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"Oh Nett," I gasp, throwing my arms around him in a hug. I can't believe it. He gave a leg; for me. I feel so guilty and horrible and, all negative things. "I'm so sorry! I did this to you, didn't I oh my gosh-"

"Somehow I knew you'd react like this. That's why I didn't want to show you," he repeats, breaking off from the hug. "But I couldn't let you see Shane before... before I at least told you about him."

I knew it was too good to be true. Something was wrong. "If he's not hurt then what happened to him?"

Nett scratches his neck, trying to find the words. "It's complicated..." he starts, making odd faces. None of them happy. "You... know how you said you were supposed to die yesterday?"

That's right. I remember after Danny disappeared, I didn't take his life force. I sent it up, somewhere out there into the afterlife. So Nett's right. I should have died. How am I even here? Unless Shane...



"Let me explain first-"

"Nett what did Shane do," I say, losing my breathing.


But my panic mode causes me to run out on him, and Nett's forced to limp after me, calling out my name. I run to Shane's room two doors down, and looking in I see Robin, sitting in a chair next to Shane, who's sitting in bed. I appear to have interrupted their talk, and I just stare at them, trying to find something wrong with Shane. Nett manages to catch up behind me.

"You're alright," I manage to say.

"I see you've finally woken up, Wendy," Robin smiles sympathetically next to her son.

I continue to observe Shane, but he just as this look... Something's not right. "Shane?" I ask.

He keeps his confused face, staring back at me before looking to Robin. "What's Manson doing here?" What.

Manson? He hasn't called me that in a while. "She's in the hospital like you," Robin replies. "All of you got hurt during the evacuation."

"Mm..." Shane looks back at me and Nett, and while I'm slowly piecing it together, I try to block out the possibility.

"Nett?" I say lowly. I feel him behind me. Nett knows what's going on.

"You can quit staring you know. It's weird," Shane speaks up to me, giving me another look that's reminiscent of our middle school years, when we'd always fight.

"You don't remember me...?" I ask, barely in a whisper. Even whispering so made my whole inner being sink below the ground. But they manage to hear. It looks like Shane attempts to but he shakes his head no in the end. "Shane..."

"You're acting weird, Manson," Shane says, stifling a scoffing laugh. "Don't tell me you've suddenly fallen for me."

Images of Shane hugging me, kissing me, yelling my name as he flew multiple times to save me. That Shane, this one isn't him.

He doesn't remember


"I... I've got to go," I say, looking down. I nod my head in thanks to Robin without giving Shane a second glance. Nett tries to console me but he ends up moving out of my way as I go to leave the scene. I can't stand being here.

I walk a few steps down the hall until I can't anymore, from the stress. But I can hear Net's unique footprints trailing behind me. "Wendy let me explain okay?" Nett begs, stopping a few feet behind me. "Shane made a deal with Fate." My head perks up. "Shane was willing to give up his powers to save you, Wendy." Nett breaths out. It was now or never. "Fate said that if Shane did it, he'd wind up forgetting all things he did after coming into contact with ghosts."


"Anything paranormal he won't remember," Nett says, and it pains him to do so. "So everything... Everything from the beginning..." Nett shakes his head. "He doesn't remember."

"He, erased his memory," I reword, turning around. This is the gloomiest I've seen Nett all day.

"Shane doesn't remember me as his friend anymore," Nett admits. "I've tried Wen... It's no use." He sighs. "Our Shane is gone."

Our Shane is... gone?

So, all of our adventures together, saving each other, helping each other, training together and, all of our moments together as friends and... His memory's been erased of all of it. Of, us.

Nett and I stand in the middle of the hallway as I take it all in. The ultimate price for a life. If I was present at the time, would I have let Shane do it? I don't think I could have. I hate the idea of forgetting. And Shane? He's forgotten all of us for good. "And it's still my fault," I nod, my eyes growing blank.

"Shane wanted to do it," Nett speaks up lowly. "I tried to make him stop. We could've found another way to save you." No you couldn't. "He said he'd do anything to save you, Wen..." I look away, refusing to cry. I recall our last moments up in the Emergency Ops Center, kissing and agreeing that after saving the world, we would talk. And that... I would finally give him his answer.

"He loved you," Nett says with a smile and a fraction of a laugh. "He really did."

"He used to," I correct, walking away.


In the next day or so, all three of us are released from the hospital. It feels like years since I've seen my room. The last time I was in my room, we were all such different people. Nett spent a day over as our parents helped Nett move his stuff out, as he'd be moving back in with his dad now that all this ghost drama was over. Shane and his mom were staying in a hotel nearby. Mom told us they'd be returning to Emmerhaul in a few days or soon enough.

Meanwhile all the adults were overprotective against the recuperating Nett and me. And aside from the limp, you wouldn't even know Nett had a mechanical leg underneath his skinny jeans and high tops. And my stitches will be out in two or three weeks. My ghost-endurability lets me deal with the pain a whole lot easier but Mom's still being a mom over it. She won't even let me open a door without her beating me to it.

Eventually among those 'peaceful' days, Mom tells me to dress up and get in the car, since we're going somewhere, saying she has a friend to meet up with and she felt like bringing me, not that I had much to do anymore. So as we're driving, we stop in front of Nett's place and he apparently is getting picked up too. And by the look on his face, Nett's just as lost about the matter as I am. Sam waves at Tucker from the door and drives off.

"Um, Mom?" I ask. "Where are we going exactly?"

"To the Valentine Cafe," Sam finally replies. "I'm meeting a friend remember?" That's not much of an answer as to why we have to come.

She parks outside the cafe and opens the door for us. Strolling into the little restaurant, I see Robin and Shane sitting in a distant table together. "Robin," Sam calls, smiling.

"Sam," she says back, and my face contorts. They talk? What else have I missed during my mini-coma? No wait - SHE'S the friend Mom has to meet up with?

"There's Shane," Nett notes nervously. And there's why Mom wanted to bring us. Oh my gosh she's such a MOM.

"Thanks for making it on such short notice," Robin thanks as the three of us walk over.

