A/N: So, this isn't my usual genre. Still, I felt the need to write this. AGAIN, exactly 100 words long. Enjoy, I guess. *shrugs*

Megamind © Dreamworks

"Megamind, what're you doing?"

Megamind grinned down at Roxanne with a mad look in his eyes. "I read on the internet that it couldn't be done! But I'll prove the internet wrong!"

"Um, sir, I-" Minion began as he abandoned his running momentarily.

"No, Minion, don't stop! We're losing ground! No! Keep running!"

Roxanne hid an amused smile. "What made you think this was a good idea?"

"Knowing that the internet will soon be denied its accuracy! Keep going!"

Roxanne rolled her eyes and walked away as Megamind and Minion continued their failed attempt to run up the down escalator.