the demon's shoulder shocked, mouth hanging slack. His brother stood there. The same brother that said he was on his way to Cold Oak. He lied to me. Sam thought, shocked. How did he figure it out? Why is he here?

The demon turned slowly to look behind her, a colt was pointed at her chest.

"No deal." Dean said flatly, clearly pissed. Mouth set in a thin, straight line and jaw muscle flinching.

"Ah, Dean Winchester… family's all here… ain't that sweet?… your too late… all's left is the kiss." Throwing her arms wide, a huge smirk plastered on her face.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asks softly, still looking shell shocked.

Dean pointed a finger at Sam, glaring as he snapped, "I'll deal with you in a minute. Now…" He took a step closer to them, "Your… services are no longer needed." His eyes focusing on the demon.

"Awh, but your wrong, Deano. Mommy and Daddy for baby Winchester… it's the deal of the century." The demon put a hand on her hip as she talked.

"No… no it's not. Cause you're not getting Sammy." Dean snarled, green eyes smoldering, looking like he wanted to kick somebody's ass.

"Why? You don't want him, it's his fault anyways. He's always dumping his shit on you… You'd be free…Have the apple pie life that he took away from you. Even trade I'd say… Him in hell, paying for all the pain he caused you, your family… Jess…" The demons eyes narrowed as she turned from Dean to give Sam a quick glance.

Sam jolted; quilt shadowing his eyes, dulling them even more. "Dea…"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch, before I kill you! I won't send you back to hell. This colt will end you." The demon blinked, before a slow grin slid across the face of the possessed girl.

She laughed, "Baby, don't try to con a demon. Your daddy gave that colt and his soul for you."

Dean shrugged, trying to pretend that statement didn't bother him. "Maybe… or maybe there wasn't just one… but a pair. One may be in hell… but the other one… it's pointing straight at you, baby…" His lip curling in disgust as he ended his sentence the same way she had begun hers.

Uncertainty loomed in her eyes… Sam stepped in front of the demon, blocking Dean's shot.

"Move, Sammy… now." Dean commanded, his voice determined.

"Dean…" Sammy said, tears in his eyes, "I…"

"You lied to me…" he stated coldly as he interrupted Sam.

"Dean." Sammy tried again, chewing his bottom lip.

"Move away from the bitch." Dean ordered, he was winning this; nothing else would be good enough.

"Dean, this is for the best. I wish you hadn't…" Sammy sighed, holding a hand out towards Dean.

"Hadn't what, Sam? Hadn't woke up? Decided to go to our room? Hadn't seen all your stuff packed? Hadn't went looking for you? Found your note?" Dean stopped for breathe, volcanic Dean was due to erupt, it was only a matter of time.

"Yeah." Sam said, glancing away, dropping his hand back to his side.

Dean stared at him, dumbfounded. The demon stepped to one side; arms folded across her chest, watching the show… yep, definitely the deal of the century.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!" Dean waved the gun around as he ranted, "You stupid son of a bitch! HOW IN THE HELL could you think I want this?" It was immediately clear volcanic Dean had arrived on the scene and would be taking charge.

"You said…" Sam started, which only set Dean off again.

"NO! NO!" Screamed Dean, turning different shades of red the madder he got. "I would definitely remember saying go trade yourself for dad! Take a leap into the pit, Sammy!"

"You didn't say that." Sam sighed, "But you need this and I can give it to you."

Dean didn't want to talk openly about his feelings in front of a damn demon; they could use it against you later. "No, Sammy. NOT AN OPTION." Dean said firmly.

"Yeah… yeah, Dean it is…I love ya, man." And Sam turned, grabbing the demon to kiss her and seal his fate.

Just before their lips touched, Bobby, who had snuck up behind the demon as she watched mesmerized, yanked her backwards by her hair.

"Hey…" the demon screeched, reaching behind her to try to pry her hair out of Bobby's grasp. She tried to kick behind her which only caused Bobby to laugh and give her hair an extra yank.

Dean meanwhile had lurched forward; grabbing Sam and pulling him back, causing them both to fall. Dean kept one arm around Sam's chest as he struggled to get away from Dean. Dean tightened his hold while still keeping the colt trained on the demon.

"Let me go, Dean." Sam said tonelessly. He needed to finish this, for Dean. Even if Dean couldn't see it now, it was best for Dean.

"No." Dean stated, reflexively tightening his one handed hold on Sam.

"D?" Sam tried again, sagging back against Dean.

Dean jerked at the use of his nickname, "Never Sammy." He tried desperately to hold his emotions in check.

"I don't have to be your baggage anymore…" He barely whispered. "Your burden."

Silence equaled confirmation to Sam that he was both Dean's baggage and his burden. "It's better this way. Let me go… you need them."

"You're wrong, Sammy. I need you." Dean said quietly in Sam's ear.