"It's no problem at all. We needed to talk," Sam agrees. It's weird to see Mom socializing. She turns to us. "You guys can sit here for a bit while Robin and I go talk."

Without a word we obey her and sit in the two other chairs while the moms walk away to the cafe stools to talk in private. And now it's just Shane, Nett, and me... geez. Talk about awkward.

"You don't think it's a little harsh putting the kids together like that?" Sam asks with a little laugh as she sits with the woman.

"Nah. Shane will be leaving soon. They need time together, even if it is uncomfortable."

"Wow," Sam laughs, liking this woman already. They would get along swimmingly if they were round longer together. "It's a shame what happened to Shane, though."

"Perhaps," Robin says as their beverages are delivered. "But I find it a noble deed what my son did, to save your daughter."

"And I can't even thank him," Sam muses, playing with her glass. "You have a good kid with you."

"I feel partial to thank you for that," Robin figures. "He's known you a lot longer than he's known me. I'd say you were practically a second mother to him."

"Eh well I wouldn't say second mom-"

"Thank you," Robin cuts off, smiling sincerely. The two women smile, then look back to check on the kids, all sitting quietly amongst themselves and not talking. "Shane liked Wendy," Robin notes. Sam could only nod. "And I'm assuming the feeling was mutual."

"Always was," Sam sighs, turning back forward. She felt an ugly pit in her stomach, seeing her daughter so sad. "I've watched those two grow up. I figured they would get together eventually but, I never expected all this to happen."

"No mother could," Robin reasons. And yet, here they all were, safe and alive.

"So..." Nett starts, breaking the silence at our table. "You'll be going back to Emmerhaul, huh?"

Shane shrugs. "I guess."

"You don't remember going to Casper High?" Nett asks, curious. If he didn't remember anything ghost-related throughout the year, then what memories were replaced into those missing. Shane merely nods, obviously not wanting to talk.

"I'm sorry if I don't have the answers you want alright? My mom said I have slight amnesia so some things are a little foggy."

Nett nods, getting somewhere. I just sit there, quietly listening shyly. "Did you know Robin was your mom?"

Shane shrugs, taking out his ear phones. Guess conversation was inevitable. "I don't think that's any of your business." He didn't recognize Robin because he met her through me.

"Are you still dating Crissy?"

"I don't think we are," Shane tries to recall. "I think we broke it off some time ago."

"Who am I to you?" Nett interrogates with a comically serious face.

Shane arches his eyebrow. Guess his previous thoughts on Nett haven't changed at least. Shane still thought he was weird. "I don't know - the smart kid in class?" He doesn't remember.

"What about her?" Nett asks, pointing his thumb at me. Stop it, Nett. Shane looks at me, but my gaze stays down, slightly depressed still. "What's she to you?" Nett asks.

"She's," Shane looks at me. "She's, Manson," he says, a little less confidently, as if he knew he was wrong. Like he knew he was missing something. "Am I off?"

Nett's about to spill it. "She's-"

"We were friends," I interrupt before Nett can tell Shane the truth. Both boys look at me, surprised I'd spoken. I haven't been. "The three of us. We..." We what? Fought ghosts? Fell in love? Had super powers? I feel Shane's eyes onme. "We talked in school a bit... Had some classes together, that's all."

"We argued a lot," Shane recalls from middle school, trying. "Don't we still?" For some reason Shane can't picture himself insulting or hating such a quiet shy girl like the one before him.

I look away. "I-"

"She got diagnosed with cancer two months ago," Nett notes. I look at him. He'll go along with my story. I can see he doesn't want to. He wants to tell Shane everything he's forgotten. But he won't because of me. "You sort of went easy on her after that."

"Oh," Shane says, suddenly gaining sympathy, like any person would. "Sorry. You think I'd remember something like that."

"It's okay," I smile wearily. "I just came out of a surgery so, I'm better now."

"That's good," Shane says, and suddenly I'm quiet again. I couldn't let Shane know what really happened between us. It'd be too painful to handle an explain. As of now, the story is that we were just, friends. Not even close friends. Just... normal friends.

"Wendy told me Danny was your husband," Robin continues. "It's very admirable what he sacrificed for his family."

"He sacrificed so much," Sam remembers. "But it was for the better."

Robin nods. "If it wasn't for him, Wendy wouldn't have been around to make friends with my son." She sips her coffee. "Shane may not remember anything from his glory days, but your daughter's changed him for the better."

"Wendy will miss him when he leaves," Sam mentions. "When do you go?"

"In three says. In the afternoon at six," Robin replies. "We'll be taking a train nearby to return to Emmerhaul."

"You're leaving so soon?" I ask Shane back at the table. He just told Nett and me about how he was going back tomorrow.

Shane nods. "We don't exactly have the money to keep staying at the hotel, I guess. And my mom said she has work too."

"Guess it can't be helped," Nett says, not really able to do much.

"That's too bad," I say, too. I feel my pocket watch click against teh table's side near my stomach, where my stitches were. I touch it, remembering the old Shane we knew. I hold it for a second before I decide to take it off. "Here," I say, holding the watch out to him.

Shane's face looks dumbfounded. "What?"

"Take it," I say with an emotionless face. "To, remember us," I say, only to add, "at Caspser High," I finish. That last part is a total lie, but it makes enough sense for Shane to raise his hand to take the watch. Our hands graze slightly before the exchange is made.

I can't.

"Excuse me. I need some air," I say lowly, backing my chair up to get out of the table. I can't stand sitting there next to this stranger. And with that I make my way out of the cafe.

"Hold on a sec," Nett smiles apologetically to Shane before getting up and out too to follow me, limping as fast as his prosthetic leg can take him. Shane arches an eyebrow in our direction, now alone at the table with his new trinket.

Meanwhile I'm standing outside on the porch of the cafe, hugging my arms and taking obvious deep breathing exercises. Nett catches me on the edge of hyperventilating and breaking down. Anyone can see how much of a mental wreck I am. So with that, Nett doesn't say a word and just marches up behind me, tossing me around and pulling me into a forced hug.

The impact of being held in the comforting arms of a friend forces the tears out immediately, and the quieted screams of agony come out as well. My heart literally hurts from heartache. Heh. Heartache. If this is what heartbreak feels like, it's comparable to loosing Danny or finding out I was sick. Maybe worse? I've never felt heartbreak before. They say the first is the worst.

And yet... I feel like this is the worst it can get for anyone.

My crying, screaming and sobbing are expressed in our privacy outside the cafe doors, while Nett tries to soothe me in Shane's place. However, Shane stands curiously at the cafe window, unsure as to why I was crying. Yet he looks down at the pocket watch with a just as confused face.


I sit upstairs in my bedroom, looking through some old pictures I've printed out a little over a month ago. The three of us have been using this camera ever so often to record our adventures together. I was planning on surprising the guys with a scrap book but, I guess it won't be happening anymore.

I sigh heavily, looking at a group picture of me, Nett, and Shane sitting at the counter of the café in the winter. Jazz took it without us knowing. I was yelling at Shane. Shane was making fun of me. Nett was stealing Shane's hot chocolate marshmallows with a fork. This was a funny moment.

A light knock erupts from my door as my mother peers in. She has that look on her face. "Hey, kid."

Unwilling to speak, I manage a short wave before putting the picture back in the box with the others.

Mom walks in full before quietly closing the door behind her. She leans on it, unsure of what to say first. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," I say, keeping my eyes down. "It's not your fault." I scoff a little, wondering who's fault it really could've been. "If anything it's probably my fault Shane's like this."

"You know that's not true."

"Yeah it kind of is," I admit lightly. "I-I mean, what is it with people sacrificing so much for me? First Danny with the whole still-born thing and… now Shane." Shane gave up us for me. Tears start to well up again as the crying starts to rise up inside. "What's so special about me? There's nothing special about me Mom there was nothing worth saving so why did he have to-"

"Come here," Sam orders, walking quickly over to give me another comforting hug. I've been getting lost of those. See? Shane saved this. What am I? "I know it hurts," Sam whispers. "It's the worst feeling in the world to lose something you really care about. Someone you love."


Did I really love Shane…? Would I have been strong enough to have done the same to save Shane if he were in my place? Could I have been strong enough to call on Fate? I guess I did love him

"Now," Sam starts. "You've got to stop sulking. You just got out of the hospital. Moping like this won't do you any good in recovering."

"What else is there to do?" I ask as she rubs my back while I lay my head in her lap. "Shane's gone. Danny's gone. Ghosts are gone." I grip my mother's hand. "I lost it all, Mom."

"You saved us all," she rewords in a soothing tone. "Shane wouldn't want you like this." Ieah if he could remember me at all. "Look… I know anything I say about, moving on or anything like that, won't matter." She shrugs. "There is no advice for a broken heart…" Hearing mom read my mind makes me cry a little more. She's right. "So I'm not going to tell you to not cry, alright? Just… let it all go," she tries to comfort, rubbing my back some more, and I just sob against her stomach and pillow. "It's okay, Wendy…"

Mom and I spend the whole night like this. Just me crying and crying and crying. Is this what life will feel like for the rest of my numbered days? I get to live but, is it even worth it if Shane's… I don't even know.


Short days pass in terms of long, endless hours. Normalcy is killing me, almost as much as having our empty slot in our former trio, which now just consists of Nett and I.

By now, the next day is the day Shane will be leaving. Again. This time for good, because there's absolutely no possibility of returning to the way we once were. "So you're really human now?" Nett asks me as we share fries at the Nasty Burger. We come here to pass the time, now that we don't have much adventure going on anymore.

I nod sadly. "When I got hit by Shane and Danny during the fight, it changed my DNA only enough to let me go ghost one last time. I can't do it anymore," I admit, looking at my hand. I've tried for days to turn intangible. I can't.

"Bummer," Nett frowns. "Now we're stuck being normal teenagers again with no lives."

"Yup," I sigh. I look up at the clock. It's 5:30. Shane and his mom should be leaving soon.

"I see you looking at that clock," Nett says. "You're thinking about Shane."

"No I'm not."

"Mhm," Nett grins teasingly. "I saw you two kiss up there in the Emergency Ops Center."

"I bet you were waiting all year for that," I mutter with an eye roll. I don't want to hear this from him.

"I was," he says factually. "But alas, in the end, you still were not able to confess."

"Can we just drop it Nett?" I ask, holding my forehead. "Shane doesn't remember anything about us so we should just forget everything ever happened okay? We're alive, the city's safe, there're no more ghosts. It's done."

"You could catch his train, you know," Nett continues, having ignored my rant. "It's a run but you can catch him before he leaves."

"He doesn't remember, Nett-"

"Wendy you're a heroine! And we just finished beating like the ultimate bad guy! This is the part of the story where you wrap it up with the cliché romantic ending!" Nett argues, banging his fist on the table. I feel stares coming on from other people.

I sink a little. "Could you keep it down?"

Nett pouts. "Look Wen, I know you. Maybe not as long as Shane has but I know you damn well enough." I glance up in my gloomy state. "Just go," Nett tries to persuade. "What do you have to lose?" He makes a face, knowing he's right. "You'll never get this chance again, Wendy."

I give Nett my straight on stoic stare, facing off against his suggestive and 'COME ON' expression. There's no way I'm going. There's no use or practicality in it. "I'm not going. "


"I can't believe I'm going," I mutter as I run the streets of Amity Park. If anything Danny's ghost training elft me it's my new and improved physical fitness, safe for the post-surgery handicap but I'm lasting pretty well.

The train station's too far. I'll never make it in time.

I take a short cut down an alleyway, hoping I can make it. I should tell him, even if he doesn't feel the same way I tell myself. It's what he wanted. After the battle, he wanted me to tell him how I really felt. I jump over a car as some onlookers watch me speed away.