Sam shook his head in denial.

Dean quirked an eyebrow at Sam, even though Sam couldn't see him, then looked at Bobby, "Move, so I can kill the bitch."

"No!" Sam screamed as he renewed his struggle to free himself when Bobby stepped aside.

"No, Deano. Let's make a deal." She pleaded. She didn't want to die. She was used to getting sent back to hell… but to just cease to exist?

"You ain't got nothing I want. Now die bitch!" Dean's finger tightened on the trigger.

The girl threw back her head and screamed black smoke before falling unconscious on the ground.

"Damn. I didn't even get to kill her." Snarked Dean, smiling a quick smile at Bobby.

"I'm going to go dump her at the hospital. You boys going to be ok, 'til I get back?" Bobby looked at them, debating leaving them at this time. After all, they just got Sam back.

"Yeah, Bobby, go ahead. I got some things to say to my little brother." Dean said ominously, staring at the back of Sam's head.

Bobby grinned as he picked up the girl and walked off, he suspected Sam was about to get an earful. Scared Dean pretending to be an angry Dean usually had quite a bit to say. Bobby was kinda of sorry to miss it. Course he could always give Sam his own dress down when he got back. Which he probably would later, after the boy recovered from the tongue lashing he was about to recieve from his brother.

Sam sat defeated, now listless in Dean's arms. Dean waist banded the gun and circled his other arm around Sam, pulling him back against his chest. Leaning his head forward until it rested on the back of Sam's shoulder. "Awh, bro, you scared the hell out of me."


"I guess I deserved it…"


"Hell, I know I did… I've been a real ass."


"Sammy?" Dean questioned Sam's unresponsiveness. Normally, Sammy would be making fun of Dean to lighten the mood.


"Sammy?" Dean repeated softly, shaking his brother in his arms.

Sam sighed. "I've decided…" Then stopped, barely breathing Dean noticed.

"Decided what?" Dean asked, raising his head. Dean's heart raced even faster.

Another sigh from Sam before he stated wearily, "I'm no longer going to be your baggage, your responsibility."

"I don't…" Dean started to deny it only to be interrupted.

"This way… you'll have your family… the one you had before I came along and ruined it." Sam said sounding miserable.

"Damn it, Sammy." Dean had a hard time breathing. This was his fault. His anger… his pushing Sammy away. This is what had come of it.

"Everything you've ever done for me… this I can do for you." Sam said passionately, nudging his shoulder back against Dean's chest.

"Did you ever bother to ask if this is what I want?" Dean snapped, all he wanted was Sam to understand. To get it through his thick skull, Dean only wanted Sam. If if could have all three, yeah he'd want that. But, he wouldn't trade Sammy for anything!


"Did you?" Dean asked again, voice rising, anger seeping in again.

Sam emitted another soul deep sigh, "I tried."

And Dean's heart plummeted to his toes. "Awh, Sammy…" and then he let his head drop back on Sam's shoulder as he tried to slow his breathing. He squeezed his brother tighter. "Don't you know by now, Sammy?" Dean breathed, squeezing Sammy even tighter in his backwards bear hug. "When I carried you out of that house at four years old, you became my everything?" He sounded as defeated as Sam.

Sam let a sob escape as he tried to pull away, "No…" Sam shook his head in denial, "Not anymore… it's ok… I get it. You don't need to feel guilty."

Shock caused Dean to loosen his hold and Sam scrambled away.

Stumbling, Sam turned to stare down at Dean, tears making tracks down his cheeks, "I'll fix it… just go back to Bobby's." Sam took a step back.

Dean's shock quickly turned to anger once again (Skip fear, going straight for pissed off beyond belief...) and he scrambled to his feet as well. "THAT is so NOT happening!" Dean snarled as he rubbed a hand thru his hair in agitation, and then pointed a finger at Sam, "You DON"T get to decide what I want!" He took a step forward, Sam one back.

Dean flung his arms wide, "So, this is it?"

Sam tilts his head, his confusion shining clear.

"We just end it here, huh?" Dean said, lowering his voice and his arms. His eyes narrowed as he stared intently at Sam.

Sam stayed silent watching Dean, wondering what Dean was up to.

"Just know one thing, though Sammy…" Dean took a breath in, "When you kill my little brother you will be killing me."

Pain twitched across Sam's face before he said softly, "You'll be fine. You'll have mom and…" Sam's voice hitched, "Dad… dad and you can hunt…"

"No, Sammy." Dean said firmly.

"No?" Sammy echoed, blinking rapidly, he couldn't think passed the confused haze that was starting to overwhelm him.

"I won't be here." Dean crossed his arms, trying to calm his shaking.

"What?" Again head shaking no, Sam took a step back, Dean one forward.

"If you do this… They will be alone." Dean said, determined.