Meanwhile at the Amity Park train station, Shane waits in line with his mom to board the train, holding their few bags of travel luggage. They've been waiting a while, actually, and Shane's growing tired. His headphones rest over his head as he listens to his music from his phone. But when he reaches for his phone in his pocket, he feels the small circular trinket and chain I gave him.

Shane pulls it out by the chain and takes note of the pocket watch's image. He arches his eyebrow. It looks familiar, he thinks. Shane thinks back to a moment in childhood, when he entered a clock store with me as kids. We looked at a watch in a glass case, but that was the last he ever saw of it. Why does Manson have this?


I run down a street, feeling a burning pain in my chest that should otherwise force me to stop. I refuse to, but I end up doing so anyway at the bottom of the hill to catch my breath. I see a nearby clock in a store and notice that it's five to six. "Five minutes left," I pant.

A see some skaters nearby standing around an ice cream parlor with their skateboards nearby. It's a bad idea but hey, I just saved all their lives. I can borrow one.

I sprint by and steal one of their boards. "Hey!" one of the dudes call.

"Sorry I'll bring it back thank you!" I yell, doing a flip over an open man hole and traffic cones before landing and skating down another hill. The skater guys watch me disappear as I kate off.

"Who was that chick, dude?" asks one of them in a surfer accent.

"I dunno, dude," replies the other in a similar surfer accent. "But she was pretty hot."

"Duuuude," all of them go.

I skate faster and faster, dodging oncoming cars going up the road. "Shane!" I yell. The train's horn blows, and I know it's about to leave. Crap.

On the train, Shane takes his seat across his Mom and overlooks Amity Park.

I see the train in the distance beginning to move, but in a thrill of a vision I manage to catch Shane in one of the windows. That's him! "I can beat it at the bridge," I tell myself, taking a sharp turn around a street light going right. There's a tall bridge the train goes across to leave the city. I may not be able to see him in person, but maybe, just maybe I can see him one last time to say goodbye the right way.

Its times like this I wish I had my powers, but I have to rely on me and only me right now. I can do this.

On the train, Shane is listening to the music while watching the window. He takes out the pocket watch again out of instinct. He takes out one side of his headphones to listen to it. It ticks, and still works.

"What's that, Shane?" his mother asks.

"This girl from school gave it to me," Shane says, looking at it again. Accidentaly he clicks it open and the pocket watch flips open. It shows the clock inside, but then two picture slots.

Shane arches his eyebrow and turns the little frame. On on side, there's a small picture of him, and me and Nett on both side. And by the way Shane's arm was angled in the picture, he was the one holding the camera in front of all three of them. Did I ever take this? He looks at his face. He looked so... happy. Does he ever make those kinds of faces? And in front of these two kids who were just simple classmates?

Robin smiles while watching her son inspect the trinket.

"Mom?" Shane speaks up, lowering his headphones to his neck. "Do you know these two kids?"

She nods. "They were your best friends."

Best friends? Shane doesn't believe it. It wasn't like him to get close to people, much less the school nerd and the most annoying girl in the world. But Manson... she looked so quiet at the cafe. And at the hospital. Then the waterworks with Foley?

"You don't remember me."

Don't remember what? "Mom... you said I had slight amnesia, right?" Shane asks. His mother nods. Shane could remember the easy and clearer things. His identity. His grade. His personality. It's hard to say what's missing. "How much exactly?"


I continue skating faster, going down the road at a dangerous speed. Almost there! I can beat it!


"So I had powers," Shane repeats, just to make sure. He'd gotten past that part of the conversation with his mom where he could finally believe what she was saying. "And, so did Manson?"

"The both of your inherited your abilities from your families," Robin explains. "You both didn't choose it to be this way, but you ended up having to work together on multiple occasions."

"Me and Manson," Shane repeats with a face.

"You got along quite well," his mother nodded approvingly.

"And I don't remember any of it," Shane realizes, sitting back and looking out the window. That's why she acted like that in the hospital and the cafe. Shane knew it wasn't his fault, but he couldn't help but feel guilty for this mess. "I, must've really cared about her to have sacrificed my powers for her."

"Yes," Robin smiles. "And your memories." Shane looks up. "By giving up your powers, your memories connected to anything paranormal were severed."

"Including Manson and Foley," Shane connects, glaring down. He just wanted to scream, but he couldn't. Shane looks back inside the pocket watch at he picture he assumingly took of the three of us. Who are you...? "During my time in Amity Park, you said you'd drop by and spy on me sometimes, right?" She nods. "Can you tell me what you saw?"


I skate down as fast as I can before I near a patch of grass. "CRAP!" I scream, doing a jump as far as I can over a car as a ramp. The board flies far enough, and I jump off, rolling over my shoulder as I land. The chest-pang stings but I jump right back up to run towards the red bridge further ahead.

"His train's coming," I sweat.


Shane sits before his mom, taking in the new information. According to Robin, Shane was childhood friends with Wendy, and the two stopped talking at the start of middle school up trough high school. ALL of that Shane already knew.

From what she said, his memory-erasure started from the start of Freshman Year to waking up in the hospital. He and I were forced to work together in keeping my ghost secret, until Shane eventually discovered his own Vanquishing powers. "So we bonded over that."

"You even started to like her," Robins smiles with a motherly laugh.

Shane can't help but wince. "Wha... What?" Rob in nods. "Me? Like Manson?"

"You even started to call her Wendy at one point, from what I saw." Noooo. She wouldn't let me live to say it. Did I really? "And even after you moved back with me, she found her way back to you, and she managed to get you to come back to Amity Park."

"To fight... this Danny."

Robin nods. "Can you believe me, Shane?"

"No," Shane says at first before looking at the pocket watch. It flips to the end, where two white-haired figures stand in a picture. One of them looks like a alternate-colored me, while the other, Shane figures, is my ghost father. "But I almost want to."

Shane tried to imagine himself liking me, or the possibility at least. Sure we've been friends before, best friend even, but could he really fall for her? Ever after becoming best friends a second time? Liking her would ruin it.

And slowly, but surely, Shane starts imagining the different scenarios his mother has told him about hunting ghosts with his friends. Why wouldn't he fall for her? She was becoming stronger and more confident. He was becoming less selfish and ore open-minded. They were mending the broken bridge Shane always thought was there, but in reality had forgotten all about. So many scenes he now knew of but couldn't remember.

All at the same time, his heart tugged and yearned for this blue eyed girl he couldn't quite think off. It hurts somewhat to think of the matter. But I did like her... Shane tries to remember. Nothing clicks. No. I liked girls before. I liked Crissy, but... If I was willing to risk my life for Wendy then... "Then I must've really loved her," Shane guesses. He notes how weird it sounds, but that's where all the facts were facing towards.

Robin watches sympathetically as her son struggles to remember lost memories taken away from him.

The train starts to drive over tracks crossing a long high bridge. Shane appears distracted at first, but eventually he sees something out in the grass field below the train bridge. "No way," he says, leaning towards the glass. Manson?

She's running forward towards the bridge, but is nowhere near close.

"SHANE!" I scream, unable to run anymore. Cars of the train pass by loudly, so he wouldn't hear me anyway. "SHANE!"

She's yelling something at me...

Shane sees, staring sadly out his window. Robin does as well. She continues to yell, but the train car enters a sudden tunnel, and I'm gone out of sight, slightly saddening Shane. He tries to look back, but the train is going too fast.

"No! Wait!" Shane shouts, banging on the window. "T-That was Manson!"

"She found you again, I see," Robin frowns, sad.

"She's gone," Shane says, his voice lower. Diminished. "And I'll never know what she really was to me..."

Observing her son's pained face, it pained her as well. How horrible it must be to love someone you can't even remember. "Shane."

"What," Shane mutters, his head against the dark window, staring at the tunnel walls.

"What if I told you I knew a way to return your memories?" Shane's head picks up and he turns to his mother. She's wearing the most serious expression, and he knows she isn't joking.



I'm back at home now. You know at the hospital the other day I said out of everything my legs felt totally fine? After this afternoon's goose chase with Shane's train, my legs are soooo gone.

"Oh my gosh and you stole a dude's skateboard?" Nett laughs on the other end of the phone.

"No. I borrowed," I correct. I'll uh, return it tomorrow. I think. I hope. "I caught up with Shane's train I guess but it was too loud for him to hear me."

"That sucks," Nett muses. "Still, I can't believe you ran and skated after it. If that's not love then I don't know what is."

I roll my eyes. "You should write romance novels."

"Yeah well all jokes aside, I know you still like him," Nett says. So what if I do? "You could always go to Emmerhaul to visit. I'll come with you."

I scoff. "After the last time I tried going to Emmerhaul, I don't think it'll fly well with my mom. Besides," I lay down in bed, exhausted. "Shane doesn't remember us anymore, remember? It'd be a waste."

Nett sighs. "Okay okay I'll drop it. It's just things are going to be so boring now again this summer."

"Tell me about it," I say, looking up at my ceiling. "With the ghost portal sealed and Danny's old lab shut down, and the job of the 'Halfa' over and done with, there... really is nothing out there for us." I sigh. I don't even have my ghost powers anymore. The blast from Danny and Shane the other day only gave me my ghost powers for one last battle, and, that was it. "Prepare for the worst and most enduring summer of our lives, Nett."

"Ah well maybe it won't be too bad. It can be me and you again, the old detention duo of Casper High. We're Sophomores now, remember?" Nett tries to cheer up, more himself I think than me. "We can hang out at the cafe and get vanilla frappes each Tuesday."

"You hate vanilla." Vanilla frape Tuesdays was Shane's idea.

"W-Well then what about go-karting uptown? That's a lot of fun."

"Shane was the one with the free-season pass," I remind, tired.

"Then, then hey what about doing that summer park clean up idea the school had for green club? We can do that and finally refurbish that park you love so much."

"Shane was the head of that school project," I remind again. With Shane gone, the summer cleanup is probably cancelled.

"Oh," Nett goes. "Well dammit." Everything Nett's mentioned had to do with Shane one way or another.

"Guess I'm not the only one who misses him," I say, but Nett doesn't say anything to deny it. It's like when Shane first left all over again. Yet, that situation seems a lt better than this one. "I mean... I try not to think about it, but I really am going to miss him too, you know?" I turn over onto my stomach and switch ears on my phone. "I'm going to miss having sleepovers, complaining about school. Arguing and fighting with him all the time. Sparing, lecturing him since he's always too stubborn." I close my eyes. "And in a way... I'm sort of going to miss you teasing the both of us..."

"Really now."

"Yeah," I admit, blushing as I hugged my pillow. "I was so dense! But, I noticed when Shane and I would have certain moments together." My eyes lower. I'm sleepy. "And Danny... Danny loved hearing me talk about Shane when he annoyed me. He used to tease me too like you would."

"That doesn't surprise me."

It'll me weird not having either of them around, Danny or Shane. I wish... I wish I had more time with them.

"Nice shorts," I hear someone say, and my head jumps at the voice. "I didn't know your pajamas were so short in the summer."

I gaps and flip over and sit up in bed. And standing there on my window sill crouched over was- "Shane?" I ask, hanging up on Nett, despite his protests as to what was happening on this end. I rush over to him and stop midway. Is this a hallucination. And wait, his eyes. Its his Vanquisher Eyes.

I gulp instead and walk slowly towards him. "Is it, really you?" I ask warily, holding my hand out as a precaution. I poke his face once. Then twice. I'm about to try a third time but he slaps my hand away. "Quit it you know I hate that."

"I do?" I ask, not recalling. No. Wait. He's not supposed to remember that I should remember that. (which I don't). My eyes widen. "Shane?"

Shane takes out his hand from behind his leg and lifts up my pocket watch from the chain. It's opened up to the picture of him, me, and Nett. "You lied to me at the cafe," Shane said, his eyes reverting form their Ghost Blood red color to gray gain. At that he jumps into my room, and I begin backing up as Shane corners me. "You said we were just acquaintances at school."