Sam rubbed his eye with one fist, like he did when he was five and tired. "Why? You'll be here… and Bobby." Sam just didn't understand. He'd figured it all out and Dean was messing up the plan, wasn't going along with it. Why couldn't Dean see he needed this?

Dean was already shaking his head no.

"Yeah… you can be happy…" Sam almost whined, why was Dean being so difficult?

"No… because I'll be wherever you are." Dean said crossing his arms defiantly.

Sam took two steps back, matched again by Dean.

"No Dean. You love them. It's your chance." He was interrupted as Dean lunged for him.

"Who says I want it?" Dean yelled, he wasn't getting through to Sam. "Dammit, Sammy!" Dean tackled him to the ground.

"I can live without mom and… I can even live without dad…" Dean stared at Sam inches from his face, holding him down. "I can't… don't… I won't live without you, Sammy…" A sob escaped Dean, a tear falling onto to Sam's face, "And I feel guilty as hell that I thank God everyday that it was dad and not you…" More tears and another sob. "If it had been you… I'd be dead already. I would have already followed you." Dean collapsed, head on Sam's chest. "I'd have followed." Dean whispered, brokenly.

Sam stopped moving… breathing… slowly Sam reached up and rubbed the back of Dean's head.

Dean sat up and scooted away, pulling the colt and pressing it to his temple.

Sam launched himself up, reaching for Dean.

Dean cocked the colt and Sam froze.

"D…" Sam breathed. No, No, NO! Sam head screamed silently.

"If you're not going to be here. Then, I'm done…" Dean stated flatly.

"D… come on, give me the gun." Sam demanded, holding out his hand.

Dean leaned into the colt. "It ends here. Right here. Right now…" Dean stares at Sam, watching him.

"Dean, please don't…" Sam was the one begging this time.

"O. I can watch you die… live with that… but you can't… a little bit of a hypocrite, there, Sammy boy…" Dean said angrily.

"You weren't suppose to see anything…" Sam sighed. "It was supposed to be done before you even found the box… I figured I had at least until mom and dad showed up before you found the stuff I left for you."

"Oh, that makes it so much fucking better." Dean snapped.

"Mom and Dad would have been there with you… to help you." Sam pleaded for Dean to see his point.

"You want to die, Sammy?… Do you?" Dean demanded an answer, the stress finally breaking through all his defenses.

Sam stared at Dean, afraid to answer, afraid of Dean's response if he did answer.

"Fine… I'll go first… only fair. I am the oldest." Dean stated coldly, starting to close his eyes, getting ready to pull the trigger.

Sam knew what that meant the minute Dean's eyes started to close and chose that moment to grab the barrel of the colt as he yanked it towards himself.

Dean opened his eyes and glared at Sam as Sam sobbed, "I don't want you to die, Dean."

Dean sighed, "Then promise me, Sammy."

Sam looked at Dean through his tears, he was so tired.

"Promise me you won't do this again." Dean begged, exhausted.

"I promise no more crossroads deals." Sam said earnestly, before adding, "Unless you want me to."

"Like that will fuckin' happen." Dean snapped as he pulled the gun away from Sam.

"Give me that fucking gun!" Bobby snarled, who had snuck up on them while they were having their showdown, yanked the gun away from them. Uncocking it and waist banding it. "I get you two home; I'm hogtieing you both to your beds and spoon feeding you myself." Pause for breath, "For the rest of your lives."

"Kinky Bobby." Dean said, giving a weak smile.

"Idgits." Bobby snapped, looking like he wanted to bang their heads together. "Trying to give an old man a heart attack." He grumbled, "Grey hair… ought to call it Winchester grey… all your fault…" Bobby could breathe again and dammit he'd earned his right to rant.

Sam gave a weak grin to Dean.

"Get your fool asses up, we're going home. I'm following you." He pointed at Dean, "And don't think you can loos…" A look of dawning passed over Bobby's face, before snapping, " ah, hell… you rode with me… get your asses in the truck." Bobby pointed in the direction of the truck. "Move it."

Both boys scrambled to their feet.

"Get." Bobby growled, making shooing motions with his hands.

They headed out in front of Bobby towards their ride home.

"You, boy…" Bobby snapped.

Both Dean and Sam looked back.

He was looking at Sam. "You gotta call Missouri, Ellen and Ash and let them know your fool ass is fine." he glared at each one in turn as they stopped to stare at Bobby, "And for the record… either one of you pull a fool stunt like that again… and I'll kill ya myself."

Dean smirked, "Awh, Uncle Bobby we love you, too."

Bobby flung his hat at Dean's head, "Damn fool idgits… too old for this shit!" then Bobby leaned down and picked up his hat. Sam and Dean waited for Bobby to catch up and the worn out family of three headed back side by side.

The End