No way. He couldn't. And how did he get up to my window? Unless... "W-We-"

My back hits my wall, and Shane corners me by his arms, both palms on the wall as his face intimidatingly closes in on mine. And I can't back up any further. "Mm. You know for a second I thought you could put up a decent fight. But look at you. You're so squeamish now, Manson."

And suddenly, as if by instinct, my temper returns. "BACK OFF!" I yell, lifting my leg and managing to kick him off and across the room. Shane flies back but tumbles and lands on his knee and foot. I stand there, breathing hard and panting from anxiety. What the hell?!

Shane rubs his head, a little dizzy from the landing. "Geez, is that how you treat someone who saved your life?" Shane asks pompously, though sparking my attention. "That, and the aggression is really unattractive."

He remembers

. "Shane!" I grin, running over to him. Shane's eyes widen as he tries to stop me but I just jump straight towards him, knocking him back over until his back hits the rug. I laugh on top of him, squeezing him until Shane laughs too and hugs me back. "Oh my gosh I'm dreaming how do you-?"

"It's my mom," Shane smiles as I lift up upper torso off him to look down at his face. "She gave up her powers so I could have them." What?

Wait. "Can she do that? Is she okay?"

"My Mom's fine," Shane smiles,. "But since I have my powers again, I remember everything."

"Everything?" I grin. He nods, and I lower my face into a certain position. "In that case..."

Shane lifts his head as well, but I end up slapping him across the face with a vicious expression. Shane glares up at me. "What the hell- What was that for?!"

"For scaring the crap out of me that's why!" I accuse, getting off him so I could yell at him properly. "What were you thinking?! Making a deal with FATE?! Are you mad?!"

"Hey I was saving your sorry behind."

"I think I made it clear I didn't want to be saved after I gave Danny up!"

"Well someone had to do something!"

"I don't think that's anyone's call!"

"I think it's totally anyone's call! YOU WERE DYING! What say do you have when you're just lying there?!"

"I didn't ask to be saved, you know! Fate's offer could've been so much worse Shane and you know that! You could have died!"

"Well if that were the case I would've done it anyway!"

By now I would've had a good comeback, but I'm in too much shock from what he just said. Did he just say that he was willing to die?... For me? "You said you wanted to talk; before back up at the Ops Center, and this was all over. Right?" Shane reminds. I stare open mouthed at him from his previous comment, but I nod.

Eventually he and I are sitting on one side of my bed, having quieted ourselves down. "So, I guess to say this formally I... I like you," Shane says, and I listen quietly like he asked. He gulps. "For some reason I'm sweating even though I've already told you this before."

I chuckle through my nose. "I remember," I nod, not noticing his small red blush. "And I still have to give you a formal answer."

"It'd be nice," Shane says slowly.

I look to the side, a little iffy about this topic, too. "That last kiss back on the Ops Center wasn't enough of an answer for you?" I say shyly.

"I-It was nice," Shane coughs, clearing his throat out of nerves. Remembering that last minute kiss that I initiated for some reason scatters his brain all over the place. "But, you know guys. They're paranoid unless they hear it to their faces."

"So I'm told," I smile, thinking Nett always pestering me to tell Shane how I feel. And yet now that he's here, it's so hard to. I breath in deep, and then out. Any second now, Wen. "Can I ask you something, first?"


"Why me?" I ask in complete and honest curiosity. "I know we were good friends for a long time but, I'm not particularly pretty like Crissy," I say with an arm motion. "I get on your nerves a lot obviously. And," I sigh out. "I almost destroyed the world if that counts as one of my downsides."

Shane chuckles. Hopefully he thought that last part was funny. "I dunno you're, it's because you're like that." I look to him at the corner of my eye. "It sounds cliché, but you're different from other girls."

"Because I fought ghosts?" I frown, turning away.

"No," Shane says. "It's because you're just, you." Shane shakes his head. "I'm never good at compliments but, I know that you are beautiful." Shane looks down shyly. "You're cool to hang out with no matter the circumstances. We could have a second doomsday and I'd have fun fighting alongside you."

"All this time I thought you just stuck around for the joyride of fighting evil."

"At first," Shane shrugs. Maybe only in the very beginning when he got dragged into the secret. "But, if it was anyone else I think I would've bailed on them." He smiles. "Believe me I thought for the longest time I was going insane when I started realizing I liked you."

"Could've fooled me."

"Well you're just dense," he says, poking the side of my head. "I don't know how I'm keeping my cool now around you talking about this."

"Way to blow your cover."

He shrugs. "Do you have any other questions?"

I try to think. Think slow Wendy. You'll run your mouth again. "How long?" I ask. "Did you like me?"

Shane whistles, stopping himself from starting to laugh. "I, I have no idea. I think... I think I finally admitted it during the dance, when Alex came and said he was moving to Amity Park."

I remember that. We were dancing together too. "So you were jealous."

"Slow much? Yeah I was," Shane laughs, shaking his head. "But to be honest, I think I've always liked you. It just took me a long while to realize I liked you more than a friend." I blush at that. It's different hearing Shane say mushy stuff like this, more specifically about me. "A lot more, actually."

"Can I make a confession?" I ask, while we're in a light mood.


"I had like the tiniest crush on you in the sixth grade," I say randomly, causing Shane to almost burst out laughing if he hadn't covered his mouth. "Go on, laugh."

"No no no wait what? Come on tell me tell me!" he grins. He's never going to let this go.

"So I had a kiddish crush on you when we were little don't get a big head over it."

"I-I won't but, can I ask you something now?" he asks, trying to bury his laugher. I nod, not looking at him. "When exactly did you get over it?"

I try to think. When did I? I don't remember admitting to myself I stopped. It's like, I just forgot. Or, I tried to. We had our fight, and we stopped talking. I guess I still liked him, so I tried to burry it away, like Mom would about dad.

"How strange would I sound if I said I never did?" I say slowly, feeling hot in the face. I wait for another teasing remark from Shane, but it never comes. He's not saying anything, either. "I mean, we were little kids so it probably didn't matter and I probably forgot along the way but..." I bite my lip. "I don't know. We stopped talking and, I'd never admit it but I guess I just really missed you."

"Wow..." Shane says, actually awestruck. I feel a little good inside that I got that kind of reaction. It's hard to surprise Shane.

I nod slowly. "Yup." We sit there in silence for a while it's almost funny. We look at each other for a few seconds before we suddenly burst out laughing. Shane's trying to cover his mouth while I'm holding my chest. It hurts so much to laugh but for some reason that whole scene of silence was so funny to us. I end up falling sideways into Shane's lap as I hold my chest with both arms.

"Oh my gosh!" I wail, trying to stop so I can breathe.

"See this is why I can talk with you - there's never a dull moment, no matter how supid it is," he says, trying to stop laughing, too.

Our laughter simultaneously dies down as I hold my chest, breathing heavily to get circulation and air back in my lungs. "Whoa, let's not have those silences anymore," I say, out of breath.

Shane places a hand on my shoulder. "Your chest still hurts?"

"Like hell," I sigh out, feeling it sting. Shane helps me sit up in-between his legs with my back against his left one. Shane holds one of his arms over my shoulder as he presses his other hand over mine clutched over the middle of my chest in an attempt to ease the pain.

"Whew." I breath out of relief that it's finally fading.

"You okay? That looked brutal."

"I'm used to it. I get like that whenever I laugh too hard or work my body too fast. It's alright." Once I'm good, I breathe slowly and reopen my eyes. I'm met by Shane's close face. I never see Shane look as vulnerable as this. Or at least he never shows me. I smile at him to assure him I'm okay now, and he tries to smile back. I glance down for a fraction of thought before I lean my neck over to kiss his forehead.

Shane blinks as I back away, and I wonder if I looked as shocked as he does. Oh what did I just do? Why did I do that? Oh my gosh things were going so well until I-

Shane leans forward and kisses my forhead.

... Shane just kissed my forehead, which became hotter than it already is. Somehow, I find myself learning forward again to kiss his cheek, and in return he kisses mine. What is this a competition to get the last laugh? Or kiss? (Geez.)

By now, our foreheads are touching again, and the past few seconds of quick kisses are suddenly realized. Something's stiring inside me. S-Something, happy and sickening and great and nerve-wrecking. But, I don't want it to go away. "Sorry in advance," he whispers, before finally kissing me on the lips.

I find myself smiling into the very light, quick kiss. "Don't be," I whisper before he can fully pull away. And before I can fully open my eyes, I can feel a pair of hands reaching for the sides of my face, tilting my head ever so slightly as I'm met with Shane's lips once more. My mind spins and my heart races for what appears to be the moment I may have been waiting years for.

Oh how cheesy and romantic my inner mind-narration sounds.


"So you're staying in Amity Park now huh?" Nett asks as the three of us walk down the street.

"Yup," Shane nods,

"My mom said she's going to try and talk to Tucker about letting Shane stay with you," I tell Nett. "After Mom heard the story of what Shane was doing in my room she sort of nudged the idea forward that Shane and I shouldn't really share a room anymore."

"Haha, that's funny," Nett laughs at Shane who rolls his eyes. "So you two are dating now?"

Shane and I look at each other. Are we dating? "I dunno," we reply at the same time, not really caring.

Nett's face plummets into one of, well, whyyyy. "You guys are a disgrace to our ghost-fighting team's fans."

"What fans? No one knows about us," Shane says.

"That's what you think," Nett says with rising eyebrows. I mean, Shane and I never technically said it yesterday whether we were dating or not. But I mean, does it really matter? It's a label. As long as we're together and living up our lives while we can, I'm happy. "So, am I ever going to catch you guys kiss again?" he asks with a sly smile. "Or at least some hand-holding come on Romeo."

Nett tries to push Shane closer towards me, but he doesn't budge along our forward walk.

"Nice try," I say apologetically to Nett.

Nett pouts. "You used to be the king of PDA back at Casper High. Now that you're finally with the girl I ship you with, NOTHING HAPPENS."

"What the heck kind of terminology is 'ship'?" Shane asks with a face.

Nett groans, holding his head with both hands. "I'm working with idiots!"

I giggle at their repeating bickering. I miss days like this. It's almost as if nothing's changed.

"So do you two like make out now?"

"I don't think that's any of your business."

"So you have!"

"You're asking the stupidest questions you know that?"

I can't help but laugh in the back. Haha, of course Shane's just kidding. We haven't really made out. (Yet anyway, not that I've really thought about it... sort of). Mom sort of interupted yesterday before anything could really happen. It was an interesting moment, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

"Ah ew don't tell me you do that tongue-thing with her ew that's just nasty dude that's like my baby-sister man."

"Hmm really? Because I can so tell you all the details about our make out sessions," Shane evily jokes, placing a calm and slightly scary expression into play, which just further agitates Nett.

Oh geez. And now that things are back to normal and the sun is shining, the three of us can finally start our summer together. Or, well, after one last piece of business we should take care of.

We arrive at our destination at the abandoned FentonWorks building. To think, almost a year ago we were here, running from ghosts. And now, we're here to say goodbye to it.

The three of us venture inside past the broken door as we take our familiar path down to the lab. Nett unlocks the door in the kitchen to the staircase before we go down, having locked the entire place beforehand.

Down in the lab, the place has an eerie cold feeling, ironically, without the ghost inhabiting it. Before with Danny here, it used to be like a home. Now, now it's like the ruins of a family once broken. We look around and gather some old stuff of ours, that is, before we shut the place down permanently. Now that we'll no longer be dealing with ghosts, having this place open is dangerous.

In the end we end up picking up a few of Nett's spare tools, some old books I kept kere, and a few mementos from the lab of ours. The portal's been shut down for good, and the Specter Speeder is parked down here in the lab to be sealed off forever.

"Take one last look, guys," Nett says, Shane and I holding boxes while Nett held the key. I look around one more time. I have to admit, being a ghost kid was fun. And finding my father here of all places and times was a miracle all on its own. I'll miss the lab, and Fentonworks overall. But, now's just a time for new beginnings I guess.

With some final looks, we walk up the stairs one last time before Nett shuts the secret passage door to the lab, locking it up and leaving just the wall there. Now it's as if the lab never existed. Nett puts the single key in his pocket and leads us outside.

"Now what?" I ask, putting the box down for a break.

"First we drop off all this stuff at my place," Nett starts. "Afterwards uh... Hm. I dunno."

"I say we hit the beach," Shane grins, walking with his box. "It's been a long time since I've seen the shore."

"Ahh, you just want to see Wendy in a swim suit." Shane's face turns red. "Aha I KNEW IT!"

"You're disgusting, Foley."

"What's disgusting is how you actually think about our Wendy that way!" he teases.

"Well if you're so accusational then as my punishment I probably shouldn't be helping you," Shane says, placing his box in Nett's hands. Shane then takes my box out of my arms and places it on Nett as a second one. "And be a nice sport to the cripple here she's recovering from surgery."

Nett glares. "Recovering for surgery my ass. She's not the one with an amputated leg."

"I guess you're not strong enough to handle these two boxes then huh Foley," Shane taunts. And Nett obviously falls for the bait. In no time Nett's marching forward with the pile of boxes in hand. He's grumbling loud things about Shane and 'showing him' or whatever he's saying.

I watch on nervously as Shane smiles, crossing his arms. "Are you sure it's okay for Nett to carry those?"

"Yeah. He's got it."

"I mean, he's only mastered walking a few days ago. Maybe I should help him-" I feel something wrap around my hand, and looking down I see Shane's hand. Questionably I look up, but I only see the back of his head. He's probably too shy to look at me in the face. Oh my gosh he wanted to hold my hand.

So this is why he gave Nett the boxes. For some reason I find it cute, and I laugh a little to myself.

"Alright then," I say, dropping the topic and walking forward, thus pulling Shane hand-in-hand alongside me. Ahead a few feet Nett is still grumbling competitive wordings, but this is our group. And this is how we'll be for as many days as there are to come.

"You know you could've just asked," I whispered to Shane, secretly enjoying the feeling of our intertwined fingers more than I should.

"It's not my style to initiate stuff," Shane replies stubbornly. Nett's still way out in front of us marching with the ton of crap we've given him. "And if Nett saw then it'd give him permission to hold it over my head for the rest of my life."

"Well you can't do this every time behind his back," I laugh, referring to our intertwined hands.

"Eh," he shrugs. "So, are we dating?"

This time I'm the one to give Shane the teasing look. "I thought initiating stuff wasn't your style."

"It's not," he frowns, looking away. "But... I figured checking first would be smart before people like Nett start asking questions about this," he said, lifting our hands again in a similar motion to how I did earlier.

"Mm," I think for a moment. "To be honest, I don't really care what you call us," I say with a slight blush. Us. I squeeze his hand a little, just to make sure I'm not dreaming. "Sometimes I'll still think I'll wake up and none of this will have ever really happened. Some mornings I'll wonder if I ever even had ghost powers or adventures with you guys."

"But you did," Shane smiles, squeezing my hand back.

I smile at his reassurance. "Yeah... And you happened, too," I acknowledge. "So as long as I'm with you, I don't care what you call us."

"BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND WOULD BE A GOOD START!" Nett butts in from the distance, yelling his comment a few yards away. Could he really hear us from all the way there?

"Shut up!" Shane yells back with a cupped hand, only for me to look to the side with a slightly hot face. Boyfriend? Wow, I shouldn't be getting flustered now. But, it's strange to hear that word. Girlfriend too.

"SHANE'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND~ WENDY'S GOT A BOYFRIEND~" Nett sings out loud into the streets, just to get on Shane's nerves.

And he has. "Dammit that cripple had it coming," Shane mutters, unwillingly letting go of my hand to chase after Nett. Nett sees this coming and drops the boxes near the curb to out run his chaser. I try to keep up but I stop by the stuff Nett left behind and sigh. And they disappear right behind the corner of the block.

"Guess those guys will never change," I sight out, scratching my neck.

The next thing I know, I hear someone running back from around the corner. It's Shane, and I don't even get a second chance to look at him because he just runs right up to me and kisses me, cupping my face with his hands. It's a spur of the moment that would normally cause me to freak out and start interrogating. But, I'm just melting into it too quickly to care. I mean it totally catches me off guard but, I'm not complaining.

He breaks it off fast, and my face is still the same distraught and surprised expression Shane's come to know every time he's kissed me. "For the record, are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" he whispers unsurely to me so lowly and with a tiny shy side-smile.

Shock. Hello? Go away? I mean, we have to call ourselves something. We aren't exactly 'rivals' or 'just friends' anymore now are we. "Y-Yeah. I guess for argument's sake we are."

"Then that means I can finally do this," he grins, pulling his head in for another, longer, deeper kiss. I know he means it to be quick since Nett's probably coming back around. But for now, this single kiss (just like the rest) lasts long enough for me. And the excitement with my best friends, with or without powers, with or without Danny, things will always be the same.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sooo... THE END!

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"Hey," I greet with a tired grin. "Sorry I'm late."

"Geez about time, Wendy," Crissy greets. With that, she turns around and claps her hands towards the rest of the girls. "Alright everyone! Prom Committee meeting can finally begin!"


"Come on Jazz you know how these things go. High school sweethearts for a long time until the college comes up?"

"They won't break up will they?"

Nett shrugs. "I have no clue. Shane just got accepted to this art school all the way in New York."


"I saw something, Shane. Earlier. Down there in the lab."

"Would you feel better if we went down there?"


"You guys might wanna check this out." Following Shane's suggestion, Nett and I peek out heads back out of the bush, only to find Skulker standing across some kid. A teenager who looks a little unsure, yet brave. Stupid. But brave.

But that's not all that's catching out attention. "No way," Nett says, glasses falling slightly forward.

"Danny?" I say breathlessly. Forget trying to find our way back home. Whoever was in the lab, they must've sent us back in time. To Danny's time.